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  1. Just got off the retirement plan webinar. I really could've done without one of the Assistant Chiefs who makes 300k a year telling us "I know you must be mad, but remember why you joined in the first place"
  2. Well it looks like our retirement is one of those sacred cows.
  3. Let me say, when this actually happens, it works *chef kiss* PERFECTLY To bad CO's only do what they are supposed to probably only like 20% off the time.
  4. I think a lot (A LOT) of Professionals are going to quickly try and justify their jobs.
  5. Popcorn is a money maker. Like, I get it. Volunteer hate it.....but it's low overhead and a money maker for councils. I would reckon no council is in a good enough financial state to cut one of their largest fundraisers. I hate it, unit leaders hate it, but "merit badge factories" are just not going away because they are so popular. The day of little johnny scout calling up a merit badge counselor are long gone unfortunately (which is sad because I think that's a great skill for a scout to learn) I would love to see national simplify the recharter process. It's one of those those things where the answer seems so simple, but I think it get's complicated because of the current charter system. I'm all on board with simplifying it, but if it hasn't happened now, will it ever?
  6. IMO, I feel like I can practically guarantee you none of these three will be sent to the executioner. Besides, there are far from "Sacred cows".
  7. I'll have you know I became a fully trained Skipper since i've been in quarantine! We don't even have a ship in our Council....I'm just bored
  8. Looking at the Glasdoor or Indeed reviews for DE jobs is always sad, but funny is a depressing kind of way. There was one from a few months ago from Dallas (guessing circle ten) about how a bunch of people in the office were crying from the stress. I thought to myself "yea, that sounds pretty accurate"
  9. lol, thanks....i guess. It WAS NOT recent, in case anybody was wondering. I just haven't updated the patch on here. Yes, I am as candid in real life as I am on here (probably why volunteers like me). It ticks off my boss, but I get the job done so it keeps the Executive Board happy.
  10. over 50% will leave before 6 months. I'm not sure how many more will last the rest of the year
  11. Something I've learned while in the Cadre, never trust a professional who would rather wear a suit than a field uniform.
  12. Can't get any less oversight when there was already zero oversight *taps forehead* I've been a professional for years and still have zero idea what an Area Director does. Heck, I've never even met mine.
  13. My guess are council paid membership programs. I.E. scoutreach, restoring the village, etc.
  14. The big talk right now is fees going up to $66 in August. Honestly, they could've raised it 1 cent and you will see an exodus just based on principle.
  15. Friends, it's looking very, very bad. I have a complete lack of trust in National right now. I'll see if I can somehow get the link to the town hall last night.
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