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  1. This drone camp looks like a lot of fun. Our troop's experience has been that Scouts are really engaged in these STEM projects and they provide great hands on experiences. They also provide very positive public relations opportunities and are a valuable recruitment tool. Our troop has work to integrate STEM activities into our troop program on several occasions. Some of our activities have included: Launching a camera equipped weather balloon during a total solar eclipse Sending a balloon to an altitude of over 100,000 feet. You can clearly see the curvature of the Earth.
  2. Thanks for following up on the lead! Some interesting findings on retention: "By far the biggest family-related factor affecting both retention and recruitment was the cost of Scouting, which arose in 20% of interviews. Several leaders commented that Scouting can be quite expensive when accounting for membership fees, uniform and supply costs, and the costs of summer camps or high adventure experiences. " It raises the question of whether we are pricing a significant number of potential and current Scouts out of the program.
  3. The future of the national high adventure bases in the bankruptcy proceedings has been a repeated topic. The newest base, the Summit was planned as a cornerstone to an effort to stem the membership decline and to attract a new generation of Scouts. It was envisioned as “Disney World for Scouts” that would have the impact in the 21st Century that Philmont had in the 20th Century. It would be a blend of high adventure, state of the art facilities and technology. The Summit would become the permanent host site for the national jamboree and would have the capability to host the world jamboree. It
  4. Thanks for sharing this study. For a hundred year old organization that has impacted millions of youth and adult, the Boy Scouts of America has had an amazing lack of serious, rigorous research. Instead we have relied upon anecdotal evidence to build our case that we are an effective program. It was announced in 2019 that Montclair University was launching an in-depth study (Building Evidence in Scouting Together) of the impact of Scouting which was funded by a multimillion grant through the Bechtel Foundation. I am not sure where that study currently stands.
  5. Welcome to the forum! We are glad to have you here.
  6. To the original poster, it historically has been difficult to find a good, active chartered organization who will actively participate with your unit. The vast majority, despite the charter agreement, have viewed the relationship as providing space for a community organization, not the ownership and accountability for the program. And this is likely to haunt several chartered organizations in the not too distant future - perhaps for decisions that were made decades ago by a whole different set of leaders. Keep in mind that there is an option now that the council can be the "sponsor" of yo
  7. Lots of great opportunities. Our first trip into the Boundary Waters was through the BSA northern Tier base. The rest of them have been with private outfitters once we had the skills and confidence to go on our own. We have enjoyed the Gunflint Trail south of Ely a lot. Great trips in the past to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain High Adventure Camp. Rode Amtrak out of Chicago to Denver which was an experience in itself (both very good and very bad). Stayed in beautiful Salida, Colorado. Rafted the Arkansas River, rode mountain bikes on a world class trail, hiked to near the summit of
  8. Welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with the proposed camp. To my knowledge, it has not been discussed at any of our International Representative recent teleconferences. It looks like it is aimed at a Rover age group, similar to a moot encampment? Appears to be a beautiful region, reminds me a bit of Kandersteg in Switzerland.
  9. Probably worth at least $0.02.
  10. Lol - not sure firing everyone is within the Judge's domain. However, I suppose a liquidation achieves almost the same result. Seriously, there will be a lot of questioning and second guessing for years to come of what could and should have been done differently at the national level from sixty years ago to today.
  11. The Game of Torts You are invited to play along and respond to the question at the end with this fictional account based on real world events. You shift restlessly in your seat as the judge stops her tirade and looks at you, waiting for your response. As a member of the court appointed mediation team, during the past year and a half, you have had a unique vantage point to witness one of the most complex and emotional cases that has ever unfolded in federal court. Now in the early fall, it seems that the events are poised to soon reach a climactic moment – although
  12. The impact of this abuse scandal and the resulting bankruptcy threatens to swamp not only the national BSA but also a number of local councils, chartered organizations and insurers alike. Not to ignore the multitude of shattered lives. This series of events is likely to literally become a textbook case that will be studied for decades. Coupled with the impact of the pandemic and the devastating effect on the image of the organization, from my perspective, the path to survival for the BSA continues to narrow and become increasingly steep. My fear is that not only may the national organization
  13. Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good ideas, great conversation and a wide diversity of new and experienced Scouters. We look forward to what you will add and learn from participating in the forums.
  14. Some observations from our troop and council regarding the achievement of Eagle rank from five decades as a Scout leader. (1) Clearly statistics show an achievement rate today of two to three times the rate in the 1970's. (2) The explosion of district and council merit badge weekends has made it easier (too easy?) to achieve many requirements. This has accelerated with virtual classes now being available. It used to be rare to see a Scout with 25 merit badges on their sash. Today, frequently sashes almost collapse under the weight of 50 or more badges. (3) Many troops now provid
  15. Weather can be very unpredictable and being prepared can be a challenge. Over a long period in Scouting, I remember dealing with a tornado passing very near camp while we were away from any manmade shelters as well as at least three lightning strikes in the immediate camp area. Portable weather radio, weather apps on cell phones today and improved forecasting make it much easier to be prepared. My most vivid weather lesson, however, came as a private pilot. I had flown my son and a couple of his friends to a nearby state park that had a runway. We spent a great morning on the lake and
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