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  1. Quick answer to CynicalScouter: I think a reasonable funding window could be 1-2 years. That is plenty of time to marshal assets and submit a trust contribution. Just my speculation though.
  2. Looks like the conversation is going in another direction, so I'll end my thoughts by simply sharing that I highly doubt a Victims Trust Fund would be funded by future national registration fees. This would be too unreliable a funding source in a bankruptcy negotiation. Registration fees might continue to increase for other reasons, but not to fund a trust. I remain supremely confident that the BSA will get through this for several reasons. We still have a great purpose and many great supporters. And, the nature of the bankruptcy reorganization will assist us do justice by providing r
  3. The potential method and formula for funding a BSA Victims Trust Fund is the subject of highly confidential discussions at this point, and anyone having that information should maintain the confidentiality of it. Anything I share here is not inside information, but just general bankruptcy information. The normal circumstance is to fund a trust of this particular nature within a reasonable time after a reorganization plan is ordered by the bankruptcy court. That's because we don't have near-guaranteed future consumer spending to rely on (like future proceeds from the purchasers of tobacc
  4. Very directly put, the claimants and their lawyers should want to see a BSA national and the councils to continue to exist so they can continue to pay into the pension plan. If national liquidates, the Guarantee Corporation attaches pretty much everything. I share this to encourage everyone that there are significant reasons why the claimants will want to agree to a reorganization plan.
  5. The lawyers and claimants are incented to agree to a reorganization plan that includes payments to a victims trust fund. After the trust fund is in place and funded, a trustee would review the claims in detail. She would eliminate the ones she thinks are fraudulent, and pay remaining claims by applying criteria she would develop. More severe claims get a bigger payout, etc. If national liquidates and the Guarantee Corporation takes most or all national and council assets, there would be little or nothing left for either national or councils to fund a victims trust. (The council portion
  6. Clarification on Pension Plan Debt All council and national entities participate in the same “pension plan”. If the national bankruptcy “reorganization plan” fails and national liquidates, the pension plan covering council and national employees will immediately terminate by function of law. All available national and local council assets can then be attached by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation to satisfy the pension plan indebtedness. The Guarantee Corporation has first priority, including before victim claimants (and their lawyers). National and every council are “jointly a
  7. We will do our once-a-year contribution that I described, and that is it. If we paid an annual fee that was particularly low (like the $3 one some council charges -- I mean, what is the point of that?), I would make sure it was supplemented with a unit FOS gift to provide a reasonable level of support -- after all, we do need to maintain things at the camp and in basic operations. I just think the old ways of funding the council through multiple asks and inefficient product sales will fade away. Wrap it into a reasonable all-in fee that is transparently explained and be done with all the r
  8. I think council fees are the best way for the future in lieu of FOS and product sales. Please hear me out on this. Our Troop approach is to ask families to pay all-in semester dues (this includes everything except campout and summer camp fees) and contribute to our annual coffee fundraising gathering at whatever level they can. We get family contributions ranging from $20 to $500 at that event, and outsiders contribute as well. Under-resourced families pay 50% dues and 50% camping fees (some get more) and this is supported from our event proceeds. Our December fundraiser raised en
  9. I was using the number I have seen that combines the girl registration for Cubs and Scouts BSA. I believe the number for Scouts BSA is around 30,000. We do not have any girls trying to get Eagle by this summer. We purposely did not try to attract any girls (and parents) trying to earn it on the compressed program. Sometime in the Spring I'll share thoughts on how we have done as a Troop advancement-wise. So far, we fit a pretty typical Troop advancement profile. About 1/3 of our Scouts are go-getters who have good chances to earn Eagle around the three year mark. About 1/3 are
  10. Merry Christmas, everyone. I was gone for a few hours and just read the latest. I think we have definitely gone over the top, should put this to bed and move on to proposing mandatory wearing of knee socks by all Scouter.com commenters. As your 2-year certified Scoutmaster of a "Boy Scouts for Girls" Troop, I officially declare that there is no actual confusion about what our 130,000 girl members and their families have joined (let's see, with parents that's over 1/4 million people who know precisely what they are doing). Never heard of a girl who was misled and tricked into earning her Se
  11. Is it your professional opinion that these admissions make the case for GSUSA?
  12. I should have directly stated that if we had taken the misguided approach of making ourselves appear to be associated with GSUSA, we would have not been successful. The families that joined were not wanting GSUSA programming or whatever other attributes are offered by GSUSA. Whatever the GSUSA “stands for”, our families are not looking for it.
  13. As a Scouter deeply engaged in the roll-out of a Scouts BSA Troop for Girls during the applicable time, I can personally attest to the facts discussed above. The attempt to conflate limited instances of brief over-enthusiasm and uninformed mistakes into a significant problem should fail. The examples GSUSA cites are simply isolated. I am not an intellectual property attorney and don't know the applicable legal standards here. If showing that a possibility of customer confusion is enough, perhaps they will have something. If they need to prove actual and widespread confusion, they have a
  14. Our "Scouts BSA Troop for Girls", which is the term we consistently use for identifying ourselves, has had about 60 girls and their parents visit with us during our open houses at the beginning of each semester. I have met every one of them and none were even remotely "confused" about what program they were visiting. Of the 45 girls who ultimately joined us, only two also continue their association with a former GSUSA unit. Approximately 10 had previously been in Girl Scouts, but affirmatively joined us to associate with the BSA-style program, most often citing wanting to be part of a progr
  15. We recently had our annual Troop no-cost community fundraiser on Zoom to raise our scholarship money for Scouts from under-resourced families (last year we did a live coffee reception). We collected about $7,000 on our site within a day or two. The cash zaps instantly into our bank account. I think we would have received far less if we had encouraged potential donors to “mail it in” or “drop by a Troop meeting and leave some cash”. Instead, we sent them a link to a special donor page on our beautiful web site (the viewing of which encourages them to contribute as well). It is the same bas
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