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  1. The threat was "National" because of the pension factor. As for HA, OA, Councils, they simply said "National" so how broad that is wasn't clear and the Key-3 (really the Council President) who was discussing this was trying to give us as much information as possible without getting in trouble with the lawyers about ongoing legal discussions/negotiations. The idea is what would Plaintiffs (and their clients) rather have? An alive, but crippled, BSA National that can at least pay SOMETHING. Or a liquidated BSA National that has to pay out all pension plans for all former and current BSA emp
  2. My Council Key-3 hosted a annual review/update. While much of the focus was Council ops, the bankruptcy came up. The Key-3 were somewhat limited in terms of what they could say, but the broad strokes: 1) At least SOME of the plaintiffs lawyers "want us [BSA] dead." That message is coming through loud and clear 2) National's lawyers and the Committee of Councils have put liquidation(s) on the table as a warning/threat and given the TCC/Plaintiff's lawyers two options Option 1: TCC/Plaintiff's lawyers take a restructuring deal that does NOT result in the liquidation/death of BSA a
  3. Arizona man says LDS Church threatened expulsion for abuse report So, I pulled the case from the court. Even though the plaintiff is a John Doe, I an not going to link to the case. I will simply note the following 1) The defendants include both the The Corporation Of The President Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints and The Corporation Of The Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. They are going after the whole organization. 2) The local Bishop is named in his person/personal capacity. 3) The local council is named.
  4. I think that folks need to realize three things: 1) Fees are not going down. Nothing is getting "returned to scouts". 2) Layoffs have already hit national and numerous councils and they are not going to stop. Part of the reason for switching to all online print-on-demand is to adjust to a permanent loss in BSA supply chain workers. 3) The introduction of these efforts is to adjust expenditures to the new reality of income/revenue. Not to reduce revenue sources/requests.
  5. Right! I am all for scout led, but that does NOT mean that adults cannot be sources of INFORMATION or that they should withhold information from scouts about opportunities.
  6. So, adults should withhold information from scouts? My goodness, even in the adult world I gain insights and information from newsletters I receive from national and my council. This just seems. Wow. I will never, ever support withholding (age appropriate) information from scouts. There are literally dozens of BSA awards and honors that a scout can earn. I see nothing wrong with making scouts better informed of opportunities. Whether they decide to take up those opportunities are, of course, up to then.
  7. True, but I will say that there is a responsibility of adult leaders to make scouts aware of the opportunities. For example, I know one troop (not mine) that the SM in his newsletter once a month to parents and scouts has an "award of the month" that describes the award and requirements.
  8. Yes, because it is Council that is the incorporated entity, not the district. It is the Council that has a charter from National, not the district. It is Council that is required to provide an accounting to the IRS and various state and/or local entities in order to maintain their status as a charity. Not the district. So you darn right, if I were the accountants and/or legal counsel for a Council, I would absolutely tell people to make checks payable to XYZ Council, not the district. And just as a reminder... Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America
  9. Except, and this is the key, there's no such thing as a "district surplus". Districts have no budgetary or financial authority. What you want to achieve (districts financially independent of councils able to keep and spend their own money) would require the amendments to the Charter, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations I previously mentioned. Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America LOCAL COUNCILS control the raising. LOCAL COUNCILS control the expenditures. Not Districts which (as I noted) exist at the will and the whim of the Council. What you want to do
  10. This was announced at the National meeting last year. Long term ALL BSA publications will be online/print on demand.
  11. Because legally and financially speaking, BSA does not recognize any such program as permitted. That money belongs to the COUNCIL. Any funds belong to the COUNCIL (or National, depending on the context). Districts are appendages of the Council and it is the Council that sets and approves expenditures. Not districts. Districts do not exist as independent entities for such purposes and they have NO authority to save, collect, or spend. Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America Moreover, and I know a few councils that have done this, they have simply eliminated districts out
  12. Which would require 1) the outright liquidation of Boy Scouts of America and 2) the rescinding by Congress or court-ordered dissolution of the Congressional Charter. Until that time, that Congressional Charter prohibits what you are considering unless you want to completely create a new organization (e.g. the Baden-Powell Association).
  13. I can see SOOOOO many problems with this. First, if you can couch it as a "gift" exempt from taxes, they would still have to declare it on their income taxes. Second, secretly giving money to a council employees for their work would likely a) be considered tip income and not a gift b) a violation of their employment status as a council employee c) appear like a bribe and/or d) create an insane competition and/or animosity among council employees.
  14. BSA already has this in place if Councils and Districts would use it. https://www.scouting.org/council-support/finance-impact/financial-planning/budget-building-materials/
  15. Districts don't exist. They are appendages of the Councils for legal and financial purposes. To allow districts to function this way you'd have to amend at least 4 provisions of the BSA Charter that specify that the authority to raise and posses funds in the name of Scouting is extended to districts (right now it is limited to National and Councils). They would also be required to become their own independent charities and register as such under IRS requirements. In other words, it is never going to happen.
  16. This is to my understanding not a Council issue but BSA. Districts are not allowed to have their own accounts/fund or to keep/retain money. ALL funds are directed or revert to Council. To confirm yes, all funds raised in the name of Scouting are Council's (other than unit fundraising) or National's. You therefore are not permitted to maintain your own accounts/"pot of money."
  17. No accounting system? At all? Then how do they report their IRS 990s? If they have no accounting system at all, then your Council is in violation of at least half a dozen state and/or federal laws regarding charities/not-for-profits. Pick up the phone. Call the police. Call the state secretary of state and/or whoever has oversight over charities in your state.. Call the IRS.
  18. 66.See, e.g.ARK.CODE ANN.§4 -28-403(2018);MASS.GEN.LAWS CH.12,§8F(2017);N.C.GEN.STAT.§55A-16-24(2018);OR.REV.STAT.§128.670(2017);TEX.BUS.ORG.CODE ANN.§22.353(2017). 67.See, e.g.ALA.CODE §§10A-2.13,2.32(2018);ALASKA STAT.§§10.20.116,131(2018);ARIZ.REV.STAT.ANN.§§10.3820,11601(2018);ARK.CODE ANN.§4-28 -218(2018);CAL.CORP.CODE §6320(WEST 2018);COLO.REV.STAT.§§7-128-201,136-101(2018);CONN.GEN.STAT.§§33-1095,1235(2018);DEL.CODE ANN. TIT.8,§224(2018);D.C.CODE §§29-406.20,413.01(2018);FLA.STAT.§§617.0820,1601(2018);GA.CODE ANN.§§14-3-820,1601(2018);HAW.REV.STAT.§§414D-143,301(2018);IDAHO CODE §§
  19. Depends on the state. Texas says yes copies, but you have to pay a "reasonable fee". But again, the idea is that if you want to go to Council during regular business hours and ask for the "records, books, and reports" of the Council, you are entitled to do so in a majority of states. And while they don't have to provide copies (or in states like Texas must provide for a "Reasonable fee") go grab your cell phone camera and start taking pictures of the documents.
  20. Again, have you asked your council? As I noted in at least 1/2 of states you are allowed to inspect their books and/or audited financial statement BY LAW. You want to get into budget line items? Go right ahead. But the problem is we have people who say a) I don't want all the details but b) I want assurances that the money is not going somewhere I, personally, don't think it should be going to (camp wifi). You can't have it both ways. You want the information, file a request under your state laws and show up at council (the laws say you can inspect, it does NOT say they have to mail
  21. Tidewater Council: $24 per person. This is down from $42 thanks to a strong FOS showing in 2020. http://tidewaterbsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Bayside-2021-Recharter-Process-Flyer.pdf It technically worked out as two fees: $12 insurance and $12 council activity (down from $30). Tidewater has made it absolutely clear: what they cannot get out of FOS they will get out of this council activity fee. When/if FOS comes in strong, the council activity fee will decrease. https://tidewaterbsa.com/ek-july15-4/
  22. The $55 National Camping School fee is set by and goes direct to National. Not only does your local Council not get a dime, the local Council has to then add in another $100 as a hosting fee. https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/camping/short-term-camp/
  23. So then what exactly is the complaint. "I want the information." Sure, here it is. As required by law. "Well, I don't want THAT information." Etc.
  24. Which again, required to be disclosed by IRS regulation and state law. 990 Schedule C. Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities. And state lobbyists have to list who the are lobbying on behalf of. Here's Texas since 2016. https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/search/lobby/loblistsREG2016-2020.php And again, if you know when your council's budget is set, have you ever bothered to ask to see the next year's projected budget? As I said, in a good number of states, the "ask" carries with it the requirement of law (they HAVE tell you what the expenditure is for/what the budget is prior to
  25. First, I know of no local not-for-profit that does 3-5 year projections. BSA might as a large national organization, but a local council doing 3-5 YEARS out? No way. Given that membership organizations are notoriously hard to budget for (e.g. associations), I cannot imagine a 3 year projected budget being anything more than mere guesswork and THAT becomes a problem when projections are way, way off. Then everyone gets mad at Council for missing budget targets. Second, as for reductions, again, all that information is in the 990s. They record total employees (and that number dropping as la
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