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  1. scoutldr


    Lots of old names in this thread, back when Scouter.com was a lot more "interesting"...I know Old Grey Eagle is now with the Great Master of all Scouts. I miss the old days.
  2. I'm sure she and Old Grey Eagle are enjoying a cuppa Joe while chewing the fat around the campfire. Every life lost leaves us all diminished. May God's Peace comfort her family and friends.
  3. I served many years on EBORs as the District rep. I think if your project write-up clearly stated how the project was to be funded, and it didn't violate any BSA policy for fundraising, you should be good to go. The funds were donated by family members. It doesn't matter what the source was, as long as it didn't infringe on the Council's FOS campaign for business contributions. Good luck, and congratulations in advance!
  4. And I saw one with square knots I didn't recognize...and I am retired Uniform Police.
  5. I was in an Explorer post when the first girls joined. We were "Explorers", and the organization was "Exploring"...which is all it said on our uniform shirts IIRC. Our leaders were "Advisors" and I remember would be quick to correct anyone who called them "Scoutmaster."
  6. Reminds me as if Burger King were to sue ChickFilA because people like ChickFilA better. Both have a product called "chicken sandwich and fries". If Burger King is losing market share, it's up to them to figure out why and improve their product and marketing.
  7. They've already done that. All a boy has to say is he thinks he's a girl and he can join.
  8. Not sure what "fake news" means...but there are laws against slander and libel. Seldom does gossip rise to that level, however. As some mentioned above, all those that are the "victims" of this should take your scouts, and form or move to another troop, and let your SE and the chartered organization head know why in no uncertain terms.
  9. Soliciting cash donations is also a prohibited activity.
  10. My Council has started charging a facility fee for camps...1.50 per person/per day. Many of us veteran Scouts and Scouters spent countless hours and our own funds on maintaining those camps over the years. One of our old-timers and Executive Board member (now residing with the Great Master of all Scouts) once told me he never donated cash. He would ask the Ranger what he needed for the camp, and he would procure it and take it up there. That way the SE couldn't "divert" the funds to other purposes.
  11. Fortunately, I've never needed a spell-checker. Grammar and spelling errors jump out at me, so I edit my work before hitting "send". I guess you might say I was blessed (or cursed?) with an "editor's eye."
  12. Any unit fundraising must be approved by the Scout Executive, using the Fund Raising application form. Our Pack was even forced to quit our baked goods raffle because it was a "game of chance."
  13. I am not a lawyer, but I did spend 40 years in Occupational Health. The problem with asbestos exposure is the latency period of 40 years or more for mesothelioma. Statutes of limitation were grossly unfair when a disease did not manifest for 20-40 years post-exposure. People being diagnosed today may have been exposed as long ago as 1980, and then, even briefly, since there is no known "safe" level of exposure. Did we know better...of course....but workers are still being exposed today...either through ignorance or blatant disregard for the hazard, either by the employer or employee. The
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