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  1. Zuse describes the BSA program (LDS or not) as I always understood it should work. Thanks for upholding standards!
  2. New merit badge idea?

    I see that one of the newest MB, "Composites" is one of the least popular. When it was announced, I thought "Really???" It was suggested, developed and pushed through by an industry trade association. My cynical side wonders how much they paid the BSA to put it into production.
  3. Sad sign of the times

    I am never one to second-guess police officers on the scene. Their decisions need to be instantaneous based on what they know at that moment. The first thing that came to my mind was that perhaps he was trying to assess how many shooters there were and where they were. Aren't they supposed to wait for backup rather than charging in blindly as the Sherriff suggested he should have? Or have I been watching too much TV? The fact remains the school was a soft target, there was no "security" in place, and there was only one resource officer assigned for a 3000 student, multiple building campus. He was a 33 year veteran...certainly not a rookie.
  4. Sad sign of the times

    You were surprised because it isn't true. Fake news.
  5. Remind - A Messaging App

    Duly noted. But that's how forum threads work.
  6. Remind - A Messaging App

    Being responsible to your obligations is a part of growing up. Or, as the kids say, "adulting". I have a 20-something nephew whose parents are no longer around, and is living with another uncle. He fancies himself a "grownup" who doesn't have to follow our advice, return calls or texts, or bring over necessary paperwork so I can do his taxes and wife can file his trust paperwork. He wants all mail going to him, not us. He failed to renew his license plates on time, in spite of many reminders from us, and my offer to bring him over so we can do it together online (a 10 minute process). Now, he got a notice from the insurance company for the second time, that his payment is overdue and his insurance will be canceled. Oh, well... The moral of this is, at some point you have to quit spoon-feeding and let consequences happen. Hopefully, the light will go on when they realize they missed a deadline and therefore WON'T be going to summer camp, Philmont, or whatever. Life is hard...it's even harder when you don't pay attention.
  7. Don't blame OSHA. Does not apply here. The rules are BSA. Maybe RichardB could shed some light...
  8. 501(C)3 non profit status

    BSA and Councils have rules about Unit Fundraising. We were always forbidden from soliciting corporate donations, because that is the job of the Professionals and is the Council tier of Friends of Scouting. Whatever your fundraising idea is, you are required to complete and submit the Unit Fundraising Application and have your proposal approved by the Scout Executive. Council would prefer you stick to the official popcorn campaign, since they get a cut.
  9. Cubmaster Retiring

    My church gives its employees a cash gift every Christmas. But it is a dedicated donation from the members, and it's clear that it is not a tax deductible donation to the church. Checks are made out to the person collecting the money. That being said, I agree $600 is outrageous. Dedicate a Pack Meeting to his honor...similar to a Blue and Gold banquet...have each den have a skit ... have lots of fellowship and signed cards from the scouts. If the Pack leadership wants to take he and his wife out for a nice dinner and adult beverages, that would be nice too...on their own nickel.
  10. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    I do judge grammar and spelling errors. It indicates a lack of attention to detail. I used to have a professional colleague who had business cards printed up listing his name as "John Doe, PhD (candidate)". There was another one who listed himself as "John Doe, MS, ABD" (all but dissertation). We laugh at guys like that...and certainly didn't hire them. Humility is an admirable trait.
  11. The Joy of a Used Uniform Item

    Probably. Her g-g-Grandfather was Joseph William Clem, b. 1855, Indiana, d. 1894, Louisville.
  12. The Joy of a Used Uniform Item

    Clem, now you're just showing off (my wife's maternal line is Clem, out of Louisville, KY) The ribbon bar above is the Explorer Silver Award.
  13. Virtual Campfire

    "I was made redundant"....I love the British language! Here in the Colonies, we get "fired" or "laid off". Question, SKip: when you say the time is "Half eleven"...what time is it? Wife and I watch more British telly on PBS now than we do the American mindless sitcoms. Our current faves are "The Durrells of Corfu", "Call the Midwife", "Midsomer Murders", and "Doc Martin".
  14. When I was District Training Chair about 15 years ago, the Council collected a registration fee for all training courses. Scouters would register directly with the council, who would cash their checks and send me a list of names. As I recall the fee was around 10 bucks. When I asked what the fee was for, I was told, "Insurance(?), admin support (cashing the checks?), materials (I went to Kinkos and paid for copying myself)". I never saw a penny of the fee. Most courses were in the evenings, so we did not provide a meal. I usually used the local elementary school library or cafeteria, since my wife was on the faculty there, and it was free to non-profit groups. So, the answer is obvious...it is a revenue stream for the Council.
  15. Agree with Sentinel. You have an obligation to report it, but keep it low key, and at the same time tell the DE what you have done to correct it. There was no ill intent, and the rules have been reinforced with all troop leadership. Perhaps have a refresher training class at your next Committee meeting. We, too have done the blanket thing to divide the room...this was at a Council camp in cabins that were built in the 40s. It was no big deal to string a rope across the room and hang tarps.