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  1. Thank you! That was one of the only nice things said to me on this truly hostile site. Once I can delete my acct. though, I am gone.
  2. @InquisitiveScouter I respect that. Good night. I too want to leave this conversation. Be well. *Of note, nothing in my telling of this tale is untrue.
  3. May I quote Eleanor Roosevelt? *collective yes + clapping & applause* "When shall our conscience be so tender as to prevent human misery rather then to avenge it?" When are we going to get to a place where default harshness & hatred, harsh uncompromising opinions & conflict is NOT the norm?? Be good folks, treat all well.
  4. Now can y'all start removing those darned "Negative Reputation" marks or tell me how to remove my own self from this place?? 'Bout time some folk were kind & friendly! Thank you @SSScout! Eagle94-A1 !
  5. @SSScout It's for the kids. It is not about us stupid adults, just the Scouts!
  6. I totally understand why this will never be allowed to show on the (public) boards. This is something y'all need to address. I want either to have these issues addressed or I want to know how to delete my account. My guess is that it would be easier for you to delete me than to actually make things better. Honor yourselves then by allowing me to remain and address these problems. I am only being so bold because you will not allow these post & comments to be seen.
  7. Is it normal that resident members give a well intended new member, seeking advice on a challenging situation be given a brutal trial by fire? I am almost 53yo, have been on the web for decades. Believe it or not, my 1st computer used a tape cassette as a hard drive! This is the most hostile place on the web that I have ever experienced, by far. The anger that I am being given, the "Negative Reputation" marks, the angry words assuming my incompetence is unending. Can anyone either make me, a dad new to Scouting, feel welcome, stick up for me, or tell me how to delete my account?? This is the m
  8. Firstly, thank you for not being so darned harsh to me as most have treated me on here. I appreciate it. Council removed this individual but not for YPT or Safety reasons. I doubt that criminal charges are coming, this person was just... a monster. Over half of all Pack ldrs & CC have been attacked by this person. I know the CC "asked" that person to resign, which this individual did immediately.
  9. What if there is not any Honey? None of us always has positive things to say. I understand that you want every thing to be positive but... there are moments where things are not positive. I came here to seek good council, good advice in a challenging situation & I received good scolding for things that I did not do. The negative bias towards me on here is a bit intense. Let me guess, another Negative mark is on the way? Consider me a flight risk.
  10. Fortunately, our Pack still exists & my sons are happy as bees on flowers about it! There is a huge positive vibe now that this person has been removed, Council & CC have steered us through the storm. Question: why do y'all give "Negative Rep" marks every time you disagree with me? Your mark in particular, is making me want to close my account here. I think it is fair to say that if y'all do not stop flinging these "Negative Rep" marks, like monkeys fling poo, I will remove myself.
  11. This person yelled at most of the Pack Leaders for what all perceived as unprovoked. It's feeling like there is a negative bias coming from most of you, this was a good thing. This person was asked to step down because they treated every one like crap, was verbally abusive. Also, this person refused to submit applications for all leaders who disagreed with them. One applicant, in disagreement asked about whether we could have a campfire (allowed), calmly & politely said that he thought that we should have one because of where our Scouts were in training & experience. His application ne
  12. Now that this (permanently) unnamed individual is permanently removed from Scout leadership roles for life, do you still feel the same way? Is it not obvious that he, not I, was at fault?
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