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  1. I agree will the above but where are the parents in this situation? It was hard to fix a problem that has its roots in the home. Not a bad or abusive home but one where there are no controls taught or placed. "Johnie can do no wrong." I would be very careful on what you as the troop do as the parents may be unwilling to see that little Johnie is in the wrong, but only see that the adults/troop are being very mean to their perfect child. A report made to scouting about the way you delt with their child may be hard to defend based on scouting current rules and practices.
  2. Not undertaking Council level fundraisers most make your unit not very popular with the DE. what do you do with friends of scouting?
  3. do like the girl scout due assign them an adult scouter to act as aid / guide. If you have any worries. John
  4. Not sure i am following your battery set up. i have a 12 volt 18 amp (18,000 mamp) battery i use on one of my Ham rigs. its 1/3 the weight of agm battery a 100 amp hour 12 volt lithium battery runs around $300 to $400 I also advice be careful how you transport the battery they are considered hazardous so very tight rules about being on public carriers ie Airplanes i will get back to you about finding a unit that run on 12 or 24 volts Dc directly cuts the conversion lose. i have not been in Home care respiratory in a while. the last person also offered some helpful ide
  5. got to move the cookies. Good job GS do we have any major sponsors anymore.?
  6. We have been accustomed to hands-off which is the exact reverse of what should be happening. We have forgotten the that the CO owns the unit ,it does not have a life outside of the CO. We may belong to the unit but the unit is owned by the CO. I have been surprised at times with some of the mix of beliefs from unit leader and the faith statement of the church CO. BSa does not require a formal faith statement but the unit CO can. Fr/ John
  7. How much credence do insurance companies even have today? 100% credence Are you will risk your house and future very time you take a group of kids camping? look at your car rates? try driving without it (please do not) and cause a an accident or just get stopped john
  8. interesting, No neutral ground "of use only" (maybe left out) They must see an ongoing increased risk of loss (ligation) in spite of BSA stated changes. This may to the tipping point for a lot of other groups decisions. As insurance companies tend to use the same processes to determine risk (costs) John
  9. Wow that is a change in what had been it looks like it was changed around April , based on another site still looks like they must have a trained adult with them in the boat. I could easily see a little wind come up and you could have cub paddles over a large areas of a lake or more . that one of my reasons for not small size scouts in moving water I do not agree with this change like some of the old wording to council events only but it becoming even more clear that push is to put the risk on or at the unit level
  10. It would be interesting to see if any units By UMC move to Trail Life like the Baptist did John
  11. thanks for the link. now i know . at least there is not a reactor on site(lol)
  12. that sick there are ads all over the internet for some very small system.($100 to 200) not sure how very much better they would get if you were willing to drop a few thousands. Sadly, kids were used. even at time they were unaware. not sure even with an active search (when hourly) a camp could protect itself fully. Sadly, more lawsuits again the camps (not sure their level of fault) john
  13. you are right not sure what line of work the family was in. I could not tell you. At least its not like come to sea base sponsored by PADI.
  14. so, it's come to NIL deals for scout troops. (Lol) my big worry is if the council finds out that there is money in selling ads (again) look at the old scout books lots of ads. I have seen camps being sponsored big a corporation put never a direct naming deal. While at least not yet (lol)
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