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  1. What policy is it that "allows unscreened adults to be in charge on overnight trips"??
  2. The Scout Oath, Scout Law, Motto, Slogan, Obligation, Admonition, 10 Commandments, the Great Commandment. How about we just do those?
  3. Just to clear up any misconceptions...the religious awards are NOT BSA awards and it is not a BSA program. The award should be earned through the scout's religious leader and awarded by the church. It is one of the few non-BSA awards that the BSA allows to be worn on the uniform. (Medal OR square knot, not both).
  4. I got my polio vaccine circa 1963...my dad brought home the sugar cubes he got from the corpsman on the ship. Pretty sure there's no record of it...
  5. And we thought things were bad when the LDS church jumped ship...
  6. That was/is the Scoutreach program and the unit leaders were Professionals/Paraprofessionals. Not sure how successful it was.
  7. Not sure if your comment was tongue in cheek...I hope it was. That same link says more than 600,000 died of the 1918 Flu (no longer PC to call it the "Spanish Flu"). I have a Masters in Public Health, a 40+ year career in various aspects of Public Health and my wife is an RN. Getting the jab was never a question and we stood in line as soon as we could secure an appointment. Wife just had her 3rd booster shot due to an immuno-suppressant medication she is taking. It knocked her for a loop for 2 days, unlike the first 2 doses which were no worse than the annual flu shot. We also got
  8. BSA has no rules regarding jewelry. I would ask my SPL or Scoutmaster if there are any objections and if it is a safety issue or not. A very active Scout may find that the necklace could be damaged or lost. Do you encounter many battles during the course of an average day?
  9. Is there a listing somewhere of what each LC has been "billed" as their share of the settlement. I hear nothing locally, perhaps because I failed to re-register at the beginning of the year.
  10. A Den Chief should be setting the example, including proper and complete uniform at all times.
  11. As I recall my days in OA, the Scoutmaster begins the process by developing a list of scouts who are qualified for election, based on rank, # of nights camped, and last but not least, "Scout Spirit". Not sure how Scouts could enter the process without that step. I also agree that, beyond election night, OA participation is not a Unit responsibility. Back in my day, it was up to me to decide which OA events to attend and arrange for my own transportation. If my unit leaders attended, it was only because they were also OA members and were there providing "cheerful service" to the Lodge or Ch
  12. Has it been decided that Endowment Funds will not be seized by the bankruptcy court?
  13. Reminds me of a Dilbert strip...and I paraphrase the pointy haired boss, "we had to cut expenses so we are reducing membership." I just saw on another site a Scouter showing off his new James E West knot...the lawyers are drooling.
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