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  1. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Not bad. I don't carry it every single day, but friends have referred to my backpack as a man purse: homemade first aid kit, Tigers Milk bars, primary fire starter, para-cord and line, larger multi-tool (I carry a Micra in my pocket), whistle, LED glow stick, secondary fire starter, P-38 can opener, bandanna, emergency poncho, space blanket (which it turns out, are re-packable), tertiary fire starter, MRE drink powder, and flattened roll of toilet paper; among other things.
  2. Saltface

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Are these all services DEs are supposed to provide? My current troop has been through three or four DEs (possibly more) with little interaction. From what I've read, DEs are supposed to help with starting new units, coordinate FOS, promote scouting in the community, and perform some arcane ritual over Eagle applications so that National can accept them. The only time I've contacted one was to get a list of email addresses. It may be because I'm in an LDS troop in an LDS district with a surfeit of volunteers, but all the functions you listed are done by district volunteers.
  3. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    If it's legal, why does Scouts UK discourage every-day carrying?
  4. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    If cell phones ever stopped having built-in flashlights, I would probably start carrying a tiny headlamp. Now that I have one easily available, I use it almost every day (just like my knife). One of my favorite What-If questions: If men carried purses, what would be in yours?
  5. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Seat belts and life jackets don't curtail the adventure. This mentality of risk avoidance is more akin to "no running on the playground" or "category 2 rapids only."
  6. Saltface

    LDS girl wants to be a scout - BSA or GSUSA

    Whatever the new program will be, I don't doubt it will be as involved and time-consuming as Scouting. The lucky Mormons are the ones that only have to attend three hours of church.
  7. "The Boy Scout program is for youth who are 11 years old, are at least ten years old and have finished the fifth grade, or are at least ten years old and have earned the Arrow of Light rank as a Cub Scout." I know a ten year-old that started attending the EYO patrol after getting his Arrow of Light. It gave the Primary presidency fits, but they didn't stop him.
  8. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    http://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/1515/what-is-the-scout-policy-on-the-use-of-knives As the most functional and convenient tool to carry, a knife is the right arm of Being Prepared. When this policy change came out, did it not cause a stir row?
  9. Why won't he be able to finish? Technically, can't you wait until June 6th to start? (Which would be a terrible idea).
  10. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I was talking about accidental amputations, but that works too.
  11. Saltface

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    What if 90% of each boy comes home?
  12. Overall, this new YPT gave me the creeps. I would prefer to be taught how to recognize the warning signs without being given step-by-step instructions on how to be a pedophile.
  13. Saltface

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    That price doesn't look right at all. That shirt looks like the first iteration of the new uniforms. They weren't that great. Mine started wearing out in odd spots.
  14. Saltface

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    To be accurate, everyone here wears uniforms to Camporee, merit badge clinics, weekly meetings, breakfast and dinner at summer camp, and service projects that don't involve paint. You might say it really is a dress uniform. I'd feel rather foolish telling the Scouts that cotton kills people, then expecting them to wear it on a snow camp out or backpacking trip.