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  1. Kosnoff just came out with some numbers. He is estimating that there were actually millions of youth abused in the BSA. BSA admitted they had 8,000 leaders listed in their perversion files BSA previously admitted they destroyed many files in the 1970s and didn't keep records of what they destroyed In 1935, BSA stated they had 2,500 leaders listed in perversion files. Based on extrapolations (assuming rate remained the same), Kosnoff estimates 45 - 50K leaders were removed from the list in the 1970s. AIS indicates 95% of their clients have identified unique abusers,
  2. Regardless of the bankruptcy outcome, no piece of paper will prevent any lawyer from suing COs in the future. I discussed this with a lawyer back in 2020 during Covid. I asked him if someone got Covid at our event and died, who would he sue. He said everyone. Sue the BSA, Local Councils, Charter Organization and individuals. Go for maximum penalties and let the court figure out who will pay. If any organization signs a piece of paper that ties them to BSA, they could be brought into lawsuits in the future. Perhaps they wouldn't be found liable, but they would need to hire lawyers an
  3. One additional tidbit from Kosnoff. He is claiming there are tens of thousands of others who didn't meet the 11/16/2020 claim date that have claims ready. Once the stay is lifted, it sounds like his and other firms are ready to sue COs and LCs with additional claimants (beyond the 84,000). (National BSA is protected if the claims are prior to Feb 2020). Now, he could be bluffing. However, I have seen advertisements running on TV recently to sue the BSA from AVA. At first, I didn't think much of it ... but now I wonder. There is only 1 reason to keep spending on ads.
  4. Kosnoff is out with his update. Is he reading Scouter.com? Basically, he believes insurance companies, non cooperative LCs and all COs will be abandoned by the BSA. I tend to agree. They have appeared to abandon their current plan and have run out of time for any other option. To me ... this sounds like Kosnoff saying that National BSA abandons any hope of protecting COs or LCs (who are not paying large settlements) and also abandons prior deals with Hartford. I think he is 100% correct here. The COs seem to have not been agreeing to the court delays, so i
  5. I think the US Bankruptcy Trustee is raising the same questions. I'm still not 100% convinced a global settlement would pass an appeals process. All it takes is 1 claimant to say, I want to sue my local council for $20M. They are not bankrupt and are legally responsible for my injury. The could sue and then go through appeals. If the appeals see the Bankruptcy Trustee objected, I wonder if that could get the settlement thrown out. I would have been more convinced if local councils never had to pay out directly from prior lawsuits. So if local councils were found liable in the past
  6. This has all 3 Mediators on the signature line. It really feels the are close. I don't believe there would be time to exit this in failure. Then have TCC/BSA present updated plans. Obtain objections/support for those plans. Hold a couple of hearings. Then a plan for vote. Wait for the results. Review the results and finally approve the plan by September (or October or possibly even November). What is the point. They need to exit mediation with an agreement from TCC & the Coalition. The only other option at this point would be liquidation and I don't see that as a viable path
  7. I think the big shock to our long term COs was BSA stating they were not covered by BSA insurance prior to 1976. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/213bd53f-b44f-45c9-97fc-246bcb7ca06b_4108.pdf
  8. I could also imagine that they either are settling on the restricted assets (which means BSA giving up the OA$ and some HA bases) OR are agreeing to binding arbitration. I do not see the TCC giving up the fight over the hundreds of millions of BSA restricted assets through mediation.
  9. Kosnoff Law "This bankruptcy may go down in history as the only instance in which the judge never made a single, solitary ruling. Survivors would have been better served by a used side by side refrigerator with a broken ice maker and wrapped in a black robe."
  10. This definitely sounds like they are finalizing a settlement to cover National BSA and Councils ... or at least a framework of a settlement. BSA was clear, they need to exit by end of summer. We could argue if that was 100% true, but it was clear they were burning cash and running out. If BSA is now asking for an indefinite delay ... that can only mean they realize that a mediated settlement is the only closure path. I expect the plan would still go to a vote ... but no need to fight within court. I wonder if the HA bases are in discussions and if the LC settlement is more along the l
  11. This thread started in the bankruptcy thread with a post about the LDS relationship with BSA and a statement that the LDS is more at fault than BSA and should contribute a large amount to the settlement. It quickly veered in a deeper discussion about LDS reporting practices and after a few pages of posts, I thought it would be best to pull the discussion out of the bankruptcy thread (as it had little to do with bankruptcy) and make it its own topic. Part of that goal was to allow those who were not following the bankruptcy thread to realize what discussion was taking place and take part (if
  12. Ok ... moved the National Annual Meeting discussion to the NAM thread here: I also created a new discussion regarding LDS Abuse Handling. It seemed to start a bit related to CH11, but then diverted a lot and may be missed by others who are interested.
  13. There is now an approved alternate to Cyber Chip for Scout & Star Ranks. This Personal Safety Awareness may be used in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for the Scout and Star rank. If used in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for a rank, Scouts are encouraged to inform their Parent or Guardian and unit leader of the replacement prior to viewing the videos. https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/scouts-bsa/
  14. I saw that as well. I'll also say Kosnoff is not screaming on Twitter about this ... more like they are apparently close to a deal. I won't believe it until I see it ... but perhaps the BSA leadership is correct at the NAM, they are close to a deal. BSA really doesn't have an alternate as they are burning through cash right now. Mediation may be the only way to close this out quickly. We will see....
  15. That is true. The delay could give TCC and others the ability to say they tried mediation to the fullest extent and it is time to allow other plans.
  16. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/e97b2e05-5d1f-47ac-a4e2-541eb269322c_5219.pdf Major mediation update... request delay to June 11... Getting close to agreement. TCC will agree to the delay. Flashing lights ... we may be close here...
  17. I thought the same. She could have just left it at how sad the letters were. I read a lot of the letters, most do not say she needs to save the BSA ... so I was surprised she picked those. I was wondering if she was attempting to send a signal where she was headed. I just wonder if the Coalition thought ... let's try and get the best "voluntary" offer from the BSA before they get a ruling from the judge. If the judge continues exclusivity, I think that is a sign she is headed to approving the BSA plan.
  18. In terms of this case, the judge has been very supportive of everyone, but has been very apparent she wants BSA to survive long term. When she mentioned the letters, she said she couldn't read them all, but she emphasized that several indicated they want the BSA to survive. She seems more focused on BSA's survival than maximizing a payout for claimants. I've also followed the USA Gymnastics bankruptcy and that judge has ripped the Olympic committee and said dig deeper. There is a major tone difference. She has never said that to the BSA. While cramdowns never happen, I would no
  19. BSA's latest financials https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/2f5112e6-d8c5-4fe3-b63b-dab01932cba9_5180.pdf They gained $4.4M over the month of April 2021 in available cash. In 2020, they gained $1.2M. Now the details in 2021, we are seeing higher income from HA bases (+$2M), Supply (+$3M) and transfers from investments (+$11M) than 2020. On the cost side, payroll is up ($3M),, trade AP is down ($0.7M), and a combination of other expenses & capex increased ... so total non bankruptcy expenses are higher in 2021 ($4M). Bankruptcy expenses are u
  20. I've started and stopped writing my thoughts several times. I do think our leaders love the movement, but I don't think they are the best face for scouting right now. You can be older and active. You can be larger and active. But the key is active. If you are running our scouting organization, you should be outdoors and active. I rarely see our leaders, out in the field, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc. I would love to see much more social media presence from our individual leaders, highlights scouts, highlighting their own personal adventures that could be attributed to scouting,
  21. I keep hearing the program and how we deliver it will be greatly changed after bankruptcy. After bankruptcy we will rebrand. Etc. They have to have some ideas when they keep saying this .... what are their ideas? What do they mean?
  22. From what I have read, the rumor is the TCC is not being included in the negotiations. Essentially, the BSA has collected a group of claimant representatives >50% and is working with them on a settlement. There may be some truth as the Coalition agreed to delay the hearing but the TCC objected. Does anyone know if the TCC is actively part of the current mediation or are the being excluded? I know the target is 66%, but I wonder if the judge would accept >50% yes votes and if BSA has identified a path to yes with 42,001 claimants. There could be a lot out there that are just loo
  23. We had. Den leader talk to his den about Greek and Roman gods. One of the scouts asked why these gods are no longer believed in. The leader said that well, people stopped believing in those gods and moved on to other religions. Then the scout asked... what happens when people stop believing in today’s God(s). Den meeting over..... I think our Faith den meeting created some agnostics.
  24. Moved the Michigan discussion to a new topic.
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