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  1. What is the point? Not everything in Scouts revolves around the unit. Not a unit activity, not the responsibility of the unit.
  2. It isn’t. The OA has adults that provide the 2 deep leadership.
  3. I’ll tell you this - the troop leader handbook, wood badge, IOLS, BALOO, online trainings galore, and round table haven’t thought me much. I got back in 2.5 years ago with my girls. I draw some of the most upon my experience on camp staff nearly 30 years ago and my troop growing up nearly 35 years ago. Ask Andy is pretty darn good too.
  4. I read a blog about management and becoming a better manager. She does a great job with advice as she almost always provides advice and then often a script. She said she includes words to say as it is a hard jump for many from advice and then “how do I DO that”.
  5. The CO doesn’t follow Scouts everywhere the go, nor are they responsible for them everywhere is unfounded. To think they should is crazy and very controlling. NYLT, provisional troops at camp, provisional troops at Philmont, Jamboree, Mom and Scout, Camp Staff, and the OA. The CO has no authority, responsibility, or influence on these non unit Scout activities.
  6. Still does. Even firmer language not super long ago stipulated that only one lodge is chartered per council. So if a council merged, so do the lodges.
  7. Since I am naïve, I am not sure, but this does seem to be the first plant that really cuts to the bone for national itself. Thus there is less to nit-pick. But who knows what is in the 387 pages until one reads them. @ThenNow They used such poor words about promising those harmed being "equitably compensated". They should have said "equitable distribution of agreed to liquated funds". Doesn't quite have the same honor behind it.
  8. I do feel for you and everyone who is a "stake holder" in the outcome. You guys especially, but it doesn't seem to really stop the turmoil for anyone, just a portion of it, no? It is not clear where insurance stands. It is not clear which LCs are in or out. If they are in, what if they can't come up with the funds? They declare bankruptcy? What about any key CO's. It seems like step 1 in a 5 step process or so. Gotta finish step 1 before step 2, but we are not yet at the final step. I guess the other part is that it is clear it is a multistep process. The BSA seemed to promote "this will be a
  9. That is where a Scout and buddy call up a MBC. A lot of the items you list, except for service projects, are a challenge many Scouts aren’t interested in. “Challenge by Choice” is what should drive completion of many of these MBs.
  10. For me, especially retroactive. I could see them saying “from here on out, this is the vision”.
  11. This is why my feelings are still mixed on Summer Camp First Year Programs. It is very unnatural vs. a year of campouts and most items will be done. There might be some minor requirements to cover, but for the most part, nearly all would be covered in a good program.
  12. I’m heartened. I would be ok selling Sea Base and Northern Tier. Both could be done pretty well without ownership. Since I loved Jamborees in the past, I’m pretty happy that the Summit has survived. I think Philmont was good to keep too, but I am skeptical of the re-enactment practices at Philmont. So, maybe national turns into a “mail order” badge, uniform, and book supplier for a generation. If it wouldn’t cost so much, I would say they should move national to the Summit or Philmont and sell the national offices. The huge debt will be hard.
  13. Another question - was this done at recharter or out of the blue? Yeah, but de-select out of the blue is out of the normal.
  14. Maybe we all have such stories? The volley ball head coach who was brought up on charges, but never convicted. Banned from the sport, though. He did, out of the kindness of his heart, adopt the baby of a 17 year teammate as his own child. Just a kind heart, I guess?
  15. I can “flow” with the the policies listed above. Unless the OP has done something recently that made big waves, I would feel that putting one’s foot down out of the blue (even if new President or priest of the parish) is unkind and heartless. Organizations I have been a part of may say “in the future, we will do it differently”. Again, maybe they could, but should they, after already agreeing that they were ok? Again, maybe there is more to it that caused them to put their foot down. It may not even be clear to the OP of who said what behind closed doors. In any event, it sucks.
  16. Other than summer camp, do they do unit type camping frequently through the year? My wife’s 4H was more very focused crafts - sewing, cooking, ceramics, flower, and arranging. Competition in those areas at local and state. Meetings only at adult homes other than competition at county buildings.
  17. Wow! Oh no. I have not heard this sad direction. Can you point to some of the national literature on this? I guess they are allowed to vet the adults, but this seems to be wrong headed and crushing.
  18. I assume you didn’t win it, but worked hard to achieve it! Thanks for reaching out. Is there some current effort to specifically “hurt” the boundary waters?
  19. Because it didn’t involve a lot of camping and vulnerable situations that camping brings with it (showers, swimming, changing, sleeping, homesickness). These vulnerable / risky situations happen each month, month after month.
  20. That is the word on the street in Discord. I keep mentioning that the Areas that OA Sections are based on are gone. As are the Regions - the OA has Region Chiefs. I keep getting told TBD and IF the OA adopts the new structure. I said they should use the new NSTs and divide them into sections. Case closed.
  21. I totally agree. Over the last 2.5 years we canceled a Polar Bear where their would have been 2 adults and 2 Scouts. We decided the turnout was too low to justify the effort (4 days before). The other time we canceled due to not having the second registered adult. The old SM should shut their mouth on any such decisions. Their time has passed. They may also no longer be privy to the whole story. How rude of them to weigh in at all!
  22. I have looked at 08, 09, 10, 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21. None say own. I could not find 2013. I guess it could have been an outlier.
  23. Now those troop longevity bars are a sign of potential liability. :-{
  24. Currently, they are being promised protection (at least for charter year 2021):
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