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    Senior patrol leader eligibility?

    His New Scout Patrol that he was the PL of wanted him to run for SPL. He got enough of the votes that he got it. All things considered, he did a very good job. One of the older Scouts, one he looked up and actually beat, later said he was the best SPL the troop had had up to that point. Sadly that is the hardest thing for some adults. We have had challenges with adults taking over and it has negated all of the progress we were making a few years back. The Patrol Method is messy, time consuming, aggravating at times, and frustrating at others. BUT IT WORKS! (emphasis)
  2. Eagle94-A1

    Senior patrol leader eligibility?

    There are no national requirements. My oldest was SPL at 11 years old and Tenderfoot. If memory serves, the only PORs with National age requirements are Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Leave No Trace Trainer, and both or 16+.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Summer Camp Staff

    Worst CD I worked for not only brought a TV and gaming system to camp, he brought his satellite dish too. Yep he stayed in his loft most of the day and watched TV. Staff morale got so low over him and a few other key leaders at camp that someone was brought in who knew what they were doing to keep the staff from killing the CD. It was so bad, I was commuting 30 minutes each way to camp to avoid the problems he was causing.
  4. Eagle94-A1

    Summer Camp Staff

    I love it. I do something similar. I was working with German Scouts once and I got careless. There was a problem downrange, and I yelled "cease fire" 3x and expected instantaneous obedience to that command. So I started walking downrange without waiting for the translation to the Scout or confirming it was safe for me to walk downrange. A round was fired, and it went through my Smokey Bear. Thankfully A) it was BBs (which can still kill you, but less chance of it) and B) I wasn't hit. I use that as not only a reminder for myself, but also to the Scouts.
  5. Eagle94-A1

    Summer Camp Staff

    So far @RememberSchiff has some of my choices. I'd add sunscreeen and a wide brimmed hat. When I was running ranges, I usually wore either the Expedition hat, aka Brimmed hat, or one of my Smokey Bears. One guy I knew wore one of those Vietnamese conical hats. And I want to especially ditto water and hydration. One time i had no shade, and my thermometer was reading 114 degrees!
  6. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Executive Salaries

    While we personally may not have hired them, they were hired to serve us. I have seen all kinds of execs; good, bad, lazy, industrious, and even criminal. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes to support the units. One of the reasons why my district is suffering like it is ( see my Breaking Point post) is that we do not have a full time DE to support us and help recruit the folks we need. As for mistreatment, that is one of the reasons many of the good ones leave. My council went through 9 DEs and 2 mid level executives in the 18 months I was a pro.
  7. Eagle94-A1

    Breaking Point

    I'll be honest, I don't know. Probably when my sons leave the movement. But in all honesty I do not know. As for when it is not fun anymore, well the sense of obligation is keeping me in. The past few years have been extremely stressful in my neck of the woods. We have lost a lot of experienced volunteers with all the recent membership changes. At one point I was the acting district chair ( one quit, one never did the job, and one went MIA) district commissioner (two quit and went 18 months without one) Boy Scout RT commissioner ( 4 years without one), and activities chair ( 5 YEARS without one) and district camporee chief (2 years) all at the same time I am the CS RT commissioner and am ASM with a troop. You could also throw in DE since we are a sharing one with another district, and on occassion I had to pick up that slack. And the troop I am with has major issues causing more stress. SM in failing health, new SM kinda out of it due to job at times one ASM being a gunship and forcing things that the troop has done in the past but are not the Patrol Method as envisioned by BP and GBB, helicopter parents ad nauseum. As I sit at this computer, I was originally suppose to go camping, then it was changed into a fundraiser, now everything is canceled due to weather. Wise man once said, "A bad day camping is better than a good day at work." I am goign through camping withdrawal, and it has only been a month since my last camp out. My youngest is a Webelos 1, and he is not happy about the girls coming in. I do not know if he will continue or not as he said told me just that. Older two are sticking with the troop until it is no longer fun for them. They too have concerns about girls joining. While the CO's official announcement on the matter will come Monday at the COH, the decision is known to a few: Coed pack, and at the moment 2 separate troops, but if the girls troop has issues getting started, that decision will be subject to revision, and we may go to "Linked Troops" aka coed troop. They know other troops are out there, and in all honesty I wish they WOULD transfer. But this is their journey, not mine. And they are getting some valuable life lessons on dealing with people as a result. Again, I do not know what my breaking point is. I used to joke saying I was a "Scouting Addict," but in all honesty Scouting is an addiction for me. It is a drug for me. Seeing my Scouts learn, grow, and mature is a rush. Keeping up with my Scouts is a rush: marriages, degrees, children, promotions, etc. So I don't know.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Executive Salaries

    I am a former pro. At the lower levels, folks will make less than minimum wage if you calculate the number of hours they worked. One of my coworkers calculated we made about 33% of minimum wage during certain times of the year. Everyone I knew who left the profession usually got a job making a lot more in the for profit sector. In most cases 2x what they were making as a DE. One guy was making 3x. Even the mid level execs who left made more in the for profit sector. I do not begrudge the pros their salaries. What does anger me is that they have not been good financial stewards. The Summit comes to mind. So does Soccer and Scouting, rebranding in Venturing, and some of the stupid things sold by Supply (AOL buckle for leather belts anyone.?) Also with membership decreasing, staffing should be decreasing, and it appears to those of us in the field that staffing is increasing. Heck looking at some of the positions open at NSC, I am scratcing my head and thinking WHY? And does National really listen to those of us in the field? Evidence points to the fact they do not. 96% of those polled wanted to keep the tenure requirements for Eagle Palms. So National abolishes it and allows "Insta Palms." In a poll on allowing homosexuals in the movement a few years back, BSA did not include Western Region's LDS members's polls according to one footnote I read. The results on that issue POSTED (emphasis) by National were extremely close and in favor of the decision. But what would the results be if the Western Region's LDS population was included? Best estimation would be a resounding against the membership change. And has anyone seen the results of the MEMBERSHIP"S ( emphasis) opinion on having girls in the Boy Scouts of America? All I keep finding are the non member results of polls ( ASIDE: and who paid for those polls? What were the questions? I know the ones I answered were so slanted towards having girls.) So heads need to roll at national for the mismanagement. Regarding pensions and medical benefits for retirees, while it may seem the easiest and best thing to do to save money, THAT IS AN OBLIGATION TO THOSE WHO SERVED US OVER THE YEARS! ( emphasis). This was something that these folks, especially those who stayed at the lower levels instead of taking promotions and moving all over, have been promised. This is something to compensate them for all the years of service for little pay at the lower levels.
  9. Eagle94-A1

    Cub Scout Uniform Changes

    August 1, 1984 is when Webelos had the option of wearing the blue or tan and green uniforms, although it was announced earlier. I remember that because I was a Webelos that school year, and my mom was so happy she did not have to buy me a "new" blue uniform to wear for only 9 months, and then switch out. The tan shirt she got me was HUGE, and I wore it until I graduated high school! Yep, once a uniform, always a uniform. So if your Webelos want to wear a blue uniform, it's good. And if they wear tan and green numbers instead of the red and whites, they can wear a vintage August 2008 - May 2009 Webelos uniform. ;)
  10. Eagle94-A1

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    On the Early Adopter Facebook Page, there are or were a series of videos talking about the June 11 changes to the program since girls are coming aboard and Lions are now full fledged Cub Scouts. That video talked about the new books, new neckers, and new uniform requirements for Webelos. They also mentioned that the Webelos diamond patch was being discontinued. Can't post the videos as the mods over there will ban you. That has happened once already, and I think they took down the video too. E'93 can confirm this.
  11. That question and nationa's response was discussed a few months back. Last time it came up, which was when the video came out BTW, Boys dens can have 2 female leaders, but girls dens MUST have a female ADL or DL over 21.
  12. Eagle94-A1

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    there is probably enough in Supply that it will be 2-3 years before they are out. And I bet a death by chocolate Dutch oven cake they will be a demand for them, and supply will make them again. Look at knee socks. They keep getting rid of them, and demand for them brings them back.
  13. Eagle94-A1

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    Wife HATES current uniform. When she was a WDL she wanted to wear her Venturing uniform since any gray pants or shorts would work. Since she could not wear it as a WDL, I got her a complete vintage 1950s Den Mother's uniform, complete to patches, tie, and hat. But it is impractical in the field. She wore a pack t-shirt, hiking shorts and boots. OK, I know officially starting June 11 2018, all Webelos are SUPPOSE to be in the tan and green uniform. Me personally, I'd stay in a "vintage" blue Webelos uniform until he completely out grows it, or crosses over into Scouts, BSA. A Scout is THRIFTY :)
  14. Eagle94-A1

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    1) Chris1, WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2) While extremely comfortable, Kilts do have disadvantages. Even the Scouts from the 105th Glasgow Scout Troop I met will tell you that. Especially if worn in true Scottish style. 3) Agree 110% I had a conversation with a cashier at Walmart once on the topic when she saw me in uniform after roundtable. Long short short, she lamented the fact that the onl,y time you see girl scouts is during cookie sales, and then they do not l;ook like Girls Scouts as she remembered from her day.
  15. Eagle94-A1

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Heck, my kid's homeschool group did it for school as a team building exercise. And when I worked camp staff in the UK, the service crew did laser tag as a team building exercise.
  16. Eagle94-A1

    NYLT for 13 year old

    The #1 problem I've seen with Scouts back from these programs is lack of support from the Scouters in their home troops. We did a post conference meeting when I staffed JLTC, and about 1/3 to 1/2 of the Scouters were not really helpful. Locally we had one new SM who had 3 Scouts go through NYLT, and would not let them implement the changes to improve the troop. Within 6 months, they either Eagled and left, or transferred to a troop that does support NYLT scouts.
  17. Eagle94-A1

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    DO NOT LET THE NEW SCOUTER ANYWHERE NEAR THE FIRST YEAR CAMPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes that is me shouting at you in warning, not anger ) He needs serious Cub Scout Leader deprogamming, and trained as a Boy Scouter, or should I say Scouts, BSA Scouter. I've seen first hand what new, well meaning, just crossed over parents/former Cub Leaders hover around first year campers, and it is a complete and total disaster. Do not make the mistake. #2 WELCOME TO DA FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Eagle94-A1

    NYLT for 13 year old

    I went through the older Brownsea 22 program, and staffed one course of the previous JLTC program. Plus seen the results of numurous courses over the years. It all depends on the abilities and desires of the Scout. I have seen some 13 year olds gain from the expereince. I have also seen 13 and 14 year olds greatly challenged by the experience. When I staffed, we had one patrol of 13 and 14 year olds, and only 1 ended up staying the entire week. and completing the course. I strongly do not recomend under 13. We had one 12 year old in my patrol on a waiver, and he caused more problems than he was worth. Once he was no longer with the patrol, we finally started gelling as a patrol and getting things done.
  19. Eagle94-A1

    YPT and emergencies

    I have been alone with Scouts for emergency reasons twice AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN IF i CAN HELP IT! (Emphasis) First time was transporting a Scout to the hospital. Nothing happened, and he got the treatment and came back to camp with no additional problems. Second time was a week or two later and transporting another Scout to the hospital. While in the car, the Scout started going into shock and there was not a thing i could do but turn on the heater and talk to him to keep him conscious. THAT SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME! He ended up being OK, but the shock did not help. Last time I took a Scout to the hospital, I took another Scout, one of my sons, with me just in case he went into shock or had other issues. If push comes to shove, take your daughter with you if you have to take someone to the hospital. If memory serves, she is a Webelos, and hopefully has First Responder/Readyman/Whatever the First Aid activity badge is now called. And if not, TEACH HER THAT ACTIVITY BADGE! (emphasis again)
  20. Understatement. National does not care what happens to the accused. Good friend was exonerated in the criminal investigation but was still not allowed to renew their membership, while the "Scout" was able to remain in the program, earn palms, hold office, etc. And this was a 10+ year DAM and SB recipient veteran Scouter who was about to get Vigil until the accusation got them kicked out of the movement.
  21. Eagle94-A1

    Stain on Uniform!

    Dawn Dish detergent, GoJo, Fast Orange. Just whatever you do, DO NOT DRY IN A DRYER!!!!!! (caps for emphasis, ok masybe screaming a warning at you ) Those are some of the things I've used, and you may need to wash it a bunch of times with the stuff. Just hang dry it, or it will be permament.
  22. Not to change the subject, but curious. A) what does the new YPT say about Scouters over 21 contacting Scouters 18-20 and B) what does it say about FEMALE Scouters 18-20 working with a boys' troop? Back on topic, BSA will take the word of a Scout over an adult any day. And even when a criminal investigation exonerates the accused, they not only lost all respect and credibility in their community, but may not be allowed back inteh organization. Saw that happen first hand to a freind.
  23. Eagle94-A1

    Getting the Value and Pride back in Eagle.

    Problem is that national won't improve the situation, they want the increase in Eagles. If national wanted to improve the value, they would point blank say no more MBUs, making summer camp ins summer school, etc. They would allow SMs who know the Scouts didn't earn MBs to not give it to them. And when an EBOR appeal reaches national, AND THEY ACKNOWLEDGE MISTAKES WERE MADE (emphasis) they would make the Eagle redo some of the work BECAUSE HE SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ADVANCEMENT (emphasis again) and not just give it to him because "you do not penalize the Scout for the mistakes of the adults involved." And, you don't automatically grant a time extension because the Scout's parents threaten a lawsuit.
  24. Eagle94-A1

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    With the exception of the pins, patches are correct. And even then, I've seen Cubs wear their pins all over the place: collars, above pockets, on p[ockets, etc.