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  1. Just go to the public park and squat in the pavilion. Rental fees ensure you have the space guaranteed and available for your sole use. Just be flexible; sure someone may have rented it and you'll be stuck on the grass, but more likely than not the space is unrented on week day nights for the hour that you need to use it. Just be courteous and clean up after yourself.
  2. Not bad advice, but still more effort than it's worth. Can anybody seriously tell me if they can tell the difference between an activity shirt purchased from Class B, one made up by the local screen printing shop, or one that is made at home on the Cricut? Absolutely nobody has ever gone around checking tags and receipts to ensure our shirts were made by an "approved" vendor.
  3. Trademarks do not apply for personal use, because to infringe a trademark, you need to "use" the mark, and "use" in trademark law generally means selling an item that has the mark on it. You're making your own shirts for your unit. You are not selling them, nor getting anything in return for this.
  4. You told the Scouts they weren't going to Summer Camp? Why didn't the PLC make this decision?
  5. It's even easier to complete all the adventures as a Webelos/AoL than it is for the other ranks since you have 18+/- months to complete them all in.
  6. Barring any Youth Protection issues, your District folks will more than likely not get involved. If you have a Unit Commissioner, you may be able to persuade him/her to be the "bad guy" and have the heart-to-heart discussion.
  7. What does everyone have engraved on the bottom of your Pack's Pinewood Derby trophies? I' think the general format is as follows, but am am running to the trophy store after work, so don't have my son's previous trophies at home to go off of. 1st Place Pack XXX - Tiger Den 2020 Pinewood Derby Am I missing anything?
  8. Why? Let's not confuse 2 deep with no one-on-one. 1 adult can be with multiple Scouts at a given time.
  9. Now we're getting into grey areas with subjectivity. No, they aren't at the hike, but they're at the campout which is the primary activity. I'd do a risk assessment and determine if it was really necessary for adult(s) to be needed on every sub-activity. How old are these Scouts, estimated time/distance of hike, familiarity with the trail or area, maturity, etc. Just as I wouldn't expect adults to necessary to chaperone Scouts down to the Trading Post, I would make allowances for Trustworthy Scouts to take a short hike without adults. That said, I enjoy hiking and would probably ask to
  10. And how is this hypothetical scenario different than what's currently being done by the media? Correcting false information, and pushing back on hit stories currently out there is better than letting the opposition control the narrative.
  11. There's a lot of organizations that are our competitors. Sports, Band, Robotics League to name a few. Parents and Scouts have limited time; any extracurricular activity that competes for that limited resources is competition. We need to be selling Scouting and showing that Scouts BSA is the best use of someone's limited and valuable time.
  12. We had a professional marketing rep on staff, but fired her about 2 months ago. I guess it makes sense. If we're not going to advertise or talk to the media, what do we need to pay a PR person for?
  13. BSA doesn't advertise. It doesn't ever get in front of a news story, or correct mistaken information. It's frustrating. We had a local marketing firm who donated time and created a series of recruiting commercials, filming real Scouts doing real Scouting, and our executives bumbled around until the firm said enough and walked away.
  14. With the additions suggested by @yknot and some additional research into the underlying problems, this could shape up to be a good William T. Hornaday project as well.
  15. If you're not backpacking and just looking for something to get from the parking lot to the campsite, a collapsible wagon works really well.
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