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  1. Well, this conversation appears to be unnecessary as the questionable replies appear to no longer exist which is kind of telling in and of itself. Good day to all.
  2. Fun? That word is another reason why I am puzzled by your response. It is true that a lot can be lost in translation via text but it important to not be hasty in response. It was, most certainly, not meant that way sir. Some of your response hold key insights though, I will say that much. Thank you.
  3. Perhaps I have given too few details because your response is missing the target.
  4. The Troop leader who is committee leader for our pack is burning bridges left & right, being very abusive & unprofessional. Two of us have already resigned. I will only focus on what I was initially subjected to. In a pack & family email I said "I am boggled that y'all have not explored all the tools on Scoutbook!" This individual replied in a very bad manner assuming that I was criticizing everyone. I can c/p the exchange soon-a-bouts. It seems that almost all other Pack leadership has had confrontations with this individual. I just sent an email to the Council asking about who to
  5. Thank you for having me! Just got my 7 & 9 yr olds into Cub Scouts & now I am a Webelos Den Leader for Pack #53 here in NM, USA.
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