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    Privacy of Health Forms

    I agree with full medical disclosure for everyone, adults and youth alike. I had someone going into shock while taking him to the hospital. I wish I had the form with me to answer questions when I got to the hospital. Camp medic still had the form. I could not answer any thing they asked me, and he was not 100% there due to shock. Thankfully he was aware enough to give them a phone number and his parents were able to help. Compare that to when I had to got the the ER, my form answered a lot of their questions. As an adult who has taken responsibility for those forms for summer camp, I freely admit I go over every single one. I am making darn sure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. Had an incident one year where the parent did not approve the administration of over the counter drugs (Advil, Pepto-Bismal, etc). Thankfully they drove us to the camp and were still around to sign it. Otherwise no one would be able to give him anything if he got sick. I am not trying to find out anything, and in fact do not remember anything other than whether the things I am looking for are signed or not. Oh and to make sure we have all three parts ( one year a mom sent in only Parts A and B. Thankfully we had a physician in the troop who gave him a physical right before we left!) While I do see the day coming in which out the forms will no longer be needed, it won't happen for a while. With everything going to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), once the different systems are integrated into each other, anyplace you go you will have access to a patients records. As it is right now, any facility using the EPIC EMR has access to anyone who has an EPIC record. So if you are in California and go to the ER there, that ER has all of your EPIC records recorded from your primary care physician in South Carolina, and vice versa.
  2. Eagle94-A1

    Webelos - Participation as Den After the Cross

    I am with @ParkMan . I am against it, because I have seen Scouts participate in Cub siblings' events AS IF THEY ARE STILL CUB SCOUTS (emphasis) and those Scouts had major issues acting as Scouts at their own events. They still depended on adults and not try and take care of themselves. It slows down their development.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Women and siblings on campouts

    Can you provide more details?
  4. Eagle94-A1

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Sadly, the 63 old fogeys (60 Scouters and 3 Professionals) of the National OA COmmittee seem to be ignoring the youth as every single youth I have talked to HATED the new scripts (caps, bold, etc for emphasis). And if you are doing these ceremonies as the OA national requires you to use their new skits ceremonies. My chapter will no longer do those ceremonies. Correct National OA Committee no longer wants Native American references in the OA AOL and Cross Over Ceremonies. Still allowed for the rest of the ceremonies. HOWEVER many noted the absence of Native American ceremonies at the last NOAC shows. In fact the only reference to Native American culture was the AIA powwow and show. One of the challenges is that the OA has used NA images and references since 1915. And when it is done properly it is a thing of beauty that inspires and motivates. I had a troop working on Indian Lore borrow my regalia and did one of the old scripts, leaving out references to OA. You could literally hear a pin drop at the meeting because everyone was interested in the "Indians." Try keeping Lions and Tigers quiet and paying attention for 20-30 minutes!
  5. Eagle94-A1

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Looks like folks in my neck of the woods are asking individuals to do these ceremonies as NO ONE (emphasis) like the new national scripts and the local chapter refuses to due them as they are embarrased just reading them. I am a Southern Straight dancer and was just asked if I could do a ceremony for an event.
  6. Eagle94-A1

    They are MY Scouts.

    Question for the long time Scouters out here, do you consider the Scouts you worked with YOUR Scouts even 5, 10, 20+ years after working with them? I mentioned a few months back how I had one Eagle come and stay with me a few days. He's a "Nomad," converting a UHaul truck into a mobile office and apartment. He's driving all over the US and I keep up via Facebook. Last time I saw him was 21 years ago. I visited another Eagle when I went home for a few days. Wasn't a long visit, but it brought back memories and we were able to catch up on folks we knew and had not heard from. Again it was 21 years since I last saw him. Last night it really hit. One of my Eagles got married, and I was at the wedding. At the reception, I ran into his dad, who also was an ASM with me. We spent over 20 minutes catching up, no only on what we have been doing, but also on our Scouts. We mostly discussed the good things in our Scouts' lives: graduations, marriages, jobs and promotions, children, etc. Negative events were not mentioned, but from the tone, we both keep up with those as well: divorces, deaths, etc. It seemed as if no matter where they go, or how old they become, we both consider them "My Scouts."
  7. Eagle94-A1

    Solutions to letters falling off?

    My wife embroiders. She did mine and two of the hoodlums shirts.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    Webelos - Participation as Den After the Cross Over

    Sadly, unless they are shooting at targets, it is not allowed. Unauthorized and Restricted Activities Q. Is laser tag an approved activity? A. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag, or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations. Please review additional information located in the Unauthorized and Restricted Activities section of the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  9. Eagle94-A1

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    Not just in an online forum. It is an extremely fine balancing act. Especially when you personally agree with the volunteers. Or have never been involved until hired. Extremely frustrating when policies are made by folks with academic credentials and no Scouting credentials.
  10. Eagle94-A1

    BSA definition of the Patrol Method

    Also, does anyone else find it coincidental that the Patrol Method truly died just before the introduction of girls into the program? After 108 years, we can no longer trust the boys?
  11. Eagle94-A1

    Lifeguard vs Aquatics Supervisor

    I know when I did the Aquatics Supervision courses, we were drilled on SSD and SA every day. For me and a few others 2x a day since we were taking both courses. But yes, skills are gone over and over. Lots of drills. For those with little to no experience it is great.For those with some experience, great refresher.
  12. Eagle94-A1

    BSA definition of the Patrol Method

    Sadly the Patrol Method is dead as of October 1, 2018. It was injured back in 2012 or thereabouts when National no longer permitted Patrols to camp on their own without adults. But the death knell was October 1, 2018 when the new YP policies went into effect that require 2 adults over 21 to be in attendance.
  13. Eagle94-A1

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    With all due respect, having 2 adults over 21 attending patrol day activities is indeed new. Prior to October 1st, 2018, patrols could do patrol day activities WITHOUT ANY ADULTS (emphasis). So having 2 adults over 21 attend patrol meetings, hikes, field trips, etc is new, and as I stated goes against 108 years of policy. Also something not covered by the FAQs: What happens if the MBC is in the 18-20 year old range? Will 2 adults over 21 be required, whether both registered or 1 registered and 1 parent? That is indeed a serious question and one I am being asked about by a troop.
  14. Eagle94-A1

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    The reason why there is confusion is the below found here https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/yp-faqs/#as Adult Supervision Q: The Barriers to Abuse say that there must be two registered adults present for all Scouting activities and meetings. Does that include merit badge counseling? Fund-raising events? A. Yes. However, the parent or legal guardian of the Scout may serve as the second adult. This parent or legal guardian does not have to be a registered leader. The question then arises, if parents counts towards MB counseling and fundraising, why not other events? Also as others have pointed, the new policy goes against 109 years of BSA Policy.
  15. Eagle94-A1

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    It used to depend on the script(s) that the OA was using. Some of the scripts I've used had the OA do both ceremonies. Some scripts has the OA do all of the AOL, and worked with the SPL/Troop for the Cross Over. And a few scripts had the OA do all of the AOL, then turn over the Cross Over Ceremony to the Scouts. With the new skits ceremonies, I agree, they can be done by anyone. With the old ceremonies, there was something special about having the OA show up in regalia, and the sash was part of that ceremonial regalia. I know when the Indian Lore MB students came and did my youngest son's AOL ceremony, it was so quiet yo could hear a pin drop! Everyone was paying attention.
  16. Eagle94-A1

    Lifeguard vs Aquatics Supervisor

    Actually the BSA Aquatics Supervision courses are valid for 15+ year olds as well. The reason why I recommend BSA Lifeguard to youth and young Scouters is that there is a demand for lifeguards, especially at college pools. I know once I finished my Work Study Hours, instead of being layed off until next semester, I kept working, and getting to keep my pay. Another reason for 15-17 year olds to get BSA Lifeguard is that under some federal OSHA laws, you got to be 18+ to work waterfronts. I am told that is one reason why many Scout camps are building pools. It also explains why basic lifeguard certifications no longer deal with waterfronts, and you have to take the Waterfront Aquatics advance cert courses. Talking to someone who was on the national aquatics committee, I was told the Aquatics Supervision courses were created so that units had folks with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to take their units on the water since BSA Lifeguard is more pool/ formal swim area oriented.
  17. Eagle94-A1

    How many freebie meeting visits?

    You need to make sure the paperwork is completed. Not only for youth, but also adults. My wife put in 3 or 4 applications to be a Webelos ADL. Did YPT, had a uniform, etc. There was an incident on one of the "Go See Its," and she ended up in the lake, pulling a guy out, and beginning CPR. Long story short, while filling out the paperwork for the Heroism Award, we discovered she was not registered. Regarding someone not being on the charter, had something like that happen to one of my Scouts. It affected him when he went to apply for Eagle.
  18. Eagle94-A1

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    I said it when the new YPT rules came out, and I will say it again, the new rules have killed the Patrol Method.
  19. Eagle94-A1

    Green Bar Bill bio?

    ABOUT BLOODY TIME! 😃 This is one requirement change I agree with.
  20. Eagle94-A1

    Green Bar Bill bio?

    I just wish they would include him in Scouting Heritage MB. IMHO me had a heck of a lot more influence on Scouting than Phillips and some others. Pluse he saved Scouting. I just hope that a bio is written the info is correct. If the WB history has the error that he was the 1st CD for WB in the US at Schiff, instead of being a "Dogbody" or SPL, they may be problems.
  21. Eagle94-A1

    Privacy of Health Forms

    Health forms or no trips. Seriously it is a health and safety issue. I've been on a camp out where the binder with the forms did not come with us by accident. The SM was the only one with access, and he didn't go. Just happened that I had to take a Scout to the immediate care. Luckily it was a local camp out, and we met mom there. Never again. As for disposing of out of date forms, I have access to a shredbox at work.
  22. Eagle94-A1

    Sea Scouting

    Since we are telling sea stories 😁 Of the ASMs who got me interested in Sea Scouts was a Quartermaster. His Sea Scout Ship was at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek , VA and needed a vessel. Somehow, they got a hold of a WWII PT boat IF they could get it seaworthy and USCG approved. Oh and they had to pick it up in Maine. The Sea Scouts, without any adults taking along, went up to Maine, spent 3 weeks repairing her and getting her USCG approved. Then they spent a week or two cruising down the eastern seaboard from Maine to Little Creek, VA. His stories got me interested in Sea Scouts.
  23. Eagle94-A1

    Sea Scouting

    Yes, quite aware. I was an Ordinary Sea Scout. Mixed. My ship was not a traditional ship. While I learned a lot and had some fun, It did not meet my expectations. Sadly they were the only ship within 50 miles of where I lived. If I had known how good the next ship over was, I would have driven the 2 hours round trip for their meetings ( usually 4-5 hours on a Saturday every two weeks. Sailing of course) Their ship had the first Quartermasters in my council in a number of years, and a National Boatswain came out of that ship. Yes. Growing up, Somewhat. We had Scout Shows, and the Sea Scouts there would gravitate towards my troops event. We had two pioneering towers connected with a Boatswain's Chair to create a ride, Closest the Cub Scout pack did was when I would wear my old Sea Explorer/Scout uniforms when we stayed aboard the USS YORKTOWN. Since 1912! Older than the OA.
  24. Eagle94-A1

    2018 Membership numbers are in

    Actually I read somewhere that National predicted a 2% increase in Cub Scouts in 2018 with the addition of girls.
  25. Eagle94-A1

    SM Preventing 1st-Years From Being On Ballot

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN MY OLD TROOP! (emphasis, not shouting) SM and several ASMs tried to work with the "squeaky wheel parents." Each compromise of the standards emboldened those parents more and more until all standards DID go away. The Scouts complaining as well as me and several other Scouters complaining did no good to change the situation. Only with my sons and I leaving did things change. More likely because it almost set off a stampede of the dissatisfied Scouts.