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Major Change in Chartered Organization Relationship

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53 minutes ago, PACAN said:

@vol_scouter and neither do the councils.


IMHO...the only group that benefits from this is the UMC washing their hands of their units some long time ones.

I think you're right, but it's because there is no point to the UMC going bankrupt along with the BSA. 

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Wonder why something like this wasn't in the Churchill project? Also the old form used to require an annual sit down visit with the CO.    Never happened of course so the solution is  let's just

The answer to pretty much all of your questions is yes, the Church can do and decide all of those things if that is how they want to run their troop. The Chartering Organization, the Church in yo

For the most part, there was nothing unexpected. Some of my impressions: (1) The United Methodist Church remains very supportive of Boy Scouting and endorses the traditional chartered organizatio

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On 6/27/2022 at 2:50 PM, yknot said:

A letter from the National Elks organization went out in December telling state chapters not to recharter scout units. Some states ignored it, some individual lodges ignored it, but many lodges did choose not to recharter. Last I heard, there was possibly an effort along the lines of what UMC is negotiating to allow some kind of limited involvement again with scouting but I have not heard that officially or seen any update. Maybe someone else on here knows more. Around the beginning of the year, elks.org removed any reference to boy scouting from its site, as did my state chapter and several other nearby surrounding states. 

I don't doubt you regarding a letter sent by Elks. I read this today, probably the award was already in process or maybe the National Elks are reconsidering?

ATLANTA, GA - Not everyone in East Brunswick knows who Anthony Buccigrossi is, but dozens of local Eagle Scouts do.  The East Brunswick Elks also know him.  So do the veterans. Buccigrossi has been an active community member in East Brunswick for many years, helping lots of kids achieve in a venue - scouting - that is less about competition than it is about personal growth, public service, and Americanism.  This month, he was recognized by the Elks at their 2022 National Convention in Atlanta when he received the Marvin Lewis Award for Scouting. Buccigrossi represented the entire Northeast region as one of only four recipients of the award.  (Sorry, I have not found the other recipients.)

More at Source:


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