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  1. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    By firing/hiring an SM that agrees with their approach to advancement.
  2. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    The answer varies across the scale. You have some units where the CO's word is law, and you have others where the CO is either virtually non-existent or gives SM complete reign in delivering program as he/she sees fit. Our case is the latter. Our CO is a CO in paperwork only.
  3. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    Your views on spousal selection criteria are at best outdated and at worst extremely sexist.
  4. Pale Horse

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    Nothing stopping said parents from making that plan and putting it into action.
  5. Pale Horse

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Seems it's always been that case when a Scout has a particular circumstance that the current leaders aren't "capable" of handling. Johnny has behavioral issues - I've seen lots of suggestions that a parent has to attend next campout or Johnny can't attend. Timmy has mental disabilities that only a parent or specially trained individuals can handle. Should troops also cancel high adventure outings if a physically disabled Scout joins? I assume not every outing would preclude their participation, but must we ensure they can attend all outings? Maybe we just accept that not all Scouts will be able to attend every event, for various reasons...financial, physical limitations, religious or family conflicts, parents don't want to register to help their daughter attend...
  6. Pale Horse

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    And the quickest way to make the rest of the Troop/Pack resentful is to cancel a trip because Suzie's mom doesn't want to go camping, so we can't go either.
  7. Pale Horse

    72 hour rule

    True, but what about the next step in getting them all registered? Who's paying.
  8. Pale Horse

    72 hour rule

    My guess is that Cyndi @ Member Care Contact Center (if that's even her real name) isn't quite at the level of the execs (lawyers?) at National writing the policy. Probably a midling call-center attendee who has to answer 1000s of calls/emails ever day about hundreds of different items. Sure it'd be nice if they were all on the same page, but I bet if you resubmit the question 10 times, I'm not sure you'd get a consensus either way.
  9. Pale Horse

    72 hour rule

    For us, we stress that Cub Scouting is not a drop and run event. In addition to the required Lion & Tiger adult partners, we strongly encourage families to attend all events. Wolves and Bears especially, and gradually tapering off through the Webelos years. Besides, I have so much fun as an adult leader, why would I not want other parents to share in the joy and fun of seeing their sons (and now daughters) learn and grow? Just being present does not necessarily make anyone a helicopter parent. Nor does it take away from the Scouts individual accomplishments.
  10. Pale Horse

    72 hour rule

    72 hours across all events for the year? Yeah right, let's break that down at the Cub Scout level. 10 Pack meetings @ 1.5 hour each (including setup and break down) = 15 hours. Down to 57 hours left. ~14 ordinary Den meetings @ 1.5 hours = 21 hours. Down to 36 hours. ~8 outdoor adventure den meetings (hike, field trip, etc.) @ 2 hours = 16. 20 hours left. 3 community service events @ 2 hours = 6 hours. Down to 14. 3 Popcorn Show & Sells (oops better have 2 registered leaders at ALL scouting events 🙄) @ 2 hours = 6. Down to 8 hours. Trip to the corn maze with the pack for 4 hours. Just 4 hours remaining. These are just some things off the top of my head, but I think we get the picture. These are all events that "ordinary" parents attend, not leaders. I haven't even got to Day camp or heaven forbid they want to come on a family camping overnighter. It's pretty obvious the rule is written for singular activities exceeding 72 hours. There's no way around it, if you did it else-wise every single parent would need to be registered.
  11. Pale Horse

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Must have...new adult patrol patch...where can I get?
  12. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    We do a lot outside of Scouts too and go camping probably half a dozen times a year as a family. So far, his favorite has been "stealth" camping along the trail during a sub-freezing winter whiteout. He and I are looking to do a 3 day canoe trip as our "end of summer" trip before school starts back up. For an 8 year old, I hope it's memorable and keeps him as occupied as his iPad does.
  13. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    We always attend our local council Cub Scout camp, but also enjoy attending other area's camps. Usually just the two of us and gives me a chance to get away from being "everybody's leader" and focus on being "just his dad." I figure it's never too early to start looking for next year's adventure, so come looking for advice. Yes, I know it's subjective, but... Where is the "best" Webelos camp? Looking for anywhere East of the Mississippi and North of Georgia.
  14. Pale Horse

    Denied a court of honor.

    So what did SM have to say in his email?
  15. I can't help but laugh. When has national ever decided less rules is better?