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  1. @skeptic , you're right that a one word title can't possibly convey what the session is about, but that's the fault of the one that chose it. Vague titles indicate vague talks. I can honestly say that the only thing I'd be interested in would be topics that will help units improve their programs. Everything else, given what the BSA has been through recently, is pointless. If there's one thing that the leadership could do it's focusing on what's important.
  2. I think this is a bigger issue. Fewer adults volunteering, irrespective of cost. Adding cost will make it worse. There are ways around the fees. Do your own summer camp and save a bundle. Unfortunately, that takes volunteers. Our troop is slowly morphing into a core of volunteers without kids in the program and parents that help but won't do any heavy lifting. I'm curious if this is close to the UK model (sounds like none of their leaders have kids in their units). I don't see a solution to these problems yet but have a feeling we have to adapt to a new reality.
  3. Bechtel donated money. They did not ask that every uniform have a Bechtel patch on it. If their purpose was advertising then they lost a lot of money. My guess is very few scouts or parents know about the Bechtel reserve, or whatever it's called. This thread was about a CO, a church, asking about changing the troop emblem to include the CO's emblem. This is not Nike and Jokic. Show them the cost and ask them to pay for it. I suspect they'd drop that idea immediately.
  4. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to advance. There is a problem with not wanting to help his patrol. There is nothing wrong with being interested in politics or, likely, world history. Ask him if he wants to be in scouts. Ask him what he enjoys. He convinced another scout that advancement is a waste of time. Is that because he just hates scouts or because he'd rather learn skills a different way. Maybe he really wants to lead. Or maybe he's there for no other reason than a parent is making him go. Help him identify and solve his problem with scouts. You'll both be happier.
  5. Testing isn't necessarily bad. It's failing without recourse that causes problems. When I had scouts that didn't know the knots we worked on it right there. They relearned before the end of the conference and got signed off. After a few ranks they didn't have problems again. I never had to re teach skills at an eagle SMC. What the scouts learned was that failure was just a step in the process. I asked my scouts if there was a way they would prefer getting that feedback (like knot relays and other games) and their response was knot relays were worse, boring and less effective. Practicing w
  6. I didn't see this 11 years ago. We go to Chimney Park all the time. All of the fun trivia I know about the camp: There used to be a 65 mile backpacking trip from there to BDSR. It requires getting permission to cross one small piece of private property but was supposed to be stunning. I can get that route as someone digitized it. Also, under the cabin is a really long (the whole length of the cabin) fire place where presumably entire tree trunks could be shoved in and burnt to warm the cabin through the concrete floor. I have no idea how such a fire was started or how enough air got
  7. @FireStone, I understand your anger. Well, I probably don't but it makes sense to me. All I can add is I'm thankful we can now talk about these things and punish the guilty. So, I thank you and your wife for enabling justice.
  8. Welcome to the forum, @Nate_m . All I can think of that relates to this is we have individual scout accounts that scouts can use to pay for scout activities and when a scout transfers to a different troop we'll send that troop that money.
  9. I think sketchy is the wrong word here. Rather, people just aren't ready to trust you with their kids. Trust takes time. And it's not just about scouters and parents. I realize that scouts won't trust me the first time we meet so my relationship is a bit more measured. Same for parents. Same for any people meeting for the first time. Trustworthy goes 2 ways. Give it the time it requires and you'll eventually be helping where you want. Also, follow the YPT rules to the letter. That's a big deal now.
  10. @TWP , welcome to the forum. To answer your question, no don't leave. I don't believe the guy that said everyone has enough volunteers. However, everyone is a bit gun shy about adults without kids. What you need to do is gain some trust. Try volunteering with the local district. At worst you can help at a MB event and make some connections so people know you. Volunteer to help at a camporee so you can get to know the local troops. BTW, I don't have kids in the troop and I'm having a hard time saying no. I used to be the SM when my son was around.
  11. @Cambridgeskip , the idea of scouts making decisions and leading other scouts is strange for a lot of scouts as they transfer from cubs to scouts. But they don't see that as much as they will have to listen to the older scouts and do as they're told, much like listening to adults. That's their first shock. Their second is learning how to tell the younger scouts what to do years later when they become older. Now that you mentioned this I wonder if that isn't what makes scouts unique and, more importantly, is what parents and kids don't understand about the benefits of scouting. At lea
  12. Is scouting still fun? Post Bankruptcy My answer to that is that in my troop, this past weekend at a camporee, absolutely. The teamwork and leadership of the scouts was outstanding and the program put on by one of the other troops was just great. The theme was pirates and our patrol won because of excellent enthusiasm and, thinking way outside the box, they gambled all their dubloons with the scout running one of the stations and won. The older scouts decided they wanted to have fun that included the younger scouts and the result was magic. The adults ate well, took naps and read the
  13. Ask them for the certificate. You don't need to be registered in order to have a myscouting account. Thats what I found on scouting.org. You might even have to take the training before you can register, but I'm not sure. The website describes one process as create an account, take the course, submit the certificate with your registration. So, skip the last step. My reason for being difficult is I'd rather see all of the parents take the training then just the adults that work with the scouts. Those parents don't need to register.
  14. Our CO requires a background check and a recommendation for all adults that go camping. Is there anything else that registration with the bsa would cover?
  15. Is it time to lock this thread? It seems to have the highest number of down votes per post. How about, for everyone that's frustrated, walk away.
  16. Welcome to the forum, @ped .
  17. Just curious, what does NSO stand for? I looked online and found the following: National Statistics Office (Philippines) National Symphony Orchestra New Student Orientation Nashville Symphony Orchestra (Nashville, TN) National Statistical Office Novosibirskaya Oblast (Russian federal subject) Nintendo Switch Online (paid online gaming service) National Solar Observatory Nalu
  18. Welcome to the forum, @PatB34 .
  19. Wow, I sure am glad this forum exists. I've been busy and hadn't been paying attention to this thread but certainly would have thought that "out of bankruptcy" would have been posted elsewhere in all the email from the BSA that comes my way. That said, if the subject line of the email sounds like pablum then I'll likely trash it. I wish the best for the survivors. I wish the best for the volunteers. I think it will be hard for both. Here's to perseverance.
  20. When I was young we used the inside of the car as a jungle gym, while on the highway.
  21. Well, yes. The thing is this whole issue about patrol cheer is one of enthusiasm. One doesn’t teach enthusiasm by explaining it. One does enthusiasm. If your SPL is introverted, unsure of his or herself, and never seen enthusiasm in scouts before then nothing you talk about will change anything. My suggestion is ask the SPL to watch you while you walk up to the troop and ask them what time it is ... which eventually leads to a really loud song. Once the SPL is comfortable doing that then ask him how each patrol can do their cheer instead of a song. I have no idea, do each patrol in turn o
  22. My impression is that patrol yells were the original way for a PL to get his patrol to form up. A patrol cheer is completely different and used when the patrol is already together.
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