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  1. My first try after rereading it was not as clear as i wanted Deer Camp that's was in terms many of scouter have outdoors skills that work in a deer camp. hygiene's practices fire starting, tool use language that would not be proper in a scout environment. Many skills that were once acceptable are no longer, A lot of people have not keep up Again, I don’t need most scouters to read the book How to you know what scouting is today with reading the Book or do you just teach and do what you think scouting should be. An area that i do did agree with s
  2. i will disagree with you if any of the talk was beyond that a normal 10 year old should know. If they are describing any sex acts that they have seen ,been part of or have knowledge that yes it needs to be reported A 10 year old watching mon and boyfriend make out is child sexual abuse. Fr. John
  3. The above ideas are good. But the problems with scout skills is that 1. A large amount of scouter themselves never have done the skill 2. of those of you have done the skill it may be ok in the deer camp but not at a scout camp. 3.Large amounts of both groups never have read the scout book to see what the currently really is skill is 4. the youth are not encouraged to expand their skills. Could go on John
  4. I do not see any other choice other than the unit being council sponsored. Why would my organization want to CO to a unit (take on all the leadership risks) meeting some where else because the first group has concerns about BSA and liability.
  5. A problem that has not been brought up, or I may have missed it. Many current church sponsors required that the scout leadership state that they agreed with the teachings of that church. A CO pastor could require membership to be from his church only. Under the facilities use only, they lose that control, so a traditional church that does not support homosexuality could have the council appoint a gay or lesbian scouter or other leadership—leaving them few choices.
  6. Glad my council got out of the popcorn business , costly bad product with poor quality control We now sell Moon pies for us a local American made product.
  7. That makes the reply more offensive. I do not think we as adults have much right to say anything about what a youth wears unless it is genuinely offensive. I see scouter wearing nonwood badge beads, weavings, old goat patrols labels, multitudes of pins, ribbons, all nonuniform approved.
  8. If the girls are not registered as members of a charter troop/crew or lone scouts, they would I believe they would be unable to process any awards. If the boy troop is processing their awards for them, then it is committing fraud. Yes, coed troops are the future, but not now. Somewhere in the scout and law, obeying the rules is part of the system. Work to change the rules if you feel improper, but you do not have the right to change things to fit what you want.
  9. Not the best of possible question as a response. This item may have meaning to this person.
  10. They can not be a patrol of a boys troop, they must be their own troop
  11. Camp will never to able to compete pay rates with private camps or even public systems. $200 per camper verse $600 plus This should not have come as any surprise. This was a topic on one of the nation round tables. Finding any camp staff that requires a certifation is going to be more costly. The local camp will need to compete with a n increasing private sector demand and even against other councils camps and nation or regional scout camps. If the camp wants the programs offer more training offer better pay offer better working conditions
  12. yes , the world can get crazy for no cause. and sadly you have little recourse.
  13. The comments were not meant to go anywhere but to point out the that if this person is so focused being badge legal (wearing of toton chip flap ) Poking a child could also taken way out out of this meaning. If you one want to push the idea of battery.( unwanted touching of one person by an other) john
  14. If he truly poked (touched)the child that is physical abuse of a youth member under youth protection and he should be reported if he want to get all legal about scout rules.
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