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  1. I would call it a sloppy use of words IF no one at National was informed about this. HOWEVER, RichardB, and others, were notified of the error as early as February 2018 when the ban went into effect. Yet the untruth, fib, hoax, deception, misinformation, disinformation, misinformation, fabrication, etc remains. Wait, it will come. In my experience, National will start a ban for one activity, and slowly move on to others.
  2. Here is the chart. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/healthsafety/pdf/680-028.pdf Lions ( ages 5 or 6) and Tigers (ages 6 or 7)are prohibited from using hand held paint brushes (that will put a damper on those packs that do PWD workshop nights where everyone is working on their PWD cars, including painting them in some cases). And only Webelos and older can use paint rollers.
  3. @RichardB I know better than to not follow the rules. So I do my best to keep up with BSA policies to the point that I have often had to tell my council's professional staff what is and is not allowed by BSA as they are not aware of the latest rules. My biggest problem is that BSA continues to break the first point of the Scout Law, Trustworthy, with the repeated lie in the FAQ found here https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/prohibited-activities-faqs/ , that "Dodgeball has never been an authorized activity in Scouting." As I have shared with you and others repeatedly THA
  4. I agree, it National wants units to know about it, it needs to be in the G2SS and other unit accessible literature, not in NCS books that most units never see. Theoretically, the councils are suppose to pass along the info. At least in my current council, it is usually the volunteers who are telling the council what the rules are. Heck my district was informed at camporee that about 85% of the skits, the majority of which have been around forever, are not longer allowed according to new NCS guidelines .
  5. No, the #1 used camp is the old summer camp that has turned "rustic" with cap improvements being done by the OA and individual units. Until 2019 that camp actually subsidized the main camp via the usage and logging. In 2019, it was closed for 9 months while they repaired a road. Council tried to say that camp cost nearly $70/camper to maintain, but used the 2019 camping numbers, which only had 3 months of camping due to the road, as well as the capital expense of the road included in figuring out the $70/ Camper. In fact another council camp was only used once during 2019, and that was becaus
  6. Regarding the multi units from CO rule, that has been around since at least 2002, but it was in the NCS literature, not G2SS. Ditto the Cub Family Camping rules, although some councils never really did much to promote Cub Camping. Heck I remember one Camping Committee member back in the day saying Cubs don't need to camp. As for Councils not providing stuff, the #1 used camp over the past 20 years do not have showers, which was a requirement until recently, nor enough bathrooms. And my council never had a list of approved Cub campgrounds. So several packs used the OA's Where to Go Camping
  7. Thank you. The word earned should have been in quotations marks. Like many others, i have had Scouts stick arpund after earning Eagle because we had . Thank you. The word earned should have been in quotations marks. Like many others, i have had Scouts stick arpund after earning Eagle because we had .
  8. Sadly the drive for MBs is turning off my Scouts. They seeing folks with all 130+ merit badges being earned in under 2 years, especially during COVID, is frustrating, angering, and discouraging them. They know the MBUs, online courses, and even a few summer camps, are giving away MB. Here are the guys earning them the right way by actually doing the requirements and not just by attending a class. I have had 3 conversations to date about this. One got so frustrated, he almost gave up on Eagle because it no longer meant anything because "everyone is getting it." I used @Jameson76 approach
  9. As others have mentioned, the G2SS is constantly being updated, to the point that even the professionals cannot keep up with all the changes (kinda sad when I have to tell the SE something is no longer allowed in the GTSS) Prior to 2012, patrols could camp on their own without adults. UP to 2018, patrols could do day activities: meetings, hikes, grocery shopping, etc, on their own without adults. So back in our day, what happened with your troop, your older Scouts taking over without adults, was perfectly acceptable. While @RichardB is a product of the program and should know
  10. In my 36 years being involved with Boy Scouts/Scouts BSA, only 1, again ONLY 1, has ever said the Outdoor Code as a part of their opening and/or closing ceremony. They do keep the Scout Sign up for it.
  11. What's recruiting? Seriously we have been unable to get into schools for several years. When i was active with the pack,, and could get onto the schools, we would usually be finished recruiting by this point and have 20÷ new cubs. My old pack had 1 new Lion. Council has not helped in this matter. In the past they would not allow units to do their own recruiting. Council i came from wanted units to do their own. But this one does not, and it has been like that for over 20 years.
  12. So you do not want parents going camping with their kids? That's the reason why the 72 hour rule was put into place. At the Cub Scout level, it is family camping. Scout, Sea Scout, and Venturing levels, while not family oriented, as @elitts stated is suppose to be open to parents observation.
  13. Whatever they are registered on the charter as is the award they work on.
  14. Worse threat I have encountered involved an extension for Eagle. Long story short, Life Scout majorly screwed where he was kicked off the benefitting organization's property, and professionals had to intervene ASAP to fix the mess he caused. This was a week or two before his birthday. Scout wanted an extension to do a second project. Troop said he would have to petition National for an extension. And all hell broke lose with mom. She belligerently threatened to go to the media, get outside organization involved, and sue everyone: SM, CO, Council and National, if the extension was not grante
  15. Good luck with finding a new CO. And no you are not alone. Besides the UMC churches, i know 1 church has given their units either until the end if the school year (mid june) or charter (next month) before they need to leave. The District Commissior and unit leaders have approached 2 possible COs, one of them wanting Scouting about 2-3 years ago. Both said no. I So no, you are not alone.
  16. I had a friend who was a web designer and owned his own company. Had a fortune 500 company or two as clients. He did one council's webpage for free, and it was one of the most user friendly websites. Then National mandated a set format and program for all council websites. And here we are today: Websites that suck. Agree we got to get back to the outdoors. "OUTING is three-fourths of ScOUTING." We cannot be all things to everyone. Sadly that is partially true in my neck of the woods. Our professional staff is down, but instead of focusing on helping existing uni
  17. This one is extremely tricky. I have in deed taken a Scout to the hospital by myself, with the express approval of the professional running the camp. (emphasis). One of our camp staffers got injured and I had to rush him to the ER. That situation was OK, but a week later an 18 year old staffer had an accident and again I had to take him to the ER. This time there was complications. Scouter went into shock in my car. Having a second person would have been extremely helpful. But I know it can be a challenge. Last time I had to transport a Scout to the ER, I took another Scout with me. I kno
  18. I beleive @elitts is refering to adults using the buddy system at summer camp, not the issue of having 2 adults in camp. Since the 72 hours rule has been in place, I know of NO camp that has violated it. And prior to that, when 2 adults needed to be at camp one being registered and over 21, I know of only 1 camp that allowed a troop to attend with only 1 adult. Some emegency happened to the second adult a few days before they arrived, and teh camp assigned an adult Staffer to be the 2nd Scouter. He stayed with them in their campsite, ate with them with meals, and was essentially an ASM to the
  19. I know families who are in the exact predicament. Glad oldest has aged out as I do not think I would be able to afford his registration, even at the reduced adult rate, this year. This will kill Cub Scouts and trickle down to Scouts.
  20. Also fewer and fewer HS promote the trades. If anything, the HSs team up with local community colleges to have classes on welding, auto mechanics, etc.
  21. When we camped and did activities without carpooling due to COVID, the parents only agreed to drive 1 hour one way. I fear that with the TCC's recommendation, we will lose Cub Scouts. On a different note, I do not think some realize exactly what is going on regarding the lawsuit. They think they will be able to give up some camps and other properties, and everything will be back to normal after January 2022. It's like they refuse to believe that the plan can, and more than likely will, be rejected.
  22. Have them check their library to see if anyone on staff is a notary. They usually will notorize for free.
  23. @1980Scouter, I have not seen the document, but was told by council president that it is basically 1 camp serving everyone in a 150-180 mile radius. of the camp
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