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  1. Every camp does different things. I know some camps want u with at least one uniform shirt, usually Venturing, that has the silver loops, council CSP, and Camp Staff patch. Others want u in at least one Venturing uniform with green loops, CSP, crew #, and pot patch, usually camp staff, but I have seen a few custom patches with camp staff director. Other camps just want u in a uniform. an aside. This brings back memories of one getting hold of a uniform for our camp chaplain. Long story short, I picked up his uniform to bring to him at camp, and discovered not only was he an Eagle Sco
  2. A little background on the National Medal of Outdoor Achievement. In 1998 when Venturing split from Exploring, the Ranger Award was created as recognition for Venturers who essentially earned the Outdoor Bronze Award, and continued on after earning it in other areas. Ranger was an all or nothing award if memory serves because you only got the Outdoor Bronze once. Venturing and its recognition scheme was confusing for some because there already was an older Boy Scout program in troops called venture crews, and they could earn the Varsity/Venture letter, and pins to wear in t
  3. My concern about wearing GSUSA insignia on BSA uniforms, even if allowed, is the lawsuit that took place recently. Remember GSUSA sued Boy Scouts for copyright infringement, ad nauseum when we allowed girls in. While the lawsuit was dropped, My understanding is that GSUSA units can still not do joint activite with BSA, i.e. Memorial Day Service Projects. Regarding Sea Scouts, their uniforms are the most minimalistic of the BSA's uniforms. It has only been within the past 5 years that they are allowed to wear OA and Jambo insignia.
  4. Before the Webelos Rank, It was Lions, and the AOL Award was originally called the WeBeLoS award. I think the term "Webelos, Rank," plaid necker, and tricolors started in 1972. My brothers were Cubs in that time period, and I wore some of their stuff. A lot of changes occured in 1972, some good, some I would care to forget.
  5. My question is this: What happens to the Scouts who pay the registration fee on time, but the Troop goes beyond the 2 month extension and gets dropped? We regularly have one unit that goes beyond the 2 month extension, gets dropped, and then recharters.
  6. 11 Would be a Boy Scout in 1972, not a Cub Scout of any type. 3rd Grade at that time would be Wolf. And up until circa 1990s Wolves and Bear wore the same slide. I do not know when in the 1970s different color neckers came out, but by 1982, Yellow necker for Wolf and light blue necker for Bear. Webelos had a plaid necker. August 1984 was when the option to bear the tan and green Boy Scout uniform, with Cub Scout modifications was first allowed. And you had a choice in the matter. Reason for the option as stated at the time was to save families money. If the blue uniform still f
  7. May I suggest this alteration? Scouting - An amazing program that is successful because of the amazing volunteers in units nationwide, DESPITE the best efforts of National. When it comes to the price increases at the last minute, Packs had it toughest in my neck of the woods because of round ups.
  8. Sadly BSA has poor communication skills. They dropped a little used program, venture patrols, with no announcement. In 2018, they changed YP guidelines stating 18-20 year olds no longer counted towards YP supervision effective immediately in late March/early April, only to have to walk it back to September, after Summer Camp season. Only reason they changed it is because many units at the time used their 18-20 year olds as the 2nd adult in camp. And historically they have upped registration prices during the middle of Round Up season.
  9. I have not been to a NAM, but I have been to an ALL HANDS conference, which every BSA professional was required to attend. It was a mix of information sessions, speakers, and socializing. While they did give everyone a copy of the scripts used by the presenters for all session, some presenters had a lot experience on the topics and was able to give info beyond the script in Q&A sessions. Some presenters strictly followed the scripts they were given. In today's age of technology, it may have been better to do it as a teleconference and recordings..
  10. here are the current 2023 requirements from http://usscouts.org/mb/mb001.asp Show experience in camping by doing the following: Camp a total of at least 20 nights at designated Scouting activities or events. 4 One long-term camping experience of up to six consecutive nights may be applied toward this requirement. Sleep each night under the sky or in a tent you have pitched. If the camp provides a tent that has already been pitched, you need not pitch your own tent. On any of these camping experiences, you must do TWO of the following, only with proper preparation and un
  11. I got concerns for BSA's future after all the recent new rules and NAM announcements. It appears to me that folks at national are clueless as to what is happening in the field. Take the new One Night Cub Scout camping rule. That is going to hurt a lot of pack who have been doing 2 night camp outs for the past 20 years+. We are already hearing of malicious compliance, and I see it happening even more in the future. Heard some packs will start offering 2 camp outs when they do their own: one Friday-Saturday and one Saturday-Sunday. Year-round dues collection direct from families will
  12. I am willing to bet there was a local architect with a Scouting background who would have donated their time on creating a plan. We had one that came up with plans to renovate one camp locally, and the PTB axed it.
  13. Here is an image of the PPT slide at the National meeting.
  14. Probably because most folks in my neck of the woods cannot afford other youth activities. Any increase in price is significant, despite what the cost compared to other activities .
  15. @Fred8033, I'm with you. After this year, only one of my sons will be eligible to be a Scout. But he is burnt out. He has been doing Scouting in some shape or form since being a toddler, and hanging with his brothers in Cub Scouts. He achieved his goal, Eagle, and may quit once December comes. He may have stayed around if his brothers and a few 18+ friends stuck around, but none of them are willing to give up their friendships per YP rules to remain in Scouting.
  16. One positive out of the MBC fee, now MBCs can camp with troops, ships, and crews since they are in a PAID position.
  17. The split should occur in 4th grade, not 5th. The entire reason why Webelos became an 18-24 month program in the 1990s instead of the 9-12 month program in previous years was the research showed that it takes about 2 years to get the Scouts, and in my experience the parents as well, up to speed with the differences between Cub Scouts and Scouts. Whomever made this decision did not do their due diligence, and I fear this will continue to hurt troops' retention of new Scouts.
  18. This incident was 20+ years ago before all the hype. More recently I know of one case where mom threatened a lawsuit against BSA if an extension was not given to her son to do a new project after turning 18. Long story short, The kid did NOT follow the directions given to him by the benefitting organization (BO) prior to approval, and did NOT listen to the recommendations of his SM and ASMs, one of whom was a professional contractor. He ended up getting kicked off the BO's property, turning over all unused funds to repair the damage he causes, got Scouts banned from ever doing another service
  19. I can testify to this. We had a young man denied Eagle because it was discovered troop's leadership, which consisted of Grandpa SM, Dad ASM, and Mom CC pencil whipped a bunch of his MBs so he could get Eagle at 13 or so. EBOR did what they were suppose to do and gave him a plan to actually earn Eagle. The family appealed to the council and was denied. Family appealed to national, and he was awarded Eagle with the statement in rationale "We do not penalize the Scout for the mistakes of the adults" or words to that effect. The entire District Advancement Committee resigned in protest over this
  20. I would be wary of the accuracy of training reports of Scouters who have been around of while. At least three in the past 19 years, training records and PORs have disappeared. I could understand my out of council records disappearing, but ALL (emphasis) of my training, as well as every single Scouter's training records in the council disappeared. I spent about 18 months getting my district's training records fixed, and was so glad I kept a hard copy and digital copy of all that work because about 2 years later, the records disappeared again. I was able to resubmit the bulk of the records, and
  21. Current troop neckerchief has the CO incorporated into the logo. I do not know how old the necker design is, but it predates me coming into the area.
  22. There is WAY to much focus on advancement in general, and specifically Eagle. EAGLE IS NOT THE GOALS! (major emphasis). Sadly I am seeing more and more "Eagle Scouts" who cannot do basic skills, sometimes stuff that Scouts have a reputation for doing. Best example I can give is the Eagle Scout who at a first aid competition could not do basic Tenderfoot thru First Class First Aid skills. when I asked if he had First Aid Merit badge, he stated he " I took that my first year at summer camp." I'd rather have the Life for Life, who knew his stuff and was able to recognize I had hypothermia an
  23. Yes with all the changes going on, I would not put CO on anything. In fact I would not put any district names or council names in any unit logo. Districts merge, and councils will be shortly. What I have seen done once was a unit celebrated their 25th anniversary by adding a wreath around their unit logo, and the years underneath the logo. That special logo was used just for the 25th anniversary year, and they went back to the normal logo after the anniversary.
  24. I agree, and have seen outside groups using camps multiple times in multiple locations. but at least in my area, it is NOT being balanced.
  25. This is indeed happening in my area. Council is focused on additional programs, and the units are not being serviced. I asked the SE why they cannot help the existing units, and was ignored. Like @InquisitiveScouter, Scouting is struggling in my area. I see 3 more units folding in my old district alone within the next 2-3 years. What really hurts is that I went thru 2 years of hell as a professional building this area up, only to see it slowly fall apart from professional arrogance, apathy, and neglect.
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