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  1. If memory serves, the 2019 World Scout Jamboree was a net loss for BSA.
  2. Will not see the first Lions become Scouts until next year. Lions started in 2018.
  3. Sad but true. I am even seeing this in my troop, and we attempt to be Scout led. And the councils do not seem to help. Many just sign off on MBs at their events.
  4. Yes, that changed August 1, 1989. I remember the date because I was on a bus in Canada in the middle of an international trip and was told you no longer had to earn the WC. A lot of folks were upset. Purpose of the WC is to show the world brotherhood of Scouting. it is the one patch that every Scout wears regardless of where they live. Sometime in the mid to late 1970s. I know I was switching neckers as a Cub Scout in the 1980s, but my older brothers did not in the late 1960s/early 1970s.
  5. None yet. Lions came out in 2018. So the first group is only Webelos I's. Got another 8-9 years to see the retention. Now I would like to see the retention rates for that. Closest we can get is Tigers to 18. That data should be available since Tigers was dropped from 2nd Grade to 1st Grade some time in the mid to late 1990s. When has national EVER shown their research?
  6. First, this should have been taken care of in 2019. All of the camps I have worked at or been to over the years, the records are available after Friday night's campfire, and you can get your questions about issues asked then. Having worked summer camps, I know mistakes happen, and usually are worked out before troops leave. Camps vary across the nation. Some have computerized records, some do not. Trying to find records 3 years later may not be feasible. Second, your scout may need to find a MBC and find out what they want to do. Sadly they may need to redo it as there is no record of it
  7. I doubt there will be records. Needs to talk tot a Swimming MBC.
  8. Regarding grades and Scouting, I would be EXTREMELY leery of that. I knew a Scout who had a lot, and I do mean LOT, of issues that affected his school performance: parents' divorce, new home, mom dating again, etc. The home life severely affected his school; going from honor roll to average and/or failing. Scouting was his only "safe space" where he could get away and forget his problems for a while. When Mom grounded him from Scouts until his grades came back up, it was the final straw for the Scout, and he attempted suicide. Thankfully it was caught in time, and he survived.
  9. I admit I got mixed emotions on this. One one hand, if outside groups using camps will save the camp, I am all for it. If on the other hand the scouts turn into another public park, where folks can "party" all nite and not respect others as I have seen at a few public campgrounds, I am against it. I know camps in the UK are open to anyone. They rely heavily on volunteers to run things through out the year.
  10. As other stated, you wear an Eagle knot, either this one https://www.scoutshop.org/eagle-scout-award-knot-5011.html or if you are a NESA Life Memeber this one https://www.scoutshop.org/eagle-scout-nesa-award-knot-18092.html . The Eagle Rank pin found here https://www.scoutshop.org/eagle-scout-rank-pin-93.html , which is worn in the same position as the patch since it can replace the patch, is for youth only. Most people never see those. The Eagle Scout Award, aka Eagle Scout Medal, found here https://www.scoutshop.org/eagle-scout-award-135.html , is worn by youth AND adults on for
  11. I do not remember all the details, but 20+ years ago I met a DE who worked in New York State. He was the program director for that council's summer camp, which straddled hte NY-NJ state line. He told me that because of NY's firearms laws, the camp moved the shooting sports area to the NJ section of the camp.
  12. I know in my neck of the woods, there are a lot of parents that can barely afford flag football, let alone other sports. I know I am in that situation. We did 4-h because it was relatively free. Unless they went to the state envirothon, no costs.
  13. Can those lawyers lose their licenses? Is that per signature, lawyer, false claimant, or overall.? And could the $500k per fake claim be used to reimburse real victim and/or cover the extra legal expenses that their false claims caused?
  14. @ALongWalkstated "am at the point of thinking there is no way National survives now. Sure hope that LC’s are discussing some sort of confederations that will allow Scouting to continue. " and @InquisitiveScouter stated " We all need to begin thinking about this "What if?" If you desire to continue supporting Scouting, what will you do if BSA goes Chapter 7? (Let's make this a new thread, please?)" Well I am starting a new thread on this WHAT IF. For me I have no idea. I do not think I could support a local consortium, For several years now, my council has been
  15. All joking aside, I do not think BSA, nor councils, can survive. I looked at the revised plan found Revised plan found at https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/7f73fba1-1980-4766-a6b3-d80e203fd73f_10263.pdf and I got concerns. Especially since I know one council plans to sell properties and reinvest the money into the main property. Yet the doc above says they are suppose to go tot the trust.
  16. They most certainly do. Anyone see the results of the MEMBERSHIP (emphasis) survey prior to allowing girls into Cub Scout and Boy Scouts? The membership survey's results have never been published to my knowledge. Only the non member survey, and it was favorable. Even before the bankruptcy, the only time they shared the survey data was the 2014/15 Eagle Palm Survey. That was published, with 94% AGAINST/STONGLY AGAINST (16% Against 78% Strongly Against) "Instapalms." Yet they did it anyway. National, clumsy.? That is the understatement of the year. As for council and prog
  17. Someone here mentioned when NCAP first went into effect years ago that NCAP would be a way for councils to get rid of unwanted properties by saying they do not meet standards. I am starting to believe it. Like @SiouxRanger, I know that the NCAP team in my neck of the woods have certified events and camps that really do not meet the new NCAP requirements. Long story short, several properties are being sold, and one is being retained and improved upon to meet NCAP standards.
  18. Sad but true. Especially the ones that come to your email. They are not anonymous.
  19. Didn't see that pic. I know they have a photosat map of the camp that was anonymously donated. Wondering if the donor will take it back.
  20. Saw this on several friends' FB pages. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/8396-Boy-Scout-Rd-Bailey-NC-27807/2061896886_zpid/? EDITED: only way to tell it was a Boy Scout camp is the name of the road and the lake's name.
  21. @IndyDad 1. Welcome to the forums. 2. In regards to Merit Badge Pamphlets ( MBPs), BSA changes requirements so fast that I no longer recommend them. Seriously one MB had something like 5 requirement changes in a 8 year period. The information that is in the MBP is easily available via other sources: library books, online databases, Youtube videos, etc. I keep current with the requirement changes via www.macscouter.com. 3. good luck as a MBC.
  22. Backpacking easily comes to mind. Cheaper to do your own than go to Philmont. Canoeing too. I know I did a 64 mile canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness for significantly lower price than going to Sommers HA base.
  23. in 2020, my troop did their own summer camp due to COVID. It was a major undertaking, especially since we had less than 3 months to plan it AND we did not know if the camp would be open or not. Pros= Cheap, Local, focused, flexible. Cheap as in the cost to camp was about $70/person. Local as in within 30 minute drive and we had committee show up to do BORs. Focused in that the Scouts who needed to do T-2-1 requirements were able to do them that week. Flexible in that we made our own schedule, adapted it to weather conditions, i.e. moving the Wilderness Survival nite to a nite it would not
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