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  1. BobWhiteVA

    Starting a Crew out of a Troop - Need advice

    I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I'm very new to Venturing as well so it's a learning experience. I started on the committee training program last night. :-)
  2. Hi All, We have a six year-old Troop of approximately 60 boys, given that our first patrols were 11 when we started, they are beginning to age out. Couple with that, we've really struggled to put together a program that keeps our older Scouts involved (various attempts to start a "high adventure patrol" have fizzled as they just went with the normal Troop program, and while older Scouts do mostly attend meetings, they don't really do much). So, we're looking at starting a Crew on the idea that it will keep Scouts active beyond their 18th birthday, give the Crew their own identity, and potentially set the stage to bring in girls. We have identified a COR, Crew Advisor, and Committee Chair. Our concern is that starting the crew would create conflict with the Troop - that is, that the older boys in the Crew would stop participating and being resources for the Troop (e.g. to help out with leading meeting activities). To avoid this, we're considering having crew meetings at the same time as Troop meetings, so everyone would come together for open/close, and then the crew would go off on their own to plan their activities, but be available on an as-needed resource to help with Troop activities. We've had some internal debate as to whether the Crew should be optional for older Scouts as they become eligible, or whether it should be mandatory that all Scouts who are eligible are automatically enrolled. I'm hoping to understand best practices for starting a Crew out of an existing Troop. .What works? What doesn't? What should we avoid? Is the idea of essentially having the Crew meet with the Troop a good or bad idea? How do we avoid the potential scenario in which all the older boys go to the Crew and leave the Troop? Thanks in advance!
  3. BobWhiteVA

    Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    https://www.countrymeats.com has good Scout programs. Our most successful fundraisers have been Wreaths Across America, and buying a few hundred dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and selling them at local storefronts or parks during Saturday sporting events. KK will sell them to you for something like $3 a box, with extra free boxes based quantity purchased. We stopped doing the donut sales though as it seemed like people are becoming donut averse. Our next effort is to sell spirit cups - http://www.spiritcupsfundraising.com/fundraising-products/spiritcups/
  4. BobWhiteVA

    70th anniversary award / patch

    the scouting alumni association appears to be part of the BSA: http://www.scoutingalumni.org/site/c.ejIPK1NNLgJ0E/b.9309477/k.BF3E/Home.htm
  5. The American Wood Badge Alumni group has created a special award to celebrate 70 years of wood badge. Details here: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/01/24/earn-this-special-patch-to-celebrate-70-years-of-wood-badge-in-us/ To apply for the award: https://www.americanwoodbadge.org/70th-anniversary-award
  6. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    Some new info from TroopWebHost: ” TroopWebHost will support the ability to transfer advancement data to the new Scoutbook Lite program. The BSA has confirmed that Scoutbook Lite will provide the ability to upload advancement information from a CSV file, similar to the Internet Advancement upload function. TroopWebHost will be able to produce a file in the required format. We are in direct communication with the BSA IT group and expect to receive detailed specifications in plenty of time to allow our customers to make a smooth transition.”
  7. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    Here's what we received from Troopwebhost:
  8. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    Some new info posted this morning by the Commisioners of the BSA. They specifically say no API support for third party apps. ——
  9. BobWhiteVA

    What power options are camps offering for CPAP users?

    FWIW at Jamboree we had a few adults who needed a CPAP, they brought solar chargers and large battery packs. There are lots of battery-powered CPAP devices on the market that are designed for travel as well. That might be an option.
  10. BobWhiteVA

    Webelos Transition to Troops

    I agree with what everyone else said - CC cannot mandate where Webelos go, that's up to the individual Scouts and their parents. That being said, there are some advantages to starting a Troop from the ground up in that the boys will have instant leadership opportunities they may not receive in other units. We started a new Troop with all Webelos and one sibling who was a Tenderfoot, he was our first SPL at age 13. On the other hand, many boys may prefer more established programs. Best of luck!
  11. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    thanks blw2. We've been VERY happy with TWH, the steady stream of upgrades and the incredibly quick response we get when asking for new features or for assistance would make us very reluctant to move off of it. We use it as well to manage scout accounts, as well as to manage our Troop inventory. Still, we're doing double work tracking advancements as we track in both TWH and Internet Advancements, so Scoutbook has some appeal to us. Hopefully HelpfulTracks mention of a possible API enabling integration between TWH and Scoutbook comes to pass.
  12. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    that's good info - thanks!
  13. BobWhiteVA

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    Hi All, We've been using TWH for about five years to pretty much run all aspects of our Troop and we love it. However, with BSA pushing Scoutbook, and today's announcement that Scoutbook will replace Internet Advancements (https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/12/21/scoutbook-lite-to-replace-bsas-internet-advancement-platform-in-early-2018/), i'm thinking it's time to revisit Scoutbook. From what I've been able to tell, TWH is far superior for tracking finances, equipment inventory, and for allowing parents to access their Scout's account. Has anyone made the switch? Or, is anyone using both? Could anyone who is using Scoutbook provide their evaluation? YiS, Bob
  14. BobWhiteVA

    GoFundMe for Eagle Projects

    Hoping this is the right forum for this question. We have had several Life Scouts who have used GoFundMe to raise money for their Eagle Projects. They are filling out fundraising apps if they need to raise more than $500. Our concern is that if the Scouts are using their own accounts, then there is potential for abuse. We're wondering how other units handle GFM and similar sites. Do they route funds to the Troop and then have the Troop treasurer reimburse the Scout for out-of-pocket expenses and then turn over excess funds to the beneficiary? Or do they just let the Scout raise the money on their own, and hope that "A Scout is Trustworthy" and will therefore turn over excess funds to the project beneficiary? Thanks in advance!
  15. For those of you in the D.C. area, wildsafe.org runs a FANTASTIC WFA/WFR program, it's a bit pricey but i've spoken to several who have taken 'cheap' training and the experience is nowhere near as good. The two guys who run the program are both Eagle Scouts. I took their course in May of 2015 and am retaking it with my boys in June. The instructors evenly balance classroom and hands-on to ensure you get to practice what you learn. Our final 'graduating' scenario in 2015 involved three campers who had been attacked by bears, complete with impalements, compound fractures, burns, and lacerated abdomens. Lots of fun (and blood!)