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  1. carebear3895

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    No...they can't. What you are talking about is a CO abiding by the guide to safe scouting and ensuring YPT policies. Nothing says a unit should get should get shut down by the council for running a poor program.
  2. carebear3895

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    You can't do that with the Chartered Organization structure. Councils (and thus council volunteers/pros) do not, and should not, have the authority to shut down or merge units.
  3. carebear3895

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Corporate BSA does an absolutely horrendous job at training middle managers. When i attended an advance professional training earlier this year, the staff told us that the majority of DE's leave after 6 months because of a poor manager (staff leader as we call them). It's not hard to see why. We promote based on performance (and the only measurable indicator the higher-ups tend to care about is membership growth). So obviously, you have a lot of dudes from LDS and Scoutreach districts who don't have to lift a finger and "excel" because of easy membership. They get promoted and are trash staff leaders because they don't know how to manage DE's in a traditional membership district. I know a couple guys (both have since left) that experienced that in their councils out west. I believe I said this before on this board, but it's incredibly ironic that an organization that prides itself of leadership development does an absolutely horrid job of training District Directors and Field Directors.
  4. carebear3895

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Every district is different, and every DE is different (I've met plenty who had no business being a Pro.) I often think National tends to forget that. Cookie cutter training will not work.
  5. carebear3895

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    This is exactly the reason Districts and DE's exist. To help link you to resources and help answer all of your questions.
  6. carebear3895

    Scouting in Blighted Communities

    I'm a rural DE. Supporting scout units is what I do (or at least try to do). Anything specific you neeed help with?
  7. carebear3895

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    I absolutely guarantee you many, maybe even most, districts are not like this. I implore you to visit smaller 500 or 400 level rural councils that are dependent on Professionals for all areas of scouting. Program, unit service, youth and adult recruitment, and fundraising. (Believe it or not, councils need money to keep camps open). No offense, but you have a very short sighted view.
  8. carebear3895

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    National does not like councils owning a lot of property. Lot of liability. In fact, I see the Summit opening up traditional summer camp weeks a direct assault on local council camps and it's despicable. The BSA needs to stop shoving the Summit down our throat. It's never going to be a thing.
  9. carebear3895

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    Hot Take: The LDS has been strongarming the BSA for too Long. I think their exit will overall improve the Program. IMO, We didn't abandon the Church, we just realized we were being taken advantage of. I remember being a young Camp Staffer and hosting an LDS only week. Nothing about it, other than the tan shirts, felt like scouting. As a Pro, I don't have a lot of sympathy for the Pro's in councils out west. They've been riding easy streak for far too long. You have councils where the membership makeup is 95% LDS in a population area that's only 40% LDS. Roll up your sleeves and get out in the field like the rest of us. .
  10. carebear3895

    Parent Reaction to Fee Increase

    Most of the units in my Service area are not asking the parents to fork over the extra $27 and instead dipping into their unit funds to supplements the costs.. I actually don't think we will lose a lot of youth over it. Adults yes, but youth no. Now, what I really see it having a bad effect on is brand new Scouts. When you start a new unit in the fall, you do what called a "long-charter". That means you pay for the rest of your current year AND the next year. So if I wanted to start a new unit in September, I would be asking a brand new scout to fork over $75 just for registration! Never mind the uniform and handbook. So basically starting new Packs will be more impossible than it already was.
  11. carebear3895

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    What did National do now? hey now
  12. carebear3895

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    Sad News. The last few years definitely took it's toll on Mike.
  13. carebear3895

    What are the BSA priorities??

    To make me constantly contemplate changing Careers. But semi-seriously, right now the focus is 100% making sure youth are in a safe environment, aka youth protection.
  14. carebear3895

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    We actually haven't been notified yet (surprise surprise). Circle Ten Council in Dallas leaked it. I imagine some of their volunteers work at National and got this information early.
  15. carebear3895

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Yes, we made sure they are wearing eye protection. God speed, college kids