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  1. I noticed the same comment. I think that is a valid comment but challenging to attain, especially when the activity is more challenging such as overnight backpacking or winter tent camping which precludes many adults physically. Some troops seem to address it in part by maintaining a corps of recently "graduated" Scouts who want to continue ties with the unit. However, many of them are not age 21 yet.
  2. Interesting question. I did very detailed research of Boy Scouting in our community during that time period in the 1920's. Indiana was a hot bed of Klan activity. The governor, half the legislature and an estimated 30% of white male Hoosiers were Klan members. In many ways, the Klan was initially viewed as a fraternal and social organization. There were local instances in which a Klan member would walk down the aisle during a church service and present a financial gift to benefit the church or local organization. Sometimes the church leader who received the Klan donation was also a Boy Scout
  3. EagleDad - in response to your question: In our large midwestern council, it appears that we are looking at a potential 70% to 80% Cub membership loss. We are right in the middle of re-chartering and will not know for certain perhaps for another month. Several of our units are late in submitting their renewals. This number seems to be consistent from what reports are coming out of adjacent councils. A lot of our cub packs have been decimated by the pandemic. While virtual meetings seem to work at least somewhat well for the older youth, it has not done nearly as well for Cub age yo
  4. Cynical Scouter - I would agree that the Cubs will take the major hit. I would guess 70% to 80% loss in some councils. Unfortunately, this is our largest program and major losses in this program will adversely impact the troop level programs, perhaps for years to come.
  5. I do not envy the position that many councils currently are in or will soon be in. I have worked not-for-profit management at the C-level most of my career. A very challenging set of circumstances are coming together than will challenge the continued operation of many councils. (1) Based on what I am seeing, it is possible that we are looking at a 50% plus decline in membership during 2021. The combination of the pandemic, the loss of chartered organizations, the loss of the LDS church at the beginning of 2020 and difficulty of recruiting will create a firestorm to manage. In our counci
  6. What concerns me is that this places the largest denominational sponsor of Scouting units and many of the local churches in a potentially adversarial relationship with the BSA. There will be hesitancy to continue to sponsor units at the present time in this type of environment. Many of the United Methodist Churches have sponsored Scouting for decades. A whole new group of church leaders are now working with the packs and troops today and have had no understanding of their role and accountability as an "Owner" of a Scouting unit(s). Unfortunately, most of our COR's have not been trained, do
  7. What changes in youth membership are anticipated in your area as we enter 2021? In our midwestern council, based upon discussions with unit and council volunteers as well as professional staff, it appears that we may be looking at: (1) A 75% or greater loss in Cub membership. A disturbing number of units are having difficulty getting minimal numbers necessary to re-charter without a waiver. (2) 20% loss in Boy Scout troop membership (3) Perhaps a 5% to 10% loss in chartered organizations. Our council is re-chartering this month. The major factor in the anticipated lo
  8. For the most part, there was nothing unexpected. Some of my impressions: (1) The United Methodist Church remains very supportive of Boy Scouting and endorses the traditional chartered organizational model at the national level. (2) At the same time, the UMC is driven at the conference level (which are somewhat similar to BSA councils and often include an entire state). Several of the conference legal advisors have concerns about potential future liability. Thus, the development of the new model in which units can be directly chartered to the local council. Clearly several conference
  9. The United Methodist Scouting ministries is doing an online presentation this Friday evening to further discuss the new chartered organization options for 2021. These are the ones that I mentioned at the beginning of this thread. It is my understanding that although this is focused on United Methodist Scouting, it is open to any interested Scouter. More information can be found at: https://methodistscouter.org/monthly-events/
  10. When you are standing in water up to your hips in the middle of the swamp, surrounded by alligators and venomous snakes; it is easy to forget that your objective was to drain the swamp. I suspect that we are going to see a lot of plans and initiatives tabled as the national organization and councils are forced to move into a survival mode.
  11. ProScouter06 - You raise several interesting points. I am hearing scouters and professionals from several councils state that the Cub membership losses are anticipated to be around 80%. This is our largest program area and major losses in it will likely have a devastating impact on council numbers. Cubs are also the feeder system for our troops. If we lose a generation of Cub Scouts, it will pose major challenges for Scout troops. It will also make it very difficult for many councils to justify maintaining all of their camp properties. As you state, it is not Scouting alone. Many
  12. From several conversations today, I think it is clear the the local councils would strongly prefer to get the traditional relationships in place. It will be a logistical nightmare to make a shift among hundreds of units right now at re-charter time. I think that the relationships with the local chartered partners is very valued in most cases. However, the new re-chartering option is in response to several chartered partners announcing that they would no longer sponsor Scouting due to liability concerns. Apparently the legal advisors for several church conferences have stated that the perceived
  13. I have confirmed all of this with our denominational leadership. I don't think that the word has gotten down to the council level yet in many instances. We are clearly heading into a tipping point, probably more rapidly than most of us would have anticipated. This is a route to attempt to deal with the recommendations by conference attorneys that churches distance themselves from Boy Scouting. The irony here is that the program is probably the safest it has been in the past fifty years. And needed more than ever, I believe. I understand the concerns but sense the danger of an over-reaction. T
  14. It appears that we are on the verge of seeing a major change in the model used by the BSA with organizations that host Scouting units. It would change the relationship from one where the sponsor “owns” the unit(s) to one in which the unit(s) is viewed as a distinct community organization “housed” by the organization. A tenant, so to speak. There would be a formal “hosting” agreement signed with the organization. This is similar to the model that has been used by the Girl Scouts. Our understanding is that chartered organizations will be given the option of either continuing with the long-s
  15. RememberSchiff - thank you for taking time to review the court documents for us. I am afraid that the reality of the situation may be that we are likely to see the loss of dozens of properties as this bankruptcy proceeds. At the same time, if we incur a 30% to 40% loss in membership due to the pandemic, loss of the LDS as well as loss of income, it may be increasing difficult to maintain and justify the number of camps that we currently have.
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