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  1. scoutldr

    Snake bites victimize parents as much as campers

    Maybe we should let Amazon stock the drugs. Seems like they can deliver within 2 hrs for a nominal fee. Just send it by drone.
  2. scoutldr

    The liability of being a Boy Scout Leader

    When my financial advisor found out I was a Scouter, he strongly suggested an Umbrella Liability Policy. State Farm wrote one which I have bundled with all my other insurance. Costs a coupla hundred bucks a year. I don't trust the BSA or anyone else to cover my backside.
  3. Is that a Wood Badge woggle?
  4. scoutldr

    Swimsuit Patches

    I went through all the Red Cross swimming classes up to and including WSI and then BSA Lifeguard and BSA Lifeguard counsellor. My many female instructors always wore their patches on the bottom left front of their one piece tank suits. I think on "Baywatch", they did the same...but much higher.;)
  5. scoutldr

    knot-awards q

    Buy one on Ebay if you have to...and wear it with pride.
  6. scoutldr


    Not authorized. Please refer to the Uniform and Insignia guide. Good rule of thumb is, if it's not BSA issued, it's not authorized.
  7. scoutldr

    state flag patches

  8. scoutldr


    That's official BSA issue...I see no reason why not.
  9. scoutldr

    Two adults 21 or over

    Because 20 is the new 10?
  10. scoutldr

    OA Paperwork Woes

    First class mail is now 55 cents. I know this because I reminded my wife to stock up on Forever stamps before the rate hike went into effect. The Post Office dutifully held her "Stamps By Mail" order form for about 2 weeks before processing the order...at the new higher rate.
  11. scoutldr

    Feeling Muzzled?

    Am I the only one who just clicks on "Unread content" without regard to which forum the content is in? It's really irrelevant to me.
  12. scoutldr

    Vintage Uniform Question

    I was a Den Chief in the 60s...the cord was worn over the right shoulder, attached to the MB sash when worn. As an Explorer in 1970, I wore the Eagle knot and religious award knot. The Eagle knot purchased from the Scout shop had the dark green background (not a private issue). I also recall the adult muckity-mucks of that era wearing knots such as Scouter's Key, Training Award, and Silver Beaver, among the few that were available.
  13. scoutldr

    Privacy of Health Forms

    The only problem with this is that the form has to be completed and signed by your healthcare provider. If they omit pertinent information, they are liable. I would say it is analogous to the workplace...you go get a physical and the Dr certifies you "fit for duty" or "fit for duty with restrictions". Then those restrictions are enumerated. Your supervisor does not get a complete copy of your medical history, test results and medications. We are all adults here. If one of my ASMs was an insulin dependent diabetic, we all knew it and knew what to look for. If I had told him that he had to check his insulin (or Metformin) in at the Health Lodge and had to go there to take his meds, he would have told me where to shove it. And he would be right.
  14. scoutldr

    BSA definition of the Patrol Method

    Not unlike how the country has evolved...from a collection of independent states who collaborate for a common defense, to a group of subdivisions of an overarching Government which dictates what and how much they can do.
  15. scoutldr

    Privacy of Health Forms

    HIPAA (not "HIPPA") requires that a person's "PMI" (personal medical information) be safeguarded from people who are NOT authorized to view it and can be disclosed ONLY to others who are authorized (in the Law, that means medical providers, insurance companies, etc.). The info can be disclosed only with the written permission of the person (patient). I am not confidant that the BSA, Councils, Lodges, Units, etc have the capability to ensure such safeguarding even if they wanted to.