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  1. It would best to ask your camp what they want from a uniform uniform policy. Some councils want to emphasize that their staff is made up of unit scouts / scouters, so then no. I’d say sure, but you would need to remove your unit numbers and position patch. I’d then get a camp staff position patch.
  2. One would have thought they would have been working on the plan when not in court and would have unleashed this at the meeting. Instead, they unleashed the fee increases. 😞
  3. My guess is the important part is non-prorated. They are getting 2x the fees from all new Cubs in one year. So, instead of $50 in Sept, they are getting $105. The adult fee was low hanging fruit. They need operating cash and this is it. Not good. Just needed.
  4. This seems to be more transparent therm the report to congress? It also includes the membership of the national committee. https://oa-bsa.org/uploads/publications/impact-reports/2022-OA-National-Impact-Report-Digital.pdf
  5. Agreed. He also passed the SM conference. I think the OP was right in doing an appeal. It isn’t like a suspension 2 years prior labels him a felon for life. Sounds like he turned things around and should end awarded eagle for having completed the requirements. Unless there is a huge detail the OP chose not to include, it seems pretty open and close.
  6. Our council, so far, has no fee. They have been very conservative with their money. So, I support the FOS and we usually meet our stretch goal. The council gets funds and no council fee. Zero. I know we are lucky and in the minority.
  7. It does seem that bad, but the $16 per Scout seems bad. I guess it depends if your council has a council fee or not.
  8. As part of the bankruptcy, they had to lay out a plan to solvency. One of the items planned was higher dues each year. I thought it was a $3 increase last year (72 to 75). That was probably less the a COL increase.
  9. Simone had the dates from the last 3. I think it has been in June, July, and the big one a few years back in October. I think last year it was in June so they can start charging it in July.
  10. Someone on Reddit also said they heard it will be announced after NAM. A different person said it will go to $99. I bet not, but we will see.
  11. Any rumors on the next fee hikes for Scouts, Adults, and the unit fee?
  12. Pretty easy to check it out. https://www.bechtel.com The ATVs are pretty close. The stupid knockoff Lego adventure for Webelos were almost there.
  13. Well, Bechtel foundation, Bechtel company any difference?
  14. @Eagle1993 Thanks for your reporting through this whole process. Based on one of your bar graphs, it looks like they started at ~$230M? With $25M left, I wonder what their payroll and power bills are. That isn’t a ton of buffer to even cover normal inflows and outflows. It really seems, like maybe you and others had said, they didn’t have many months left.
  15. Well, the troop is a program of the CO. So, if they want their troop to have their logo, I don’t see what the issue is. Now, it may sound heavy handed. You can always let them know that changes will happen as supplies run out or if they want to buy more for their troop, that would help love it along.
  16. It is a failure of leadership on national’s side. I bet they haven’t even challenged it.
  17. Yes. We pass through all expenses and all fundraising. So, if a family truly doesn’t want to fundraise, that is fine, just pay. 50/50? Fine. Tons of fundraising? You almost and some have, covered it all.
  18. What you may see even at the district level is caution about commitment to the work. I felt like at first some were sure if I was just making a lot of noise, but would be gone in a few months. Once I “delivered” a few items, I felt more trusted. Different then being trusted by parents, but you could tell that some weren’t sure if I was truly committed if I agree to something.
  19. This is all it should be. Unless there is some type of dues sharing agreement. We calculated it out and basically, by March, 90% of all expenses have been incurred, so our 2nd year Webelos pay full dues. The 10% we use to pay for a plaque / arrow.
  20. I really like the idea of being a commissioner. Unit or otherwise. That can get you involved in the district level, but that doesn’t mean only meetings. You can help with a camporee, or Klondike derby, or other such events that will allow you to directly help scouts have a great time. Very sad you for the cold shoulder. What they said wasn’t true.
  21. This, more than other things, will kill off Scouts.
  22. I have been doing a lot of observing and am just sad about the OA and its trajectory. The program was so important to me from 13 to 20 years old. My oldest daughter and I attended a few lodge events, conclave, and NOAC. I didn't hang out with her so she could make connections. She made some connections, but really didn't like the program. She volunteered to be an elangomat and will do so again in a few weeks. NOAC made it clear to her that she really isn't interested. My middle daughter was just elected. She wasn't too sure as she "just wanted to be a normal scout". So, she will do t
  23. Correction accepted! Our advancement coordinator buys the patches and the SM gives them to the SPL to handout. I really like the @DuctTape's approach. We usually have a bit of a delay (a couple to a few weeks) before the new leaders take over. Elections in Dec and June for terms starting in Jan/July.
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