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  1. Here's the wording from the printed application (2018 Printing). If someone can point to the change that's causing the uproar, I'd appreciate it. Is it because some of the people who have been registered since the 70's and haven't had a background check since then now do? That doesn't seem like a bad thing.
  2. Pale Horse

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    To be fair, I don't think the gender divides of the 50's and 60's was isolated to any one religion in particular.
  3. Pale Horse

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    Thanks for the link, still struggling to understand what in there leads to the belief that they can't Scout together.
  4. Pale Horse

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    I know next to nothing about the Mormon religion. Can you expand on these fundamental differences between the sexes that demand they not be co-mingled? Do Mormon children go to single-sex schools?
  5. Pale Horse

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    The change to include reference to the mortgage is nowhere near significant enough for inclusion in the opening paragraph. It will be at the minimum moved to a blurb at the end, but more likely deleted. The Wiki admins don't mess around.
  6. Pale Horse

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Then they probably should have consulted a real-estate attorney to explain it to them instead of publishing a story they don't understand. This transaction appears to be nothing more than updating and increasing the Line of Credit that BSA has been able to draw upon (with Philmont being the collateral) since 2010.
  7. Pale Horse

    Where would you go?

    The solution to that is, don't do 4 fundraisers. Do one and do it right. Plan big, hit your goal and be done with it.
  8. Pale Horse

    Country Meats

    You're right, it's a donation to support Scouting. We're fine with that; we know it, and our customers know it. Nobody is "lying", if they want cheap popcorn, they know it can be bought inside the supermarket we're selling in front of. Yet for some reason, his Pack still sells thousands of dollars outside supermarkets. My son isn't trying to run a business. We're out funding our adventure in the most efficient manner possible, so we can get back to doing Scout stuff.
  9. Pale Horse

    How much water?

    Depends on weather & planned activities to a big extent. I would suggest a minimum of 1 gallon of water per participant per day.
  10. Pale Horse

    Country Meats

    As I mentioned in my post, people gravitate towards the cheapest option. By standing right next to the kids selling popcorn, the meat sticks will of course sell more. Our Pack of 38 Cubs will sell $65k in popcorn. My son is on pace to sell $8k in popcorn, and will barely crack top 10 in our council of 60,000 scouts. Do people reach those levels selling meat sticks?
  11. Pale Horse

    Country Meats

    I'm a shill for Popcorn. Even with the slightly better commission (before Council gets a cut), my son would have to work 5 times as hard to raise the same amount of money selling meat at $1 (even if people bought 5 at a time) versus what he does selling popcorn. Our problem isn't customers saying "No" to popcorn, it's catching people when they're home. Those that aren't home or don't answer the door aren't going to buy. But with meat, the ones that are home are now just going to buy a couple bucks in meat sticks, meaning my son has to visit 5 times as many homes to reach his average sale total of $20. The number of people saying "Yes" isn't going to explode enough to offset the loss in gross revenue. Those who are willing and able to support Scouts at $10-20/bag more than makes up for those that are only able to support at $1-$2. Currently, those people who only have a couple bucks but still want to support typically end up offering this as a donation. By converting that to meat sales, you've effectively lost 58% of the bottom line donation. This theory has been proven to be true. Numerous people have even gone so far as to entirely eliminate the $10 popcorn options from their lineup and sell only those $20+. Their sales have increased substantially. Even though people know popcorn is overpriced, they still want to help support. The problem is they still gravitate toward the cheapest option. By making the cheapest option $20, that's what they take. Make it $10 or $5, or in this case $1 for meat; that is what they choose.
  12. Pale Horse

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I'm in favor of a statute of limitations to bring suit. What happened to those kids is a terrible shame; but after a certain point in time, what sense does it make to punish those that had nothing to do with it? After 30 years, are any of those responsible for the actions or knowledge of the concealment still around? You're asking today's families to pay for the transgressions that happened before many of my Scouts' parents were even born. We're 2 generations after-the-fact in some circumstances.
  13. Pale Horse

    possible fee increase coming

    Who else is going to coordinate for FoS to come solicit for money?
  14. Pale Horse

    possible fee increase coming

    If National registration was the "all-in" cost of Scouting, I could easily sell an increase to $75/year. But it's not. To most people all that fee gets you is your name in a database. Registration fees don't cover the cost of one badge or pin, much less a camping event. Anyone that has done an actual cost study on the true cost of Cub Scouting, knows that it already takes close to $200 to put a kid through a year of Scouting. That's just to run a bare-bones program for Cubs (no trips, no campouts, etc.). That's $600 in popcorn sales before we even begin paying for outings and adventure. Outside the cost of trips and camping, it's actually more expensive to run a Cub program than it is a Scouts BSA program. New neckerchief and handbook every year; the cost of 2 or so pins/beltloops each month and the cost (time or money) in planning fun pack meetings. The most complaints I get from parents are when their older kid crosses over to Scouts BSA and they start to wonder why they're paying more for Cubs than they are the older Scout. To top it all off, I'm still not sure why I need to pay national insurance fees on top of my own council's insurance fees. They say each council is a separate and unique entity, so why do I have to pay the insurance costs and abuse payouts for incidents that didn't happen in my council.
  15. Pale Horse

    possible fee increase coming

    It's great that this is available, but it does nothing to help the vast majority of Scouts coming from middle class. These families are not considered "low-income", but certainly don't have a spare $1,000/year to throw at BSA; and the families that do, have higher things on their priority list.