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  1. The problem, of course, with false or skewed reports is the damage is done before it is sorted out. We have seen this myriad times, and it is far worse with the instant media options. Yet, the reason we ended in the mess, aside from our twisted legal system, is that such things often are very difficult to verify, and sensitive, especially to families.
  2. As appears to often be the case, there is a point of confusion on the link, https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/safety-moments/scouts-first-helpline/#:~:text=As part of its “Scouts,put a youth at risk. that is part of the notice from Krone. Scouts First Helpline Adult Audience Only The above seems to me to make this confusing. Obviously, there is no way to keep the material from youth, so what is with the h
  3. I suppose this reminder may be needed, though if we Are Prepared, it shoul fnot be. As the medic said each day at meal assemblies; "Drink water; Don't Puke!" Do remember that pop of any kind is not good for hydration. Also, encourage neck cooling wraps and be sure hats are worn. Heat stroke is often the result of an uncovered hear, and your brain frying. Of course chap stick and sun blocks of some kind, along with wicking shirt with long sleeves in many cases. Sun glasses are good, though they easily get lost, even with adults. Insect barriers can be useful. Some people have laug
  4. "I’m not following your point. In your council activities are not done due to fear of legal repercussions?" No, our council has mothballed our main camp and the other is on the sales block, so we have no local camp anymore. Their reasoning was arrived at by a small group of people, most of whom had not real contact with the program or camp directly. While most unit reviews of the camp were always very positive, there were some that focused on things NOT there, such as a lake, and also on our annual dining hall struggles that were affected in part by some odd legal things about not fixin
  5. Aaron on Scouting continues to share great items on his FB page, things most might be able to try if they were not paranoid about the legal vultures. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2024/07/12/celebrating-100-years-of-camp-gorton-plus-other-positive-news-this-week-in-scouting/ And it is not just Scouting, it is many other once community focussed groups and clubs that did things because it needed to be done, and they were not afraid o be sued if something went awry. Technically the non profits and good samaritans are shielded, but the twisting of intent and meaning has made many
  6. And now I do not go to camp as my body does not like it much. I miss it though, but need to be smart. They do not need me having another major health issue while there. Right now, we do not even have a local camp anyway, though the younger leaders are taking them to a unit week not too far away. As one local leader says regularly after posting photos; "get 'em out there".
  7. Yep, it is the acclimating that is important. And that always included my telling the members, adult and kids, that the swim check was NOT a race, and they could wait a day if need. We went from sea level, literally, to a mile hight or more most years. Between the hot, dry atmosphere and unheated pool, or other water, it could zap you. As I got older, I always did my check the following day, both because of the change, but also my trying to keep up with the routines.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/nationalscoutingmuseumbsa/videos/864680685508371 Note that Seton is given credit in this, and also how clearly the original concept fits into our societal problems today. Also recognize this is based on some of teh earliest artifacts of B.P.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-12907335/sydney-ireland-fought-nine-years-boy-scouts-movie.html
  10. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2024/06/27/this-scouts-bsa-troop-has-met-in-the-same-cabin-for-100-years/ While I suspect that more care from the communities in our council than those in charge of the Council think, they cannot respond if we do not make them aware. Our almost century old camp is in mothballs and the socalled committee simply acts as if it is a foregone conclusion the community will not care. My experience is that speaking with others of my vintage and often younger is that they have concern about the camp, the concepts our foundational tenets embrace, and the need for
  11. While I seldom am out hiking with this concern now due to age, hikers, especially youth in groups, such as scouts, need to make sure they allow space between themselves on trails and that they look at the trail in front of themselves consistently. OF you come upon a snake, the front one or two hikers are less likely to be bitten than those behind, as the front ones draw the attention and the snake reacts to the followers. Also, if hiking where snakes are a real concern, wear proper foot ware.
  12. Been a while since I did that type of thing, and it may have changed. But we always had to wait to remove them at recharter unless we asked the council office registrar to do it manually. Unless it is serious issue, just wait would be my thought. Others more involved in modern paper work likely can give better answers.
  13. Once more, reality of human nature rears. The long discourse here proves that few paid any real attention to the material on the permits. They just made sure to fill in the blanks and hopefully verified the various certifications of training and licenses. In our troop we asked for verification of driver information, including coverages. We also made it clear that if warranted, some might not be drivers, for whatever reason. We did accomplish one thing though. Almost the first thing one scout would say when all were in. "Seatbelts".
  14. Well, I said I would not say more, but being sure about what I thought I had seen, I found an online copy of the discontinued Tour Permit. Here is what I likely read and to which I referred. Read the last line or two; it specifically says "If more than one vehicle is used to transport our group, we will establish rendezvous points at the start of each day and not attempt to have drivers closely follow the group vehicle in front of them." "' 1. We will use the Safe Swim Defense in any swimming activity, Safety Afloat in all craft activity on the water, and Climb On Safely for climbing ac
  15. This triggered a long ago memory when I was a new district commissioner and attended a cub recruitment at a local elementary school (when we were still invited). The person in charge got up in front and welcomed them all, then immediately began separating the kids, and their were a number of them then, into age groups. Once that was done, he turned to the parents and adults and asked. Okay, who is going to give their time to make these excited youngsters have their program? A couple hands went up, but that was it. So, since there was far too many for two people to handle, he again turned
  16. Interestingly, I just ran across this, from Mike Rowe. It say much that can relate to this subject. I agree with most of what he suggests, and I even like the song Be Prepared that is linked. https://mikerowe.com/2018/05/otw-death-of-the-boy-scouts/
  17. How about we simply agree that actual convoying is not the best idea, and that defensive driving and obeying the law are paramount. Call it follow the leader, or don't lose the others, or convoying, but it has been discouraged in whatever form for a long time. A policy, maybe not on paper. Common sense is all we need. Why do we need to make it bigger than needed? My last comment, as I have little patience at my seasoned age for nonsense.
  18. On of those "what if" things for me. I was an ASM for a troop at Spangdahlem AB in the sixties, predating I believe the Normandy COR. But it would have been on our radar for sure if was there when it happened. As it turned out, I was moved anyway to a remote sight with no scouting, and only seven of us. Later I took a pass to France, but did not get to Normandy, though wish I had now. I did visit the Luxembourg cemetery, and the one at Cambridge in England. The first one, Luxembourg was a real eye opener for me, as I had yet to see Pearl or Arlington. Cambridge is unique in that it has
  19. And the obvious fact our small units NEED the adult help is often why we do not get the cubs to join us. They go where the group is larger and has the adults involved more highly and in larger numbers. You can almost see the parents thinking as the politely thank us for the visits.
  20. I would suggest that it is a good deal of misinformation and a large dose of negativity by the rabid media. Until we find a way to make it clearer how much good the program supports and can do, and get that in front of the people, it will stay hard. Much of that goes right back to the loss of local news and neighborhood exposure. We had our names in the local papers, and even photos. We had little fear of people knowing we were Scouts, as the negative hype was yet to explode. The issues were still there, but the societal responses were far less vituperative and most understood that was NO
  21. A great survey, but sadly, not necessarily accurate. Like most such things, the data is skewed to the desired outcome. I agree, as most likely recognize, that I Think Scouting can be America's answer still, but this study does not reflect my own community experiences. While bystanders at service events tend to be positive towards our youth and the group, they are usually not representative of the larger public. The negative image created by the overblown media attacks have done serious damage, and unless we find ways to prove otherwise, and also help people realize that the bad things the
  22. If that crew is a regular thing, it would be a good idea if the unit was prepping regularly, not just when the crew comes along.
  23. Sadly, the time when the Government offered much free, or at cost help, is long gone. One of the reasons for the Summit was the increasing outside pressures from some political individuals against the government allowing BSA on military bases, especially AP Hill. It did not matter to them that while yes, BSA was getting expensive services at cost, or in some cases under, the military was getting major training opportunity in their support at the events. Again, little was completely free the Base personnel or its property, only at "costs". A different perspective and a different world
  24. Not a huge issue. Someone representing the committee signs, maybe with a notation as to why. DO not hold up the youth.
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