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  1. The two are synonymous in the mind of your average American
  2. None of the recommendations mean anything when the registration fee keep going up. I stated a dominant minority pack once that traditional way (i.e. not a Scoutreach unit). Highlight of my career. From start to finish, it took almost a full calendar yaer. They were unable to reacherter because they couldn't pay the fees.
  3. Historically, Commissioners had a blue insignia and Professionals had red. Now we both wear a red patch, but if you look closely at the current commissioner patch, it still has a blue fleur de lis
  4. Degree and a pulse, with the latter being negotiable.
  5. I have just learned another 54 employees have been terminated from the National Office.
  6. TFC? I always heard his Pro staff there met their numbers, but quickly burned a lot of bridges with volunteers.
  7. RECENT Field Experience, if I may ad. Someone who hasn't been around a Cub Pack in 5 years doesn't ad much to the conversation. But @Eagle94-A1 is correct. The National Director of Program has no field experience. She was hired directly to National a couple years ago by Surbaugh to head STEM Scouts, then moved up to Director of Program when Mosby took over.
  8. Day 1, DE's are told to prevent units from merging at all cost. All it does is weaken scouting. Two units merge....all you end up with is one week unit. Instead, put all your resources into helping that weak unit get back on it's feet. Kinda makes you wonder why they (National) always go straight to merging when dealing with a weak council then.
  9. I don't agree with this line of thought. All bigger councils create is bigger problems and more overheard cost. (See Michigan Crossroads)
  10. Yea...because DE's just choose not to recruit minorities...That's why we have that issue /s Nobody wins with quotas.
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