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  1. Seeing him in the news in the past few days about being a den leader for his son's lion den is pretty cool. There is a photo of him on the web from his Philmont trek in the 90s. About time to see public-eye folks shed some positivity in Scouting. Maybe he can turn a page and put his celebrity status to use.
  2. I seem to remember using the neckerchief for SM minutes with the 3 edges as 3 parts of the scout oath and 12 rolls for the scout law. Also, as the last uniform item put on, the scout oath and law are the last part of the uniform. This is a really reduced SM minute and roll tight as 12 is a lot with smaller neckers.
  3. As we saw in the 2019 World Jamboree, the neckerchief is the one noticeable item that makes a scout stand out and IDs a scout. Boy's Life used to run a monthly neckerchief slide build, don't remember the years of this.
  4. Sadly, I think there is a slow death happening. Cubs has taken a drastic membership decline. Competing programs like GS or TL are getting more participation for the simple pricetag. The latest selling of camps for restitution, increased membership fees, and decades of fundraising emphasis like FOS/popcorn just kills our reputation. As a lifelong scout/scouter, I miss the days where any youth could join with just a few bucks from grass cutting. Gear and uniforms were passed to new scouts, and almost every family could afford to send a scout to summer camp. Emphasis was on camp skills
  5. I may have assumed too much but you know how scouters can get long winded. Worst case, get silver plastic exercise suit. That will work for a day. Cot insulation is more important on high cots like you mention.
  6. Yup, upstate NY was a great scout stomping grounds for me and my sons. Camp Portaferry near the Watertown area was the bomb. A lot of good info so far. I may have missed it, but don't neglect ground insulation for tents. You can put interlocking foam matting (gym type) inside your tents to add a great deal of insulation while sleeping. You will need to look at the footprint and maybe cut some vs overlapping excess. The other method I used as a scout in Michigan in the 70s with floorless canvas scout tents was spreading loose bales of straw as an insulation floor. This was pretty c
  7. Based on the initial question about mandatory participation, you answered the question by asking it. If you have to wonder about a unit, avoid it. They should be selling their program to you, so you join their unit. As a commissioner, I had to get involved with a unit that decided to have "try outs" by performing woodcraft-type skills. Imagine that, try outs to join where you would learn such things. I don't know of any unit that has 100% participation by scouts in every event. It is really unimaginable. If that unit has that as an enforced guideline, that is one unit that needs h
  8. With all the badge experience, what a great time to flood the room with reading material for an eagle-type project (not just a one-time deal) and start getting ideas on that. If an OA member, how about starting a "where to go camping" guide for new units with information gathered from her network. This is an opportunity to draft a scouting event/program for those confined to a room or bed. Turn this into a learning opportunity and get others involved so she is not alone in this endeavor.
  9. Not sure just how much pioneering is going to be used, but please don't skip the event. They scouts will get something out of it no matter the outcome. You have a ton or resources to help your inexperienced unit. Reach out any commissioner or OA member to assist. If there are eagle scouts in the area that may help grab them up. If you have a district roundtable (from the district/council calendar) bring this up as a need. From your original post, its uncertain whether you have to build a sled from pioneering material, or this is just a station at the derby. Bottom line: re
  10. This is going to touch a nerve (pun intended), are we still cutting corners from Totin Chips? As a longtime scouter from the 70s until now, I think that practice really doesn't make sense anymore. We don't burn corners from Fireman chit that I know of. I think cutting corners is the only thing I've seen in Scouting where this type of result happens from being "unsafe". Just some posted comments mention how common injuries are. I think we need an azimuth check whether this is still a necessary practice. Confusing like this example: At one camp, scouts were not allowed fixed blade kni
  11. And when I earned skill awards, Scouts were allowed to teach and sign off on them. Didn't need a MB Counselor to do it. Skill awards were part of a troop meeting for those under 1st Class. Worked great for me and looking back, the Scout taught SA allowed new scouts to interact and build a rapport with the higher ranking scouts. win-win.
  12. The question is whether you wish to wear it inside or outside your uniform. If worn inside your shirt (concealed) you can do it without worry, unless there is a safety issue, like rope course, etc. If you wish to wear it visibly, I would think you can as long as it isn't offensive and you can explain the meaning. I wear a religious necklace 24/7 and not an issue under my uniform. If you have to visually display an item, I would have to ask whether the display is for your reasons or to advertise to others. Either way, I don't think too many people will have a problem with it, unless it is
  13. At that point on the trail to Eagle, your SM conference can almost be reversed as the Scout can do much of the conference about the program and person experiences. And, the SM conference is not just a one-time requirement, but when ever the SM has a conference type tone, if there such a thing. Most often I focus on the board prep to relieve some anxiety. My follow-up, post-board conference is probably the most in-depth conversation I had from SM to Scout. At that final board point of the trail, I like to stress how the Scout can share their Scouting experience with the board that may
  14. As a long-time knife lover, I always found giving a knife or other useful daily-use-tool was a great way to say thank you. After giving away a couple dozen over the years, many of the recipients still mention their gift. A couple of times, we even had a special dinner, get together, or public event to show how that Scout went above and beyond. When a Scout does something that earns an official BSA medal, that process should be followed...in addition to another knife.
  15. After reading the recent threads on this, I just have to mention how advancement posters and handbooks will have to be changed again. They just changed the Wolf colors to red a couple years ago. To think they had a team/staff work on this Cub revision. As CS handbooks go for $17 off the scoutshop site, have to be replaced each year with rank advancement, what are they thinking. I know we've had CS rank handbooks from my time in the 70's until now, but may be a time to go away from hardcopy books as a whole. Just make them a free download with a completed registration form. Please don't m
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