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  1. Our troop has a similar situation. A pack said they will bring their AOL girls to our Webelos Outreach campout. We plan to have a linked troop next year so we make plans at camp for the girls and their parents. But won't this be daunting to troops that don't plan on having a linked troop? I understand doing activities with a troop count toward advancement but suing the unit for discrimination because the unit only has boy scouts and doesn't want to set up a linked troop; that's forcing the troop to go against their program.
  2. 👍 The Secretary dislikes the DL because he's not doing enough? Humm... how about some appreciation for DL's time and effort towards the youth. Try working the team angle, as others suggested. Work with your DL a plan that delegate tasks to the parents, then get all the parents together, explain the situation and get them to buy-in to the team leadership. Some of the Bears must have been in Cubs since Tiger so I gather they like the program. Even if the secretary is correct the other parents won't step up, they might if the den otherwise would ease to exist. Sell your program. Maybe the Secretary can steps up...
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