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  1. This is an important point that has serious implications for the individual Scouter. Insurance provided through the BSA (may) cover the chartered organization. It does not cover the individual Scouter. You are on your own in the event an allegation of abuse is ever made. The costs of legal defense even for a false allegation can be staggering. Scouters need to have a discussion with their personal insurance agent to ensure that they are adequately insured. Many Scouters believe as long as they follow all BSA policies and procedures, they will never face the situation where there is an a
  2. Is it time for the BSA to change its top leadership model? For decades, the vast majority of council Scout executives have been selected from a system that works by promotion from within the BSA ranks. You work your way from district executive, perhaps to a field executive or specialty position such as development. You attend a variety of Scouting specific training courses over the years Eventually you can be placed on a list for consideration as a Scout Executive at a council or national position if you meet the approval of your supervisor. “Putting your time in” has been considered to
  3. Willkommen im das Forum. Ein guter Freund, Kasimir, von Reiden, ist ein Schweizer Pfadi.
  4. Just so you know it, we are probably on the verge of starting a new thread on cat herding. It is amazing how these threads take the strangest turns. But, I will leave that decision to the discretion of one of my fellow moderators. Nevertheless, I will share our cat herding story. This past summer we decided to "adopt" two outdoor cats from the local Humane Society for the storage barn at our troop camp. Win-win situation was the plan. Save the lives of the cats and encourage the rodents to move out of the barn. It seemed like a really good idea and very Scout-like. Perhaps w
  5. I suspect that we will continue to see more and more BSA policies driven by legal considerations and organizational protection. This will be one of the consequences of tens of thousands of abuse claims and well over a billion dollars in costs. If nothing else, the insurance companies are likely to mandate very stringent rules. The enforcement, accountability and much of the liability will rest squarely at the unit level and with chartered partners, assuming that model survives. And what would appear to have been common sense in the past, is likely to take a back seat in the future to ver
  6. A few months ago, one of the posters here offered some great advice I thought. Type what you intend to say. Set it aside for a few minutes and look at it again before you press "post". Does it really say what I intend for it to say? Does it come across as respectful to the readers? We are in a challenging and painful environment. For some of the posters here, Scouting represents the start of a lifelong nightmare which has been brought once again to the surface. For others, Scouting has been a wonderful, life changing experience full of friendships and good memories. And an im
  7. A lot of the mainline Churches have sponsored Scouting for decades. As you note, many of them including our sponsor are contending with years of declining membership and face their own set of threats and challenges. We are hopeful that our 111 year relationship will survive this period. Our pastors over many years have noted that for many residents in our community, their association with and knowledge of our church came from their involvement in our Scouting programs. Nevertheless, there is a high level of fear and trepidation among the area churches that Scouting today carries too high of a
  8. United Methodist congregations will be encouraged to vote "no" to the proposed BSA restructuring plan. Reasons stated include inadequate compensation for the survivors of abuse and concerns that issues surrounding church liability have not been adequately addressed. UMC congregations who have previously submitted claims will be able to cast a single individual vote per congregation. Many conferences are conducting zoom meetings involving these congregations this weekend to review the proposal as well as the national ad hoc committee recommendations in order to submit the votes befor
  9. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving from your moderation team. We are thankful for each and everyone of our forum participants!
  10. Area units in our council have been told that this is no longer an option. Apparently, there are concerns about the legal standing of these groups unless they have been registered with the Secretary of State as a not-for-profit entity. This may be a local interpretation related to specific state requirements. In addition, consider if a major, long -established organization is reluctant to assume the liability risk of sponsorship, would a group of parents really want to assume that liability and potentially place their home and other assets at risk in today's environment? Remember that ma
  11. What denomination is your current sponsoring organization?
  12. I think that the reality of the full extent of potential liability is sinking in for many chartered organizations. As Eagle1993 states, many CO's have traditionally maintained a hands off distance from their Scouting units. And that will come home to haunt some of them. In our area, what we are seeing is that CO's are choosing not to move to a facility use model. Instead, they are evicting Scouting units all together. It does not seem to matter if they are sponsored by the UMC, the Roman Catholic Church, Baptist. Units have been served notice that the CO will no longer host Scouting. I
  13. The distinction between information and a solicitation may not be clear cut. This may be especially true when copying a third party posting. For me, the distinction includes: (1) Is the posting potentially offering a service or product which could be monetarily reimbursed? Certainly an attorney such as Tim Kosnoff or another professional could be in the position of offering a reimbursed service. (2) Is there contact information such as a telephone number or e-mail provided which could be used to conduct a transaction? This applies whether the individual is offering a
  14. Wow. This has a long tradition. When I did research on our council camp which opened in 1928, there was a newspaper article that a Wali-Ga-Zu would be held as part of the opening ceremonies. I did not learn the origin or meaning of the event but it appeared to be very similar to what you described.
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