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  1. I was hinting at this in my second paragraph. Overnighters is the easy explaination. Unregistered adults attending troop events, whether day trips or things like bowl-a-thons, have been a hot discoussion point within our council. When in doubt, get the paid Scouters to advise.
  2. I'm hoping this follows the lines of bearskin rugs. Where I live and hunt bears, few people ever place their bearskins on the floor to be walked on. They go on walls to be admired and treasured. Maybe those will be seen the same way. Shameful to think our flag would be walked upon and feet wiped on it.
  3. There may some SM mis-interpretation. Meetings have much different rules for YPT vs outings and overnighters. Parents or guardians are never banned from observing events/meetings. Interaction and attending different depending on the event. Selling popcorn outside store will most likely have unregistered adults mixed with registered adults. The unit has to enforce YP in that case. The biggest recent changes have stressed the "registered" adult versus just any adult. Event attendance is now for registered adults only thing for scouts, packs have different rules. We held an Oc
  4. Determine whether you need a 4 season tent or the conditions they will camp overnight. If a 4 season scout unit, lean towards a good rainfly that reaches to the ground, skip the footprint and get 10mil plastic, a vestibule is good for keeping muddy boots out of the tent. If they are a 3-season unit, the Coleman Sundowner is pretty popular. My personal tent is a Eureka timberline 2 with vestibule. Used on at Philmont in the 80s and liked it. Been in one for more than 20years and own 3 right now. Best buy was getting one at a yard sale for $10.
  5. One word of caution for late cross overs, contact the gaining troop early, say November, to inquire about summer camp location, cost, and penalty for late reservation. The scout doesn't need to know about financial obligation just yet. I've had some cross over and not go summer camp until they were established in troop, parents are good with the unit, and work towards the 1st year First Class rank so the next summer, they are working towards program and MB.
  6. A couple of things on this. No hurry to get them to cross over. I'm more in favor of late (May) cross overs and enjoy the open calendar to do things as an AOL den besides requirements. With early cross overs (Dec - Mar), the pack doesn't benefit from having the AOL den participate. They can do some great things to keep the other dens enthused. Hard to say they operate as a patrol with 3 scouts, just my thoughts. There are no feeder packs so take the extra calendar time to visit troops in the area and not the same chartered org troop. Troops should be inviting your AOL to events an
  7. A few quick comments again. 1. As for the corn maze. You may require him to be escorted with a parent or trusted adult the unit Key 3 approve. He can participate, but only under that condition. You may make his adult supervision/condition part of the observation/probation time. 2. Not to play anything legal into this, but a 6 month suspension from scouts could generate a question on whether he forfeits his 6 months of registration fee or BSA, council, units benefit from his full registration fee, without scout being "active". Since the suspension would be a council/unit decision
  8. Depends whether the Scout(s) lose tools often. If they can keep tools and not lose one every campout, Target has the Gerber Gear Suspension Multi-tool for about $29. That would get them from Scout to Eagle without a problem. If they lose a knife or tool every campout, stick with the cheap Ozark Trail multi-tool for under $8. If you need this tool as a starter for Scouts, it won't break the bank. When I teach whittlin chip to Bears, I like to buy Dollar Tree swiss army knives for them to take home. Victorinox are the next step. I also have to help Cub parents to not buy knive
  9. This topic is going to get a lot of mixed comments. As a starting point, how about a meeting with the boy, parents, and key 3. Don't need an entire committee to do this. First see what the scout and parents have to say about it and how scouting is affected. They may see it as a time to step back and address the family issue. There is no mention of law enforcement or conviction. Without those, there is a lot of wiggle room within scouting. I've had a few troublesome Scouts and started addressing the issue that way. I like to remind adults and scouts...There are Scouts that need Scou
  10. This was a hot topic within our lodge as we are AIA heavy with native Americans in the lodge, dance teams, and drum competitions. We have our lodge and same folks at Pow wows within 4 states. We hold 6 NOAC national champions in Northern Drum Competition (2004, 2006, 2009, 2015, 2018, and 2022). We also hold the NOAC 2022 Fancy Shall Competition dancer (female). When we put on an AIA event for the lodge, section, or cub-heavy events, everyone is impressed and not one negative word about it. BSA is losing support by droves with this one. Not sure the attendance in Colorado will be the sam
  11. I'm leaning on the "no" side too. The requirement shows to do two of the six eligible items. I've had scouts try to use a motorized bicycle to meet #3. I frowned on it. Had one try to use Grandmother's adult tricycle without reason (owned a bicycle) just to push the limits. I think the intent of the requirement is to create different experiences in method, exposure to differences in the options, and be outdoors. I had a scout with cerebral palsy complete the hiking MB, with the last hike of 20 miles. Not a complaint or issue, only smiles for accomplishing one of the hardest things he
  12. Is there a publication or source for the slide showing AIA competitions not being held? I have a few interested drummers and dancers.
  13. You are getting a lot of good advice on this topic. Hopefully I can add to it. A subtle way for the adults to see the importance may be for their Scouts to set the example. Focus on them first. Adult Scouters used to have BSA ties, suits, as well as the field uniform, don't see them much anymore. Some adults may pay the bill for their Scout (we know sticker shock on uniforms) and just use an activity shirt. 1. Do you participate with other units on outings or council collective events? Do they see other Scouts in uniform, assist as staff on Cub Day Camp, NYLT, etc? At some staff
  14. You (the SM) can easily appoint Scout A as a JASM provided he is 16yrs old. Not for just camp, but for his regular position. Scout A is not new to scouting or camp so supporting the camp SPL should be easy. A great time (one week) to see how the ASPL can do in the SPL position. If he won't or cannot, may be a good time for some reflection and SM conference.
  15. I'm leaning on the ASPL taking over duties for the SPL. Scout A could probably do a fine job. NYLT is not a requirement to lead, hopefully the troop had a recent ILST for their Scout leaders at a minimum. Scout A has an Eagle BOR scheduled. If Scout A is going to camp...what are they doing? Scout B will get more out of the temporary position and shows reinforcing the chain of command. Scout B, if not used, may just back off duties as ASPL if not used. Camps will mainly only work with the SM and SPL mainly for communication/duties etc. Scout B will get more out of the experience.
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