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  1. Good Lord. It was a nicely worded question she could either answer or not. You guys need a consistency filter because you sure don't apply rules evenly.
  2. Spot on. And notice I used the term "adult Scouter". I did that purposely so as not to imply "parents" were needed at ANY Boy Scout or Venturing function. Scouting in those two programs need the MINIMUM of adult leaders around...EVER!! We don't need mom or dad the parent. We don't need sister Susie or brother Johnny.
  3. Actually, I was addressing your comments about chauvinistic male leaders when I said the girls will lose out. @Stosh is exactly right when he says the boys will lose out. I suspect he's talking about the degradation of the single-sex Scouting program that has been so successful, and the erosion of places where guys can go to "be guys" without people thinking that's a bad thing. If you think the "new parents" (I assumed you imply these are the parents of girls) will suddenly sign up, then you and I have two TOTALLY different experiences in Scouting. Whether incoming guys or girls, whether Boy Scouts or Venturing, "new parents" avoid volunteering like the plague. The younger they are the more this is true (in my experience). I have yet to see, in over 13 years as an adult leader, a trickle (let alone stampede) of new parents joining to help. As for training and BSA's materials, again, things are lacking. Wood badge does nothing to help Scouters understand allowing the patrol method to work, grounding helicopter parents/leaders or in addressing the most common needs affecting troops and packs. The training materials discuss HOW to conduct a training session but not what to discuss. The last thing one wants it a YouTube Scouter teaching anything. There's the Scout Handbook. If that cannot be used to teach the program then we are in HUGE trouble. One thing bothers me in all of this. Your posts seems to rely a great deal on adult intervention. Maybe I am inferring too much. Maybe I'm not. The main role of adult leaders is to train the Scouts to do their jobs. Once they are trained it is the SCOUTS that teach TFC and such, not the adults. Adult leaders are around for health and safety or being MBCs. Anything more and, to steal from Jeff Foxworthy, "You might be a helicopter parent." Not saying "you" means you specifically...more the general "you" including all of us.
  4. Yeah, He Who Must Not Be Named. You can speak my name, I don't bite....hard. (Sorry Austin Powers).
  5. Paperwork does not make the REQUIREMENTS harder. And most units have adults to help the Scouts through the adult-developed paperwork maze. MBs earned in a day or a few hours. Parents emailing and texting leaders about requirements. The process was slower back then which made it harder. The Scout had to do everything themselves. Never heard of a helicopter parent unless they were actually pilots.
  6. Yeah new interface had me thrown too. I think it works when you click the + sign for each post you want to quote. In the lower right a "multi quote" box pops up (at least for me) and then you click that.
  7. No offense, but I have not seen a commissioner in 12 years. Looking at our district website we have 36 troops in our district and only 2 DCs. A larger number of packs and only 4 DCs for them. I know for a fact 2 of those 6 people are nearly immobile. The other four are so involved with their troops that they wouldn't have time to visit 5 units a year. If BSA is betting on DCs to pick up the slack they may want to count how many belly buttons they have in those roles who can actually do the job. I'll wager most districts have paper DCs only, if any. I know mine is like that, as are the surrounding districts.
  8. Five words that prove this thesis wrong: Merit Badge Universities Helicopter Parents MBs were much harder to get in the past. Scouts had to find and call counselors. No answering machines. You had to be diligent. Didn't have worksheets and Google to look up answers. I cannot recall a MB I completed in a week, let alone a day. My parents stayed out of my Scouting except for my dad. He was a TC Chair so he was in meetings are the time, but he stayed WAY out of my way. My mom would not have known where to start with helping me, but she would not have stuck her nose in my business either. She wanted me to grow and Scouting was the way. Those five words above have literally paved the way for kids to rocket through Scouting. Add in evolution in technology and communications, and these kids have it far easier.
  9. Money

    Apparently they are still charging $15. Someone should register and hold them to this publicized amount.
  10. I was wondering when this old chestnut would come back. And ironically we just received today the response from our superintendent about the whole Scouts-in-Schools issue. Guess what? In his estimation the BSA and our school district's missions are "not 100% compatible"...whatever that means. Also, "...allowing Boy Scouts to charter with, and use ABC Schools, without having to pay for their use would put the district at a further financial disadvantage." He went on to say, "While the district supports Scouting, we cannot act as sponsors or hold the charter of any non-district organizations. All third party organizations are welcome to use available school resources according to availability and fee-for-use." So where I live the local district has essentially said "No Thanks" to Scout units unless we want to pay to use their facilities. So much for BSA making all these changes with the hopes that schools would open their doors again. Oh, and a local pack that *is* recruiting girls was kicked off of school grounds for doing so, even though they had district permission. What fun!!
  11. I got a $75,000 one year contract with a $50,000 bonus per unit I act as unit lead for. That's $175,000/year plus benefits. Not bad in the end.
  12. Philmont 2019

    That's near the end of July, right. If the monsoons are done by then it can get hot depending on where you are. Be prepared for that. You will know better the closer you get. The bears down here are cuter and more cuddly than the ones in your neck of the woods.
  13. Sexism of ANY kind is an issue. Many men here experienced this firsthand trying to volunteer as leaders in GSUSA, only to be treated as if we were convicted pedophiles because of our sex. We've also seen our fellow males treating female leaders as second class leaders and stepping in to call the men out on their actions, so no need to pontificate here. I disagree though about the "He-man Woman Haters" (that's for you @Stosh and @TAHAWK) being the ones who will have problems in this new coed environment. Those guys are entrenched in BSA and won't budge. The know so much and are usually the heavy lifters that if you got rid of them your district or council would grind to a halt. The real losers in this will be the girls. Why? Because the whole program for girls is being thrown together by a group of know-nothings. If units are "separate but equal" (meaning: boys in one troop, girls in another) you will need to replicate the entire boy-led, patrol method troop structure TWICE. That means TWICE the leaders or TWICE the work for the same leaders. Either way you have a big problem. Most current leaders are well beyond being tapped out and over-extended. I will be most of us here wear or wore about 5-10 different hats, be they at the unit, district or council level. I'd wager my 2018 pay checks that less than 5% will sign up for that extra, girls-only work. That means you have FIND and TRAIN a whole bunch of new leaders to run those all-girl units. If you've ever tried to recruit Cub or Boy Scout adult leaders you know exactly how hard that will be. I think the exacerbation you hear is from the collective (and considerable) experience in this forum knowing that BSA usually missed the mark BIG TIME when major change is involved. We are gearing up for that giant dung ball that will start rolling down hill in 2018...knowing it will land on our door step.
  14. Don't think Bugler counts for Eagle either. But point taken. "Assistant patrol leader and bugler are not approved positions of responsibility for the Eagle Scout rank. Likewise, a unit leader–assigned leadership project should not be used in lieu of serving in a position of responsibility."
  15. Well, unless they've changed the leadership requirement for Eagle recently, but leadership projects currently don't count for Eagle leadership positions.