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  1. Sad sign of the times

    Here's a 2013 study by the Obama administration that say otherwise.
  2. It was in our district. Not sure that we are doing anything special. It's not like we are going out and targeting men over women. We'd take anyone with a pulse to train them up. Maybe it is happenstance. Maybe it is because we are in Texas where guys (and gals) are big on the outdoors and just want to get outside. In Y-Guides I noticed a large number of the dads there who came over to Scouting volunteered in various forms. Most committee positions were held by moms. Of the 8 dens we had while I was in Cubs 5 were men and 3 were women. The CMs were men but the Pack Committee was nearly all women. The past two years during our Webelos recruitment camp out nearly all dens were run by mal DLs, but I did notice more female CMs than usual.
  3. Sad sign of the times

    Exactly the point. Banning and legalizing does little. When people want to do something bad enough they will find a way. The answer lies beyond the old fall backs of ban this or legalize that.
  4. Sad sign of the times

    I am sure the number of murderous sprees using an AR-15 are pretty low compared to other firearms. You ask any cop about gateway drugs like pot and violent crime and give him your statement above and he'd laugh out loud.
  5. Sad sign of the times

    Really? So people do pot never kill anyone while on pot? Never drive stoned and kill someone? Really? C'mon.
  6. Sad sign of the times

    Not the point, is it. But how many druggies have killed people to get their next fix?
  7. Barry I am not sure to what extend your research covers my area, but I can tell you based on my 12+ years locally: Most DLs are male. Most CMs are male. I would wager a good 60-70% of them. My district does an annual survey. I am looking at the last two years of data right now and easily 2/3 of all DLs are male. Our unit got together with three other units in our area back in 2010 and put together our own survey to pass around to all Webelos dens. It was online so we got about a 45% response rate which is great. The most popular thing taking kids away from Scouting were 1) select sports, 2) middle school activities (band, choir, orchestra, school sports), 3) school (e.g. need to study more, higher demand), 4) religious or other youth groups. I can appreciate your research but it is not even close to what my area has experienced.
  8. Sad sign of the times

    Why is it that people want to take guns away from legal use under the auspices that access to them is bad and leads to crime, but they use the opposite argument when pot is mentioned? Access to guns=bad. Access to pot=good. Either access to something is bad or good. You can't have it both ways...and be credible.
  9. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    The cost of going to Disney for a few days could cover going to a high adventure base. Most kids I know would rather do that than see the mouse. We stopped at DW on the way to Seabase one year, day trip. But to make a special trip? Doubt our PLC would even consider it. The cost for such a trip could be put to going to Alaska for HA, hiking the AT or doing white water on the Natahala.
  10. Not sure if mom or dad who doesn't have the camping experience. I have had a near equal measure of both. As to the 49% figure, one of the things in my area that impacts this rate are "select" or competitive sports. Right at 11 (or 6th grade), soccer and baseball select sports kick in. Practices are several times a week with a game at least once a week, usually on weekends. Since every parent thinks their kid is the next Messi or A-Rod, those on the fence about Scouting tend to lean toward sports...further pushed that direction by dad or mom (dad usually). The next decision point is high school (age 14) because they want to make JV or Varsity. The non-sporting kids -- the ones Scouting used to be able to get with little effort -- are in to choir, band or orchestra or some other school team. These groups used to have one busy season, but now it is all the time, all year. So now even the geeky kids are stepping away from Scouting. I don't think there's an easy culprit to pin the 49% number on.
  11. Sad sign of the times

    It's not just the NRA. You can take handguns and assault rifles out of circulation but that won't stop people determined to do harm. The NRA is the easy target (no pun intended). What about Hollywood and their role in desensitizing society with gratuitous violence? What about video game makers and their role? Schools? Degradation of the traditional family? Absentee parents? Lousy social programs? Drug proliferation? Crappy healthcare? Poor mental health screening? There's a whole host of things that lead to violence. Blaming the gun lobby is the easy way out. It could easily be pipe bombs made with 100% legally obtained stuff from Walmart or Home Depot. You going to go after them next? Change is needed. It may even start with gun control, but don't fool yourself that it's the answer. It isn't even the best answer.
  12. Yup, in such cases they know at least one candidate. We actually had that happen last year. The DC was on the ballot and one of the Lodge reps told three Webelos (just crossed over and their first meeting) that they couldn't vote. Our OA Rep overheard so the youth came and got me. I told the Lodge rep these were new Scout and entitled to a ballot (he disagreed but could not find it in the rules) so we had the boys vote. Yes, they were registered with the unit so they counted. Happy to say the DC needed those three votes and got in with just enough votes. Also happy to say that DC is now the OA Rep and leader of our ceremony team.
  13. Unless you're next to a screaming toddler on a Lufthansa flight. THEN it is all about the destination and not the journey! https://metro.co.uk/video/video-demonic-child-screams-eight-hour-flight-1628342/?ito=vjs-link
  14. Sad sign of the times

    Change will be hard. Even if we take up all the AR-15s and handguns lying around, kids could still make other things to cause harm. When people seek to do harm they will find a way whether it is a box cutter, pipe bomb or AR-15. We can take steps to eliminate some of the weapons but we will never get rid of all of them. For me the answer lies with family, faith, friendship and fairness.
  15. What's the most effective way to give feedback?

    Exactly! And it automatically updates and events or files that have been updated. All such updates are included in the eBlast announcement that goes out each week. The email lists are priceless too. We can target emails to OA or PLC (or whatever groups you create). It also allows the PLs to communicate with their patrol (and by default, also with parents too). I can honestly say that it has saved me tons of time. Couple that with Google Drive and Skype, we can collaborate whenever we need to. In fact, I was on a PLC Skype call last year and it was pretty cool. 10 kids and 4 adults. Got a lot done and the adults could still keep their day jobs.