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  1. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    We do a lot outside of Scouts too and go camping probably half a dozen times a year as a family. So far, his favorite has been "stealth" camping along the trail during a sub-freezing winter whiteout. He and I are looking to do a 3 day canoe trip as our "end of summer" trip before school starts back up. For an 8 year old, I hope it's memorable and keeps him as occupied as his iPad does.
  2. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    We always attend our local council Cub Scout camp, but also enjoy attending other area's camps. Usually just the two of us and gives me a chance to get away from being "everybody's leader" and focus on being "just his dad." I figure it's never too early to start looking for next year's adventure, so come looking for advice. Yes, I know it's subjective, but... Where is the "best" Webelos camp? Looking for anywhere East of the Mississippi and North of Georgia.
  3. Pale Horse

    Denied a court of honor.

    So what did SM have to say in his email?
  4. I can't help but laugh. When has national ever decided less rules is better?
  5. How would they not permit them? Say they have to stay identified as Boys? Can't imagine that happening. Make them start over as Scout and re-earn rank? Goes against the idea that once earned, you can't revoke rank. Another thought, what if down the road BSA decides to allow atheists and now a boy decides to "come out" as an atheist and admits to always being one. Would everyone feel the same way that BSA shouldn't allow that, because he got a head start on advancement that other atheists didn't? @NJCubScouter I think it goes to your third point in that in a perfect world it wouldn't matter who the first X Eagle scout is. If they earned it, they're better for it, whether their girl, boy, trans, whatever.
  6. Pale Horse

    The need for personal liability insurance

    Who was sued for the first pregnant Venturer?
  7. Pale Horse

    The need for personal liability insurance

    Forgive me, but what recent policy changes would lead to the potential for increased lawsuits?
  8. Pale Horse

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    Yep, and we can kick them out if they don't recite it or are admitted communists!
  9. Pale Horse

    Siblings & Family Pack

    We've never had the problem where one brother is registered and the other isn't.
  10. Pale Horse

    Siblings & Family Pack

    We have always allowed siblings to attend and participate in out Pack events. However, now that girls are allowed to officially register, what is everyone's feelings toward allowing non-registered (but eligible to be registered) sibling participation. Informal discussion with a few of parents seems to be "daughter is not sure she wants to join, but wants to come to the fun activities". Seems like a case of having her cake and eating it too.
  11. Pale Horse


    This. 100% accurate. There needs to be a simple set of easily-enforceable guidelines. When the rules become too voluminous and impossible to enforce, people begin to willfully disregard all rules or volunteers simply walk away. Neither of which is the desired outcome.
  12. Pale Horse

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    Careful, you might not like the answer to that question. https://www.google.com/search?q=divorce+statistics+gay+vs+straight&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS775US776&oq=divorce+rates+gay+&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j0l4.9023j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Take your pick of studies.
  13. Pale Horse

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    Honestly, if I had a daughter, I would just want her to be happy. (Doesn't everyone say this?) But really it's up to her whether that's through finding love and heterosexual companionship to raise a child or through other avenues. We all want the "best" for our children, but everyone's "best" is subject to interpretation. I'd much rather she find happiness through a non-traditional route than follow the path of least resistance. Should I also verify that any potential suitors my (imaginary) daughter brings home has the financial means to support X level of lifestyle? And try to convince her that marrying John is an inferior choice because Bob is going to be a Lawyer and make big bucks?
  14. Pale Horse

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    Absolutely not. To even think that one family is inferior than another is beyond the pale. I'm sure there's things that everybody wishes were different about their family or life (inlaws anyone?), but to feel that because of how life works out somehow makes it inferior is quite alarming. To extend your argument about it being more difficult for single parent families, would a traditional middle-class family be inferior to one in the upper class? After all it's more difficult to raise kids on your own without the help of a nanny. Difficulty does not equal inferiority. Some may even argue the opposite.
  15. Pale Horse

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    I guess I just don't understand. Please explain to me what in fact is the role of the father...what is the role of the mother? To me those roles are exactly the same: love, nurture, educate and discipline as needed. None of those are unique to either a mother or father, nor are they specific to a certain sex when a one parent of a same-sex couple "assumes" the role of the opposite sex parent. In a traditional family, a mother and father may approach those tasks in different fashions, just like I would approach it differently than other dads out there. Doesn't mean one of us isn't fulfilling our role in the family.