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  1. A new thread is developing on "Talk About Scouting" authored and offered by Mike Walton, the developer of the site. It is sort of a wish list or if I could list; If I were in charge. While it is focussed on the BSA, it leaves an option to include other youth-serving groups, such as GSA or Royal Rangers. It promises to be a good discussion I think.
  2. Wow, there is a connection of this thread clear back to "Beavah" in 2013. I often wonder what happened to him. I always found his often tongue in cheek method of comment refreshing, yet also very direct and on point. In relation to the current discussion, it occurs to me that this may be a good place to simply "let go, and let God".
  3. I do not know if there are any actual noted National board members that read these forums. But I would personally think we should invite them to do so and to even on occasion help with clarifications and correct details if needed at times. Of course, we might need to try and keep the more irrational posters to not then attack them and not be scout like. Just a thought.
  4. ***UPDATE***** For those of use who have been following the long-drawn-out conversation regarding the background check.... After one of our fellow users revealed to me who the BSA was contracting. ( Incidentally nobody in Irving would give me that information)... I reached out and have a nice conversation with 2 different employees of the company and was directed to several valuable pieces of information that have satisfied my concerns regarding the background check....... I will summarize to keep it simple and post a link to their website where you can read the.... 1st
  5. I have felt for years that the highest paid people in National, and even in larger councils, could absorb as much as 50% (or more) and still be able to have a comfortable income. The savings could be partly pushed to the lower levels, mostly in the councils where they beg for qualified people, but cannot pay them enough. Benefits could be frozen or held to increase only at the cost of living, at least over a certain pay level. Lower end employees might actually deserve an upward change. Lower-level jobs in the councils might need a cost of living addendum, but only to a point. They all sh
  6. Where was the breakfast; I am always up for that. Do I need a red coat? Have one "official" and two event lights.
  7. On the other hand, unless there is something particularly concerning in the school, or on occasion a job, you would think the references would be chosen with care. Our biggest issue is usually the religious reference, especially since so many scouts are no longer family based in a belief or established church. We accept even a parental letter supporting that point of reference, though ask that they try to get beyond if possible, with connected family member or familiar adult that may have an ability to weigh in on it. But, in the end, we cannot hold a candidate back based on the lack of a s
  8. In our districts and council they are destroyed after the completion of the board. I know that the letters I write, as SM, on occasion have contained straightforward evaluations of certain elements, some of which might be seen as less than totally positive. From my perspective, that is the point of the letter. I also know, having sat on dozens of boards, that most SM letters are two lines or so, rather than the two to three paragraphs I generally share. I can also state that 99% about of the letters I have read over the last 30 years sitting on boards have been pretty straight forward
  9. Another instance where possible lack of proper supervision could end up with some kind of injury. People get overly exuberant, especially kids, and at times do stupid things. Most of us may have suffered the pain of a hit of snowball in a sensitive place on our bodies. We likely know or have heard stories of frozen snowballs and ones with "thing" inside. But, with proper supervision, most of this can be avoided and if it does occur, be dealt with. Then that means adults and older youth may need to take some responsibility for the safety, and that is where the modern problem lies. Lawsuit
  10. These old files can be great. Did anyone else smile a little at the article about pistol registration not going well?
  11. While it is not the norm, I would suggest that there may be a few youth that earn a multitude of merit badges and yet never go beyond the lower ranks. Eagle IS NOT the goal of the program, as has been noted over and over. How much are we disenchanting a boy from simply enjoying the breadth of options in the merit badge program if we push too hard for rank? Most of us that have been around a while likely have stories of very successful young people that stayed with us through high school, and maybe even beyond. Yet they never became Eagle. When you have the privilege of simply visiting wit
  12. I find myself torn a bit on this general subject of merit badges and how the scout approached it or is approached. First, it really should be the scout doing the approaching in some manner. Whether he/she does that through a formal "class" setup, or does it independently is often contingent on the badge itself, as well as the scout's true interest in it. If it is one of the "required ones", chances are that the view of the scout is different than his doing, say stamp collecting because he like stamps and enjoys learning more about them. Or, it a scout has from an early age made it hi
  13. And I may have been a bit harsh as well. What I meant to try and say is that we need to all temper our selves at times, especially our knee jerk, rush to judgment. I see the proposed program as positive, as noted already. But it too needs to be monitored and tweaked to work for the specific group. And, part of that monitoring is keeping the youth in the leadership at the Scout level and above. The Philmont program appears to basically be an extension of what has been offered at PTC for decades, and many youth that participated in those PTC groups went on to become adamant, enthusiastic ou
  14. I frankly am confused by the response by so many on here. I was at PTC in June and actually spoke with the National Commissioner and her husband, and their grandkids. Granted, it was the NC, but the kids were seriously excited and looked forward to returning. I spoke with another family with younger kids, and they too were excited about going beyond the family level. Yes, you can do "family" camping on your own, but far too many do not. Give them a bit of an entry with a few easy introductions, and suddenly we may have more enthusiasm and interest. They are looking to put the outing back
  15. While I am not able to verify, on another forum, "Talk About Scouting", one poster shares this: "Richard Pennington I am suspicious of this. Seems very unusual that it took place in April and in November it comes out, but only on very odd and little known sites. Plus he posted the article he wrote himself in the PSA group on facebook, almost like a self promotion thing." So, perhaps someone here can expand on this as well. I do know that there are people out there that are doing there best to undermine BSA, no matter what. I was at PTC in June, and the facility was full. I also am
  16. TOPICS SURVEYS & RANKINGS CASES & VERDICTS PEOPLE & COMMUNITY ALL SECTIONS Analysis Revisiting 'Boy Scouts of America v. Dale' and the Right to Discriminate How the Boy
  17. Cannot find a way to actually read the piece. Is there another link I am missing?
  18. Seems simple enough and really no real change if we can get past various biases. Any youth between the ages of 5 and 18 can be a scout in some manner or group, and any adult that chooses to be YP trained and follow the rules of YP and the group as a whole may be involved in mentor capacity, with or without family members. All will "do their best" to live their lives in the reflection of the basic tenets of Scouting shown by the Oath and Law. Adults will put the needs of the youth first, and youth will strive, though living the noted tenets to be the best citizens and members of society that
  19. I meant to suggest that they are now under the umbrella of Ventures, so that is where the new rates would be listed. Historically they are the oldest senior scout program, predating all the other various programs, such as Explorers, Air Scouts, Rovers, and so on. Thanks for clarifying it.
  20. That is what might happen if you overcorrect to solve problems. Add to it the misunderstanding of many regarding OA and Native American cultures, and you end up with the proverbial milk-toast. I have posted before that the main issue I see is, as you put it, the gimme and no limit elections. But, it is mostly the lack of true mystique due to the fear of "secret societies"and the flack regarding regalia that seems most damaging. Pure lack of pride also often seems present to me. When we old guys were inducted, ceremonies not only had the regalia, but all of the players knew their parts wit
  21. I did Google his name, and I got nothing that current. Of course, that just shows the Post as not using verified information. From the older posts, it would indicate he has and had issues with National decisions and stated them. That is his right. But I do not care how long he might have been in Scouting. His quote is misleading and ignores most of the facts. For me, he is simply continuing to grind his axe related to decisions about which he is and was unhappy. His comments do nothing to actually help the situation. JMO of course.
  22. Other than being Yellow Press, what does the NYPost have against the BSA? They appear to simply look for reasons to bludgeon us. This is irresponsible and misleading, as seems to be their regular mode of writing. They use similar tactics to attack some politicians and click bait targets. They are at least somewhat partially responsible by printing overly hyped stories that infer unproven things and skew the truth, while encouraging the ambulance chasers. Just my view, but seems pretty obvious that someone there has personal issues with BSA.
  23. No; it is an offshoot of the Venturing program.
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