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  1. If the unit is being dissolved, it's a moot point. Get your scout transferred to a new unit and move on. Whether the new MBC will accept the work already done is up to him/her and the unit leaders have no say, as mentioned above.
  2. As I watch the barrage of TV commercials soliciting claims, it has occurred to me that some of the conditions described were de rigeur back in my day (1960s)...being herded into gang showers totally naked with 20 other boys and men...multi-hole latrines with no privacy...I didn't like it at the time, but it's what we did. The custom continued all through high school as we were all required to strip and shower communally after PE. (the last time I visited my kids' high school, the showers were being used for storage). I was just thankful we didn't have to swim totally naked at the swimming hole or YMCA pool like my Dad did in the 20s. Even as late as a few years ago, there were no partitions in the adult male showers like the female side has. Wonder how much that's worth ?
  3. The bottom line is, the BSA has licensed your CO to use the BSA materials, name and program and the CO "owns" the unit. As they have chosen you and approved your membership, you are their representative. They can require additional membership standards, such as only admit members of their church or faith, or only males, or only females, etc.
  4. First of all, the "Advancement Chair" is just a member of the Committee. He/she does not get to be the gatekeeper to decide who advances and who doesn't. Their job is to handle the paperwork. Approving advancement is the Scoutmaster's job, and then the Board of Review consisting of 3 committee members. A BOR is NOT a retest of requirements. If it's signed off, it's considered completed. Period. Sounds to me like everyone needs refresher training. Now, to the more serious point....what you have described to us in your original post is the definition of bulllying. This requires a mandatory report to the Scout Executive or to the YP hotline. IF it is as you described...
  5. I am also not a lawyer...but consider: your Unit is chartered by YOUR council, and the charter agreement is between your CO and your council...not the other council. IF your council tells you not to camp, you are in violation of the charter agreement if you do.
  6. As one who spent a career writing and interpreting safety and health laws and regulations, these BSA rules clearly smack of "CYA" on the part of the BSA. They are there in case anything happens, then the BSA can say, "well, we told them not to do it." The BSA has NO authority over me and my interactions with my own family.
  7. All good advice above and spot on. Alert your District Commissioner and District Executive that this is coming. 99% of us are just volunteer parents with no special training or ability in handling special needs scouts. We all are willing to do the best we can, but that obligation applies to ALL the scouts in the unit, who also expect a good program. If it gets ugly or she just doesn't get the message, they can be removed from your unit at the unit's discretion.
  8. You should be fine. Just submit the application and if the CC and COR approve it, it will be submitted to BSA for the routine background investigation. I sincerely doubt that the investigation would come back negative, since there were no charges filed and the case was "unfounded." Welcome and let us know how it turns out.
  9. Eagle 1970 here, before the era of the red beret and skill awards. I agree, things have been watered down much over the decades. In addition to what @John-in-KCsaid, rank requirements had to be earned in sequence. NO working on Second Class requirements until the Tenderfoot badge was awarded, etc. FCFY put an end to all that.
  10. If Council sent the letter to the SM, I would say that was improper, as well. Should have gone to the IH/COR who owns the unit and approves all adult memberships. Just my opinion...
  11. I would give your Council DE/SE/Registrar the courtesy of a phone call just to let them know what's going on...hope you recover soon.
  12. That skirt looks like the shorts I used to wear in the 70s.
  13. It's not corny, it's what Scouts do. You might want to have your local Troop on hand to help lead the song, or you may be the only one present who knows the words. Also, might want to have them printed to hand out. Thanks for continuing the traditions.
  14. It's an ongoing general trend. 20 is the new 10. I have nieces and nephews pushing 30, living at home, who are still treated as if they are 16. And they act like it, too. Parents refuse to cut the apron strings and force them to be self-sustaining adults.
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