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  1. (I have no way of knowing if this message will be posted) Sunday, May 27, 2018 It is with extreme regret that I after 3,600 posts and 6 years I am ended my association with Scouter.com because I disagree with the recent heavy handedness of the Moderators. I have recently been disciplined and my content erased for an unknown specific issue both Kafkaesque and Orwellian. To all the folks I have met over the years and agreed/disagreed with thank you. The discussions here greatly aided my ‘work’ as a scout leader and was personally rewarding. I have personally met a few folks passing throu
  2. Sue Nunn's Scoutmaster MB course at Woodruff SR was like that.
  3. So will we have a "Linked Lodge"? Or will the youth be (wait for it)...."Co-Ed". (cue music)
  4. Many of this saw this coming but we keep getting told that "no, no, no changes no co-ed". The meeting requirement will be a problem for some patrols...our best patrols just get together and meet in addition to Troop meetings...which is exactly what we want them to do.
  5. Good topic. Son#2 just had his (delayed for a buddy) ECOH Sunday* and has well aged out. I am attached to few of the older boys and show up for the old pep talk and sign offs but seem to have less and less reason to be there. Mrs Turtle, understandably, is asking me after 10 years what is my next step. Someone already tapped me on the shoulder to be a DC, someone else to do EBOR duty at the District. Hits just as the nest is emptying. It is hard as I probably identify as a Scouter as much as anything else in my life. How does one stay connected but keep in balance? Feel a bit like a traitor if
  6. I did like the line "Never trust anyone who likes your kids more than you do". BTW I do plenty of other youth based activities and none of them required this (thus far).
  7. Taking the online training today....awfully long...site is overly complicated to work with. I think the demands of sitting through this is going to cause a loss of registered leaders. Again, good content...just too long.
  8. Lief Ericson explorer, Boy Scout*, Coffee achiever. *post humus, honorary
  9. You got me there. I am holding my breath on the UMC Central Conference in Africa vote on Skorts vs. Skirts.
  10. I wouldn't dismiss anybody...you don't want to attract attention as a problem. I have known different receptions at different places by different RC bishops. It mostly boiled down to if the bishop had been a scout and had fond memories of it.
  11. Yes and the UMW is very liberal. It is quite a mixed salad of directions. At our church the men's group was always hostile to the scouts (too much dinged up furniture) while the women love us. The irony was the complaints went away when the men's groups died off and the church rolled their remaining funds to the troop. The women support us on a regular basis and chip in now and again as the boys look smart in their uniforms and provide labor for this and that.
  12. The Catholic Church has many, many organizations, groups, and orders that are sometimes aligned with Rome and sometimes not. Surprisingly diverse. Just get a group of Priests, Nuns, and Monks together and you will find out. The United Methodist Church (which is a CO of many units) has multiple Scouting oversight groups but no one in our UMC sponsored Troop ever recalls a single contact, letter, or brochure since we have been around since 1955. The United Methodist Men has this: http://www.gcumm.org/scouting/ They mostly like any group.They seem to parrot whatever National says.
  13. Office of greetings with a paper letter and an through the webpage that was suggested by the Senator's office.
  14. I do not know why BSA would be immune to the splitting of society that is taking elsewhere at shared institutions. This is part of that process.
  15. help help i'm lost down the rabbit hole.... BSA is making decisions based on polling trends, membership numbers, money, and occasionally marketable tradition and scout nostalgia. If the overwhelming majority of boys wanted a heavily Christ centered youth camping anti-gay experience then by gum National would find away to capture them. But looking at programs like Trail Life and American Heritage Girls that is not what most youth or families seem interested in. The CO overlay is a bit of a 'fudge' to shift liability away from National to some CO's. For some boys the wishy washy BSA hi
  16. To walk back the discussion...while I doubt BSA is going to un-ring the bell Mr Graham's comments may apply enough pressure on National to resist dropping the final 'G' for a while. I think it is pretty important (I have organized and led a few Scout's own at camp and events) but does not seemed to be shared by many in the membership. I do know a local very large Catholic church strongly considered dropping their GSUSA and BSa charters in lieu of a new creation but backed off when they discovered it was too hard to recruit enough parent leaders. So they will keep the status quo for now. I
  17. Yes you have to accept the limitations of the youth movement and your Troop or leave if your conscience dictates you to do so. I have members of my immediate family that feel the same way. We have an ecumenical Troop and it is a fine line to walk. When we do it right our members feel comfortable expressing their religious beliefs respectfully.
  18. You have to decide was the intent malicious and self-serving or just scout-stupid with unintended (safety) consequences? Scouts do stupid all the time. He has to do a re-start anyway. Separate the boy's project from the parents issue. This is pretty speculative advice. Was this a dock or walkway or deck or structure? Who did he lie about meeting with? The SM, the beneficiary, or some engineer? Did the parent encourage him? Has he poisoned his relationship with the beneficiary? Re-starting a project, redoing the paperwork approval process, or even starting a completely new
  19. Sorry about having a mess. IMHO It seems a re-start was appropriate and good risk management--you are doing the lad a favor. Cutting corners in requirements and lying about it has potentially bigger consequences later in life. Better now then when the project is completed. Why did he do it? Seems like some "Scout Spirit" talk with the SM should be in order. The parents should back off-no scouter is getting paid to do this stuff and no boy is entitled to an eagle. If they REALLY have an issue transfer to a new troop and finish up there. Good luck with that. I do not think it is enough
  20. He is not his father. One of his father's favorite verses: He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30). And he was very humble and accepting of all people while standing his ground. @LegacyLost it is still a free country. You are allowed to take your marbles, and children, elsewhere--good luck and good bless. Some of us will continue the good fight from where we stand. I do not understand why you even came on this forum? Join Trail Life or come up with something better.
  21. Military types seem to be the best about sending a note--I think a lot of ex-scouts.
  22. Thanks. The previous two administrations seemed faster on this. My cheeky son sent requests to the President as well as the Special Council and saved opposite pages in his scrap book for them LOL.
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