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  1. UMC and BSA agree on new "affiliation agreement" which relies on the Council chartered unit model https://www.resourceumc.org/en/content/gcumm-shares-new-path-forward-for-scouting-ministry
  2. http://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/merit_badge_reqandres/CitizenshipSociety_Counselors.pdf
  3. In my particular case, our existing CO is considering ending chartering its units. So "shopping" in this context is finding the right fit for our unit with a new CO. As we begin this journey, we want to consider all relevant factors are we approach new potential CO's
  4. Regarding tax status, during my research it wasn't clear if tax-exempt status flowed to the unit automatically or whether it had to be "granted" via the CO's EIN For example, this Council (http://www.bsa-la.org/miscellaneous/tax-exempt-status.html) says the following: If a troop's chartering organization is a church (and tax exempt), the troop could be considered tax exempt only if the church let the troop use the church's EIN, or the troop's EIN was included within the church's group exemption by the church
  5. If your unit was shopping for a new chartered org, what would be your factors to consider? Here is my initial list. I realize some of these are not normal and beyond basic expectations. Just trying to come up with as expansive a list as possible. Indoor space available for Unit use for meetings ( I know they are supposed to provide this but not all CO's do) Outdoor space for Unit to use for meetings Outdoor space to store equipment (shed or trailer) Approach to managing unit (hands on or hands off) Longevity of the chartered org What type of organizat
  6. Does this look like the new agreement for Council based units? It's linked right on https://www.scouting.org/resources/forms/ Annual Council Unit Registration Agreement Right above it is (which also looks new?) Short Form Facility Use Agreement
  7. Anyone heard from any lodges about changing unit elections to allow virtual elections if units won't be meeting in person anytime soon?
  8. This troop has a cached 2012 copy of the #4 mini-activities http://troop125ny.org/CyberChip/BSA_Mini_Activities.pdf.
  9. So upon further research it appears the Scout rank pocketknife change was effective 1/1/2019 and the First Class camping change was done back in 8/1/2017 (prior to my Scouts BSA involvement) The point of the May 14 2019 "program update" is merely to point out the 14th edition handbooks have wrong language in print.
  10. Changes to First Class and Scout rank requirements https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/program-updates/
  11. The recently updated IOLS curriculum makes reference to "Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls" (No 39006). https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/3364018OLskills_Aug.pdf Anyone seen this in the wild? EDIT to fix title
  12. PDF has the new language. The "online" still has the old language. This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of May 2018. The online version will be updated shortly. After June 1, 2018 you may refer to the online version for the most updated information.
  13. Inconsistent messaging from BSA . They also put out this FAQ after the 2015/6 changes: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/program_update/pdf/Cub Adventure Program FAQs.pdf They make it clear that while there are two ranks, its still only a "Webelos" den. Also says only new 5th graders should go directly toward AOL rank. Doesn't say 4th graders must stop working on Webelos after 4th grade From pg 5 Only boys who join Cub Scouts in their fifth-grade year should, after completing their Bobcat requirements, begin working directly on Arrow of Light requirements. All oth
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