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  1. Just a side note about point a laser in the sky be sure not to point them at an airplane as this can results in criminal penalties.
  2. LOL it more likely Moose, Eagle , Elk, Legion they all fall away? Still not sure why any of them take the risk with a troop that does not meet at their location I sure that my troops new CO does not know what the troop is doing
  3. BSA would find a way of running ads on it (LOL)
  4. no it looks i miss read the post sorry. still a great story . may need help with my reading comprehension
  5. one of the other writers called it a quinzhee (snow cave) so, so that is my reason for questioning it. After reading the story did not see any snow caves. But still, a feat of its own just not 1000 days in a snow cave the time is right based on the starting date.
  6. 3 years straight? Not sure of that many places in Minnesota that keep a temperature that would keep snow year-round unless you were very high. he may have done this each winter for 3 years plus, maybe. Not sure that the facts are correct? 1000 hours over winter very possible
  7. Church normally do not pay taxes on the worship center and support building and the parsonage. Other church own property can be subject to taxes.
  8. "We own our meeting place, " Not sure how that's works as the troop can own nothing as it a fully owned part of it charter partner. I let some of the real lawyers here explain how that would be possible as the troop is not is own personality. all property belongs to the charter group or council if the group folds?
  9. I've participated in many ceremonies in and out of scouting. Ceremonies mark achievements and transitions. That is true only if what you are receiving has meaning to you. Been through also a lot of ceremonies including an ordination and varies degrees. The ones that still have the most meaning to me are the ones that i had to put effort, work and sweat it. I valued the process and product. Not sure what Kids at that level value. OA now at best is a sidestep to eagle, not sure how much that is even valued today in scout. Yes, we want everyone to reach it, (we are not eagle mills ,but tha
  10. You are free to speak But BSA is not any part of the government, so it is also free to limit its membership based on its own whims. The only real pressure one can apply against BSA is to work to affect (been effective in the past) their funding BSA is a private group. The moderators of this chat board can limit or ban any they want as the chat board is privately held
  11. The local and membership really has no required say in the action as earlier members have point out The OA is totally own within the BSA The nation BSA level is the only answer that matters. sorry but that's what is comes to. Make too much noise and you will get a letter saying We thank you for your past services, but they and you are no longer needed. Without recourse. (Private group can manage their membership as they see fit)
  12. look like we got into the OA about the same time (1974). I do miss some of the things from back then. But some of things needed to go Taps outs where collar bones were broken or at least the scouts were taped into the to the ground Ordeal that was filled with fear that you would mess up Members who used it as a hazing zone of younger scout to the point of tears (not the USMC) Using and stealing other cultural symbols and dress Became just a workday at camp to most scouts But we are not dealing with same scout movement or scouts (its all numbers not
  13. "Christmas visitors were alien to anyone who’d have a religious or political connection to the story about to unfold. that i will respectfully disagree with mostly likely they were Babylonian... if we review our old testament history where God sent the jews into captivity it was to Babylon "Daniel eventually became a chief advisor to the King, then the third ruler of the entire kingdom. So even hundreds of years later the teaching of Daniel and his God would have been part of Bayloon wisdom.and with all the jewish prisoners' So yes they knew of the birth both through history fortelling,
  14. I Hope this is in jest, but making fun of any faith is un scout behavior
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