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  1. Nothing. Not a % of any fundraiser. Some FOS events were held at Pack and Troop events, but at least a decade ago. FOS is defunct in out council-has been for at least a decade.
  2. On so many forums, the word "liberal" is used in a negative, derisive, derogatory sense. And the term for the opposite of "liberal" is…? That term does not seem to be used at all. I am not interested in starting an interminable political debate, just to obtain folks' definitions of "liberal" and whatever the antonym is ("conservative?")
  3. I have to say, just how many binders of rules do we need? I drop my kid off at an open field to participate in a soccer game. In full view of hundreds of parents. The event lasts an hour or so. And I pick my kid up. And all is done. In full view of many adults. (Actually, I NEVER left my kid, but for argument's sake…) SCOUTING (activities), on the other hand, encompass a wide range of situations. Friday nights to Sunday mornings, in remote campsites. Plenty of opportunities for abuse situations. Quiet, dark, secluded… My point is that this whole situation needs to be
  4. Clipping corners off Totin Chip card for infractions was the practice in my troop as a youth 60+ years ago. Don't recall it happening, though. Inattention to sharps safety is rather self-regulating; I learned a lot nursing cuts due to X-acto knives.
  5. Curia advisari vult or c.a.v., a Latin legal term meaning "the court wishes to be advised" In this situation, I think it means that the court is considering awaiting the Supreme Court ruling in Purdue Pharma, and thereby "be advised."
  6. I wear my Eagle knot, and none others. (Not even sure what knots I might have earned, though, District Award of Merit, and Silver Beaver, are among them.) It is all about the youth. Not about me. I have at least 8 Eagle mentor pins. (Our troop has had the practice of only having an Eagle presenting a single Mentor Pin. Eagles one per I wear none of them. Those who need or want to know, they know.
  7. Well, with a series of notice, that gives "fair warning." But as a plain old lawyer, my plain old clients pay just no attention…and things just "roll over."
  8. Never let anyone auto renew. Ever. You lose control in that automatic charges will be incurred without notice, even if a scout has dropped out.
  9. Nothing wrong with "Practice to Master," THEN test. The test should not be a practice session. Little is simple or obvious if one truly understands the skill-has mastered it. "Craftsmanship." Journeyman, not apprentice. "If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it." --Jascha Heifetz (I thought Vladimir Horowitz said that. A Google search ALSO attributed it to Louis Armstrong-enough searching…it is the thought that counts.) As a BSA certified angling instructor, I STILL practice my fishing knots. They are inhe
  10. The Ranger Marathon is a huge inspirational goal to many Philmont Rangers, though its course and times recorded for its passage seem to be obscured in fog. There are varied discussions of--course, route, times, and pack weights carried (more or less). The start point seems to be accepted by all as the camp Dan Beard, but the end point seems to vary over time from Kit Carson Museum, to Abreu (New Abreu), to Carson Meadows. Anyone who has first experiences running the Ranger Marathon, I encourage to post. Thanks.
  11. And these are just comments, Eagle, summer camp staff (2x), Philmont Ranger (4x), Philmont Trek Advisor (4x)… Scouts headed for Philmont treks needed NO training-they are just too resilient at that age. That being said, there might be a scout on the fringe of fit-that issue needs attention. "Loops" are by far the most logistically feasible. Do loops. Not efficient at all. Carefully plan food, carefully package food into 2 or 4 person portions, just like Philmont has done for decades. (On the Ranger Staff at Philmont some decades ago, I was told by the head of Philmon
  12. Oh no! I wrote a whole book, "My Circling Hiking Life." Always ended up where I started…
  13. So, there was this District Executive (male) who was rather "rough around the edges" who came to put on a "Boy Talk" at our Pack's and Troop's feeder school ( with a female District Executive who was, is, and remains (after 30 years) the most impressive professional scouter I have ever met. He always seemed a bit short on sincerity-a bit cocky-so I was not too impressed, but, for some reason, I attended the Boy Talk (now, "Everyone Talk?"). And he said: "Scouting is the only youth outdoor program (meaning "sports") 'Where everyone can play all of the time.'" And that struck
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