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  1. When i ran CS day camp, irregardless of who owned the property, NCAP applied.
  2. I was one of those 18- 30 year olds. I served in a variety positions, including professional, in that age range: ASM, OA lodge officer, OA chapter advisor, AIA advisor, UC, and council training staff. Because of my age, I got along with the youth very well, and still keep in contact with a bunch of them years later. As for being asked, I think it varies. Some other Scouters had no issues asking me to help out. Others ignored me, told me I had not idea what I was doing or talking about, etc. It was frustrating at times.
  3. Thanks for the letter. That does not answer everything I wanted, but is a start.
  4. Yes and no for the first part. There are some "old fogeys" who for whatever reason can still connect. Younger Scouters have a lot to offer and I encourage them. Sadly the 18-20 YO crowd in my neck of the woods feel completely disrespected by not being counted as 2 deep for YP purposes within Scouting, BUT also have to follow YP rules outside of Scouting per National. KNow several outstanding young men who are no longer involved because the 2018 rule would interfere with school, work, and friendships As for some countries having a max age for direct contact roles, I was told Belgium had o
  5. I have not seen it yet, but did see the list of folks who are in it and contributed, and know our former national Youth Protection Director, Michael Johnson, is involved. I have two questions regarding him and his info. 1. What raw data is he using when he state, “The truth is clear: no child is safe in Scouts BSA programs.” I want to see stats, trends, reports, etc to prove this is the case. And I want the raw data because as Mark Twain once said, " There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and then there is statistics." 2. If his statement is true, then what the heck
  6. Don't get me started on being held hostage by a Trailer Hauler. You can read all about it in another thread🤬
  7. Although we have several trucks with towing capability, the trailer we have is so heavy, only 1 can pull it. It is a custom built one and one that survived a crash down a mountainside. (don't ask before my time, but our CC is proud of the indestructability of the trailer). Our driver is not going camping this weekend, and we are simulating a backpacking trip as we don't have a lot of vehicles going. As for backpacking meals, we have gone old school and are making our own. Still pricier than normal, but cheaper than the premade stuff.
  8. Don't remind me. I know of a council that is doing a dodgeball tournament as a fundraiser. I almost asked if they knew Dodgeball has been banned by the BSA since 2018, but decided to stay out of it. However some volunteers are questioning why the council can have a Dodgeball tourney, but the units cannot.
  9. Maybe because I am not a businessman, but I always thought it is better to buy than rent. Especially since the warehouse SHOULD be paid for. When I forked for Supply in the 90s, the warehouse had been there a while.
  10. @InquisitiveScouter, Pretty much. At the town hall meeting I went to, I made comments and folks in the know, or should have been in the know, were either shocked or shocked and angered that I knew as much as I did on the trial. When discussing matters from the trial, specifically the Churchill Plan and their plan to limit the number of councils, get rid of "excess" camps, and cap the upper age limit to 18 for all programs with a council level volunteer, I was told I was spreading rumors.
  11. If this is the wrong spot for the question, Mods please feel free to move it to the right one. When will the transcript of the session that the CHURCHILL PLAN was discussed and how do I go about getting a copy of the transcript? No one in my council is mentioning anything about it, and when I do ask questions about it, I am told I am "spreading rumors," and "no one knows what is actually going to happen." Considering the leash that national does have over councils, national gets its way.
  12. Why I use folks who need ITOLS to be "trained," but already know the material as staff. I know someone who was super active in Scouting to the point his wife acknowledged she was a 'Scouting Widow" on weekends. Since he grew up in the program, he never needed basic camping skills and for his first 40 years as a Scouter, training was not a big deal, and he never went through it. Sadly he missed the test out option when it was available. But in all honesty we probably could not schedule a time to do the test out since he was always Scouting.
  13. For a VERY brief period, I want to say it was 2014-16, a test out option was allowed by national. One of my friends was district training chair, and his eventual successor was one of those who did it. One of the reasons why I used staff that needed ITOLS, but I personally knew had the knowledge, skills, and abilities already and could teach the course. Plus ever since the training records S.N.A.F.U. in 2007/08 I was told to ALWAYS list instructors as students as well.
  14. Last time I taught ITOLS, I had 3 adult staffers who needed ITOLS to be "Trained." First individual needing "training" was an Eagle Scout who worked summer camp as a youth, including First Year CamperProgram, combat medic in Iraq, and went to Philmont once. Next up was another Eagle Scout summer camp staffer who went to Philmont twice. Last but not least, the third adult staffer was another Eagle Scout summer camp staffer who went to ' 89 NSJ, was combat vet, AND was a WB 3 beader. I go them to teach in their specialty skills. Thankfully the Scouters appreciated the course and had fun, e
  15. Just realized who the source for the price increases was on FB. Hesbach is a SE, so i wouls say it is reliable.
  16. Still have issues with both today, even with technology. Back then I remember having to tell the Philmont Training Center Faculty member in my district that according to the council's records, he was untrained. That was not a fun experience. 18 years ago when National told councils to clean up their training records, it was a nightmare. In my council, anyone who had training done over a year prior was "untrained." One of the issues was that BSA decided only to list only the most current Training courses titles. None of the older course titles were listed.And some of our Scouters took tr
  17. I lost a bunch of my Scouting memorabilia that I had at my mom's house when it flooded during Katrina. Ebay has been my friend. I was able to get some of the more meaningful stuff back.
  18. Feedback is a gift. Commentary to improve services should not be considered "hate." But it does gets frustrating when you provide feedback, especially feedback you have been specifically asked for, and that feedback gets ignored. Best example is Instapalms. 94% of those polled were either Against (18%) or Strongly Against (76%), yet they did it anyway. IT issues have been around since before SCOUTNET 2000 that came out in 1998. Experts in the field have offered solutions and were turned down.
  19. Are you youth or an adult? If you are an adult, you can go through the district to get into the OA. If a youth, the Troop will need to hold an elections and vote you into the OA as a candidate.
  20. During covid we also did a few zoom meetings, but as soon as we were able to meet outside, we did. While we did not camp as much as we usually do, 9 weekends a year plus summer camp, we switched to day trips for a bit, and then when able to camp, we did some camping within a 1 hour drive. Summer camp was touch and go for a bit, but the local camp did open up and we did our own 5 day camp.
  21. Yes it is going around. We have a troop that CO is kicking them out end of May. They have not recharted, but are still meeting while trying to find a new home.
  22. Yes, the insurers did put in motions to investigate claims which was denied because the judge stated the trust would handle the distribution of funds and deal with the fraud then. There is a post in one of the threads on this topic about several potential fraud cases including: The mother of one claimant who stated her son was lying because he was never involved in Scouting. The phone center operator who was told to make up info on claims if they were unable to get it from the caller. The person named as a perpetrator who was living in another state in college when alleged
  23. Thank you. I hope ever individual who committed fraud to get a quick payout gets hit with fines. Their false accusations not only hurt the BSA, but also and more importantly hurt actual victims.
  24. Mods, If this is the wrong thread to ask the questions, please move it to the correct thread. @ThenNow, what were the stated penalties? If not stated, what are they and do they also apply to the lawyers as well? If money is involved with the penalty, can that money go towards survivors?
  25. Overall everyone had fun but one troop, and that was on me. When I get stessed, i say stupud jokes. One of my jokes was putting the 2 "antisocial" troops together because both want to be away from others. That one SM did not appreciate the joke and was mad. He expressed his displeasure all weekend. Ironic thing is my troop is the other "antisocial" troop. Did a standard cook off with guest judges. That worked well for the units. The judges however almost went into diabetic shock with all the sweets. Events events went well and everyone had fun.
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