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  1. Interesting. I'm always more comfortable in snow than rain. Now I know why.
  2. I had the same thought months ago. If it could help then I'd be in favor. Not sure about the electrical hook ups, though
  3. Unfortunately, any feedback is just speculation. We don't know.
  4. @MGinLA, welcome to the forum and, uh, sorry about losing your first post.
  5. I forget, what's after Storming? That reminds me. In another thread I asked what people needed for their kids to enjoy scouting. It was yet another attempt to get people to focus on being constructive, and it was ignored. Anyway, I thought of one more thing that would really help. Leadership. From the very top. Someone that has a vision and can get everyone on the same page. I read about this somewhere. Or maybe it was in a class I took. Something about animals and parking tickets? It's surprising how difficult it is to find a real leader.
  6. Has anyone considered that .07% is a really bad number when it comes to quality? That's 1 in 1400. If 1 in 1400 cars had serious failures, to the point where it goes to court, people would be really upset. We should do better for our children. When it comes to quality there is no acceptable failure rate. There is, however, an acceptable change in failure rate.
  7. Unfortunately, that money is gone. It's time to let it go. How about a small fundraiser to get you through the rest of the year?
  8. Maybe not. What is it that your child needs/needed to enjoy scouting? I'll answer for me but I'd like to hear your and other people's opinions on this. My son needed a camp that was big enough for a bunch of scouts and not too far away. He needed a bunch of like minded kids and adults that also enjoyed the outdoors and the ideal of scouting. Finally, the adults that did all the work needed a program that they could follow. I'm not sure there's any priority to this list. One more thing that needs to be added to this list moving forward is a YP protocol that will keep us from ever coming ba
  9. It was the "to darn bad" comment I was referring to. You could have just left that out. I agree that "just because others are doing it" is not a good defense, mostly on moral grounds as I don't understand the law.
  10. I'm not sure comparing rates is much help. Youth were/are being abused and the number is significant. I did a search on school districts sued for child abuse and the exact same subject came up for a few districts as for the bsa. In the one case I saw teachers were passed around much like priests in the Catholic church. Maybe a better question is when/how will what we see at the bsa turn up in school districts.
  11. I would like to not lock the thread but we seem to be in a rut that we need to get out of before any progress can be made. Here are some observations that might help. First, human dignity is the cornerstone of the Bible. (yep, hang in there.) It is used to resolve conflicts. It is the goal of how to treat each other. The level of evil or sin is based on how much indignity one causes another. Shy of murder I can't think of anything more undignified then an adult chronically abusing a child. The main subject is child sexual abuse but we also heard about parental abuse yesterday. Next,
  12. Okay everyone. Let's all step back for a bit. I can lock the thread and force it but I'd rather not.
  13. Well, then maybe the SM has to take the training on how to deal with adults that get in the way. In my experience these people are not that common. Most reply positively to gentle coaching. And for the ones that don't get it, remove them. I had a dad that was much more disruptive than any parents you've described. The rest of the troop backed me up. After a month he was gone and we could get back to scouting. A month after that another troop had removed him and his son became a lone scout. Part of the sm's job is teaching adults. Granted, this isn't explained anywhere but that's more
  14. I like the idea of a patrol focus to teach that skill. Give patrols a bunch of options rather than a camporee style program. It could be advancement, skills, or just fun with boats, shooting, hiking or whatever else the camp supports. But the same thing should be done for the adults. They need something to do to keep them from annoying scouts. That might solve @Eagle94-A1's concerns. Training for patrol method. Put them in their own patrols for doing some fun/skills. Maybe roundtables and all the commissioner stuff could be done as well? And get troop committee meetings out of the way as
  15. There are comments about STEM, women, school, etc. that are missing something. Scouts would enjoy a program raising chickens in their back yard if they actually got to make a chicken coop and raised the chickens rather than talked about the different types of chickens, safety requirements for raising chickens and presented a report to their patrol about different types of chicken coops. It's not what they work on, it's that they do something. The real challenge to this program is coming up with all of these ideas that have scouts doing something every single week that builds into eit
  16. Now I can answer your question, since this has little to do with CH 11. Typical scouts spend about 1.5 hours a week at meetings and one weekend a month at campouts. When they get into leadership and they do a good job the meeting time probably doubles. And could double again for SPL/ASPL. Adults are more like storing data on disk drives, time spent is not a problem until the spouse complains (or drive fills up). We estimated that for each scout in the troop all the time spent by adults as a whole was one hour a week. So with 50 scouts, the total time could get to 50 hours of adult ti
  17. I'm locking this until I pull out a sub thread about need vs want. I'm not deleting any posts. Just give me a sec. I'm back. NO POSTS WERE HURT IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOVE. If you can't find your old post it might have gone here:
  18. I'm going to move some posts from the ch 11 thread to here. It came from comments about what the bsa needs vs what it wants. It seems to include a discussion about camps and program. You're welcome to add here.
  19. Old saying: when a worm sits in horseradish, it doesn't know there's anything sweeter. Another, not so old saying: Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Not really a saying: Go look at UK Scouts. At least before the pandemic they had lists of people trying to get their kids in scouts.
  20. @RandomScouter, welcome to the forum. Sorry there aren't any other topics to talk about
  21. No and sorta. These are not are HA trips. It could become a useful list of places to stop at but most of them are trying to be a destination and not a way point.
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