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    Figured I would post an update. All of the girls have now earned their rank and will receive their patches at our next Pack meeting. We just had an overnight as a pack and it went very well. Yes, there were arguments (just like the boys), but overall it was a great experience. At times the girls would hang together, other times some boys would hang with them...They were just additional Cub Scouts. On a personal note, adding my daughter to Cub Scouts has helped us bond over the last 3-4 months. My son and I have already had a lot of shared memories in scouting and I can’t wait to build more with my daughter. I talked with various leaders and there is overwhelming support and/or indifference to the change within our pack of 85. Many people were asking about the name change and wondering why they won’t change the corporate name. Some thought our new name was Scout Me In... working through that confusion. We are planning a big recruiting push this fall to ensure all girls and boys in our school are aware of the opportunity we offer. I’m curious what interest is out there...
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    Oh aye, a few. my mother ran the GS summer day camp in our district for about 15 years. Most of the staff found in easier to camp out for those two weeks than drive back and forth from home twice a day. In the beginning I got dragged along so that she could keep an eye on me. As I moved into my early teens I discovered that girls were not as yucky as they had been when I was younger. When I was 16, a 15 year old girl came to camp with the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen. Remember the word "twitterpated" from Bambi? A few of the younger scouts in my troop tried to make a joke about me being stuck in a girls camp. I just smiled, told them to get back to me in a few years, and actually invited some of them to our wedding 7 years later.
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    Boy Scouts must be saved from toxic masculinity by letting girls in ; Girl Scouts must be saved from toxic masculinity by keeping boys out. No negative messaging there.
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    From what I am reading, they are learning the skills now so that once Feb 1st comes, they can demonstrate them and earn the rank. I agree, getting Eagle should not be a race, but a journey. I talk about my cousin nd how he Eagled and quit at 13, and thus missed out on a heck of a lot whereas I Eagled at 18, and had so much fun I never really quit.
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    Hoping this is the right forum for this question. We have had several Life Scouts who have used GoFundMe to raise money for their Eagle Projects. They are filling out fundraising apps if they need to raise more than $500. Our concern is that if the Scouts are using their own accounts, then there is potential for abuse. We're wondering how other units handle GFM and similar sites. Do they route funds to the Troop and then have the Troop treasurer reimburse the Scout for out-of-pocket expenses and then turn over excess funds to the beneficiary? Or do they just let the Scout raise the money on their own, and hope that "A Scout is Trustworthy" and will therefore turn over excess funds to the project beneficiary? Thanks in advance!
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    Just a reminder for those of us whose invitation has yet to arrive ... https://nam.scouting.org/
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    I can't help but wonder how much of that kind of attitude really originates with the boys and how much of it is generated by parents and leaders.
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    Some folks are gonna be under some extreme pressure on that one. I still think someone will try to beat the official date and sue.
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    I just don't care when girls start getting the first Eagle. They should follow the program, but if it only takes 22 months or whatever, so be it.
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    You have got to read the notes to really understand this one. Questions and things to look out for: How will they continue to spin the Summit expenses and bond debt as a great thing? How will they notate the issue with unfunded pension liabilities? Will there be forward looking statements on all the expected new revenue from Family Scouting?
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    It depends what the "work" is. The girls can LEARN all the things they need to know to pass the requirements (first aid, knots, map-reading, etc. etc.), but they have to wait until Feb. 1 to actually do what it says in the requirements, that is, "tell," "discuss," "show," "demonstrate," etc.
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    "BSA National Chairman Randall Stephenson will preside as the nominating, resolutions, and treasurer reports are presented. This action-packed general session will equip you as a key Scouter to provide leadership in 2018 and beyond." Sounds thrilling.
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    Heh, funny thing is, I find the graphic depiction of the scout (dumb and obese) to be more disturbing and offensive than the content.
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    If you view the name change as a side effect of Leftist vs. Conservative, then you probably think that testosterone is a poison and masculinity is toxic like these folks at Brown do: Masculinity101- a weekly discussion group for students to unpack and unlearn toxic masculine norms https://www.brown.edu/campus-life/health/services/promotion/general-health-social-wellbeing-sexual-assault-dating-violence-get-involved-prevention/unlearning Gender Fluid Scouts of America , coming soon to a willing CO near you. Are girls coming to BSA to learn skills, attitudes and life lessons found in the outdoors? I welcome that. Or are girls being lured into Scouts BSA to increase enrollment numbers for the pensions in Irving? The silly name change designed to be more welcoming for girls, suggests to me that BSA is changing for girls, not the other way around. Yet another small betrayal from national. The water temperature got to hot for this frog. I hopped out.
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    You can act however you want. So can I. We actually agree on the inevitability of scouts going coed. I just don't think it is a good idea and will continue to say so.
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    The problem I have is you are not respecting others opinions. You don't have to agree with them, but when you say "Instead of fearing that girls are going to ruining Boy Scouting, work with the girls to create really strong co-ed troops." you are assigning a motive of fear to people and telling people to align themselves to how you feel. As far a moving on go ahead. I am certainly unable to stop you from doing that.
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    Look at my other comments. It is hard not to see the writing on the wall. I believe Boy Scouts will soon be coed. It will start with cub scouts then eventually happen in scouts. National will roll over at the first sign of a lawsuit over gender segregation. Some girl will not be allowed to join because not enough girls are available and she will want to join the boys. This is exactly what happened with wrestling at several schools in Utah this year.
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    Hmm, I wonder where you could find a quality scouting program for girls....have you thought about one of those Girl-Only Troops from that new organization - Scouts BSA?
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    So people,,,, with the girls coming, it is a race. Some girls will be trying to be first in their town/county/state. Other girls may be less than 18 months until they are 18. These timelines are probably one of the reasons the girls portion of the Boy Scout program will not be a soft start like it was for the cubs. This is a real question and thanks everyone for outlining.
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    Sport's Authority gone. Gander Mountain went for a walk about. I've been hearing about retailmaggedon for a while. In the meantime, Amazon is planning to open brick and mortar stores.
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    I fear boys reflect the adults. Negative adults will create negative youth.
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    It would be nice to be able to teach the scouts facts about these things rather than knee-jerk reactions in the political arena. It's unfortunate, but businesses go out of business every day. Even businesses like General Motors who a mere 40 years ago was touted as "too big to fail," took a nose-dive here a few years back. Brick and mortar business are closing right and left. Kiosks are popping up all over the place replacing the need for high labor costs and automated manufacturing has been the new normal for over a century. Cottage Industry hasn't been around on a large scale for a very long time. Brick and mortar is next and who knows what will eventually replace digital shopping. It doesn't say, but did Canfield's even have a website to sell and compete on-line? All it takes is a computer, a phone and an office and one can be in the market moving product and making a profit. That computer, phone and office can be someone's back bedroom, and from there take business from the anchor stores at the local dying mall.
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    Two different economic realities - National and Council, Council's complaint with online fundraiser accounts is Council loses control of their donors, For example, for years Council has knocked on the door of Acme Widgets and received a large annual donation. Council has prohibited units and scouts from contacting Acme. Now someone at Acme sees a local Eagle GoFundMe and decides to fund that instead. Council makes their annual call to Acme and are told "We gave online to an Eagle project. Have a nice day."
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    How is using crowd funding any different from asking people for money via email? If the council is going to contradict national then do this: Have the PARENT create the funding site and ask on behalf of his Scout for the money. Then the parent passes the money through to the Scout as a gift. If councils are going to go rogue they have to expect people are going to find ways around their silly "rule".