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  1. Thanks for your response - particularly point #4. There’s a lot to learn from listening (or reading, in this case). I see where many of us likely have the wrong idea of helping and ‘fixing’.
  2. As a parent, I’d want the abuser to suffer in ways more creative than any I could even come up with. I’m not sure that would be of any help to a child. Or a grown man who was abused as a child. It appears there’s not much that does help - no undoing what was done. And yes, I’d want the organization that allowed it to pay. Still, I want to see scouting continue because I see my older son, who had some pretty major issues with anxiety, self-doubt, and suicidal thoughts as a 10-11 year old, and who has a very mild learning disability, become stronger and more confident through the opportu
  3. At our last Eagle COH I gave the four scouts we were honoring a picture frame with the photo mat showing images of the merit badges they had earned, and with their name and date they made Eagle at the top. It was intended to be a personal gift from me, but our Scoutmaster somehow convinced me to present them as being from the Troop. I guess that’s what we do now.
  4. I’ll answer myself, haha!! For anyone else who may have come across this issue., I still don’t know how to print on the cards from the scout shop, but our former advancement chair just contacted me. (Of course, mere seconds after I posted here.) Apparently there is special blue cardstock you purchase from Troopmaster.
  5. I think I’ve posted about this before, but can’t find anything. I’ve been unable to find a program/template that prints on those perforated cards you get from the scout shop. Troopmaster will generate a card, but it’s in landscape format and print two per page -huge!! Can anyone help?
  6. That would be nice, but I just don’t see BSA suddenly reversing over a year’s worth of foot-dragging and unrealistic view of what they can part with. Does anyone think they’ll now agree to sell off the HA bases? Maybe they’ll try to legally force councils to participate? I can’t pretend to know, but their past maneuvering makes any new progress seem unlikely.
  7. Certainly sounds like it. Without being there, and not totally understanding all the legalese, it appears to this lay-person that BSA and their lawyers are still not putting forth any “real” effort. Over a year into it. Disappointing, I’d hazard to say, for all of us regardless of our interest in seeing the end of litigation.
  8. Agree with those who have said let the individual units decide whether to be girl, boy, or co-ed. My daughter had two Venture Crews to choose from; one co-ed and the other all-girl. She chose the all-girl crew. Apparently it's not only boys who feel less pressure or more comfortable in a same-sex group. 🙂
  9. We don't have any recruiting events planned (thanks Covid), but will hold off of basing any plans around the outcome of the bankruptcy, with the exceptions of telling Life scouts to hurry up (and encouraging the same for Star). We're planning on welcoming the AOL's as usual. Dues aren't due for any current scouts until fall anyway.
  10. Thanks. I’ve seen your magic math on this pages back, working from two ends, just didn’t make the connection.
  11. Can someone please explain to me what “Estimation of Claims” is in layman’s terms? Also, is anything happening prior to the status conference in mid-April? And is that just what it sounds like; a check-in on progress of BSA supplying rosters? From what I can tell by reading the last four pages, there’s been no ruling on whether LCs are separate, is that right? Did she indicate whether LCs must come to the table? We all know they’re going to have to, but as of now they’re still not being required to? Thanks.
  12. I'll ask what our SM asked when I suggested this. Who is going to insure you?
  13. Thats kind of how we do it in our troop.
  14. Thanks. It was before my boys joined - four years ago for my older son, two for the younger. I was guessing at a rough time-frame and obviously way off. Thats what happens when you get old. 1995 seems like it was a couple years ago! It was definitely Summit. We had a PLC meeting two years ago and were discussing HA trips, and where the scouts wanted to go. Not a single vote for WV; evenly split between Philmont, Sea Base, and repeating a past trips to the Grand Canyon and Costa Rica. Which brings up the point that although Scout-owned bases are easier to attend for planning purpo
  15. I’m not a great letter-writer. I do wonder if a petition would do any good, and I would happily sign my name to a statement saying I could care less about keeping Summit. I mentioned upthread a ways that our troop went once - it would have been around 2005 or 2006 - and we never went back again. Maybe the ‘improvements’ changed it for the better, but we’ve chosen Sea Base and Philmont on a rotating basis every three years (with a less-expensive option in the third year). Might be too little, too late, particularly after BSA’s opening offer, but if someone does start a petition I’ll
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