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  1. Three things come to mind initially for me. Living in California where a new Volunteer law took effect this year, we have to adhere to that state madate. It is not overly expensive, but there is a price factor for the fingerprinting and background check. The councils within the state are supposedly developing a plan to to include all councils, but it is still not presented to us. This is on top of any other background checks already done through BSA. It is my understanding that some other states also have some type of similar law on the books now. These, it seems to me, should be joined
  2. Some of the earliest Rockwells also were published in the Redcross Magazine. Also, a few were on the Saturday Evening Post, and one or two other peiodicals. He was a prolific illustrator in his prime, and so some there was a wide variety of periodicals that on occasion has something from him, though The Post and BSA publications had the most due to his early connection when just starting out.
  3. Today is the official anniversary of the BSA, 112 years.While it has evolved and is evolving still, and it has struggled often, mostly due to it membership being real people and burdened with human foibles, it continues.Just think if the tenets most of us here know were strived for by all, and not made fun of, how much better ou society might be.
  4. It is hard to understand how the Girl Scouts can not be embarrassed by this. The BSA claims on the basic symbols of Scouting predate any the GS might declare. Their sour grapes is somply their own fault anyway, as they did nothing to meet the long term demands of many girls to have programs similar to BSA. It has been obvious from almost the beginning that Lowe was not fond of BSA, partly because she was not fond of BP or the Girl Guides. The desire of some girls to become Scouts can be documented to the girls that showed up at the first international gathering in England, telling BP t
  5. Very possibly a separate thread, but I continue to shudder at what in my view is a major problem in our society. For over a century, one of the things that has made our country, and its myriad communities successful and viable has been the many types of non-profit groups that have reached out to the less fortunate and also taken on much of the community interactions for overall societal improvements and solutions. Now, due to our messed up and terribly skewed legal system, that basic tool of community interaction and helping others is being bludgeoned by a constant threat of legal prob
  6. Truly on point, especially the first few sentences. I would add, just from my own reading and long time overservations, that just getting parents to review YP in reality would be a huge positive thing. Still, I am not sure how we get past the still too common "stigma" if there is an incidence, and the family chooses to either not let it go public, or they even choose to not pursue it all. Add to that, as too oftens still, power of money and politics if the perpetrator has it. But, just actually paying attention and religiously following the alread in place rules would keep most preda
  7. The fact that many of the IV files have little or nothing to do with abuse, or at least sexual abuse seems pertinent. By labeling them as they were, it leaves exactly that impression in the minds of many. Of course the media loved it, and loves it still, and uses it as often as possible to mislead. There is evidence the files actually did in some incidences help stop abusers, though unless there was good reason to contact National, nothing was computerized, so it likely easily fell through cracks. That still seems to ask, for me, what was being done to attempt to respond to these issues by
  8. I suppose it depends on your definition of damage. But, he is the one that labeled the IV files the perversion files early on. He has interfered with the ballots, and he has apparently intruded on other communication of which he is not a part. Most importantly, he has done all he can to paint the BSA as the predator, rather than those that actually were. His actions very likely have put the larger case in jeopardy. Just my interpretation and impression, so take as you will.
  9. Fair enough; but that will not cure the damage he has done, and may continue to do, with his game. As it almost seems like one much of the time. "Poke the bear"; and maybe I have become an annoyed bear?
  10. Fascinating is an odd word for him. But my words for him are not acceptable. Suffice it to say, he certainly reflects much of the worst that causes the legal profession to be seen in such a negative light much of the time.
  11. Can someone perhaps clarify how this new California law affects Scouters that are registered in other states and visit Califonria? Also, how will it apply to things like the Reserve charter entries, especially college? For that matter, outside of Scouting, how will it apply to youth groups from other states, or even out of the country?
  12. Now I think it is good just as it is. What needs to be modified is the ignorance of far too much of the general public. If you need proof, just look at the continued success of the inane, and really stupid "reality" shows. More and more, and some have been on air for a while now. They make the soaps seem like good TV. Of course, there is also the slow progression of little or no public concern about the use of vulgar language, even in front of kids. And, that is magnified by the incessant beeping of stuff on TV. Nobody is being fooled by the loud beeps, only the censors. And I do not r
  13. Here is the third part, I hope. It would not load with the others.
  14. Scans of the an article in Century Magazine from February, 1920. Very positive and descriptive piece, and reflects, in my view, much of what scouting is and was, but for some reason our society does not notice, or understand. One of the photos in the article, showing service, I feel reflects the willingness of Scouts to interact with the Black community.
  15. This email just received from our Methodist leadership. View this email in your browser BISHOP HAGIYA Briefing on BSA (1/12/2022) Pending court approval of a settlement agreement in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) bankruptcy case, United Methodists have agreed to contribute $30 million to a $3 billion Survivor Trust Fund that will receive contributions from the Boy Scouts of America
  16. It is becoming more and more clear to me that in reality, probably always has been, this case has less to do with the survivors than it has to do with money to the legal scavengers. Meanwhile, it is difficult to imagine the resurgence of emotional turmoil for those that are the fodder for the lawyers. And, we who still harbor hope that somehow we can simply refocus the program on those that so need it today, find ourselves frustrated and in a seeming endless limbo. It is simply sad that the very tenets of Scouting, the ones that have turned out millions of good citizens and str
  17. Back to one of my favorite thoughts. Balanced and well written. It seems to reflect somewhat accurately the realities of the time it occurred, and the responses of various individuals. And, while BSA is noted, as is the Catholic Church, they did not turn the article into a verbal lynching of them. It accurately notes that at the time, too many societal responses and ideas were not in accord with what is better known. At the same time, it also does not blame the camp, but rather the perpetrator and cutltural attitudes. I have to wonder if the camp was not a small, mostly well respec
  18. We are back to the wishful speculations and refusal to see the larger realities. Most councils have struggled for years to keep above water, and some had those "old resources", but they passed and are in the past, as most families chose to NOT continue any real largess. On this forum, the loss of camps has been an ongoing complaint. Part of it may be lack of use/attendance; some may be poor maintenance over time; and some is simply time itself and encrouchment of the once distant communities around them. Natural disasters are not something for which it is possible to plan, only try to make
  19. This jogged a thought. Our youth, the peers of scout that is living in such a situation, often become the protectors in some form. But they also have been known to point out an issue. Over more than 40 years, I have seen it. The group becomes a safe place for the youth, even extending to them a temporary escape, quietly taking them in to their homes when one is needed. These are the things too often we do not see, and I admit that much of my experience is past tense, discovered in visiting with past youth over decades. A few of those mistreated youth, now adults, have directly told me th
  20. Thanks RS; that is what I should have done I guess. Of course we also have to have approvals on the council level, as well as YP and in some states other certifications.
  21. Enough to allow you to give correct info if needed and to evaluate fairly the completion of the written requirements. Ideally, of course, you might specialize in a subject, which SHOULD make the prior comment mute. On the other hand, and this is just my opinion, we should not have counselors that really have no background at all in a subject unless they pursue that level of knowledge prior to taking it on. Obviously, some things are pretty straight forward, but many are open to interpretations of some things, and some ask the Scout to actually discuss it. So, the mentor should be able to b
  22. The best solution is for people to follow the rules and actually report concerns as needed. Then, as soon as possible, deal with the issue and any actual violators, no matter how connected. And, BSA, at all levels must be sure to validate any refusals beyond their power to deal with the issues. That means authorities than poo-poo things, people that make threats of legal action with no foundation other than trying to intimidate, and also document any family choices that are made to NOT do something. Lots of grey area, and unless there is validation of actual attempts to do the right thing,
  23. Only if he has taken YP training and been vetted in whichever states that have special volunteer requirements.🙄
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