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  1. Pale Horse

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    I've never heard that quote before, but I like it. A lot.
  2. They'll never reverse a decision and just fall back on the "not punishing the youth for the mistakes of adults."
  3. So then is she eligible for Eagle in 6 months (assuming completion of service project, POR, etc.)? And if so, in the name of avoiding delayed recognition, why should she have to wait 2 years for the first "introductory class of female Eagles"?
  4. The people "reporting" shenanigans on here have nothing to base those accusations on other than a girl achieved First Class in 90 days. The bar for "reporting" seems pretty low.
  5. It may or may not be sufficient or empirical evidence, but he does have the Scout Law to fall back on, and the whole "Scout is Trustworthy" argument. I'd say the onus of the argument is on whomever is asserting there are shenanigans afoot to provide evidence to the fact, as opposed to someone saying everything (for the most part) is above board.
  6. Pale Horse

    Webelos AOL & Crossover

    The thread branched a bit, sorry for the confusion. My question and subsequent followup in response to Treflienne was specific to Cub Scout advancement "ranking up", not Crossover.
  7. Pale Horse

    Webelos AOL & Crossover

    We're talking about advancing rank within Cub Scouts, not moving from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA . The practice of advancing Cub Scouts to the next rank by age is/was exclusive to LDS units.
  8. Pale Horse

    Webelos AOL & Crossover

    Right, so I guess my question is: Are other Chartered Orgs allowed to operate under that method or was that an exemption for LDS units and no longer allowable?
  9. Pale Horse

    Webelos AOL & Crossover

    Sorry for the slight derail. With the Church no longer chartering packs will the LDS method of promoting to next rank upon birthday continue (or be allowed)? Or will all Scouts be required to follow the more traditional approach of promotion at end of school year?
  10. Based on what? Bias? Jealousy?
  11. Pale Horse

    GS Gold vs BS Eagle

    Without trying to dredge up an argument on a 6 year old thread, a couple things stood out to me. *Disclaimer* I am not an expert on either award (especially the GSUSA Gold Award). These points are based on my current understanding, please correct me if I'm mistaken (I'm sure someone will). 1. Because of the nature on how BSA rank works vs GSUSA's advancement structure, you must include all the BSA rank requirements (including Scout-Life requirements) in reflecting on the full process of earning Eagle. 2. Is there really a Cookie requirement to earn Gold?
  12. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    We just booked Rock Enon. Really looking forward to it. Not so much the 7.5 hour drive.
  13. Pale Horse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    We're starting our popcorn season early. I'm sure everyone who's cool with Jason Mamoa Somoas will also like to purchase a bag of my Sofia Vergara Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. It's Hot, Hot, Hot! if I do say so myself. Sorry, the name isn't as catchy as Momoa Samoas, but at least she's fully dressed compared to the picture of him on the cookie box. Don't think mine violates any copyrights or trademarks either.
  14. Pale Horse

    Youth Protection Policy Does Not Prohibit Retaliation

    These arguments always arise because of vague postings. OP, if you want meaningful responses then provide details about what happened.
  15. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    Thanks for the suggestion. This one's definitely in the running. I like the fact it's a true week-long experience, and not these 3 day ones that start on the evening of day 1 and end before noon of day 3 to avoid the 72 hour rule. Little bit of a road-trip from Michigan, but that's part of the adventure.