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  1. Thankfully this patch design was already approved by the council since it was the summer camp design for a number of years, anniversary patches, event patches, etc.
  2. With the exception of the two new guys from another troop, everyone was here when we did our own summer camp in 2020, and they have the MBs we could offer already.
  3. I wish we would so our own, despite all the work it is. I was trying to talk the troop into doing a 50 miler on the AT since summer camps are over $400 this year. Not only did the committee chair say it is not a good idea, but the Scouts did as well. All of them said it would be a waste of a summer because they would not be able to earn any MBs. I really wish National would push adventure instead of advancement.
  4. Unfortunately because BSA is a private organization with the right to select its members, they do not need to acknowledge a CO's investigation, let alone a criminal one, where the volunteer has been exonerated. They can still permanently remove an individual. My friend has never been reinstated in the BSA, despite a criminal investigation being done, and proving her story was the correct one.
  5. Please tell me you did not receive a notice that you are now in the IVF? Good friend of mine was placed in the IVF due to a "scout's" accusation. He said she made a pass at him. She said he was being a peeping time after hours when the ladies had access to the showers. The police investigation found evidence to support her story, yet she was removed permanently from Scouting. As for the "scout," he was given Eagle. Sadly the "eagle" had a history of getting into trouble and lying to stay out of it. A year previously he accused folks of stuff when he was caught after curfew. If it w
  6. Hopefully he can stick around and not get messed with. My neck of the woods has not had a good DE stay over a year in 11 years. Since he left, we have not had a dedicated DE, and they all sucked. Since the district merger in 2021, we are on DE #4. One had Scouting experience as a youth and volunteer. One was fresh out of college with no experience. Third one was a Cub Scout and needed a job. Met him once for about 10 minutes. Current one I know nothing about. He was not at district camporee, nor RT, so I have not met him yet. Don't even know his name, but he has been employed since Sept
  7. It is a career for fewer than you think. I do not know what the turnover rate is nationally. But when I was a DE, we had 10 DEs, an FiD, and FD quit in a 20 month period. That was when we had 9 districts
  8. As a former Pro, not much he can say no to. Stall and delay? Yes, I had to do that a lot to keep my district running. Saying "No," not really. Only time I ever said 'no" was when the SE asked me to drive to the main camp and help shut it down before a hurricane struck. Told the SE that they are evacuating the area and I would not be able to get in. Still had me call the ranger to see if he needed help. Ranger had not only secured the camp, but was 5 hours away, outside the storm track.
  9. When National mandated the horrible Arrow of Light Ceremony, and the HA base commercial that they are calling a Cross Over Ceremony, they took away the ability for lodges and chapters to create meaningful ceremonies. Add to it the push to do away with Native American regalia/ A lot of old time ceremonialists like myself stated this would cause problems down the road as the ceremonies and ceremonialists who conduct them were the inspiring and encouraging symbolic force behind the OA.
  10. I wish. I asked current SE, who was acting DE to help existing units with recruiting. Was told no. Later on at a RT he was running , he told us what we can buy and do to help recruiting. Yes, he wanted us to buy various supplies from council to do our recruiting. Thing is the schools would not allow us in to do round ups. We needed his help to get into the schools. Council use to have a policy that no district would have a conflicting event if the council was hosting one. Well, he not only allowed a conflicting district event to occur, he provided little to no support for the council leve
  11. One DE I worked with lasted 3 weeks. Long story short, his neighbor brought him to the hospital's emergency room and called the council stating he would be unable to attend a staff meeting because of the hospital visit. DFS told the neighbor to tell the DE he needed to be at the meeting or he was fired. about 5-10 minutes after the phone call, she called back stating he quit. One DE I went through PDL-1 with told us the nightmare her council put her through after 3 months on the job. She told us she had her resignation letter ready for when she returned. When I asked why stay as long as
  12. Since I have never seem NESA active in any council's I have been in, and the 1 NESA member I know has not received anything from NESA except a membership card, I do no think it is worth it.
  13. Is it this bad everywhere? In my locale it is. When the 3 districts merged, only 1 chapter of the 3 was active. And by active i mean having meetings. at onetime, the chapter met where my troop meets. But when they picked up the gear to move it to the new chapter meeting place this summer, a lot of chapter stuff was left behind. Going through it, a lot of it was out of date and mildewed. But 4 sets of regalia, relatively new, intact, and historically accurate, was left behind. Supplies to make historically accurate regalia, some of which was still in boxes or bags untouched, was left beh
  14. My friends' units, a pack and 2 troops, that are chartered by an UMC church started their own Optimist Club with the sole purpose of chartering units. They will have a FUA with the UMC church.
  15. I would NOT trust the council. I was told that the OA chapter's account that was for the camp being sold now has a $0 balance, and the OA chapter adviser and assoc. adviser have no idea where the funds went. Found out when they went to move the funds from the camp account, to the campership account. Shenanigans like this have happened before, and it caused bills not to be paid.
  16. Personally I wish it would go back to red for all programs, including Sea Scouts. Save folks some money when crossing over, and cut down on inventory/ supply costs. But i know they have a lot of inventory, especially Sea Scout. May not be in compliance, but a heckuvalot cheaper and easier than buying veteran bars every 5 years. As for using location instead of CO's name, way things are going it is a safer bet even if not compliant. I know of one unit that has had 3 COs in the past 18 months!
  17. Well, they already documented a few cases of fraud. Plus there was numerous cases where there are serious questions. Sadly this hurts the real victims. Personally would like to see the fake claims get monetarily penalized with the monies going to victims.
  18. Could be a lot worse. Over a 4 year period my wife submitted 5 applications for ADL or DL, including one that was hand delivered by me with all supporting documentation. She was never registered. We would find out when recharter came that she was not on the charter, and resubmitted everything again. We found out 3 months into the charter year,when she was a WDL, that she was not registered when we submitted her for the Lifesaving Award. She rescued someone who had a heart attack and collapsed in the lake and was floating away. Thsi was while she was leading her den on a trip at a local pa
  19. When I was a DE, my SE wanted me to "fire" the entire district committee and get new members. Reason being the council could not move forward (read they would not kowtow to council) with the entrenched volunteers. I had been a DE less than 8 months and still learning the community and building relationships when they wanted me to do this. I told him "who would I replace them with since they run the district and our success is their success?" Sadly I have seen Scouter "fired." They questioned council so much, the SE placed them in the IVF as a result. Most of the time, the pros make
  20. Wish professionals understood this. Sadly I have seen too many pros treat Scouters as employees, and rather poorly at that, and they walk away.
  21. National has some pay scales for the various types of councils that local council executive boards approve.
  22. Understood. Apparently my council is willing to let units shut down as they provide no help when asked.
  23. Reproduction uniforms are expensive. May I suggest a customized unit number from https://www.sageventure.com/ ? Here are some examples
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