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  1. Saltface

    Fitness Goals for Scouters

    I disagree. As a Scouter, I should take the Oath as seriously now as I did as a Scout (if not more so). If I don’t try to stay physically strong, how can I expect it of the Scouts I’m associating with? I emphasize try because not all of us are at our preferred level of fitness, myself included.
  2. Saltface

    Tell me about backpacks.

    Take your sleeping bag out of the compression sack and stuff it unrolled into your backpack's main compartment while you're loading everything else. That way, it can fill the voids between other items or suspend them higher up for better weight distribution. Think of it like packing material.
  3. Saltface

    Alternative Camping Structures

    My CC owns a couple teepees that we drag out for longer camping events. They take a solid hour to set up but they’re very weatherproof and can fit about ten to twelve people. They also gather a few oohs and aahs from onlookers.
  4. Not to pour gas on the fire, but I don’t see how a computer system could glitch like that. An incompetent user, sure. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus, maybe. A software bug or hardware error somehow successfully submits a youth application, highly suspect.
  5. Saltface

    Qualities of an Eagle

    I haven’t read Game of Thrones, but I did have to read it twice while banjo music played in my head.
  6. That’s the program I’d like to know more about.
  7. Saltface

    Qualities of an Eagle

    A scout should live up to the things he believes. If he makes a mistake, he corrects his course and stays on that course. By staying on a corrected course, he demonstrates scout spirit. If the newly minted father were in my troop, I would ask him to wait awhile before pursuing advancement. If I were to sit on an EBOR for some other scout, I would ask him (it would be more of a discussion, not a point blank question) to explain how he believes his actions are in harmony with a scout being clean and reverent.
  8. Regardless of religion, they’ll be able to transfer over the same as @fred johnson described. Just let them know what documentation you accept as authoritative for their advancement records. They should also know what your dues are (LDS troops don’t have them).
  9. Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels (just kidding). Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling.
  10. Saltface

    Council Merger

    I don't yet have a link to share, but Grand Canyon Council will be absorbing Catalina Council next year. This will put most of the state of Arizona in one council (Las Vegas, San Diego-Imperial, and Great Southwest nip out a few of the edges).
  11. Saltface

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Please tell me that this is sarcasm.
  12. Saltface

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    National: Yeah, BSA has reached rock bottom and begun to dig. But here’s a pair of socks!
  13. Saltface

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    We’re still waiting on the details.
  14. Saltface

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Yes. Also a facilities rental fee. I don’t know if things like watercraft and firearms are included or not.
  15. Saltface

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    One of our council camps is offering two LDS sessions. These would be de facto boy only. The council will provide dining facility staff and some senior staff members, the troops will have to find their own MBCs and plan their own programs. I haven't heard of any takers. We'll be doing our own summer camp.