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  1. This is going to touch a nerve (pun intended), are we still cutting corners from Totin Chips? As a longtime scouter from the 70s until now, I think that practice really doesn't make sense anymore. We don't burn corners from Fireman chit that I know of. I think cutting corners is the only thing I've seen in Scouting where this type of result happens from being "unsafe". Just some posted comments mention how common injuries are. I think we need an azimuth check whether this is still a necessary practice. Confusing like this example: At one camp, scouts were not allowed fixed blade kni
  2. And when I earned skill awards, Scouts were allowed to teach and sign off on them. Didn't need a MB Counselor to do it. Skill awards were part of a troop meeting for those under 1st Class. Worked great for me and looking back, the Scout taught SA allowed new scouts to interact and build a rapport with the higher ranking scouts. win-win.
  3. The question is whether you wish to wear it inside or outside your uniform. If worn inside your shirt (concealed) you can do it without worry, unless there is a safety issue, like rope course, etc. If you wish to wear it visibly, I would think you can as long as it isn't offensive and you can explain the meaning. I wear a religious necklace 24/7 and not an issue under my uniform. If you have to visually display an item, I would have to ask whether the display is for your reasons or to advertise to others. Either way, I don't think too many people will have a problem with it, unless it is
  4. At that point on the trail to Eagle, your SM conference can almost be reversed as the Scout can do much of the conference about the program and person experiences. And, the SM conference is not just a one-time requirement, but when ever the SM has a conference type tone, if there such a thing. Most often I focus on the board prep to relieve some anxiety. My follow-up, post-board conference is probably the most in-depth conversation I had from SM to Scout. At that final board point of the trail, I like to stress how the Scout can share their Scouting experience with the board that may
  5. As a long-time knife lover, I always found giving a knife or other useful daily-use-tool was a great way to say thank you. After giving away a couple dozen over the years, many of the recipients still mention their gift. A couple of times, we even had a special dinner, get together, or public event to show how that Scout went above and beyond. When a Scout does something that earns an official BSA medal, that process should be followed...in addition to another knife.
  6. After reading the recent threads on this, I just have to mention how advancement posters and handbooks will have to be changed again. They just changed the Wolf colors to red a couple years ago. To think they had a team/staff work on this Cub revision. As CS handbooks go for $17 off the scoutshop site, have to be replaced each year with rank advancement, what are they thinking. I know we've had CS rank handbooks from my time in the 70's until now, but may be a time to go away from hardcopy books as a whole. Just make them a free download with a completed registration form. Please don't m
  7. To keep this short...every previous post is spot on. Some of us older folks are cyber-immigrants that had to learn that language and use. Scouts today are cyber-natives that had cyber-use before they could make a sentence. One great example is an app that once you take a photo of a leaf, it tells the name of the plant. The other example is quick ID of anything live or dangerous.
  8. Boy will this get some responses. Most who reply can write books on just summer camp. To focus on your questions, you have a few options. Letting scouts choose would be my first choice, let them decide as it is their program. You can also rotate tent mates half way if they want. I would be cautious of any special needs, I had a scout that wet the bed nightly and found out on the first night. Parents failed to let us know. It also took me working with the camp staff for laundering help. Two other must do's for me: 1. Any homesick scouts can make for long days and nights. S
  9. With prices like that, I'm banning those specific knives for myself. Crazy prices for museum pieces you would be afraid to use daily. More national mark up to pay for ...
  10. Sounds like a much better eagle project than a bench or ga-ga ball pit. Everything in that sounds like a scout-skill-heavy opportunity. In addition to posting trail signs, often unknown or forgotten landmarks are visible in the burnt areas. I often travel controlled burn areas for landmarks, shed hunting, and historical features to share. What a way to show what Scouting can do and partner with local Forestry officials.
  11. As a district commissioner visiting new units and prospective organizations thinking of chartering units, I often had my bear and wolf granddaughters, in uniform, to accompany me. It was two-fold. I had them that night, and they could get a scout's view of the program. I remember "Scout-o-rama" where any scout and unit came together to show scouting skills. The more public sees the uniform and manner in which it is worn, the better for us. I see every scout as an ambassador to sell our program. No problem with any scout visiting units. The activities is a concern, but the age-appr
  12. This was a topic of discussion last January where our LDS troops folded. Their CO was the church and kept the assets to use in their similar program. I don't see too much of an issue with a civil meeting between the unit and CO. Many times the CO chooses to just let things go as they don't want to store old gear. Event he troop flag, purchased by the CO, has been a long discussion. I'd like to hear what the LDS leaders experienced last January.
  13. Ok, you are talking the Black Eagle Lodge as it was when I was the Edelweiss chapter advisor. Then everything was in Heidelberg Germany. Since you can't get any TAC records with membership, you have to convince the lodge of your actual induction and membership. Any old membership cards like we had in 93 would work. Photos of you with uniform and sash and/or flap, personnel that can vouch for you, the real burden of proof is on you (not hard really). They put the burden on you as there is "stolen valor" within the BSA, and a lot of it mostly with adults. I'm sure you are familiar with the
  14. How about the voyageur sash or plaid items? Fortunate enough to grow up on the Michigan/Canada border, we all had a sash at one time or another. Mine is not the blue or traditional red, but a tan plaid. I couldn't get into the stocking cap mode. I see the NT doesn't carry them anymore or is out of stock. Personally, I think the sash goes with NT as the Black bull goes with Philmont. And how about the red or green plaid items. For those scouts that are first timers, they may want to look around and buy before paying a lot.
  15. Stick to the cub u uniform that works with the program you are delivering. Sounds like the blue is it. There is a reason webelos activity pins are on the right sleeve webelos colors tabs. Save money, deliver the promise and make every scout proud to wear the uniform they have.
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