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    OA Pocket Flap wear

    Hi @TreverDodge, welcome to the forum.
  2. Maybe you're reading this wrong? The class of 2023 starts high school in 2019....
  3. Thinking a bit differently, can you buy a camping shower? Or rent an RV with a shower in it? Not sure how many people there are but camping showers are cheap. Not elegant but a 3 minute navy shower is always a memory. I can also imagine that camping at oshkosh would be worth the difficulties. I have a friend that camped under her wing. Now she's into sail planes so doesn't go to oshkosh.
  4. Our commissioner asked if we were going to add girls to our troop and I said they needed their own troop. He said they could have their own patrol and I repeated the above. But, to answer your question, I think this is going to take some time to happen. I think there is interest for the younger cubs. Our troop has had nobody asking. There is one troop in our town that is all in, got an article in the paper, and has a couple of girls interested. It's similar to the number of boys that join after not having been in cubs, very few. I suspect this will all change in a few years as girls work up through cubs.
  5. MattR

    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    We've all seen that. It's just that there was apparently going to be a discussion at NOAC about that announcement. I'm just wondering if it really happened. As in, was there feedback given on the idea.
  6. MattR

    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    Glad you went. Inquiring minds want to know, what was decided on OA and helping with webelo bridging? Can they use their regalia? Thanks!
  7. MattR

    patrol time ideas

    First of all, get a list of ideas, have the scouts vote on what they'd like to do next, and bring that much gear around to every meeting until it's used. How about the old Morse code or signaling requirements? Get some dowels and do a drum circle on whatever can be found. Chairs, floor, tables, other scouts .... A board game. Some form of basketball or soccer that requires moving via a crab walk. Do this in the parking lot, but starting a fire with a hot spark and different types of kindling (dryer lint with accelerent works well) in a pie pan. All of the low cope/teamwork games. The human knot thing requires nothing. As desertrat77 said, practice skills for the next campout. Since it's likely that there are no skills required, brainstorm some skills they might want to learn. Learn the fast version of a clove hitch, the Japanese square lashing, and the other version of a diagonal lashing. Make a patrol woggle. Learn how to do an eye splice. Learn how to do a bunch of fishing knots. Find a bad pun and figure out how to make a skit out of it - so the pun is the punch line. If it's dark, go outside and find some constellations (next weekend is supposed to be the height of a meteor shower) That's all for now. Good luck.
  8. MattR

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum, @SamMidkiff.
  9. Wow, Moab this time of year? @oldbuzzard, I'm not convinced a sweeper would have helped. It's really easy around there to get off the trail. It's a desert. It would be easy for the group to split in two, go different directions and nobody would know. It's not like the intersection is an obvious place to stop. My troop has gone there and it wasn't so much buddy system as group. We all stayed together. Being a desert, hot, dry, and plenty of opportunity to hurt yourself on a bike, we asked everyone to stay closer together and look out for each other. One ride we did was on Slick Rock and one scout's derailleur broke. We had to remove it and turn his bike into a single speed to get him home. Later on I got caught in my clips and nearly broke my wrist. Fun place! The good news is the scout had a smile, if not a bit sheepish, on his face when he got off the copter.
  10. MattR

    Breaking Point

    That makes sense. I've told older scouts they can have their own tent and none of them ever took me up on it. They will bring big tents and shove a bunch of scouts in, though. I just assume it's because they don't snore. These guys have been tenting with each other for 7 years and hanging out with each other is a great part of scouts so not being able to tent with each other after a birthday is an issue for them.
  11. MattR

    Breaking Point

    We may have to agree to disagree. I let scouts have water fights with squirt guns and they can climb on rocks higher than their waist. Certainly I took a risks with things like this and 18 year old scouts tenting with 17 year old scouts. But I'm okay with that. To me, the chance at having fun was worth more than the possibility that something bad was going to happen. You obviously see this differently and I'm okay with that as well.
  12. MattR

    Would you say anything

    @WisconsinMomma, should the focus be on the scout or the problem ASM? There is a difference. If the focus is on removing the ASM and the committee hesitates then you're in the position of having to leave the troop. I don't think this is what the scout wants. If the focus is on the scout then he is asked what he wants and he continues to get support. Concerns can be brought up with the SM, CC, DE, SE but it's not the focus. If they go slowly or not as expected then while it might not be ideal it's okay. The focus with the other adults and scouts is on developing support for the one scout that needs it, not on removing the adult. I've been in situations like this before and the parent that comes in telling me what has to happen and when it has to happen gets a lot less attention then the parent that comes in asking for help with their son. One approach is beating on relationships and the other is developing them. The other adults already know about the one ASM so making demands isn't going to change much. In the meantime the scout is having fun and, believe it or not, slowly learning to deal with idiots. Again, he's a tough kid and what would really help him the most is having other scouts and adults validate his sense that what this ASM did was wrong. I don't know what happened between the SM and the scout but I suspect he is getting that support and developing a good relationship with other adults and scouts. It sounds like he doesn't want to walk away from this so he's doing okay. Yes, he was brought to tears by the one ASM but somehow he came back from that. Again, I don't condone what this guy did, but, like everything else in scouts, maybe in this case it's okay to let it play out. Let the SM and CC deal with him.
  13. MattR

    Would you say anything

    I'm stuck on this. The boy had fun. If he had called Tuesday, crying, and said everyone kept laughing at him then, sure, it's time to bring out the nukes. Rather, the SM and another ASM had his back. Clearly we've identified that the ASM/old Cubmaster is a jerk. But this boy is dealing with it. He's a tough kid. I hope someone is telling him that. The same adult that keeps "grinding his gears" can't keep him down. This adult is just proving his own lack of character. The scout is honing his mettle. This certainly doesn't make what this adult is doing okay, and if he gets thrown out then so be it, but if this scout has the support of the other scouts and other adults then I'd ask him what he thinks. Since he says he wants to stay then so be it. Keep the support going. Some day he'll be able to fall back on this experience. Maybe some day this adult will yell at him and he'll just face this guy down. He might even say something un-scout like.
  14. We have a scout in our troop that for the first year slept with a parent. The parents wanted him on his own. He was just immature. Now he's fine. There are worse things. Like today I got email directed to all camp staffs that reminded everyone that they should put in baby changing stations at camp so as to support family camping. I wish they put as much effort into developing stronger patrols as they do for family camping.
  15. Again, this is a discussion point at noac. Why is the sky falling, or at least filling with ashes? Have to disagree here. Regalia can also mean ceremonial clothing.
  16. MattR

    Breaking Point

    Welcome to the forum. This is beyond stupid. I can only hope this is an isolated incident. I had a scout turn 18 on a campout and he asked if had to move out of his tent that night. I asked him if he felt any different than the day before, he said no, I told him there's your answer.
  17. Isn't this just part of the discussion? Rather than black arm bands they went with robes. Quite imaginative.
  18. Does anyone know of a source for inexpensive tomahawks? I want to buy about 20 for our district to use at camporees. $15 would be good.
  19. MattR

    inexpensive tomahawks?

    @HashTagScouts, I tried google but obviously your google skills are better. Thanks!
  20. MattR

    Summer Camp Merit Badge Questions

    Ask the scouts. They'll tell the truth. The camp staff will just say they covered everything. My example is pioneering mb. Very few counselors can do the splices yet they all sign it off. I learned the splices years ago when the counselor asked for help in teaching it. He knew the splices, taught us, and we worked with the scouts. It's a one on one thing to teach. Every camp I go to I ask if they need help with this and the answer is usually no. A few weeks ago I went to my local camp just to ask about how things are going. One of the visiting adults said it was great, the staff is judged on how many MBs are completed, so scouts are getting lots. I pointed out the conflict of interest. But this is another thread that's been beaten to death ....
  21. MattR

    Denied a court of honor.

    Assuming your son is also ADHD, this explains a lot. Not that it's good but now it all makes sense to me. If I'm wrong then please excuse my assumption. Either way, ask your son what he wants. The troop will not put their heart into it no matter what and that's what your son wants. Assuming he is ADHD then he likely poured his heart into getting eagle. Maybe he'd like to go up to the mountains with his friends, have a 10 minute ceremony, and then have a slide show of good memories and a picnic. After all this fuss it will be the best memory and in 10 years from now it will be that much better. That's all that matters, what does he think about it in 10 years from now. All the candles and symbolism doesn't mean as much as the memories of what he did. Celebrate that. Personally, I don't care for the pomp and ceremony. It's all about memories. The slide show is the best part. Start with with a fat cheeked tiger cub and end with a young man. When I started as SM, and I was asked to talk, I would talk about the meaning of Eagle and the obligation and all that. But I soon changed it to be about the scout. My trail to eagle talk was always about that scout's trail to eagle. I'd sit down and talk to him before and find out the best and the worst and then weave it into a story. There was always funny stuff and I always ended it with some serious stuff.
  22. MattR

    Regalia outlawed at Arrow of Light

    From the OA: Okay, then why not develop a process for improving the manner and consistency? This could be a win for scouts and native tribes. I wonder how many complaints they got compared to how many tribes are happy with what they see. They might have to ask about about who is happy.
  23. MattR

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    I suspect a lot of scouts know exactly what is going on. The solution involves getting them to talk about it but the challenge is they are very hesitant to talk about it. If what happened to a scout was a shock, as in he can't even imagine it happening, then that scout will have a hard time talking about it. Giving them examples of what you've seen in life as a kid, in detail, might let them understand that it's okay to talk about it. You might find out that the older scout just doesn't realize how he comes across or you might find out nothing really happened, or you might find out this kid needs to go, be put on a short leash, or some such issue. Either way, the SM needs to make the final decision on that one. If something is happening and the adults know about it and let it go then they've lost all credibility. If there is something going on then the older scout needs to be confronted. If that scout understands that what he did was wrong then this can be a win for everyone. If the kid denies it under convincing evidence to the contrary, then the SM gets to earn his pay. It's one of those things that I did not like dealing with at all. But where the older scout sees the light it was good. Scouts made mistakes and learned from them.
  24. MattR


    @Matt_theLife_Scout02, welcome to the forum. I like your enthusiasm. It might be a bit rough around the edges but I wish you were in my troop. If I were still the SM I'd give you the keys. Anyway, there are certainly issues. Not having elections is a really big one. Unfortunately, that will be a hard one to solve right now. Maybe later. The current SPL is another problem. My guess is you can't change his attitude very easily. So, what's left? Well, the entire troop, for one. Please describe to us what the PLC thinks of all of this. Do they agree with you? Or are they just going with the flow? In all honesty, this is the first step in being a leader. Find out what the rest of the troop thinks and wants. A new question for you - what does the rest of the PLC think of all of this? Are they okay with it? Are they upset? It turns out that power does not belong to the one with the title, or patch in this case. Power belongs to the one that leads. It sounds like your current SPL does not lead. He does not show up. He is not interested. In all honesty there's a power vacuum. This is why the question of who is the ASPL was asked. He could lead. He could just act like the SPL. All the scouts would recognize his leadership and would follow him. Another question asked was what is your position. If you're the ASPL then there's a simple solution to all of this, start leading. If you're not then the current ASPL might need some coaching/mentoring. I wonder who might be able to do that. Any ideas? I have to add a caveat to all of this. This is not an ideal solution. Having someone with the title of leader and someone else leading may cause trouble. That's why, if you go this way, later on down the road you should talk to the SM and suggest having elections would be a good idea. I hope you write back to us.
  25. MattR

    OTC First Aid Permission

    Maybe the way to do it is to tell the parents you have the medicines, how you'd use them, and ask if any parents have a problem with it. Ibuprofen is a blood thinner so there are some people that can't take it.