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  1. Yep; I have to admit that if I could, I would bar Prager from my FB page, but they apparently do not fit the mold for being able to block. I just delete posts if possible. They are so biased as to be almost liberal as they move around the circle. And, as noted, they also are NOT a university, and purposely try to lead people to think they have an intellectual leg up.
  2. While this may or may not be the place for this comment, and maybe it is making myself a target, but I have to wonder about a society that will allow this to happen to a group that has done and continues to do so much for the communities across the country, while so many continue to allow the cesspools in many parts of government and the entertainment industry. While the issues that are the cause of this problem with BSA are real, it seems to me that the I would say 99%+ positive record of BSA should put them in a better public position. But, for some reason, people jump on the infinitesimal
  3. And there is info out there that seems to me as bad or worse. This is not all over the media, but I bet the issue still exists. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2016/12/22/teachers-who-sexually-abuse-students-still-find-classroom-jobs/95346790/
  4. Those that are not BSA should be very aware of this. It is only one of the internet searches that indicate the ambulance chaser list of possible sources. And most of these do not have the safeguards of BSA still. Just not seen as the deepest pocket, but they will continue unless the court system and legal system makes some checks and balances, while still keeping real victims able to sue. https://www.levylaw.com/sex-abuse-lawsuits/
  5. The point is not that things were done poorly in an earlier time, and since that time, huge strides have been made to try to fix it. No amount of rules will stop it completely, but the responses can be more real and accepted in the larger society. The issue is that, since you mention Slavery, that reparations are never going to fix the past; nor is killing the BSA, a group that is far more good than evil, for youth and the society. But, unless our legal system gets redirected, this imbalance will get worse, and we will see attacks on many more overly positive and beneficial groups. Meanwhi
  6. So, while it truly concerns me, and we are struggling even more due to the pandemic, but we CAN work locally and emphasize the best of Scouting. As we see noted on here, Scouting is local. Still, I actually like the idea of finding a way to get a valid and actually watched source to do the "complete" story. That would include digging out stats from the twentieth century, from the teens, and making comparisons of youth groups of the periods, maybe by decade or something. Also, it would discuss the realities of society's approach to these types of things, again by decades or something,
  7. The subject made it onto the "news" feed on AOL, which is Huffington Post. I was pleasantly surprised to see the comments, and there are many, are almost all slamming the lawyers and the whole situation. A number loudly note what has been said on here for a long while, including noting how media hype is almost always aimed at negative stuff, and that the far greater good that has come from BSA is brushed aside. The amount of comments about the ads and the "ambulance chasers" were very high, and many recognized that it is a societal problem. And, while there were the few ignorant comments r
  8. Unless the focus can be moved to the very real fact BSA tried where nobody else did, and that their current YP is the model today, the mess will continue. You would hope that there might be a real writer somewhere that might find a media source that could get the real story out, the one that shows BSA had a lower percentage of verified problems during that peak time; that they came up with a way to hopefully avoid some of these people that prey on society everywhere; that the current YP is the model for others, even as the lawsuits continue; that the idea that BSA or anyone could have stopped
  9. Two things in regard to the most recent posts. The Ineligible Volunteer Files were not secret to the councils, they were simply not public information, due to their actual nature. All councils had access to check a volunteer if they felt it necessary; that was the whole point to begin with. That was by phone or mail initially, and at some point, likely became available in some electronic form. They did not hide this information within the organization. But it was not developed to share with anybody, though I believe if asked by another group, they likely would have reviewed it on a ca
  10. Showing my age again, and I REALIZE that we do not live in the fifties now, so just take note that I do understand there are different views today, though I do wonder if some may be overreach much of the time. Anyway, when most of my peers were kids this would have been settled by themselves and they would be friends again soon after. My dad brought a set of boxing gloves home for my brother and I, and on occasion, neighbor or two. At times, I wonder if there might be some in between place that would put the onus on the kids a bit more to simply figure it out. But, I realize, as note
  11. No, I am suggesting that IF a claim is being brought against the BSA against a specific individual that "other" possible responsible entities might also be investigated to determine IF they did everything to make sure abuse did not happen, and it it might have, follow up both on the possibly incident and the addition of that entity into their broad brush lawsuit. We all know that the more checks and investigations of someone that occur, the more likely something might jump out. If we are going to beat the bushes, lets beat those on the periphery as well. Meanwhile, exercise due diligence ag
  12. Another question that has come to mind is are these "lawyers" investigating cases where the actual perpetrator is known? If so, did they go beyond their participation in BSA? Were they possibly employed by some kind of youth related group or agency? Did they also work with youth sports or the Y, or Boys and Girls club? If so, were there possible similar complaints there? Finally, it is odd, at least to me, that there are claims that are saying they do not remember who, or what unit, or where they met, and so on. IF it traumatized them from that long ago period, you would think they m
  13. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: The perpetrators, the ones actually responsible are long gone for the most part. The local authorities and political or power brokers that protected the actual perpetrators are basically ignored, since they are either some civilly protected entity or are conveniently untraceable. Most of the claimants likely are not in the so called Perversion files, as they were shielded by those connected entities or their family's chose, at the time, to NOT put the claim into the public eye. And, if the claim is actually in the Ineligible Volunteer File, there are notes as
  14. This reminded me of my foolish young scout days. I was in a troop as an 11 or 12 years old and we were camped for a few days, summer of 1955 or maybe 56, in the mountains near Slide Lake which is in the Pomona area of So Cal. Anyway, two of us were hiking and we ran across deer tracks and started following them. I was wearing my proud acquisition from selling Christmas cards, a belt ax with sheath knife, and I had a hiking stick as did my buddy. We noticed the tracks were farther apart and wondered if we were close and scared it. Then we realized there was another set of tracks now, and t
  15. Interesting comment. Harks back to the early days of Scouting and one of the requirements. What to do about a rabid dog? That was actually an issue in those days.
  16. Glad there is a video attached. Otherwise, I might have referred them to YP guiidelines.
  17. Reality is that Ms. Ireland likely met and surpassed most of the requirements in her other earlier Scouting involvements, and that she is qualified in spades. Most of the push back seems petty to me. As far as First, or leading the list, or whatever, it is really not important. What is important that we have pushed past another barrier that can do nothing but improve the reach of the program, and may even enhance it much more than many realize. Congratulations to them all, and perhaps special kudos to Ms. Ireland for sticking to her guns and helping to open the program to young women who s
  18. We might add the possibility that society as a whole was equally responsible in that the responses to these things were completely different in that earlier period. So, once again, taking the sin/bad behavior out of its own period to be measured against a different view and response mechanism is blatantly unfair to most involved. And to remove the actual perpetrator from the picture, basically because they are dead or too senile to be held accountable to modern "standards (?)" seems even more unreasonable. As we have noted before, ours is almost the only country in which this would even be
  19. I simply want to know if this is the original Beavah posting? If so, great to see you are still keeping the eye on things.
  20. (Comment) The fact that she thinks having earned Eagle Scout in 20 months means she's gotten everything possible out of the program does not say great things about her mindset with regards to participating in scouts. Though I'll admit this viewpoint isn't exactly uncommon. While I cannot vouch directly for this specific young woman, my overall observation to date on those in this "special category" of Eagle candidates almost all are from long established Scouting families with traditions that they often had to view from the outside. But many families in these situations simply let the fe
  21. We can never have too many well placed and well constructed benches. When you get to my age, that will be more obvious.
  22. It works for me. But, here is the item again, I hope.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10105193357292214&set=gm.1708260512655110&__cft__[0]=AZVhjhg0Pp-4lPkTeWKdf_gCzK9L8mfYCUgri0vhKn1gVy8J0klAMKxR5vx220y2G8nZX0yZocJ3cHB2miJjiruPGl9E9tdufnFZ5tBVjFtP5ClYAWyaqytBpNGCQ1sXffLkY2WqYPmKK_sbfKfGQjycBXf_MPM81uHzUArUsojCtvEMiT7Q1TbuM0nMDXeb4JwPrE3Ox4tSl_qHi6_6B28k&__tn__=EH-R
  24. Yes, we were far more rural in the earlier days. I am hoping to find more now that I have added Newspaper.com to my list. They have actual Ventura papers, but not all the way back to 1910. It is that first couple of decades that is so sparse. I stumbled across the first apparent unit in 1910 just scanning through microfilm. Have yet to find anything more on that unit, other than the Congregational church minutes officially terminating the group in 1914. I suspect it was not overly active during that period, or it would have shown up a bit. No names of even the leaders. Good news is tha
  25. As I continue to probe for historical bits and pieces for our local area Scouting, I have discovered one seemingly fairly common thing. Most of the earliest units were formed at churches and often in conjunction with the Y. Since our council did not exist until 1921, tracking down records is pretty hard, though we have found a few through National. Ironically, we know that we had a unit at the Congregational church in 1910, and that it was there in some manner until 1914. But, other than the newspaper notice of its formation in 1910 and some records of the church officially dropping it in
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