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  1. carebear3895

    Flat Council Support fee coming to your unit?

    This is actually an interesting theory I have thought about too, but in a different way. I think one of the big reasons we are seeing the rise of "Mega Councils" (ie. Chicago, Michigan, St. Louis, Indy) is to create a larger corporate structure of Professionals to offset the lack of Volunteers in the BSA now. In a lot of places, DE's are just trying to keep afloat sinking Districts.
  2. carebear3895

    Why are Cub Scout uniforms and universal clothing items?

    When I was talking to the National Director of Cub Scouting, he said they are moving away from the rank specific uniform items, minus the neckerchief and hat. They are just trying to get rid of inventory.
  3. carebear3895

    Flat Council Support fee coming to your unit?

    Personally, what the heck is the $24 "held by the council then billed to national"?? Also, charging units a "council support fee" is such BS....
  4. carebear3895

    Flat Council Support fee coming to your unit?

    Ah the song of my people. TBH, I don't think the starting salary is that bad if you're not terrible at managing money. The real kicker is promotions and raises. That's where a lot of good people leave because they don't want to wait 4-8 years to get a decent, family supporting position in a field they actually want. No body wants to be a ground pounding DE forever. I could go on and on about Pro life, but I digress for now.
  5. It is....and the unfortunate part is that this seems to be a trend i'm seeing with multiple GSUSA councils
  6. carebear3895

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    See, that's where BSA confuses me. in the FAQ's of the barriers to abuse it says exactly that, but then a few questions down is says Lion/Tiger adult partners don't meet the two deep requirement at Den meetings. A straight up contradiction. What if a Den meeting is also a fundraising event? How do you know what events are and aren't OK to substitute a parent?! Sorry for Hijacking the thread.
  7. carebear3895

    New Sex Abuse Charges

  8. carebear3895

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    Yessir. "Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings."
  9. carebear3895

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    *Sigh* The Organization is still called Boy Scouts of America. Just the 11-17 program is now called Scouts BSA
  10. carebear3895

    Council Annual Report - Interesting Numbers

    RIP those DE's
  11. carebear3895

    Just got 1 girl

    At the end of the day, mixing dens is a better experience for the youth, and isn't that why we are all doing this? What's National going to do? Send guys like me out to revoke charters if a boy and girl associate with each other at a Den meeting?
  12. carebear3895

    Just got 1 girl

    *whispers* Co-Ed Dens are the norm in the field.
  13. carebear3895

    How many freebie meeting visits?

    Officially, I would say only once since they are covered under BSA insurance as a non-registered guest for only one visit.
  14. carebear3895

    2018 Membership numbers are in

    Yup. I like STEM Merit Badges and the NOVA stuff too. I have a problem with the program "STEM Scouts". It's not Scouting. The Unit destination is "Lab" for future reference. A couple of bigger Councils have even tried out STEM executives. Basically a DE just for STEM Scouts.
  15. carebear3895

    2018 Membership numbers are in

    I'm not sure your graph is exactly accurate. Exploring is under the LFL umbrella, they should not be separated. I believe those 109,613 Explorers are already included in the 313,020 LFL report. It's very sneaky the way national reported it.