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  1. Just my personal opinion, but the local council there is not showing good judgment. Would rather see the land protected with a smaller profit on it, than see it developed. From my perspective, even with all the issues currently, that should be a major consideration. Once it is developed, other than as a park or preserve, it is gone, period.
  2. This really surprises people? They are simply validating my descriptions from early on in this mess.
  3. In this case, you need to paint with a broader brush, one that includes most of the past attitudes of society at the times. Family fears of embarrassment or harm to the victims, officials that did not comprehend the problem or were fearful of law suits for slander and such due to the often vague or difficult to prove cases, and other issues beat to death on these pages already, And yes, it does need to be addressed, but far beyond the BSA, as they are only the iceberg's tip compared to the darkness lingering in the larger societal shadows and past. Sadly, too many cannot fathom the id
  4. "Uunderfunded" is in the eye of the beholder. I find that comment ludicrous; but then what do I know? The whole thing is a ludicrous swamp of intermingles pain, grief, and greed. I just want it done so we can try to move forward with todays world, rather than trying to remake the past.
  5. Every contact I had in the past had the details available. It was certainly clear to me then, and still is. Yes, it is sort of part of the vanity press world, but it is not a scam, as the details are readily shared. On the other hand, the follow up cards and even phone calls can be confusing. In the end, it is a personal choice. Like most things, just be sure you understand it and decide for yourself. My comment about negative is that too many suggest it is IS a scam, even though it has been around for over a decade now. Just because some do not feel it is worthwhile and too expen
  6. It is an apparently annual thing, sort of like the publishe your poem or short story things. Not a scam, just a way to get the Eagle out there in some manner, but mostly a fund raiser to support the annual scholarships. The book itself is mostly vanity, though it may have some use for historical review in a vague way. I doubt many outside Scouting will review it though, at least I have not heard of it being used by recruiters or others. Every year now for the last five or six we get this same question. And we get the same individuals making negative comments while most just note it
  7. Not being the legal guy, I may have simply not seen or understood. But, I think our unit, as Methodist, is part of the final plan with no other action needed by our local entity? What I do not see anywhere is reference to the other claiments that filed to attach to the lawsuit, such as GS of USA and some in process lawsuits? Any clarifications from someone?
  8. Just about twenty minutes ago I got off a short Zoom with two BSA senior staffers, one being Mr. Mosby and the other involved with membership, and two high level Methodist leaders who have been involved with the ongoing challenges with the church and scouting. Most importantly, the Methodist leaders very forcefully states the Methodist Church IS NOT turning their back on Scouting. They see it as a major avenue to reach young people in more positive ways, and feel Scouting has the means. They discussed that we, Methodist units need to immediately update "Membership roles", as opposed t
  9. My response is that the jerking around is being done by the whole process and the continuing threats against CO's by some involved in the process, or on its periphery. CO's, especially Methodist, who is the largest now, and always was the one with the most membes outside LDs, just like other CO's cannot afford to just sit back and let the legal hounds continue to prey on them. So, they are working to try for a viable process going forward for their best protection on the legal side. The misconception that all the churches are deep pockets is just that, a misconception. It is much like the
  10. Just for info; there is a Zoom meeting this afternoon/evening with the National Methodist leader for Scouting and Mr. Mosby. It is only open to listen or give written questions, but hopefully will clarify some things. Charters are now extended through June, but that still leaves a hole with registrations, which is our major concern at this time. The good thing is that there is actually effort being made. Or that is my perspective, anyway.
  11. Now you have made me suffer my tauma of flunking canoeing a number of times due to never mastering the J-stroke. But, I did get sympathy from a row boat full of cute girls on Jenks Lake at old Camp Arataba summer of 1959.. They offered to rescue me while I was swamping my canoe in the middle of the lake before eventually paddling back to shore in my zig-zag pattern that doomed me.🙂 Oh well, I get there; just not in a straight line. That included war canoes on Catalina; though there were others to make up for me.
  12. Yep; that is the issue with this whole thing. Blow it out of perspective and suggest it is rampant all over the country. Just not the case, nor ever has been. Hype, hype, hype and negativity where it really barely exists. And for those few that keep suggesting that means I think the abuse that has happened is okay because it is not rampant. Please keep it to yourself.
  13. Since when is thirty million dollars a small amount?
  14. Similarly, I come back to the utipian idea that each case would be dealt with based on its merits with outside, but unvbiased by money or power of position, and the payouts be, "fair and balanced". Weeding out the grifters and viewing known factors is the fairest and best way, but due to the time frames and simply the changes in society that is almost impossible. All victims, or survivors if that is the better term, should be treated with fairness based on known a verifiable factors. None should be "paid more" just because they have the ability to bring the most pressure or stretch the lega
  15. Thank you for that comment. I hope that they have already recognized this issue and it is part of "Council" having instructions in this regard. I am speaking with our own council tomorrow and will have additional info. The good thing, fingers crossed, is that the Methodists are still on board to be a CO, just with better protection.
  16. Part of this notes that the registration element is separate from the Charter, and that is supposed to happen still if necessary. Councils should have the details in regard to that; again as per the article.
  17. This just posted in the United Methodist's Men web site. Charters extended through June to allow time to work through the myriad remaining concerns. https://www.umc.org/en/content/united-methodists-extend-bsa-charters-through-june-2022
  18. Sadly, unless a major revamp of the legal system is also made, disreputiel legal people will prey on this as a feeding ground. And, because of our societal perversions, not just sexual, people will respond negatively and loudly against the BSA and other YSO's perhaps. The can of worms will be even larger and less useful in carrying on needed real youth work and growth. Somehow we need, we in the sense of the broader society, to find a way to take the hype and knee jerk condemnation out of anomalous problems, but also realistically react and protect. As I have suggested over and over,
  19. I have read it, and the it is reprehensible. And that is why the efforts to improve YP should continue. But, it is not the norm, and never has been. Weaning out the worst that prey on others, whether in Scouting or elsewhere is a constant challenge. It is also not an abosolute possibility. Back to the old adage of the baby and the bathwater. But it is your option to refuse to look at the worst as the norm. But, as noted before, I cannot make you get beyond whatever demons push you to ignore the larger and more complete picture. Please just stop painting others with your same negativity
  20. You seem to be one with one of the broadest brushes and no periperal vision. Many of the ones in your "pervert files" were there for other reasons, as has been noted many time. Reality is that it is a societal problem. I did not say survivors should be overlooked, though I am sure you read that and just choose to ignore it. Your comment about what leadership just indicates to me that you have little or no real grasp of how beneficial overall Scouting has been for the larger society. We are talking about the youths that have stepped up and used their positive scouting experiences to better
  21. Me thinks you paint far too broadly and darkly. I seriously would doubt the numbers suggested, though because of the era involved, and the societal responses at the time, many poor decisions likely "could" have occurred. But, the picture you would have us see does not include the efforts very early to find a way to head off undesirables, as they were recognized. It has been pointed out that while it was not nearly enough, at least some efforts were made far earlier than was common for the times. On the other hand, much of the hyperbole is based on little or no evidence of the level purport
  22. This gets muddier as we go. Not the legal guru, but I want to know what is the status of the vetting of the huge amount of last minute claims? How much of an effect does that have, and would it not benefit the survivors by weeding out outright fakes and overblown claims? Want to get this in the rearview mirror so we can move forward locally without too much worry.
  23. Without complete rebuilding of the legal system that got us here little will happen without waste and actual balance.
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