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  1. EIN’s are easy to get. Get one and open a checking account. It will NOT entitle the unit to non-profit privileges, but allow you to operate.
  2. This was true for my older daughter and now my middle daughter. She is just at one year and is just about a month from 2nd class. She isn’t motivated beyond working on it during meetings and campouts. Which is fine. I am pretty sure 1st class itself will take the next year for her. She likes Scouts, but as she would say “it isn’t her life”.
  3. How do? How do you recall it? That is also from 2017. They did a major’ish revamp in 2020 and hacked another day off. 1 two day and 1 three day weekends now.
  4. Lots of assumptions on how the BSA will end up doing it. I have been in other orgs who didn’t do it how you describe.
  5. We give 0% to FOS of our “outside” fundraisers. We do meet our FOS stretch goal and our popcorn goals and go to council camps and camporees. So, we play along and seem to get along well.
  6. As an engineer who works in industrial production, this is exactly how we view safety. Our plant alone spends millions a year on safety, but it will never stop. Never. We report, we investigate root causes, we fix, engineer, implement, and repeat. Forever.
  7. Totally. The drew the line when people said don’t by the $24 cub handbooks, you don’t need them until Webelos. The next day, the forums were closed.
  8. I don’t understand why they turned them off now. They were not involved.
  9. Well, it used to be you could only vote for 50% of those eligible. So, this is a huge change from where we have been.
  10. I'm confused. Your troop was nominating Scouts to then be elected? Or are you calling the election a nomination process? There really is no nomination other that the SM approving of they being eligible and then a vote.
  11. Yes. Just like at a camporee at a state park.
  12. We are starting to look for small trailers. 1 axel, 8 or 10 feet. Really just to free up seatbelts. The goal is to have it towable by a midsized SUV.
  13. That stinks. Well, why not have this same conversation with the CC? Adult volunteer staffing is the CC’s role. If I had a SM say this, I’d hope I would say something about not hearing it discussed with the CC yet. Don’t assume it is final. Talk it over with the CC and committee.
  14. Yes, but like the family that takes out a home equity loan to pay credit card bills, we need to tap that equity. This isn’t about what is good for business.
  15. Others may be able to help, you just have to mention it. I was at a week of summer camp when chatting with a random Scouter. I was wearing an old 1993 National Jamboree TShirt. My dad had passed away not too long before and I inherited 3 identical shirts that fit the adult me. I brought them to camp and wouldn't fear them getting wrecked while doing service projects. This Scouter said that he had lost his in a house fire 10 years prior and was very sad about it. It was awesome to head back to camp, grab a shirt, head back and help this Scouter replenish one item for him!
  16. I worked a nomination for a firefighter. I reached out before submitting so they knew it was coming and what it was all about. Not all labor councils are familiar with it.
  17. I think it comes down to the "AFL-CIO City or State Central Labor Council". Since they sign off, they are the ones that have to be "ok with it". I know that many teacher unions, for example, are not AFL-CIO. Sometimes, though, they have an understanding with AFL-CIO and thus the AFL-CIO may have no issue signing off.
  18. It remains to be seen if the GSUSA will continue us to have sour grapes over the whole thing.
  19. The non-white and non-male populations to start with. I would think that hundreds of wood badgers each year might make a small difference. Small improvements, each year, add up to a lot.
  20. Great philosophy. The issue is that the BSA has been irrelevant to certain populations in the country the wood badge ticket item is there to help change that.
  21. I guess maybe not cultish, but elitist. Everyone has a role. I’d rather hear what roles people have or the number of times they staffed. I think the distinction between junior and senior staff is not important.
  22. Great discussion on Reddit about Wood Badge and any cult-y vibe. A person responds that there wasn’t any critter cult when “I was on senior staff”. Oh, no critter cult, but a junior vs senior staff cult. Meh.
  23. I have had this happen. It stinks. I haven’t tried to remove it, just cover it up with the next patch.
  24. It is my understanding they took a mortgage out on Philmont. So the value is in the mortgage vs the property. Not really protected, but one can only take the cash vs the land.
  25. We do a winter cabin campout with our boy troop and girl troop. It is a ton of fun.
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