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  1. Is anyone else a little disappointed that it's so easy for families to drop scouts during baseball season, yet they're unable to miss a baseball game for a pack meeting? I find myself praying for rain just so that my den will show up for pack events...
  2. Hi all -- thanks for your advice! I'm going to bring your suggestions with me to a mid-year planning meeting we are having shortly. I have learned so much in these forums, I wish more leaders would check in here for ideas before making up their own rules! I'll post and let you know how it all works out. By the way, should I know what these initials are in the message from mc99218? MCCET PMTNPO OWL
  3. Thanks for all the great advice! This forum is an amazing resource - I've been recommending it to the other leaders I work with for some time now. I'll talk to the scout the next time we see him. It will be an easier conversation to have now that I know what the options are to offer him. There are nearby venturing crews, and I think that's a better fit for him than leadership right now, but it will really be up to the boy. (Excuse me...the man, I suppose.) I just feel a need to make it clear to him that now that he is legally an adult, the troop needs to consider him one, as well. Our CO
  4. Hi - This may sound like a silly issue, but please humor me I know that in the ideal world, decisions about troop activities are made by the boys and not the adults. However, in the real world, sometimes things aren't so simple. We're a former adult-led troop trying very hard to become boy-led, but the adults are a necessary evil for some things. Since we don't have much experience with boy-led yet, maybe we can learn from your experiences? Our troop has had a number of smallish decisions recently that involved the boys and/or the SM and/or the Committee, and sometimes we need to know wh
  5. Hi - I have a question and haven't yet found an "official" answer for it. What do you do with a boy who turns 18? I understand that he can be trained and become a leader, but he doesn't seem interested in that. He seems to just want to continue coming to meetings and outings as before. I guess it's awkward for us to just tell him to stop coming, so I was hoping for some handbook or BSA-type backup for that conversation. One of my concerns is that he may not be insured as an 18-yr-old. Also, he is now an adult, so needs Youth Protection Training, right? We're a bunch of relatively new leaders,
  6. We have had a number of recent questions in our troop about what does or does not count as "service" toward ranks. For example, does service to one's school or church qualify? Under what conditions? Does service only count if it is not done for any other reason, or can the same act count for both Scouts and another organization? Can all of a scout's hours come from the same, weekly commitment? We have not found a good BSA resource yet to answer these questions. Can someone recommend a resource, or share how this is handled on your troop? We hope to set up some sort of guidelines while these ar
  7. Hi - my troop is in the process of starting accounts for each scout (as described in the "fundraising accounts" topic below). We have a pretty good idea of how to distribute proceeds between the troop and the participating boys for each event, and we're learning more as we go along. The committee now is working on a set of rules for what the money in a boy's account can be spent on. Summer camp, yes. Camporee fees, probably. Troop outings (such as amusement parks), maybe or maybe not. How about camping equipment? Uniform purchases? What else are we not thinking about? Do any troops allow
  8. I used to be a Bobwhite, a good ol' bobwhite too But now I'm finished bobwhiting, I don't know what to do I'm growing old and feeble and I can bobwhite no more So I'm gonna work my ticket if I can... -- TWEET! By the way, our whole bobwhite patrol (six people from three councils) is ALL getting beaded together today at a campfire ceremony with family and friends. Hooray for us -- TWEET! We're big, we're bad, we're bobwhites! -- TWEET! Laure NE-I-231
  9. A question has come up in our troop that no one recalls being covered at a training. Can married leaders share a tent with each other on a troop campout? Our Scoutmaster's wife has just become an ASM and will be camping with us. Anyone know the official word on this?
  10. Laure

    Women In Scouting

    Culottes are pants that look like a skirt. They fall below the knee and are wide so as to look like a skirt, but have seperate legs. I found they were more comfortable than the BSA pants, however, they were NOT practical for camping. As an aside, my leader friends got a lot of mileage teasing me about what they called my "coolattas," in honor of the popular Dunkin Donuts drink.
  11. Laure

    Women In Scouting

    As a woman scouter who is also plus-sized, I have two strikes against me! From what I have seen, neither large men nor large women are particularly comfortable in the uniforms, but the more curves one has, the more clothing proportions matter. I wear my uniform shirt to everything, but I must admit, that except for Woodbadge (where I forced myself to wear the scary culottes), I usually wear my own olive non-BSA-but-well-fitting slacks, and no one has objected. I feel SO MUCH MORE comfortable and still feel appropriately uniformed enough as to set the good example. I can't believe that I was a
  12. Hi -- Our troop is considering sending a boy to Junior Leader Training this summer, to be paid for by the troop. The boy would then serve as SPL at our regular week of camp. We have two qualified boys, both have served as PL previously. Part of the question is how do we select an SPL overall (which I have seen addressed here previously, and we will have to deal with anyway)? The second concern is, parents have asked how can we ensure that a boy who receives this training won't end up quitting scouts during the year, thus "wasting" the troop's financial investment in him? One idea might be to h
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