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  1. I worked at Scout camps in the USA from 1996 to 2001. CITs never had to pay. I know at one of the camps, they attended staff week with the rest of the paid staff. They were full fledged staff members with staff t-shirts, hats, polos, and dominoes (local staff emblem). They never had to pay to play. They helped the MBCs, and in a few cases were teaching classes. I remember a few were working in First Year Camping teaching basic T-2-1 skills with the retired Marine. I know we had some in the trading post, but they knew before they came to staff week they were going there. And for the last week,
  2. I am shocked council got involved. we have had similar situations, and they will not intervene.
  3. @Brannigan, Did council remove the person, or the CC remove them? I ask because when a similar situation occurred, I was told "Council does not get involved unless something criminal happens." If council removed them, then something more happened, and charges may be forthcoming.
  4. All true. I would also add horrific leadership who will punish you if you do the right thing. Another factor probably not as well known is stress on family life. The divorce rate is extremely high among pros. Worse case was the DE who supported his wife through law school. First thing she did once admitted to the bar was serve him divorce papers. One of my coworkers was on wife three. The few exceptions are working twice as hard to meet their goals. And if the higher ups are on their case, even if meeting goals, they continue adding pressure to you until you want to quit.
  5. Sadly @DuctTape is correct d some SEs are indeed despots. BSA pros have been going on for some time. I remember an SE telling his subordinates how to do it on the district level.
  6. I actually heard of a council board firing the SE. Sadly he got hired in a larger council as a DFS.
  7. I believe they are making it up as they go along. I had a bunch of questions regarding the new registration process, and the pros could not answer them except to say "Keep doing what you do now." To quote C3-P0,
  8. What else is new. When I worked for national, I had someone over me who had no experience with the program or summer camp experience. I created a SOP manual that included diagrams, schedules, etc for a trading post. They had no idea what happens at camp, and wanted us to work ridiculous hours that would not have benefitted campers, Scouters, or staff. We ended up compromising by opening up the hours I knew would work, and staying open during during the hours they wanted. Long story short, sales data showing the most productive hours had to be used to show the times I suggested worked. Fu
  9. Have you any evidence that BSA covered up crimes? In the reports I have read, once BSA became aware of the situation they removed the individual from Scouting. Depending upon jurisdiction, mandatory reporting laws came for youth volunteers came about in the late 1970s to late 1980s (first mandatory reporting laws only protected physicians from false reports, and they started in the late 1960s/early 1970s). In the files I have read, it is noted that parents did not want to prosecute the pedophile because they did not want their child to relive the horrors in court. One file showed a pedophile
  10. I understand, but you did state: and I responded. And yes, the records were lost, deleted, etc. Let's face it, BSA's technology is horrible. Most of the CIOs had none, zero, zip IT experience. They were a former SEs who put their time in. I know 1 person in that position with an IT background, and he left in approximately 6 months. Do not know who has been in charge since him.
  11. Agree too many system, and they have too many issues. Whichever system system tracks training, records FOR ALL VOLUNTEER IN MY COUNCIL ( emphasis) went MIA twice in a 5 year period. Yes i do have multiple ID numbers from the 6 councils I have been in over the years. But I've been in my current council for some time, and the records have been corrected using my current ID. But you reminded me that I am still waiting for a promise made in 1998 by BSA's CIO that SCOUTNET 2000 would easily transfer records as you move councils. All your ID numbers were suppose to be automatica
  12. Then why did I have to submit training records twice in a 3 year period? Why have I had to resubmit records multiple times? Heck I have gone in and fixed things, only to have information missing or inaccurate? Heck it got to the point that one of my Eagles does not care that the record has the wrong date of him earning Eagle.
  13. Sadly some councils do not give a fig for the volunteers. And when the volunteers stop working on the district level, they wonder why. Between the long hours, lousy pay, horrible managers, and stress it an cause, both health wise and family wise, it is not worth it. And most can find private sector jobs that can double their salaries. One former coworker actually tripled his DE salary when he left. Be thankful. Some councils will have their professional staff ignore your input, yell, scream, curse you out, or remove you from your position (if you do not quit first) for having
  14. This is a National fee increase, and was first mentioned at the May National Annual Meeting. Just be glad your council doesn't charge additional, council specific, fees.
  15. There are a variety of reasons why units do not use SCOUTBOOK. 1. SCOUTBOOK does have a history of dropping data, and incorrect data, so units do not consider reliable. In fact whenever discrepancies have been found between a council's records and the handbook's records, the handbook overrides the online records because that contains the actual, physical, signatures. I have had Scouts up for Eagle being told they are only First Class because of dropped records. I have Scouts whose histories are incorrect with wrong information listed, and in some cases unchangeable. Worst case exampl
  16. Great question. I would ask. And if they still do not produce one, use the Order of the Arrow's Where to Go Camping Book as that is a publication of the council. That is what a lot of packs do in my area. My council A) has never produced a list, even when members of the Council's Cub Scout Camping Committee ask for, and was pushing it to be made. A direct quote from a member of the Council's Camping Committee, which we the Cub Committee was under was " Cubs don't need to camp." Also several several of the council's properties failed to meet basic BALOO camping standards, yet they hel
  17. I think the SEs complained, especially since they may lose money with units not camping at council camps*. I know the councils I have been in charged a flat, weekend fee fro Friday through Sunday. Federal, state and local camps I have been to have charged a per night rate, comparable or cheaper than the council rates for the weekend. So why pay for a full weekend, when you can pay for one nite elsewhere? *I have been told that some councils have only approved council camps for Cubs, basically creating a monopoly on campsites for them. If you are in one of those councils, I would lo
  18. @RichardB, any reason for going back to the previous policy?
  19. Since the CC is over all committee members, yes he can make that rule. Depending upon how "linked" the troops are, I can see it as an issue. I have seen "linked" troops that are the case only on paper, and can see where confusion lie. Those troops do everything together, and essentially are 1 troop. So I can see the point of no ASMs of either troop serving on BORs because at some point they are interacting with the other troop in an ASM role. Currently the only guidance on BOR members is the following " Composition of the Board of Review A board of review must consist of
  20. THANK YOU FOR THE LINK! (yeah I'm shouting at ya. I could not find the article) Actually the sister Scouting organization was Camp Fire Girls of America. Many of the same folks who were involved with BSA were also involved them. Here is info. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Fire_(organization) Sadly @qwazse said it best
  21. The Archdiocese of New Orleans had all their parishes drop Scouting back in 2021, during the bankruptcy, as things became known how much the BSA did not tell the COs.
  22. To Play Devil's Advocate, the "confusion" that GSUSA says occurred, would not have happened if BSA would have won their lawsuit in the 1920s. If memory serves, BSA wanted the GSUSA to call themselves the Girl Guides of the USA. James West stated that GSUSA was using the reputation of the BSA to build their organization.
  23. One immediately comes to mind, the other was a practice since discontinued. The one immediately coming to mind is a public event especially one with GSUSA members will be present. Their national organization has issued specific guidelines to not allow GSUSA uniform items on BSA uniforms, and vice versa. And because it was happening GSUSA sued the BSA over the matter. I do not want them in trouble, nor another lawsuit. Back in the day, Wood Badge and Brownsea 22, the NYLT of it's day, had very specific uniform guidelines. Onlye the council strip, either 1 or 22 depending upon the cour
  24. Repeat after me: HI, My Name is Fred8033, it's been 18 hours since I had anything to do with Scouting, and I am a Scouting Addict. 🤣
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