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  1. We likely have no idea what may have transpired behind the scenes with messed up families and simply poor decisions, recognized looking back, of people based on societal norms "of the time". And likely, some of those thngs would fit the description, though hopefully not many. IF we are going to open it all to the world, then let it be ALL, not just that which fits the most grossly. You only need took at myriad stats on this subject that indicate really odd family interactions and fears of retribution or worse. You can read whatever you wish into that, but it seems simply reality, especiall
  2. Meanwhile, we continue to have the non-vetted number of files thrown out as the reality, and we have no idea regarding most of them. Are some actually completely fraudulent? Do some fit into the categories of discussion the last few days, like kids being kids in adolescense, or discomfort under normal camp activities, especially when they still had open showers and kybos that had multiple holes without dividers? So many misleading, or possibly even grasping at the dollars reports. Vetting, including why or how it may have not been dealt with, would make the questions out, for the most part
  3. The larger question remains; how many of the "reported" files from the IVF are actually in the categories other than the two that might actually cover abuse? There is a strong likelyhood that many of the files the media, and others continue to enumerate "do not" fall into the "abuse" categories. But, it that suggestion is made, the individual is immediately labeled in some manner as accepting of CA. Of course, the average person if they see a story, it is likely one written with the intent to ignore all the peripheral things, and to simply dramatize the worst elements. That is our world in
  4. On the train from San Bernardino to Colorado and jambo we slept two to a birth. One older, one youner or at least smaller. Otherwise, would not have been room. I felt sorry for the younger scout with me, as he was really small, and I was 16. We would go around a curve, and it would roll me into him, then back the other way. Good thing I was not overly heavy at the time, though compared, probably 40 pounds on him. After the first night, I put a block of sorts between us.
  5. Not sure your comparison. The OP shared a link about an Eagle with a knife in his emergency kit in his car. Still, point taken as to S.I. and phone.
  6. Especially if Mom and BF are unaware of it. Also depends ofn what defines "making out", as there too are levels there. All a murky and is open to distortion and inuendo. Of course, we also have the lovely accepted so called Reality TV and some pretty questionable stuff, along with even suggestive commercials and ones for "adults". Our culture and society is often "free range" in respect to questionable activities in front of kids and the general public.
  7. The issue is that we are trying to combat the actual real world exposure kids have to way too much questionable activity and the simple youth interchange. Yes, we need to find ways to make it better, but we also cannot stop the exposure completely unless we put them all in those roll around bubbles or something. And nothing will ever completely fix it.
  8. Being a fly on the wall, with a recorder of some kind, in any lunch break area in any school, even elementary, might turn ears blue.
  9. Thanks; that is what I was hinting at, but tend to ramble some. Adolesence brings these discussions up in most youth gatherings at some point. It is the time for trying to figure things out, evaluating personal feelings, and experimenting. In other words, normal bumps and activities of growing up and dealing with emotional and physical changes. Overreaction to these things is possible worse than ignoring. IF you are confronted with it directly or indirectly, the issue is how do you address it without putting the youth into the "pervert" category? Do you bring parents into the discussion?
  10. "I want to nail as many predators to the wall as we can". That I would hope few if any here would have issue with. Trouble is, it does not seem to be the main goal, as of course, most, if even alive, have little to take, other than their freedom.
  11. Some of you must be really good with knot tying, and even better with splicing with the way you twist things to make yourselves seem the only ones with valid views. And yes, while this is regarding BSA, the issues extend beyond them, and if that is not important to you as well, then you need to step back and reexamine. Your inuendo and often insulting responses is juvenile and very narrow, as well as hints at actual vengence. Please do not embarrass yourselves further.
  12. So, we now have reached the point of thinking somehow we can change the nature of the process of adolescence? Where does the line of demarcation get drawn between centuries old "normal" experimentation in adolescence and abuse? Was my early adolescent discomfort with slow development, due to a glandular disorcer treated as I entered it, abuse when forced to shower with others in HS? Were the older youth who tended to tease and taunt abusive, or just dealing with their own confusion? Will we ever discover a way to walk that irregular line to the satisfaction of all? Meanwhile, we hav
  13. I have to wonder; if this individual had the job noted, and he held it into this year, where has he been up to now? When all the stuff hit the fan, was he casualty and lost his job, or did he lose his job due to not being successful with YP? Lots of questions, particularly if this is a sour grapes attack because he got let go?
  14. Very true, but it is simply more of the modern problem in society to ignore, belittle, or somehow take the overall positive element away to "fix" the negatives, no matter how much greater good may have come from it, and could in the future. Or, as we keep seeing, "throwing the baby out with the water".
  15. Actually, he was away at college, and became involved with college activism for Lgbt individuals, being elected to president, I believe of his campus chapter. It made the papers and then the local news in his town. Then it went from there when someone decided he should report him. Meanwhile, the unit was already aware and had not had an issue. It was outside people nosing into it that brought the trouble, and then National moving outside the CO, who had no issue. It was the type of case the activists were waiting for, and the drek hit the fan. But National did not do a good job of fighti
  16. Perhaps revise the pullout part of the HB to have specific places for parental and youth initials, not just take their word they covered it? We all know that likely half or more do not really review it, or even look at it. How do we make it more likely to actually have that review?
  17. Again, you are so focused on your own vision of things that you do not look beyond the immediate event. Reality if that Scouting, on the unit and many council levels was moving towards that. But, as too often occurred then, and still does, not just in Scouting, some less than aware people overstepped and made a mess. Mr. Dale's own unit had no issue with him, and so stated. But somebody decided, out side the local council and unit, to make a scene and then National put the stupidity in motion. If, it had been allowed to play out on its own, it would have moved towards the changes. Once o
  18. Yep; it was my point in the nineties with the Gay issue and others that followed. The wheels were moving in that direction, but some felt the need to stigmatize BSA and others for PC reasons. We would likely have gotten to where we are anyway, but maybe on our own terms and with far less turmoil.
  19. For years my shot/vaccination segment has included circa mid forties childhood vac's, polio date aproximated with cube, had dissease, or the actual dates more recently. Few of us have specific records of childhood shots, especially if born in the middle of the 20th century.
  20. As a tangential discussion, I am reminded of BP trying to put Scouting forward as an international way of reaching other cultures without the often caustic political issues adults too often bring to the table. He used the term "Peace Scouts" on occasion. And we can find many stories from international Scouting events and just occasional meetings from other Scout groups that support the idea. We are often far too centered on BSA and pay little attention, other than at World Jamborees, to other groups. We were fortunate in 1979, while on a trek at Philmont, to run into a full crew of South A
  21. As often seems to occur, some post poorly supported historical comments, often having little or no understanding of the evolution of the program over time. As someone noted, much of the past history of Scouting is intwined in the larger societal norms of the time and locations. In the case of Blacks, it became an issue for decades, discussed and bounced around at biennial conferences of Exectutives, and at National offices as early as the early 20th century. That the focus was more on the South at the time is to be expected. Yet, in many instances local councils found ways to work with the
  22. Enough to cover your therapy and creat a tangible and stable investment to allow comfort financially without avarice and living above others in moderate middle income families or individuals in the U.S. Added to that, an honest effort by authorities to punish properly the actual perpetrator if still alive, without punishing his descendents unless they could be proven to be involved beyond familial blindness. Monetarily, a half million dollars invested properly will offer a good return indefinitely. Especially if the cost of therapy is not coming out of your pocket or those earnings. I do n
  23. Must be alot of great brownies available to some posting here. The snide inuendos is not missed by anyone, but that has become the norm with a few now. Not worth even trying to actually having balance and overall fairness with a few. So, since the suggestion is that I do not care about the victims (though I do, but with vetting)I might suggest that some do not care about the youth of today's program. That is surely not the case, but the outlandish settlement figures do not validate that. Have fun with your pointed tongue.
  24. Pure insanity from my perspective. If that is truly their idea of fair and balanced, then they are under the influence. Please do not give me the BS about I do not care or something. This figure is simply so far out there that I am surprised they would share it.
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