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Major Change in Chartered Organization Relationship

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Wonder why something like this wasn't in the Churchill project? Also the old form used to require an annual sit down visit with the CO.    Never happened of course so the solution is  let's just

The answer to pretty much all of your questions is yes, the Church can do and decide all of those things if that is how they want to run their troop. The Chartering Organization, the Church in yo

For the most part, there was nothing unexpected. Some of my impressions: (1) The United Methodist Church remains very supportive of Boy Scouting and endorses the traditional chartered organizatio

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On 12/4/2020 at 10:56 AM, gpurlee said:

 We are clearly heading into a tipping point, probably more rapidly than most of us would have anticipated. This is a route to attempt to deal with the recommendations by conference attorneys that churches distance themselves from Boy Scouting. The irony here is that the program is probably the safest it has been in the past fifty years. 

Safe for the youth is minimal risk for harrassment or assault.   Safe for the Chartered Partner is **no** risk of losing money or assets by hosting an activity.  That’s all the more true when you think of local non profits, which tend to have few $$$ reserves. 

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The United Methodist Scouting ministries is doing an online presentation this Friday evening to further discuss the new chartered organization options for 2021. These are the ones that I mentioned at the beginning of this thread. 

It is my understanding that although this is focused on United Methodist Scouting, it is open to any interested Scouter. More information can be found at:


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Nevermind, I found proof

The new plan is that the COUNCIL OWNS THE UNITS.



There are a couple of chartering options with BSA. The first is an updated version of the current agreement. The church owns the ministry. They are still protected by the insurance through the BSA. It is explicitly spelled out.
The second addresses the concerns of some annual conference chancellors. The unit is chartered to the BSA local council. The unit then signs a facilities use agreement with the church. The council owns the unit. We support by offering a meeting place.
Councils have copies of the two agreements.


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10 minutes ago, David CO said:

This means the execs control the voting members of the council.  

At least some, yes. There will be the option for units to be chartered under the traditional model but there will be some number of units where the CO = Council, therefore the Council/Scout Exec will select the COR.

So, the execs will control SOME voting members.

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2 minutes ago, PACAN said:

If the council owns the unit, then they are the COR aren't they?

It is a new system, so we don't know yet. Maybe the will have a Council Organization Representative or a Chartered Unit Representative. We just don't know until it is rolled out. 

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