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  1. Curious as to why just us males are assumed to be pedophiles? I am also amazed that the "equity" warriors are not demanding that their daughters are also not penalized for not registering for Selective Service. It seems to me that we only want "equity" when it agrees with our agenda.
  2. One of the ASM should immediately become acting SM. Then the COR searches for a replacement.
  3. The prudent church Treasurer would insist on an annual audit of Unit accounts and the Unit committee should welcome it. Keep everything transparent and above board. In addition to "annual", an audit should also occur whenever the Unit Treasurer duties change hands.
  4. Well, I don't see any white robes and hoods or a burning cross. That would be my first clue.
  5. Doesn't that work both ways? And should I no longer agree to wear the big sombrero as they sing "Feliz Cumpleanos" to me at my local Mexican restaurant?
  6. This was covered when I was teaching Cub Scout Basic Leader Training. There are positions for "Committee Chairman" and "Member of COmmittee". That does not include the CM, DL and ADL positions. Stay in your lanes.
  7. Back in the Dark Ages, when B-P was a sub-leftenant, our AOL crossovers got that...the AOL patch, rank card and certificate. The receiving troop usually provided a troop necker and slide. Quite sufficient in my estimation. Wish them well and send them on their way. I guarantee the adults see this as way more important than the Scouts do.
  8. Yes, the "Good Ole Boy/Girl" network is alive and well....
  9. Fully agree. I always believed that our job was to provide the OPPORTUNITY to succeed and advance. Some of my Scouts made Eagle, and some didn't (including my own two sons). It was entirely their decision what they did with that opportunity.
  10. Is not the cost of the patch part of the registration fee for the event?
  11. Reading this thread has convinced me that letting my 60 year membership in BSA lapse was the right thing to do. It was a good ride.
  12. 40 year career in Health and Safety (OSHA) here. Certified Industrial Hygienist. We never used the word "accident". There are either unsafe acts or unsafe conditions, and both are foreseeable and preventable. If there is a "mishap", there is always an identifiable cause. I believe the term used now is "negligent discharge."
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