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  1. The MOST important thing is YOUR scout's experience. Take care of that. Whatever it takes. It's obvious no one else is interested in that and they have no loyalty to you or your efforts. Thanks for trying, but no one can do it alone.
  2. "Observation" means "no participation or interference" in what you are observing. Many parents can't do that.
  3. "Show Scout Spirit" is still a requirement for EVERY rank, is it not? Quit checking the box so readily and remind everyone (SM Minute?) that Scout Spirit means exhibiting the Scout Oath and Law in everything they do. No Scout should be awarded the next rank without it.
  4. My advice is to invite her to dress however she feels comfortable. If she feels comfortable adding Scouting elements to her attire, that's fine. I don't think it's something you need to be involved in, unless she has questions. I'm sure BSA would have no problem with whatever she decides. Could be an excellent opportunity to teach Scouts (and Scouters) about different cultures and religions. As @SunnyD says, there are many different interpretations among Muslims about what is acceptable. My wife was recently in the hospital and a nursing student and her instructor came in to start an IV.
  5. We are paying for Granddaughter's soccer. $265 per month. Scouting is still a bargain. Just matter of priorities.
  6. Just pointing out that Old Gray Eagle (or OGE as we knew him) is no longer with us. He died unexpectedly and prematurely. From his untreated OSA? We'll never know.
  7. You communicate with all the parents that Cub Scouting is run by parent volunteers. Tell them that, without adequate volunteer leadership, the Pack will not recharter and meetings will cease. Then do it. It is not fair to put the entire burden on a few volunteers filling multiple positions.
  8. The BSA has long held a policy that a custodial parent is permitted to attend and "observe" ANY scouting activity in which their child participates. If they suddenly told me that I could not do that, I and my child would terminate our membership. It smacks of what school boards are trying to do, blocking parents from seeing what they are doing with our kids.
  9. We had a Sea Scout Ship that was all Muslim. The troop that my Dad and I founded in 1965 recently folded because the Baptist Church CO could no longer abide the BSA policies that run counter to their moral teachings.
  10. Nothing new under the sun. I was a member of an Explorer Post in the early 70s chartered to a Vol Fire Dept and Rescue Squad. We got all the same training in Red Cross First Aid, and Fire training along with the members. I reached Instructor status, and at the age of 18, we became full-fledged members. No G2SS back then. We provided an ambulance and first aid support to all Council activities. You had to be over 21 to drive the ambulance, but our Advisors served that role.
  11. Unusual, certainly, but it sounds like a CO who actually understands the Chartered Organization model and their rights and responsibilities. Nothing I've read appears to be in conflict with BSA policy. Few Scouters realize that the Unit and all of its assets belong to the CO and the adult leaders serve at the pleasure of the CO.
  12. Appears to be self-explanatory. Volunteers at all levels, starting at chapter/lodge level. It appears they want you to work your way up through the levels before reaching National level.
  13. I think their main job is to hire the SE...after National tells them who it will be.
  14. We would always do what amounted to a "FOD" walkdown...or "police up the area" to make sure we were "leaving no trace"...we would always find a bit of paper or a gum wrapper or something. It was NOT punishment, or hazing, and there were no consequences. It was just a part of camping and everyone understood that. If an adult found something, it was pointed out...no yelling or bullying.
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