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  1. @ynot Can you find the march membership numbers you referred to? thanks.
  2. From TM: When BSA initially released the new badge is was just a regular badge and was going to become Eagle Required beginning in June but they have changed it a little bit to allow it to be used on Star/Life before June so we had to make an update to the badge placement routine to allow for this. If the system isn't placing the new badge under Star, you may not have the latest version of the program. You should download the V5.05 version from our website and install this to bring the program up to the latest version. To move the badge, I viewed hi
  3. Anyone seen a statistic on what percentage of AOL scouts crossover each year and how many are still in scouting a year later.
  4. Whoopie do! A 10 year old can join on 1 March instead of in three months when they finish 5th grade. Is this change a retention issue?
  5. Maybe the title of this post should be U.K. Scouts not just Scouts. JMHO
  6. Other than I have a contact at the NCCS who may be interested and able to assist
  7. If you don't want to post your diocese please PM me separately
  8. 650000! WOW! Was there any breakdown of this number on the slide? At one time there were comments that there were more scouts than cubs.
  9. No it's right there on page 8732 of the most recent court document! Happy Easter!
  10. Sash is going to $100. For Scouts who have to have all the MBs it will cost over $450 to buy them all Solution: Ebay sellers have fully completed sashes for $25. Doesn't matter which badges since the sash and uniform are not required items. 😁
  11. Hi all..thanks for suffering through these hearings for the benefit of all of us. Because my head would likely explode searching for this, could the person who posted about the reorg going down to 80 councils please post it again or PM me. Thanks.
  12. @mrjohns2 yes that would be great. I'm guessing there are a lot more closures and mergers out there than listed here. Thanks
  13. Is there an astute member of the forum who is keeping track of camp closures/sales and mergers?
  14. All the Scouts BSA Nova awards have a "earn one MB from the list" requirement in them.
  15. @FireStone Haven't heard that rumor. Was it the Program was going away in that no more NOVA or Super NOVA awards? It could be the STEM Scouts program is what they are talking about. IMO, The STEM scout program was another attempt to grow membership by appealing to the non-outdoors types. These youth did not do a traditional program...basically live in the labs doing experiments. Not sure they were even allowed to earn the NOVA awards. I saw that their registration fee was around $200/yr. Of course the flip side to this is that there will be another Eagle required MB called
  16. @FormerCubmaster What I remember from my dealings with the LDS units was that all boys were LDS HQ paid for all registrations hence the large number of LDS youth in the BSA. The local Bishop would say that all are registered but not all actually participate. This was different in that all LDS youth were required to participate in their weekly church night. These units did not have any non-LDS youth but they were not precluded from joining the BSA program.
  17. Jameson76: Nope Eagle Scout candidates will continue to use the current rank requirements until June 30, 2022, and will not be required to complete the new Citizenship in Society Merit Badge as long as they complete all of the current Eagle Rank requirements before July 1, 2022. They do not have to submit their final Eagle Scout application nor complete their Eagle Scout Board of Review prior to July 1, 2022, but must complete all current Eagle Scout requirements before then.
  18. Just wondering...2 scouts that need to hurry on this? Cit in Society becomes Eagle required 1 July. Any scout who has completed all the Eagle Scout requirements by then does not need to earn CIS for Eagle rank. Tenure, MBs POR, Eagle project, SMC.
  19. Again...it's just a MB. How do you make other MBs happen in your troop? Same process applies. MBs are most effective when a scout is enthusiastic about earning it and not force fed to check a block. Do you have lots of one-on-one counseling when a scout asks? Do you hold troop MB meetings and do MBs for all? This MB can be done in any of the ways you suggest. I would not be a fan of feeding or campfire or ZOOM because the scouts will get distracted. What works best for your scouts? Small groups of say 4 where the scouts discuss each requirement amongst themselves and reports out t
  20. I'm seeing a lot of folks getting spun up over this MB...It's just a MB...follow the requirements and ensure each scout completes them just like any other MB. This "you must be a PHD specialist to be a counselor for this MB" is nonsense. Family Life has a "sensitive discussion" requirement to hold a family meeting and discuss 7 different topics, some which are likely uncomfortable to some families. A number of CIS requirements are questions I heard at EBORs. Answers are much more interesting than "what was your favorite MB". Remember N + C + W = S. A Good Citizen in the Nation a
  21. Two comments: @Eagle 1993 80 Councils from 250 now. I'm sure a lot of SEs puckered. @Eagle 94-A1 "I am not so sure. Sounds local volunteers will be pushed aside. I see a lot of headaches with all the mergers" ...Did you mean like the the local volunteers are pushed aside like they are now?
  22. Saw this on Facebook: Merger Announcement - Two northeast Mississippi councils, Pushmataha Area #691 (Columbus, MS) and Yocona Area #748 (Tupelo, MS), have voted to merge effective April 1st, 2022. For the rest of this year the new council will operate as Yocona - Pushmataha Council #748 and the two lodges, Watonala 169 and Chicksa 202, will continue to operate independently. This fall there will be a competition to propose and select a new council name and a new lodge name and totem. The new council serves the 22 counties of Northeast Mississippi and is headquartered in Tupelo, MS.
  23. So Richard B czar of the G2SS, if the reason the rule is there is what you posted why not say that in the book?
  24. The rule was likely put in for the reason Eagle 94-A1 states. Of course once again the BSA missed why troops were doing their own summer camps and camporees. Their events were unsatisfactory and uninteresting to the scouts and the usual "blame the units" defense for their failures and low attendance was used. Wonder if this applies to events other than camping? One unit here invites all troops who want to come to do their swim test for camp, others do MBs with other troops such as Cooking events.
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