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  1. Saltface

    Where would you go?

    My local Trail Life troop doesn't seem that much different than BSA in function. (To be honest, it was previously a BSA troop and pack. I can see that affecting their program.) The troop charges $50/yr. in dues plus camping expenses. Officially, you have to be trinitarian christian to join as an adult but all youth are welcome. Unofficially, I don't think this troop is too much of a stickler on the triune detail. I've tried to visit my local BPSA group a few times, but no luck. I think this particular unit might be foundering.
  2. Scouting Wire email with a link to here: https://scoutingwire.org/call-to-action-for-scouts-to-help-take-on-bullying-during-national-bullying-prevention-month/
  3. Speaking from my own experience, wearing a scout uniform to school is much more effective at attracting bullies than it is at preventing bullying. When I read this email announcement, the cynic in me whispered that this is just a marketing ploy wrapped up in virtue signalling.
  4. Saltface

    Camp Strake

    Interesting COPE hexagon thing. What is the round red and black object?
  5. Saltface

    possible fee increase coming

    I wouldn’t do it either, but there were enough suckers/knot seekers in my last district to maintain a $500 per year pay-to-play culture.
  6. Saltface

    possible fee increase coming

    Now that we're already off-topic , how common is it for district-level volunteers to be expected to donate a certain amount in order to maintain their position?
  7. Saltface

    Advice for a new wood badger

    A moment of silence for the starry-eyed young scouter who evidently didn't survive the game of life.
  8. On behalf of National Council, I'm aghast that scouts and scouters would think it okay to point firearm shaped objects (FSOs) at human shaped objects (HSOs).
  9. Saltface

    Whip that rope!

    I've played with it a few times. If I need (or have time for) a better whipping than a common whipping, I prefer going straight to a sailmaker's whipping (ABoK 3446 for you knot nerds). There's a lot more friction holding the whipping on.
  10. Saltface

    What constitutes a "public meeting"?

    My mistake. I was talking about Communication but I see now that SteveMM was referring to Citizenship in the Community.
  11. Saltface

    What constitutes a "public meeting"?

    Yeah, obviously in person is better. But most city council and school board meetings are rubber stamp affairs in which you'll probably hear just one point of view presented (if any at all). Would you require a scout to continue attending public meetings for several weeks or months until a debate occurred?
  12. Saltface

    What constitutes a "public meeting"?

    I believe the intent of the Communication requirement is to experience a public debate. As much as I would enjoy listening to a 45 minute diatribe on what species of grass should be planted in the common areas, I doubt an HOA meeting would have a debate of any real substance. If a scout can't attend a city council or school board meeting in person, my PBS station frequently hosts debates on local issues. I've accepted reports on that before.
  13. And to know what to do when it kicks in. Most drug abusers aren't too happy when you ruin their fix.
  14. Saltface

    Ten "Essentials" for the urban hike...

    A knife is useful anywhere you can legally possess it.
  15. Is this all that GS leaders are complaining about when they say that GSUSA makes it really hard to go camping?