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  1. KISMIF: Keep it simple, make it fun... Check the national videos for ideas or just use those. Show or talk about kids having fun, making friends, earning badges and going on field trips plus camping... Field sports interest most cub age kids, archery and bb ranges are exciting.
  2. At the moment the school district that I live in has 9 elementary schools with enrollments of between 400 and 500 each. We have perhaps 1 pack left while there are enough students for each school to easily support a pack. This is a disaster. There are 10 school districts within our district borders and somewhere between 80 and 100 schools including private and parochial. We have a little over 40 total units in the district and the city schools have a 0% density because the 'Scoutreach' program fell apart years ago. Frankly, I doubt that the council will ever fully recover from a combination of
  3. I went to one of those schools that pumped out college bound students, so did my sons. My oldest decided to go to the BOCE's (vo-tech) and his guidance counselor was so pleased. He said he saw so many kids apply and go off to colleges when it wasn't right for them. The expense and time along with many 'washing out' of college. I read where about 80% of graduates end up in jobs other than their major. My son is now a supervisor and makes good money. Both boys benefited from Scouts... it's a shame when schools deny their students enrichment opportunities through partnerships with groups like Sco
  4. School administrators and teachers are paid with tax dollars. They are public servants and while it is important to avoid disrupting teaching time, announcements or a flyer distribution at the end of the day once or twice a year doesn't seem to me to be a huge disruption. On the equal access act there are only a few (4 or 5) groups that might ever request access. This is not a huge problem. As a taxpayer that is dinged thousands each year to support local schools, I'd surely make my voice heard and I'd encourage other parents and taxpayers to do the same. Meanwhile CRT and other 'stupid' socia
  5. Sad that your council effectively shuts units out from building school relationships especially since National promotes the adopt a school program and encourages as much interaction between school districts, individual schools, administrators, school boards and pto/ptas. Sounds wrong but if that is the way it is... https://www.scouting.org/adopt-a-school/
  6. You have a school board, PTO/PTA and direct access to administration. I have never had a school refuse to talk with me and once they understand the benefits to the kids (we are both in the business of preparing kids for the future and to be good citizens) we were always able to work out a mutually agreeable solution. If even one grade brings in a fireman, EMT or police officer to speak to kids, guess what, that represents an outside group. Many schools bring in people from humane or SPCA groups. It's all about relationships and too often we have let those languish. Correct but often
  7. Several important issues here... First, packs and troops need to be in a symbiotic relationship where they support each other. The best example of that was a pk/tr in the west end of Pittsburgh where the Troop hosted the packs B&G, gave them den chiefs and assisted with other aspects including a tr/ webelos event. The pack hosted the troops annual banquet and court of honor and also attended Eagle presentations. A troop that supports its pack should never 'lose' its pack. As for school recruiting and relationships, that should be the responsibility of the unit leaders and parents. They are
  8. `When we had in person training sessions and Pow Wow training sessions I believe more volunteers understood how to put out a quality program for the kids. Most units lack a knowledgeable commissioner that can assist them. When a Pack is well led the kids/families stay. To be a gold standard unit a pack can drop 25% or more of their membership... 25 x 6 years and you get the picture. nothing left by AOL year. We need to restore quality at all levels of Cubbing and see that the program experiences beyond just the rank requirements grow with the cubs.
  9. The BSA is in bad shape. The first step in fixing a problem is to identify the problem(s).A brief summary of how we got to where we are: nearly 50 years of traditional membership losses, being cast as a bigoted/prejudiced white, middle class organization because of certain 'standards' that no longer formally exist, being cast in recent years as a dangerous place to enroll your kids thanks to the massive lawsuits without regard for the outstanding youth protection standard of the BSA, mergers and consolidations resulting in reductions in service, huge reductions in the number of unit serving pr
  10. The leader/advisor would, of course, need to view the video. The posting would be, in part, promoting the activity and we would hope, Scouting in the process. It is 'optional' so those youths that don't have a social media account can just do the report or post it to a parents social media account such as YouTube. Either way, we want the kids to 'think' about their experience and the historical importance of the Canal. As an adult, I must admit that even having lived in CNY for 15 years I had not given much thought to the canal and its history is quite remarkable. I hope that this award helps
  11. Erie Canal Historic Trail Medal, Patch and Hiking Medallion These are the updated requirements as of now... always subject to change/improvement. Awards/patches/medallions can be ordered via the Longhouse Council, attn: Hillcourt Museum Purpose of this award is to raise awareness of our local history and the role that the Erie Canal played, not only in New York economy but in the Nation’s History. Planning your adventure: The New York State Canal System offers some highly helpful guides to assist your unit or group in planning your adventure at canals.ny.gov. A free Canalway
  12. This sounds really strange... If accurate I feel for the young person with multiple neurological disabilities but if the 'troop' is not part of the BSA then this is not a BSA issue... ("the troop having seceded from the national organization, due to the troop being their own private troop"). No outside group can use our name and insignia without affiliation.
  13. Good points... getting the kinks ironed out prior to the kickoff... Thanks
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