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  1. To be fair, his union negotiated a great CBA.
  2. feels like I'm staring at force ghosts of Baden-Powell, Seton, and Beard
  3. Absolutely! I actually can't wait to get back into the green and tans (or green and gray if that's still going to be a thing). But I think it's only fair, especially to my replacement, if I take a good chunk of time away from scouting.
  4. After over 4 years of working in the field, today was my last day as a Professional Scouter. It's been an incredible ride, but it's time for me to move on and start the next chapter in my life. Thank you to everyone on this forum over the past years who helped me grow as a Pro. If you ever have any questions about Professional side of Scouting, or "the Dark Side", please don't hesitate to reach out. Volunteers are some of the kindest, most selfless people you will ever meet in this world. It was truly an honor to serve them, and I will miss working with them dearly.
  5. Today is my last day as a Professional Scouter. What a ride it's been. 

  6. The two are synonymous in the mind of your average American
  7. None of the recommendations mean anything when the registration fee keep going up. I stated a dominant minority pack once that traditional way (i.e. not a Scoutreach unit). Highlight of my career. From start to finish, it took almost a full calendar yaer. They were unable to reacherter because they couldn't pay the fees.
  8. Historically, Commissioners had a blue insignia and Professionals had red. Now we both wear a red patch, but if you look closely at the current commissioner patch, it still has a blue fleur de lis
  9. Degree and a pulse, with the latter being negotiable.
  10. I have just learned another 54 employees have been terminated from the National Office.
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