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  1. Are you defining conservative literally or by political view? When I think of conservatism today I mainly think of the anarchy on the right and totalitarianism on the left diagram. Obviously things are not that simple.
  2. I was stating facts not the right or wrongness of it. I also said to look up why it was that way. You can look at it through a modern day lens and ignore the situation at the time.
  3. Here is part of your original statement "our country was also once founded on the idea that only white males mattered" This is pure hogwash. While I can accept the above as your opinion of the state of the founding of the country their are no facts to back it up. As you say above the constitution did not say who was eligible to vote. So if that's true your other statement is obviously false. If you had said male landowners then you might have a leg to stand on. And it might also help to do a little research as to why before ascribing a fallacious reason for said ru
  4. Grow tired of misinformation such as the above. Quit stating opinion as fact
  5. I’m confused. You had to take your son to a non lds troop to get a great experience but if the church allowed girls you could take her to the lds scout program to get that same experience. Am I misinterpreting something.
  6. You can act however you want. So can I. We actually agree on the inevitability of scouts going coed. I just don't think it is a good idea and will continue to say so.
  7. That is some strange revisionist history there. I suggest you look up what states first allowed women to vote and maybe look into something called the U.S. civil war.
  8. I agree to a point. Life requires interaction between men and women. But as you pointed out kids already have ample places to learn in a coed environment. Boy Scouts has been one area where boys could be together as boys. Now that is no longer available in your country through scouts. Are there any other groups in the UK that are all girls or boys? This is a bit off topic but I saw an article the other day where women are renting a women only office area. Men are not allowed to rent space there. Apparently even some adults want gender segregation. Thanks for the video.
  9. The problem I have is you are not respecting others opinions. You don't have to agree with them, but when you say "Instead of fearing that girls are going to ruining Boy Scouting, work with the girls to create really strong co-ed troops." you are assigning a motive of fear to people and telling people to align themselves to how you feel. As far a moving on go ahead. I am certainly unable to stop you from doing that.
  10. Look at my other comments. It is hard not to see the writing on the wall. I believe Boy Scouts will soon be coed. It will start with cub scouts then eventually happen in scouts. National will roll over at the first sign of a lawsuit over gender segregation. Some girl will not be allowed to join because not enough girls are available and she will want to join the boys. This is exactly what happened with wrestling at several schools in Utah this year.
  11. Maybe they want to hang around other boys and now they won’t be able to. I know if I was in this situation I would look elsewhere. I guess we will see if others feel the same. The problem will be if that happens you can’t go back and bring those boys back in.
  12. Hopefully things continue to work for you.
  13. So if they are not free to be themselves around boys then when are they free to be themselves? In an average situation is a boy going to feel more free around another boy or another girl? How about is a girl going to feel more free around another girl or a boy? i believe they are more comfortable with their own gender. Is this always the case? No. I do believe it is the case the majority of the time. I must admit though that I don’t have any research data on the subject though. I will try to see if any is available and if so supports or contradicts my view.
  14. Take a look at your post. Does it seem a bit condescending? Show a little respect for others opinions even if you disagree. As for as moving on, yeah you are probably right.
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