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  1. Just what were these highly trained folks planning on doing with their training?
  2. 11 years later, I'd like to know too.
  3. Judging by the recommendations made here, I'd say the only hard and fast rules of summer camp would be to not do the Citizenships or other "classroom" merit badges at camp. Our regular camp is a mile higher in elevation than our town. No one in their right mind does Swimming there. Too cold. Invariably, the camp is under total fire restrictions when we're there. How the scouts complete Cooking there (other than the cooking at home) is beyond me. I doubt they're getting the full benefit of the badge. A lot of first-years have difficulty scoring enough points to complete Archery or Shotgun Shooting. They're really popular merit badges, so there's too much waiting in line for range time. First Aid, Emergency Prep, Leatherwork, and Astronomy are my two cents.
  4. Saltface


    The nameplate is not required. Most folks don't even have one.
  5. Saltface

    Scouting in Central Africa

    What does the G2SS say about terrorists?
  6. Saltface

    Protect Yourself Rules - New Training

    Does this mean there is also a Protect Yourself Rules merit badge in the works? You were at the BSA national meeting, everything said there gets a positive reception from the attendees. My two cents is to make it required but please, please, please don't make it an adventure.
  7. And those who have heard it before couldn't sing past "Day is done, gone the sun..." before starting to mumble.
  8. Frequently, we separate the canton from the stripes and the stripes from each other. The symbolism is that the stripes (colonies) can be divided but the canton (union) should never be divided. If we have a large number of flags to retire, we might do this with just the first one and retire the others intact in a dignified way ...by burning as specified by Flag Code. Can we start arguing about the proper way to conduct a flag ceremony now?
  9. Saltface

    Scout injured by catapulted potato sues

    @MattR I don’t trust the average journalist to get the technical details right, but a “makeshift slingshot” sounds more like an onager, ballista, or water balloon launcher to me. If the scout were blinded in one eye, I think his lawyer would have harped on it: “disability, injuries, and disfigurement.” But what do I know? The full details of these kinds of events are seldom made public knowledge. I don’t understand your trebuchet. Why was your throwing arm being stretched?
  10. Saltface

    Scout injured by catapulted potato sues

    https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/Outdoor Program/pdf/30931_WB.pdf It's on pgs. 99-101 but don't read it. Doing so will only bring sorrow.
  11. Saltface

    Scout injured by catapulted potato sues

    Clearly, we need to update the sports merit badge. Playing baseball without full face helmets, safety goggles, and flak jackets is just too dangerous.
  12. I think most countries retire the flag through incineration (eg. Mexico, Argentina, UK). The hard part about finding flag protocol for other countries is that it's usually in another language. Argentina has a pretty robust flag code. Google translate butchers the text but you can get the idea: https://translate.google.com.ar/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.gob.gba.gov.ar/legislacion/legislacion/l-14438.html&prev=search. Trivia: they applaud the flag instead of saluting it when it passes. If I remember correctly, the US flag folding pattern is by custom, not by law.
  13. Saltface

    Pioneering Campout

    Makes sense. We always launch lemons out of our trebuchet. I believe aiming them at other patrols would be frowned upon.
  14. Saltface

    Pioneering Campout

    Careful, you're approaching blasphemous territory. At one time, merit badges were specifically about proficiency. From the Jan. 1913 Boys Life: https://books.google.com/books?id=3JVqekZbzz8C&lpg=PP1&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false (page 16) Personally, I'd rather a Scout be an expert at all the requirements up to First Class than have two silver palms.
  15. Saltface

    Scout dies hiking Picacho Peak (AZ)

    Shade is another big issue on this mountain. There isn't a lick of it on Sunset Trail once the sun has cleared the ridgeline. Actually, there is one tree. A SAR friend of mine refers to it as the death tree because that's where they always find the unfortunates.