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  1. I am one of the dissertation writers for all the awards I nominate people for. I was once told the more eloquent, and fact filled a nomination is, the better chance the nomination will pass. This is especially important for those serving in a variety of roles in the background . Summer camp staff, lodge officers, ceremony team members, and American Indian Affair members, the ones who are the 'public face" of the OA are a lot easier to get Vigil. People remember them easier and can put a name to the face. Best example of that is the Vigil I nominated in which I used his legal name throughout t
  2. I stand by what I said based upon my research on this subject matter. In the overwhelming majority of cases, BSA did everything they could legally do AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENTS (emphasis). Were some mistakes made? Yes. Was the system they had in place perfect? There is no such thing as a perfect system. The problem is that it appears to me that this lawsuit, with one case going as far back an circa 1939-1946, is using today's Mandatory Reporting Laws as the legal standard which did not come about until circa 1988/89 nationally.
  3. 1. Bravo Zulu! 2. BEST. RECOGNITION. OF ALL!
  4. Actually BSA IS a victim. With very few exceptions, BSA did everything it could legally do at the time the bulk of the abuse took place. People are forgetting that mandatory reporting laws did not affect the BSA until the late 1980s/early 1990s, about the time Youth Protection Training came about. Prior to that time, if BSA accused anyone publicly of abuse, they could have been charged with libel. BSA encouraged parents to press charges, because their hands were tied.
  5. Welcome back. As you noted, the ODR and Centennial uniforms are fully interchangeable. So yes you can wear current insignia with the ODR and wear vintage insignia with he Centennial Uniform. BSA even published information stating full interchangeability. While some folks will argue you can no longer do so, once uniform, always uniform. So you can wear your "vintage 2009+" uniform.
  6. @fred8033, No worries.. My apologies if it seemed as if I was attacking you, that was not my intention. Although these incidents were 2.5-3 years ago, it still rubs me raw. My boys have lost some friends as a result of switching. And friendships I have were weakened as well. It was a rough decision to leave, but the right one.
  7. @fred8033, I do not think it was a case of not communicating the expectations. The families in question were told repeatedly that it was hurting the Scouts and affecting the troop. See some of my posts from the 2018 time period.
  8. I can only find my old Eagle info, and even then it is incomplete. As for my logged in profile, nothing is showing. And folks wonder why they have people who do not rely on My.Scouting and Scoutbook.
  9. Yes, I truly believe it is NOT okay for a Scout to sleep with their parents, barring medical exceptions. I saw to much disruption, and too many problems because of it. I'll give you the worse example, which almost led to a campwide lost camper drill at summer camp. ASM dad had his wife an younger son come to family nite. Instead of wife and son going home, they checked into a nearby hotel. ASM dad and son went with them for the night. Not only did they not tell anyone they were leaving, they also did not sign out with the camp office. They texted a message to the other adults that
  10. As a former pro, I've seen all the above. One that is missing is "Never received it in the mail." One factor, at least when I was a pro many years ago, is that you have do have special training to enter the information. Out of all the staff, only 3 people had that training, and two of them were basically backups for the registrar. And with the number of applications the staff receive, it can be a nightmare. After we found out my wife was ineligible for one of the lifesaving awards because she was still unregistered, that is when I collected all the signatures and hand delivere
  11. Whatever you do in Scouting, KEEP COPIES OF YOUR RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!! Before you turn in anything, please make a copy. I've been in multiple councils over the years,, and BSA's records keeping and IT systems are not the best. My wife turned in about 5 applications, one I hand delivered, and was never registered until I emailed a copy and asked if they could finally register her. While officially "Unregistered" she served as a assistant Den leader, Webelos den leader, and day camp staff. Lots of complaints about SCOUTBOOK losing records recently. A few years back 95% of the volunteers in my
  12. I guess cooking, door to door sales, and maybe even Scouting For Food, and other activities are on their way to being banned since OSHA requires cooks to be 16+ and going door to door is 18+.
  13. Yes, this is a program rule, like no towers over 5 feet, no water guns, etc. It really needs to be elsewhere, but here we are. And as foolish as this rule may seem, there is a reason for it. I was in a troop that was "family friendly." Two families, who treated every camp out as a family camp out, nearly destroyed the troop. Bringing siblings who interfered, allowing their Scouts to sneak into their tent at night (abandoning buddies), allowing the Scouts to hang out with them and eat with them instead of being with the patrols, ad nauseum. The worse was the unregistered parents overrulin
  14. I got one worse. The worse lifeguard I ever worked with initially failed the class. The attitude was horrible, and he didn't know the skills. The instructor, when questioned why the student failed by the aquatics director, laid out a litany of issues with the student. Instructor was fired and the director, who was an instructor-trainer, passed the student. The student also happened to be the instructor-trainer's son. After that situation, I understand why my Lifesaving MBC wanted to review the skills to insure I knew them. Yes, I asked if my YMCA Lifeguard certification would suffice
  15. First and foremost, do you meet the current, 2019 Guide to Advancement, standards for being a Lifesaving MBC? Page 44 states Once upon a time I was a Lifesaving MBC. Only time I accepted a Lifeguard certification without question was the Scout I certified as a YMCA lifeguard. He passed the class another Instructor and I taught with flying colors. I then went over the extra stuff. What I have done in the past was do a quick review of the skills with them, to make sure they actually know their stuff. If you don't practice those skills, you will lose them. Yes, Muscle memory helps
  16. Not everyone who does not want the vaccine is a denier. A lot of folks in the medical field have reservations about the vaccines. One of them stated that they had serious questions about one company's study methodology after reading a peer reviewed medical journal article on the vaccine. Others have questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, and whether it will really make a difference or not based upon their reading of the ongoing research of the virus. I have read of hospitals offer bonuses in the form of cash and extra days off as an incentive for their staff to get the vaccine.
  17. Some of the studies I've read say about 6 months.
  18. Depends upon the unit in my neck of the woods. The "High Speed, Low Drag" aka "One and Done" units, I see a few under 15. These are adult run, advancement driven units. And once they earn Eagle, they are gone. Old school units tend to be older 16-18 years old. Their focus is not advancement, but to provide opportunities for advancement. Mostly youth run, and their Eagles tend to remain either as youth, or ASMs until they leave for college, the military, careers, etc. My 17 year old is still in until he leaves for college in the fall. Our newest, who just turned 18, is our newest ASM, and will
  19. Yes, it was the premier training, and to be invited was indeed a BIG deal. Heck I received an invitation to attend, and I was flabbergasted to be invited. Sad but true. I do not know about the Cub Scout Trainer Woodbadge, but for Boy Scout WB, you had to have completed basic training, and have 2 years tenure. Now I have seen folks who have less than a year in, and have not completed their basic training yet, go to it. Yes, some folks do indeed go overboard. And some think if you have not done WB, you don't know squat. So true. I remember some of the ticket items my olde
  20. Depends upon the Scout Exec. I know of one long time volunteer who was passed over for the Silver Beaver because of lack of FOS contributions by several SEs. Finally we got a decent SE, and his name sailed through. In fact the committee that selected him thought he had it already since he has been a force of Scouting in the council for over 50 year by the time he received it. And one of those on the committee worked with him as his CIT for two summers.
  21. This quote concerns me: I am concerned because if folks are allowed to not answer questions, and remain part of the lawsuit, then there is no way to verify the false claims from the real ones.
  22. My Thoughts. 1. Plan it far enough in advance and promote the heck out of it so that conflicts do not arise. 1a If in SE Louisiana, and a few other places, DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR DISTRICT BANQUET DURING CARNIVAL!!!!!!!! Yes I had a DE from outside of the area adamant that the district banquet would be in March. It was the weekend before Mardi Gras, and most folks were involved in the parades, so hardly anyone attended, or so I was told since I too was with my family at the parades. 2. Focus on the Scouts. When my district had banquets (don't ask, our former DE pu
  23. DO. NOT. GO. THERE. One lodge I was in was scheduled to host conclave, which involves a lot of camp improvements and maintenance. Lodge had been saving up for several years to pay for the camp improvements due to conclave. Since the lodge's money was held by the Council, and the SE can decide what he wants to do with the money, he took the money scheduled for conclave and included it in the lodge's FOS donation. Long story short, no one knew this until the bills started showing up, and the council refused to pay. SE was heard saying " Lodges support the council, not the other way
  24. Can you point me to where I can find the MEMBERSHIP SUMMARIES, and not the, for lack of a better term, GENERAL POPULATION SUMMARIES (caps for emphasis, not shouting)? When I searched for the results and/or summaries, I could not find a thing on the membership surveys. However I was kept finding the results from national polls BSA conducted using an outside agency that did not use the BSA's name, but the methods and goals , to see if girls should be allowed. This was to show that the General Population was in favor of a coed outdoor program. Again,, could you show me where the
  25. If the surveys showed members were in favor of adding girls, then A) Why were the results of the MEMBERS (emphasis) survey never published, and B) Why did they exclude Western Region's LDS members , according to one note in mice type I saw at the beginning of the survey?
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