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  1. Are we speaking of the COR or the CC? COR's are the link between the charter organization and the unit and would normally not be overly involved in much of what you note? You should be able to get the things you need, but that is not saying you will if she is stubborn or something. Good luck, either way.
  2. When scanning some of the historical graphs and data I noted that a number of badges show an almost immediate precipitous drop as soon as they were dropped from Eagle requirements or options. That includes the conservation badges that were options in the fifties from "group" choices. You needed at least one. I had two, but that was more to do with thinking I would work on the Hornaday award, but then we moved and I started high school and while staying in, kind of got dragged in other directions, including working. Until the late forties, early fifties (have to check the dates for changes)
  3. While backpacking for me is pretty much no longer likely, unless I have a lot of time and it is very short, it is because of age and health. But, I wonder how much of an effect the fire issues have had on it, especially in the West. Half of our local trails have been off limits for most of the past five+ years, or only available for a few weeks if we are lucky. Even drive-in sites have been restricted. Add the increased cost factors, as most sites that we could go to that were free, or really inexpensive, are now being "run" by vendors, and the cost is often restrictive, as well as the num
  4. Since I have not seen any indication in a while that Terry Howerton is actually still involved with this forum, I am simply curious as to if he is. I tried making a direct contact through another lite/email related to entrepreneurship, but the mail was bounced. Thanks for any update.
  5. Once again I wonder if we may soon see an in depth biography of William "Greenbar Bill" Hillcourt? Now that it appears that whatever prejudices might have taken his importance off the front page of National, it would seem time.
  6. This is heavy on the "deep pockets" theme. Is the family suing the vendor? Are they suing the family of the youth that is alleged to have shot the arrow? As long as we allow our society to be one of uncontrolled lawsuits and lack of personal responsibility we will see this. Every day almost I see lawyers advertising on TV about this or that; "did you have an accident? You have rights, and we can help you." "There is a class action lawsuit and you may be able to get some of the action. Call us now before you miss out." Papers and magazines very often have ads for "legal" represent
  7. This is from an auction listing for an upcoming auction through Heritage Auction House. I find the comments in the shared part of the letter from the auction site to be reflective of how often B.P. offered specific, well-reasoned comments on youth issues during his era. Robert Baden-Powell Typed Letter Signed "Robert Baden-Powell". Two pages, 8" x 10" (sight), London; May 30, 1921. Printed on Boy Scouts Association letterhead and addressed to an unknown recipient, the letter graciously declines an invitation to write an article about films, but offers an opinion on t
  8. Here, from the on-line copy of Camp Standards from which all resident camps are judged each summer is the fire section. Note: both the Fireguard Plan and No Fire In Tents wording is mentioned. So, at least in BSA accredited camps these things should be in effect. And some of the general info might be good for non BSA property, especially in much of the Southwest. STANDARD: Adequate provision is made for fire detection and protection. Camp properties Day camp Family camp Resident camp Trek camp Specialtyadventure camp Highadventure camp FIRE DETECTION AND PROTECTION Specific Re
  9. Camp tents usually have the stencils on the tents. And we are required to have the Fire Guard System in place in camp. That is water and sand at the two corners, and in our camp critter sticks in the water. Also every camp has a long hose which is supposed to hooked up and coiled for immediate use if necessary.
  10. We not longer have a legal snipe season. Snipe hunting is hazing and we simply cannot have what might actually be a fun and growing experience, even if it is well supervised and all participants are protected from actual danger. Modern emotional membranes have become too flimsy it seems.
  11. Please, can we simply move on. This will never go away for those of us closest to it, and few would question that it absolutely pushed every limit and bent every rule, to the point of local protests and National actually being involved. It overwhelmed unit leaders and district volunteers, to the point of some throwing in the towel, and touched at least 6 units counting cubs. Far too many mistakes and "just make it go away" issues, always with the subtle threat of a parent who is a lawyer and lived vicariously through his kids. The Scout actually had lots of promise, and I am not sure that
  12. Now Barry, you need to stop poking us with your stick of rational reasoning. Some of us are fragile you know😩.
  13. Having spent the teen Scout years in 29 Palms in the fifties and sixties, I heard a lot of interesting stories and saw some odd things in the sky. But, even though I slept on our porch during the summer and watched the sky for hours, I never saw something that could not have a fairly simple explanation. On the other hand, there were a few pretty bizarre light activities that were obviously NOT from the marine base activity, mostly out over Joshua Tree and should I suggest it, the direction of Giant Rock. On backpacking trips I have definitely seen a meteor shoot along the horizon, and
  14. "This is the generation of mediocrity." As aptly stated, this is a problem not just in Scouting. In relation to this discussion, there are fewer and fewer of us that even remember the "old" OA and how it had special mystique and actual Honor. Today, due to the "mediocrity" or dare we say it, tendency to overly "protect" them, our youth are being shortchanged. The meaning of WWW is known by most members, as it is told to them and they theoretically actually have review their handbook. The idea that kids would not choose to join because all they do is work, is hopefully a misunderstanding,
  15. I am not a CPA and certainly not proficient in Corporate Tax issues. So, perhaps someone can clarify for me if a corporation made a form of donation to charity issuing coupons of some type saving a customer money in their business, how would that have been handled prior to 2018 and how is it handled under the new codes? Our primary hook for our local Scouting "camp card promo" has dropped out, and it will be far more difficult to sell the cards now. I have to wonder if this may be due to the way the corporation is allowed to handle this as a donation to charity? If the withdrawal is directly r
  16. So, here we are on the edge of history, in a position to move forward in postive ways with long existing challenges that have simmered for years, in reality. Do we put our best feet forward, or do we drag them while we kick and scream about how terrible changes are and how unfair to those in the past, and maybe even some in the future? If we go back and examine the specific example that is causing most of the uproar, we must, if we are honest with ourselves, admit that the young woman likely did far more than many young men in achieving the standards overall. From all that I have seen,
  17. Well, they do have electricity, or possibly propane lanterns or candles still. 😉
  18. It is the "first" official day folks. I am with another poster in hoping this will not turn into more than it needs to and get "discussed" to death. We have continuing programs to deal with as well. This is just one more opportunity for some of us directly, and all of us indirectly. How we respond reflects on us as Scouter, and how we adhere to our basic foundational standards. YIS
  19. And this has what application to BSA accepting girls? Unless they were to attempt to be added to the Guiding group, which is not likely, this should have no significance. What am I missing?
  20. I have read and reread the article, and I do not see anything beyond a "loan" of the art. That is a very common thing between museums, especially art. What is the intent of this posting? Can we maybe reconsider perpetuating misleading stories and poorly constructed articles that "may" intentionally have ulterior motives? That is what this seems to me, but I may be missing something.
  21. Ahhhh; now we can move on and work out the kinks perhaps. Thanks.🤐
  22. And other than pointing out that some of the basic ideals of Scouting might be helpful, possibly on both sides of this contentious encounter, what is our reason for it being here? It is becoming a bit more likely that there was some attitude by both the kids and the elder and that calmer heads were not stepping in when they likely should. The look on the teen's face was disrespectful for sure, IMO, but could the native group have deviated slightly from the other protest? Could the pro-life group have let the indigenous group pass through? Probably yes on both counts, but for whatever reaso
  23. Other than the metal awards that slid onto the web belt making some older boys feel like they were still in cubs, the award requirements were well thought out for the most part and made some skills easier for many scouts, maybe because of the way they were presented. It is only an opinion, but I think it is not the SA itself that turns people off, but rather that it represented a very disappointing period of Scout here. Not only did they fool with much of the outdoor requirements, but they also changed Eagle around, more MB's, put a MB requirement in First Class, first aid and removed cookin
  24. Actually, I would suggest that the skill award requirements could make some decent modern troop meetings. One of the best I still believe was the "city hike", either in the Hiking SA or possibly the Citizenship one. Have to look it up. If you did the hike as noted, you had a better grasp of your town or city.
  25. Most likely there are a number of major factors that have caused and are still causing membership challenges. Obviously, the ill-conceived move away from the outdoor element of scouting was a factor in the seventies and eighties particularly. But, other likely reasons are wrapped up in the redirection of society related to the Vietnam era and the political issues going on, especially Civil Rights. Many elements of Civil Rights are still connected to some of the current issues. During the Vietnam era there began to be a pushback against uniformed groups that some saw mirroring the military
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