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  1. I think it is very prudent to make sure that you have your own comprehensive personal insurance coverage. CO's thought they were additional insureds only to discover that was not the case. Do you want to risk your home and other assets on the belief that someone else is providing adequate coverage for you? Also have a frank discussion with your insurance agent about what is and what is not covered. For example, many Scouters believe that if they followed the safe Scouting guidelines and youth protection guidelines, they would be automatically covered under the BSA. This is not necessaril
  2. And here is the conundrum: The Methodists do not march to the same beat or perhaps a better analogy would be that we sometimes sing on different verses in the hymnal ... much to the chagrin of the choir director. The program ministry branch (United Methodist Men) is very focused on retaining a strong relationship. It has always been very community and socially minded - part of the denominational "DNA". The judiciary arm, on the other hand, is focused on protecting the conferences and local congregations. They definitely do not like the prospects of lawsuits whether they be pas
  3. I think it is clear the UMC is using its leverage as the largest remaining chartered organization to attempt to resolve some major issues. And I think it is also clear that they are in communication and working in coordination with several other CO's. All of them feel that there has been a very serious breach of the partnership in which the BSA has left them exposed to potentially millions of dollars in liability. I know personally that members of the ad hoc mediation committee (composed of several chancellors (conference legal advisors), top members of the United Methodist Men's group w
  4. A simple (?) question for today. Assuming that the BSA successfully emerges from the bankruptcy in 2022, What will it look like? What will be the same? What will be different? Have fun with this one ...
  5. There is a lot of discussion and consternation today about whether we will see a mass fallout of community organizations opting to continue their association with the BSA through a traditional chartering model, a facility use agreement or perhaps no association at all. I am going to go back a few decades to a conversation that I had with the nation’s leading church consultant, Lyle Schaller. I think that it has relevance today. By the time he got around to our church following the aftermath of a devastating fire, Dr. Schaller had consulted with over a thousand churches. And he had alrea
  6. You are absolutely correct. What it probably means is a shift to a facility use agreement for those CO's that wish to continue to support Scouting. A couple of thoughts: The UMC (United Methodist Church) has developed a revised facility use agreement that is much more specific than the current BSA agreement. It is clear that our conference at least is recommending that one. Second, the shift that I have seen in the past few weeks in our area is that the discussion has changed from whether we should do a traditional charter or a facility use agreement to whether we should support Sco
  7. As moderators we are charged with a responsibility to monitor the content of this forum. All of us are volunteers and have also been involved in Scouting for a number of years. We consider it both an honor and a responsibility to be asked to moderate. We are sensitive to the fact that we have a wide variety of readers using the forum. And this may include young readers at times. So generally we try to maintain a G or at least a PG level discussions when it is possible. This is challenging given the nature of the topics which are discussed here. I think the general rule is to try to
  8. And I thought the Amish mafia was bad. Seriously, let's tone down this episode of Crime in the City (Council?). We have young readers in the group and this thread is bordering inappropriate. And perhaps well past the border into verboten territory. Sadly, I still need to learn how to hide posts I am afraid if I fool too much with the moderator controls this entire site might disappear at wrap speed. Where is Scotty when you need him?
  9. In our area, we are witnessing a "paradigm shift" (always liked that term) in how chartering organizations view Scouting. There is little question that the UMC's have moved to "high alert." Where the issue earlier in the year was the traditional sponsorship vs being a facility host, there is now very serious discussion on whether a congregation should be a part of Scouting at all. Carefully scripted conference meetings have recommended that local churches may/should consult an attorney on the issues relating to sponsoring or hosting a Scouting unit. The emphasis is that there is signific
  10. Be careful Eagle 1993 or you will end up on his Christmas card list lol.
  11. Thank all of you for your ideas. I am sure that the moderators will read and discuss these among ourselves. We really do value the diversity of opinion on this forum and respect the wide range of views and information. And just so you know, there is a diverse range of opinions among the moderators at times ... and I think that is a good thing.
  12. This is also posted in the latest bankruptcy thread: Dear Forum Members: We are having a discussion among the moderators and your input would be appreciated. (1) We want to maintain topics and thread that are specifically focused on issues of the bankruptcy. We recognize that this is a very valuable source of information for many persons. (2) We want to maintain a positive and safe environment for persons to express feelings, concerns and hopes. (3) We want to ensure a respectful environment, recognizing that these are emotional issues for many of us. (4) And we
  13. Dear Forum Members: We are having a discussion among the moderators and your input would be appreciated. (1) We want to maintain topics and thread that are specifically focused on issues of the bankruptcy. We recognize that this is a very valuable source of information for many persons. (2) We want to maintain a positive and safe environment for persons to express feelings, concerns and hopes. (3) We want to ensure a respectful environment, recognizing that these are emotional issues for many of us. (4) And we want to avoid constantly "cat-herding" to avoid numerous t
  14. A few random observations from watching this bankruptcy unfold over the past several months: The focus has clearly been on protecting the national organization first and then the local councils. The appearance that the national BSA has given is that the relationships with the chartered organizations have been an afterthought. What I am seeing playing out on the local level is that several chartered organizations are either planning or discussing dropping Scouting all together and avoiding the facility use option. There is a crisis of confidence and trust that has developed between t
  15. Our midwestern state in the 1920's was a hotbed of the KKK that reached into the Governor's office. In speaking years ago to people who grew up in that time period, I gained some perspective: (1) The small rural communities were very insulated from diversity and "outsiders." It followed World War I in which "our boys" fought and gave their lives. People were suspicious of foreigners and others different from them. (2) This was the period of fraternal and civic organizations with groups such as the Lions, Elks, Masons and Rotarians being very popular. In many of the small communitie
  16. Me thinks that Cynical may have a follower ...
  17. Several of the CO's schedule annual meetings at Philmont for training purposes and to update stakeholders on various topics. The top denominational leadership is present. Often they are at PTC on the same week or share an overlapping weekend. In some cases, they may even share a session. There are always opportunities for them to get together during meal times or in the evenings to discuss common shared concerns. The bankruptcy and its related issues certainly fall into the category of "shared concerns." And yes, there have been and continue to be on-going mediations between the CO's and
  18. I think that you can rest assured that there is on-going communication among the major CO's. If you look at the PTC conference schedule, a number of them were together at the Philmont Training Center earlier in the month.
  19. The Girl Scouts do not use the CO model, so obviously the council based model is an option. In a good CO, there can be many benefits. Our CO has provided thousands of scholarship dollars over the year, allowed us to host and has supported numerous fundraising events, been a source of merit badge counselors, has provided support for the PRAY (God and Country) program and many other things. It has provided a bus for trips in the past. We have had our own Scout meeting room since 1926. It has sponsored us for over a century, so it is in the DNA of the church and the units. The program is
  20. The membership standards department is responsible for ensuring that youth in the program are safe and that the integrity of the BSA program is maintained. They are housed in Irving, Texas at the end of a long hallway behind closed door and a soundproofed wall I am told. The review team has a reputation of being very competent and professional from individuals who have worked with them. If there is a "credible allegation" made, membership can be revoked. The BSA has chosen to err on the side of caution, so persons may have membership terminated on the basis of an allegation that has litt
  21. There are multiple points of contention between the chartered organizations and the BSA at the present time. Perhaps the most contentious one is a court filing a few months ago as part of the restructuring plan. It included a section that discussed insurance and chartered organizations. It is important to understand that for decades chartered organizations were told that "the BSA has your back" and would provide adequate insurance. It came as a shock to the CO's to discover that the BSA was essentially stating there was no insurance coverage for past claims. Three reasons were stated and
  22. This letter was sent to every United Methodist conference throughout the nation a couple of days ago advising them to discontinue with the traditional charter agreement. While it is still up to the individual congregation to make this decision, this recommendation will carry a lot of weight. And will likely move other denominations to take similar action. The mediations with the denomination have clearly been contentious at times. If the BSA loses the support of the chartering organizations, it is difficult to see how it can successfully move past the impacts of the bankruptcy and the pa
  23. Welcome to the forums SiouxRanger. Thank you for your post. You have valid points. It should be noted that established bankruptcy law dictates the priority of some of the claims such as pension funds. Unfortunately, the fallout from this situation may continue for some time.
  24. This is a real dilemma for the United Methodist Church which has been an incredibly strong supporter of Scouting for a century. There is a desire to maintain a positive relationship with the Scouting program that has served many local communities for decades. A national legal team has been working on these issues for months now in mediation with the BSA. The United Methodist Church operates through regional conferences which cover a specific geographic area such as a state or a portion of a large state. The conference legal team headed by a "chancellor' will issue an opinion or recom
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