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  1. Pale Horse

    Best Webelos Camp?

    Thanks for the suggestion. This one's definitely in the running. I like the fact it's a true week-long experience, and not these 3 day ones that start on the evening of day 1 and end before noon of day 3 to avoid the 72 hour rule. Little bit of a road-trip from Michigan, but that's part of the adventure.
  2. Pale Horse

    I Was Against Girls in Scouts.... But

    I've seen this type of comment before. Some people seem to be operating under the impression they are subservient to the DE/District reps. They are in no position to dictate how you run your Pack events, or whether you are allowed to speak. Don't invite them to JSN, problem solved.
  3. Pale Horse

    How should I help my boy?

    Dude! Please tell me you're joking. Ranman328: Posts something. DavidCO: Quotes your post in his reply. Ranman328: "Tell me where I said that." lol
  4. Pale Horse

    Merry Christmas! (I&P Version)

    I agree...that none of the above are Christmas movies. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/wonderful-life-isnt-actually-christmas-film
  5. Pale Horse

    Merry Christmas! (I&P Version)

    I&P is definitely the right place for this thread, because Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie. In order to be a Christmas movie, it needs to be about Christmas, or Christmas needs to be integral to the story. Just because a movie takes place near the holidays, doesn't cut it. In Die Hard, for example, the only thing "Christmasy" was that they were there for a Christmas party. Change it so that they were there celebrating "Nancy in Accounting's" retirement and the story is the same.
  6. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    I specifically wanted to focus on this line. How do you reconcile evolving church positions (even within the same denomination) on such topics as homosexuality, birth control, etc.? If it was wrong 50 years ago, how can they say it's ok now?
  7. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    Thanks for attempting, i'm not looking for the theoretic rationale on how we think each other thinks though. I'm more interested in an example of what an atheist believes is an example of right and wrong that varies from what a Theist believes. But as @Eagledadmentioned in an earlier post, something "big picture", something meaningful, not that eating meat on Friday is wrong, or working on a particular day of the week is taboo.
  8. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    Since you can't answer the 2 questions posed, I'll consider this discussion over. Due to lack of response, I submit that there is no difference in the views of Atheist and Theists in what is right and wrong. Further, the establishment of a benchmark to determine an "acceptable" level of Duty to God without a comparable Duty to Country benchmark is hypocritical to say the least.
  9. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    God doesn't change, just man's flawed interpretation of him? How is that any different? You accuse me of generalizing? How do I generalize? You're the one that's generalizing by saying atheist are somehow unable to determine right and wrong. So again, I ask...What do you think is different about what an Atheist believes is "right and wrong" and what a Theist believes to be "right and wrong"?  There is no consistent standard of god...standards vary by religion; even within the same religion there are wildly varying standards. Also, again...why set a religious benchmark, but not one for duty to country?
  10. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    OK then, let's play this game... What do you think is different about what an Atheist believes is "right and wrong" and what a Theist believes to be "right and wrong"? "Big Picture" as you say, I'm pretty sure Atheists and Theists can both agree on right and wrong. Just as much as a Protestant and a Catholic could, I guess. Should we even bring up the Westboro Baptist Church? Just so sad that you'd gladly accept a member of that "church" to join, but are opposed to my family joining. So if the Oath and Law are sufficient, why do we need religion? How I fulfill my "Duty to God" is not your concern. Is there a similar benchmark for Duty to Country? Is simply not breaking the law sufficient? Maybe only children of military veterans. Or how about a point system where you get X amount of points for reciting the pledge of allegiance, marching in a parade, etc.
  11. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    Just like religions have a different definition of "the right thing to do." I could be wrong, but I'm not aware of any Scouts convening directly with their creator to know which version of the truth is right. What's more scary to me is that you feel Scouts, or people in general, don't have the ability to determine right and wrong without relying on a book.
  12. Option B, and it shouldn't be a "last resort"; it should be first step of next infraction. I understand not wanting to punish their kids, but in your efforts to keep these 2 Scouts from the problem families, the troop has lost more Scouts & Scouters. Allowing them to remain is going to kill your Troop...or any semblance of a youth-led patrol method Troop. Lay out the new rules for the parents, explain the rationale, and the consequences. Tell the problem parents that they have used up all their strikes; next offense and they will be shown the door.
  13. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    Even among Christians, all professed to believe in the same God, there is extreme subjectivity in what is constitutes appropriate thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour.
  14. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    In your opinion, is the Scouting experience diminished for those who choose the "no faith" version?
  15. Pale Horse

    And so it begins

    So in your opinion, Scouts Canada, and Scouts UK isn't "real" Scouting? Getting so tired of hearing that atheists don't have a moral compass or that religious people have some moral superiority. It's possible to teach morals, values and duty to fellow man without believing in god. I'd much rather teach my son to help others because it's the right thing to do instead of being good out of fear that an invisible sky man is going to smite him.