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  1. A Den Chief should be setting the example, including proper and complete uniform at all times.
  2. As I recall my days in OA, the Scoutmaster begins the process by developing a list of scouts who are qualified for election, based on rank, # of nights camped, and last but not least, "Scout Spirit". Not sure how Scouts could enter the process without that step. I also agree that, beyond election night, OA participation is not a Unit responsibility. Back in my day, it was up to me to decide which OA events to attend and arrange for my own transportation. If my unit leaders attended, it was only because they were also OA members and were there providing "cheerful service" to the Lodge or Ch
  3. Has it been decided that Endowment Funds will not be seized by the bankruptcy court?
  4. Reminds me of a Dilbert strip...and I paraphrase the pointy haired boss, "we had to cut expenses so we are reducing membership." I just saw on another site a Scouter showing off his new James E West knot...the lawyers are drooling.
  5. I would prefer the Norman Rockwell Museum at his home in Stockbridge, Mass. We went there over Christmas two years ago...beautiful town. The highlights of my trip were the museum and the original "Alice's Restaurant", now the Guthrie Center.
  6. I had a 40 year career in Occupational Safety and Health with extensive experience in designing, running and auditing industrial respiratory protection programs. I can say unequivocally that 90% of the mask wearing practices and materials I see in public are absolutely worthless. Masks with gaps, not covering mouth AND nose, ineffective filter materials, improper size of mask, facial hair, and other factors would all be OSHA violations. I would focus more on frequent handwashing, social distancing, and awareness training, which will be much more effective.
  7. Much, much better!!! Thanks, Terry!
  8. I have my theories...and they are not what you postulate.
  9. THey will sue everyone and let the Court sort it out. It could still cost you thousands in legal fees even though you are dismissed from the suit.
  10. I have carried it, as well. $4M through State Farm, where I have everything bundled. Costs me a few hundred a year, although I am no longer an active Scouter. I have a vacation home on a lake, boats, etc, and occasionally let friends use the property (not on a rental basis).
  11. Just got my brand new Dell fired up...logging into Scouter.com generates a popup ad that WILL NOT go away...very annoying.
  12. The first question I ask myself, is "is this my business?" In most cases, the answer is NO. I chose to wear my uniform fully and correctly, which is what I did since earning my Bobcat pin in 1963, and would line up my insignia using that guide on the inside covers of the Handbook. We once had a District Advancement Chairman who wore TWO Scouter Key knots...with no devices. I never said anything to him...not my business. We are all just volunteers trying to deliver the program.
  13. So my circa 2006 Gateway Win Vista laptop finally died and I've resorted back to my more modern desktop running Win 10. Trying to use scouter.com is very painful now...literally 30 seconds with each mouse click while all the ads load. Video ads embedded in individual posts??? Is that what we are doing now? The little bar at the lower left corner always says "Waiting for www.scouter.com".... Am I doing something wrong? This is unusable in its current state. I would pay a nominal fee if there was a premium ad-free version. I hate to complain, because I do appreciate the efforts o
  14. If you've earned it, you can wear it. Doesn't matter how old your shirt is. The BSA recommendation is to limit it to 3 rows of 3, to avoid looking like a North Korean General. Wear a Jambo patch it you actually attended as a registered attendee. But only one at a time. Had a young Scout ask me once why I was wearing a rare, original, pre-FDL OA flap...because it was the one awarded me at my Ordeal in 1968.
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