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  1. Sorry, but the article is misleading, and injects a great deal of suggestion of "possible" things that are drawn from the book On My Honor that was published decades ago now. Also, it tries to suggest that this was a widely occurring thing throughout the program, when numerous investigations have show it was not, and also overlooks admission of error and poor judgement by BSA to start with and efforts to counsel victims that have been discovered. We also have the huge change in the YP training since this all actually occurred, none of which is noted. We come back to the same issue, over and
  2. So, just for a comparison, here is a link to a discussion of the McMartin fiasco. A lot of issues to review, many which may shed some light here. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/mcmartin/mcmartinaccount.html Most importantly, note the residual effects of ruined lives and very possibly emotionally traumatize children AND adults.
  3. This, in my opinion, is one of the worst examples of what once was called the "yellow press". It uses only hypersensitive statements and leaves out most of the real efforts clear back to the 20's to stop these people. Remember that was before our super-sensitive society was open to massive misleading or partially documented public sensationalism. And this article leaves out , as noted much of the complete story, instead reaching for the Mormon Church as an added target so as to make it more highly attention getting. I wonder if we should turn the clock back to the Tea Pot scandals, or mayb
  4. So, basically, the lawyers are running up bills and trying to eat each other, so to speak while those of us that actually care are left in the wind without any real idea how to procede, other than to keep the local units running? Am I about right? As I have stated before; this would not likely be happening almost anywhere else in the world, as our legal/tort system is really messed up and cares only for the money involved. Just my old, and tired opininon of course. .
  5. If you think seriously about it, this is long overdue. Not only saved money and resources, but you can find the section you need and print it and not have to buy a book seldom used for other than on occasion.
  6. In our local paper this morning was an article about changes in the LDS handbook. Much of what is noted in the article seems to follow some of the thinking involved in this discussion. I find it a bit ironic that they leave BSA and then appear to be doing similar things in their review of disciplines.
  7. There is a certain amount of irony in BP's tendency away from militarism in Scouting. Of course, even at its inception, the take of on his Scouting book for the military was purposely changed to be more focused on service and peaceful patriotism. In that era fo course, it was a difficult line to walk, and the two world wars reflected on this. Still, there are indications that many who served in the military in those darkest days remembered the undergirding Scout tenants, and some stories suggest that at times the international Scout sign meant something to combatants on both sides. How acc
  8. One possible avenue of MB counselor qualification might take off on what was common when I was a scout. Most teachers were automatically considered to be qualified counselors, if they chose to do it. Some really were not at the level needed, but they community mostly viewed them as "trustworthy and honest", so that was fine. There were many very qualified counselors that spent in depth time working with scouts, and those were likely some of the incidences that bring the stories of life work and so on. The insane liability issues has been discussed ad infinitum, and unless the tort system i
  9. Odd that this quote from a comment on the Texas HS football player that took an official down with a blindside because he was kicked out, seem to fit this too . "You can't condemn the the entire team for the actions of 1person."
  10. The most important people to effect change actually are the COR's, but only if they actually do their jobs. There have been incidences in some councils where a group of COR's rose up and got support of the majority and threw out an executive, or executives. Unfortunately, most exec do not appear to want the COR's to understand their power. Like I noted above, often the EB is put into closed session which normally is then not open to the full board which includes all the COR's. However, those not allowed can still execute a coup of sorts with the right efforts by the right people. Does not
  11. I have only served in three councils, and time in TAC was not really more than on base troop level, and it was limited. A transfer took me away, and did not return until 1976. Since GWC?WLC and VCC. The biggest issue with local volunteers and professionals is disconnect in many cases, or poor communication. There is no consistent method of getting basic info out anymore, especially now. But the council web site is pretty much useless as there is not consistent updating. Calendars are not dependable, and staff now consists of two pro's, and two or three office people. Our district is cove
  12. IF that is the case, we may want to consider pushing that a bit more. I do know the STEM merit badges at summer camp are fairly popular. Other than the nature related ones that are also Eagle, the most popular one is Space Exploration. They also have photography regularly and have done Electronics. But I wonder how we might integrate the idea of Stem Scouting into the program successfully, as I have not seen it come out of the introductory stage. Maybe it just needs to be incorporated into the regular options, rather than being separated?
  13. For some reason I find myself thinking that one of the reasons we are in our current position is that our legal system has allowed the sixties to be dragged to the current era. That may say more than some are willing to admit?
  14. While I was received with open arms as an ASM in an on base troop in Germany in 1966, I lost my involvement due to transfer to remote station and then return to college after going home and getting out. It was also the middle of the negative "uniform" response already noted in this piece, and the world was chaotic and the hope of the Kennedy challenge was lost due to his and the other prominent leader assassinations. I attempted to become reinvolved in 1975 in Orange County, CA but the office ignored me. In 1976, I tried again in the old GWC and was grabbed, along with my ex after att
  15. I am looking forward to the next post. Will you have the entire work available for download or something as well. It is something I would want to add to my own historical archives, which includes a number of little known essays and such from the last couple of decades of turmoil. For those that may have the stamina, you seem to have left open a number of jump off points for more detail. Is that something to which we may look forward as well?
  16. And it is not difficult to find numerous similar representations that are lauded, and partly because they are real life. Life and society as a whole is often dark and mean, or selfish and too often accepts the worst of itself as okay, especially in the "entertainment" industries, which includes sports, both actual professional and the pseudo college teams. Finding our way through and around the mazes of a hypocritical world is a challenge, and it is one that Scouting attempts to navigate, in spite of the numerous crossed branches in the roads and trails.
  17. Over on the FB Talk About Scouting a similar unending he said/did, and so on is going on. There is not answer to any of this that will satisfy a few, even if the BSA does disappear, as we know it. One comment that nudged me though was the idea we need to be "fair" to the victim. Now of course this revolved partly around whether or not some of them are even actual victims and brings us back to the "McMartin scenario", but accepting that this occurred, because we know we have such people in society, "what is fair?" What amount of money will erase the scar(s) of actual abuse? Does ruining a
  18. Yep; I have to admit that if I could, I would bar Prager from my FB page, but they apparently do not fit the mold for being able to block. I just delete posts if possible. They are so biased as to be almost liberal as they move around the circle. And, as noted, they also are NOT a university, and purposely try to lead people to think they have an intellectual leg up.
  19. While this may or may not be the place for this comment, and maybe it is making myself a target, but I have to wonder about a society that will allow this to happen to a group that has done and continues to do so much for the communities across the country, while so many continue to allow the cesspools in many parts of government and the entertainment industry. While the issues that are the cause of this problem with BSA are real, it seems to me that the I would say 99%+ positive record of BSA should put them in a better public position. But, for some reason, people jump on the infinitesimal
  20. And there is info out there that seems to me as bad or worse. This is not all over the media, but I bet the issue still exists. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2016/12/22/teachers-who-sexually-abuse-students-still-find-classroom-jobs/95346790/
  21. Those that are not BSA should be very aware of this. It is only one of the internet searches that indicate the ambulance chaser list of possible sources. And most of these do not have the safeguards of BSA still. Just not seen as the deepest pocket, but they will continue unless the court system and legal system makes some checks and balances, while still keeping real victims able to sue. https://www.levylaw.com/sex-abuse-lawsuits/
  22. The point is not that things were done poorly in an earlier time, and since that time, huge strides have been made to try to fix it. No amount of rules will stop it completely, but the responses can be more real and accepted in the larger society. The issue is that, since you mention Slavery, that reparations are never going to fix the past; nor is killing the BSA, a group that is far more good than evil, for youth and the society. But, unless our legal system gets redirected, this imbalance will get worse, and we will see attacks on many more overly positive and beneficial groups. Meanwhi
  23. So, while it truly concerns me, and we are struggling even more due to the pandemic, but we CAN work locally and emphasize the best of Scouting. As we see noted on here, Scouting is local. Still, I actually like the idea of finding a way to get a valid and actually watched source to do the "complete" story. That would include digging out stats from the twentieth century, from the teens, and making comparisons of youth groups of the periods, maybe by decade or something. Also, it would discuss the realities of society's approach to these types of things, again by decades or something,
  24. The subject made it onto the "news" feed on AOL, which is Huffington Post. I was pleasantly surprised to see the comments, and there are many, are almost all slamming the lawyers and the whole situation. A number loudly note what has been said on here for a long while, including noting how media hype is almost always aimed at negative stuff, and that the far greater good that has come from BSA is brushed aside. The amount of comments about the ads and the "ambulance chasers" were very high, and many recognized that it is a societal problem. And, while there were the few ignorant comments r
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