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  1. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    I'm still vary wary of your "restoring the village" program, but i am very glad you got rid of Scoutreach. If it has Volunteer oversight, RTV can be very good for the kids in Chicago. To PTAC's credit, things really got better after some folks in upper management "retired" or "transferred". Their traditional DE staff works their tails off. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the folks on that crew were able to turns things around in their Districts.
  2. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    I have friends that worked in PTAC. Man...the stories I head from the Professional side during the mergers were horrific. Not appropriate to share on a public forum.
  3. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    My Question is what would that accomplish? All 4 of those councils are economically well-off. The only thing that would foresee happening is more properties being sold off. Like you said, and I agree, Scouters in that area already work well together. Why change things for the sake of change? That's why I suggested the Michigan Crossroads Council comparison. That I could see happening.
  4. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    Just a friendly reminder, Council Properties are always the first thing to go when mergers happen....
  5. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    Didn't pathway basically write the book on "how to NOT merge councils" In all seriousness, I'd like to see them pull a Michigan Crossroads. One large council that handles properties/program, and smaller Field Service councils that just focus on units and fundraising.
  6. carebear3895

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    Didn't OCC come under a lot of fire a few years back because you guys added the $120 "filing fee" for Eagle Scout applications? And to be fair, a 100 level council like OCC is mainly suburban/metro population with a lot of money. When you have a 100 level with a lot of poorer rural communities outside of the big metro, those districts and smaller units tend to be forgotten. I hear that's how its like with the Greater St. Louis Area Council.
  7. The sad thing is i'm only half joking. The national average is 6 months
  8. Look at this bigshot, being able to keep DE's for almost a year. What's the secret to your retention?
  9. Scouting would be a stronger, larger program.
  10. This is actually the ideal scenario. "Volunteer yourself out of the job" is a saying I've heard multiple times.
  11. carebear3895

    Chapter 11 announced

    You're the one who keeps calling on Charter Organizations to have complete control. If that's the case, then they need to foot the bill for Victim Compensation. Somewhere, a long time ago, those adults were approved to be leaders by a Charter
  12. carebear3895

    Chapter 11 announced

    This is a complete joke and insulting. Please, enough with your disdain of Professionals.
  13. carebear3895

    Chapter 11 announced

    again.....your do realize the bankruptcy is about sexual abuse cases, right?
  14. carebear3895

    Chapter 11 announced

    well, the ScoutingU staff flies all over the country for advance Pro training and at least once a month to the Summit for Pro Basic training (which is a horrible, horrible waste of money and resources). It would suck to try and have a family (or even a personal life) if you work for ScoutingU. All 4 regions have their staffs based in Dallas, so they leave periodically to be in their regions and visit councils. I think Area Directors are based in Dallas too, but to be honest with you, I have no idea what they do.
  15. carebear3895

    Chapter 11 announced

    Not out of the realm of possibility. The professional training center already moved there. The only thing that would prevent that is the lack of a major airport close by. National employees do a lot of flying.