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  1. Our BS Troop has been successful with fund drives.  We now have a small Girls' Troop.   The Church Administrator is planning to take $4000 from the Troop funds to purchase gear for the Girls.   Is this right??

  2. Our Lutheran Church has charted the Boy Scout Troop for nearly 50 yrs. now. About 8 years ago, with some new Staff and some new Council members...none of whom were familiar with the Program, caught the word 'own' in the Charter, and nothing has been the same since. They actually almost did not renew the Charter at one point !....major chaos. This is a stellar Troop with about 30 Eagles and more on the way. Never a 'financial' crisis or incident...etc. But these few have over-done the concept of being 'responsible' for the Troop...at one point THEY were actually going to start running the Program...and more! For the second year in a row, we are now being asked to 'vote on' the Budget of the Troop at the annual Congregational Mtg..,..because we are 'responsible'. Now about 98 of the 106 voters last year were deemed to be totally unaware of the contents of a Troop Budget..WHY and WHAT...and how that budget was managed when funds were higher or lower than expected....yet they were asked to vote on a budget about which they knew nothing. Like I said...this year will be the second time in 50 years this is being done. I struggle with 'why' and the answer given is: because WE are responsible....that implies that the Troop Leadership is not. Is this uninformed, meaningless, paranoid action? WHAT if the Congregation ever voted down a Troop Budget?....unlikely, of course. If someone wanted to 'donate funds' directly to the Troop, the check has to run through the Church system in order for the donor to receive a tax-exempt receipt. I get that. But the Scoutmaster had to appear before the Finance Committee and tell them exactly how such funds were to be used before the Church Treasurer would deposit it into their account. is this normal or common? It seems to treat the Scout Leadership as if they were children. But still...is all this 'common' in Churches who carry Charters for Troops?
  3. I cannot fathom a Troop being able to do this. The liability alone is the biggest obstacle. And the Adult members come and go...a Board?
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