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  1. Pale Horse

    Lone Scout Questions

    You do realize you don't need to be a Lone Scout to work on requirements outside of Den Meetings? Do the requirements, have your son talk to his Den Leader about them and get them signed off.
  2. Pale Horse

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    Perfectly acceptable. To me, the disrespect to the ASM and pattern of behaviour is far worse, imo, than getting caught up for simple possession (I missed the fact he was selling).
  3. Pale Horse

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    What's your biggest hangup? Because it was MJ? Would you have the same stance as if he got caught smoking tobacco or dipping? What about underage drinking? Is this just about being caught or because the cops were involved? Would a charge of reckless driving merit the same reaction? As @fred8033 mentioned above, marijuana is quickly gaining "acceptance". Yes, it's still illegal, especially for minor's, but let's not crucify the kid based on reefer madness.
  4. Pale Horse

    Lone Scout Questions

    If there's only 1 Lone Scout in your entire Council, it's probably reasonable to to assume that Packs are available for you to join. From https://www.scouting.org/commissioners/lone-scout/: "He applies for membership as an individual Lone Scout only if he cannot conveniently join a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop". Lone Scouts isn't really designed as a "we just want to do it by ourselves" option. Not saying you are, but if you gave that impression in your discussion/emails with the Council, they know off the bat that it's not going to work.
  5. Pale Horse

    Is BSA adult leader training necessary?

    I hate when anybody feels they don't need training and "already know everything." More training never hurt anyone. I see it all over the place.."I was an Eagle, so know how the program runs", "I was in the military, so know how to camp"... Leader training is meant to level-set and get people on the same page. You may know "you" did things or how "your Troop" did things, but maybe that's not really the best or ideal way. Even if it is, consider this an opportunity to share that knowledge and meet other leaders who may not have as much knowledge in a particular subject. Learning is a life-long obligation.
  6. Same reason folks refer to new Scouters (in their estimation anyone less than 20+ years of experience) as a group who's ruining the patrol method. The same reason they refer to women scouters as a group who want to turn Scouting into Family Camp. I guess it's a combination of ease of convenience and small-mindedness.
  7. Pale Horse

    New girls in Scouting

    Novel concept. If I'm understanding this correctly, each Scout is an individual and should be treated as such? I like it!
  8. Pale Horse

    New girls in Scouting

    I didn't attend, but I've seen many videos of this year's event with Arrowmen in regalia. https://www.faceclips.net/video/y-2lWd5mUY8/top-10-grass.html From my understanding, OA will continue to use regalia, just not for audiences external to OA.
  9. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    By firing/hiring an SM that agrees with their approach to advancement.
  10. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    The answer varies across the scale. You have some units where the CO's word is law, and you have others where the CO is either virtually non-existent or gives SM complete reign in delivering program as he/she sees fit. Our case is the latter. Our CO is a CO in paperwork only.
  11. Pale Horse

    Qualities of an Eagle

    Your views on spousal selection criteria are at best outdated and at worst extremely sexist.
  12. Pale Horse

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    Nothing stopping said parents from making that plan and putting it into action.
  13. Pale Horse

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Seems it's always been that case when a Scout has a particular circumstance that the current leaders aren't "capable" of handling. Johnny has behavioral issues - I've seen lots of suggestions that a parent has to attend next campout or Johnny can't attend. Timmy has mental disabilities that only a parent or specially trained individuals can handle. Should troops also cancel high adventure outings if a physically disabled Scout joins? I assume not every outing would preclude their participation, but must we ensure they can attend all outings? Maybe we just accept that not all Scouts will be able to attend every event, for various reasons...financial, physical limitations, religious or family conflicts, parents don't want to register to help their daughter attend...
  14. Pale Horse

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    And the quickest way to make the rest of the Troop/Pack resentful is to cancel a trip because Suzie's mom doesn't want to go camping, so we can't go either.
  15. Pale Horse

    72 hour rule

    True, but what about the next step in getting them all registered? Who's paying.