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  1. "Professional" Compensation Package Cut

    I know this is off-topic, but what can you tell us about these service pods?
  2. I was expecting more posts like this. I've camped at a city park next to a small municipal airport less than five miles from home. We made jokes about whether it required a tour plan. It wasn't so much a camping trip as a really awesome overnight Aviation MB clinic. Unfortunately, we got to hear planes landing all night long.
  3. Mythical Monsters and Ghosts in the Woods

    I know a guy who knows a guy (see how that works) that had an encounter with the Mogollon Monster, at a scout camp nonetheless. I wish I remembered the story better, but it basically goes like this: He was on staff at Camp Geronimo, which is right on the Mogollon Rim. He and a buddy were out hiking and found two weird bone-like objects as they were returning to camp. They picked them up and were examining them when they heard a growl or a yell several yards away. They saw a dark hairy hominid and bolted, carrying the objects with them. For the next few nights, they would hear noises of something scuffling around their cabin but didn't see anything. One day, the bones disappeared from their cabin (which they never locked) and they never heard or saw anything again. As for myself, all I've ever found was a muddy, large footprint running across the trail up Mt. Baldy. Unfortunately, no one had a camera (it was the 90s). And here's one that isn't mythical: http://arizonaoddities.com/2010/03/the-legend-of-red-ghost/
  4. What do you mean by "men" and "manly"?

    You're looking for the section "What Scouting Means" in Chapter 1 of the Scout Handbook, first edition. It's also the home of my favorite statement on Scouting: "To be a scout means to be prepared to do the right thing at the right moment, no matter what the consequences may be."
  5. Family Scouting Survey Results

    @@hicountry I thoroughly agree that National made their decision quite some time ago. As evidence, I submit the cover of the latest Scouting Magazine. I just wanted to verify that I wasn't part of some minority that got overlooked in the surveying before I start ranting about it on social media.
  6. Co-ed scouting overseas

    Why do they have to wait to join? Are you restricted on the size of your group? I've heard the complaint that girls dominate the youth leadership in Scouts Canada troops (but I can't find my source right now). Do you see the same thing occurring in the UK?
  7. It's probably enough of a problem everywhere that they used it as the example (I may have conflated the two, my SPL might not have said anything about cameras). If they could have identified the perp, I would have reacted the same way as you.
  8. Unfortunately, "showrooms" might be the correct term here. There's a growing problem at my council camp with boys pulling open shower curtains and taking pictures. Unfortunately the perpetrators are seldom apprehended or punished. Fortunately, recent membership policy changes will diminish this type of behavior, right?
  9. Summer camp seems to be the biggest problem that the local option crowd is either ignoring or unaware of. Regardless of your own troop's policy, you're going to be affected. Attending a council camp used to mean a week away from girls, electronics, and other distractions, now you only get this if you hold your own camp.
  10. Family Scouting Survey Results

    But in the end, your council did have a townhall, correct? What region are you in?
  11. With the flurry of comments on various websites about BSA's announcement today, I'm seeing two major groups starting to take form: 1) I took the survey and support National's decision. 2) Whoa, what survey? I wish someone had told me about the survey, I would have said no. I myself watched the video and requested a survey, but only because someone smuggled the URL onto this forum. Neither Grand Canyon Council nor my district therein held any kind of public meetings or townhalls on the matter. With Arizona's conservative slant, I can see most scouters here opposing the change. So I'm curious to know what areas were actually polled. Where are you and were you "legitimately" surveyed?
  12. is it time?

    Why less likely?
  13. LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    Wait! Do you mean that you can turn in an Eagle application prior to the day before your 18th birthday? I've seen plenty of those from LDS youth. They do participate in Scouting, just not very much. They'll attend a merit badge clinic that they missed when they were younger, help with other Eagle projects, etc. As their priesthood quorum IS their team or crew, they use leadership positions in the quorum for POR requirements (the two aren't terribly different).
  14. LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    I believe there are a handful of non-LDS Varsity units in my council. I don't see the program surviving next year and most migrating over to Venturing in order to keep doing high-adventure activities. How do traditional scout troops handle activites with age restrictions such as caving or using power tools?
  15. LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    That hasn't happened yet? My COR attended a call out once. He's a professional archaeological specializing in American Indians. Fortunately, he found the regalia more amusing than offensive. It appeared to him something like this: