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  1. I will believe it when I see it.
  2. Yes, National and Councils will not advertise competition. heck I am surprised https://www.highadventurescouting.com/council.html exists because it is in direct competition with with the 4 national HA bases. Back in the day, the International Division could help out with International Letters of introduction, national Scout organization info, and restricted international swag, i.e. BSA international neckerchiefs, jacket, slides, and if you earned it World Crest (pre-1990), International Activity Badge, International Youth Exchange Badge, or the current International Spirit Award. B
  3. I do not know who did the appraisals, but one camp they seriously undervalued. When I told folks how much the appraisal was for, they were extremely shocked because their nearby properties were a lot less land, and valued at a heck of a lot more. When they listed the property, it was 5 times the appraisal price. And as i stated, the sale price was more than 10 times the appraisal price because of a bidding war.
  4. Stupid question: what happens to the excess money from sales? I know my council made 10x the appraised value of one camp they sold, and made at least 4x what their contribution from property sales was supposed to be. Here is the funny thing. The unit volunteers were told none of the money from the camps' sales was going to the lawsuit. A former exec board member, when I told him what the unit serving were told stated "That is not what they told us (exec board)." (sarcasm on) I love my council (sarcasm off)
  5. Are the council's any better? In all honesty, the only ones who are doing anything to support units at the council are the support staff; registrar, office manager, secretaries, and shop employees.
  6. Those were the days. When answering the question in the Eagle Project Workbook, "what did you learn from your project?" his response was "Paperwork will suck the joy out of anything you love." (bold for emphasis)
  7. Don't remind me. And while he was very personable when he got to talk in his interview, dad seemed to be the primary mover.
  8. I do not know when an "Eagle Advisor" position was created, but I am guessing within the last 15 years. So My questions is, what did folks do when advice was needed for the project before the advisor position was created? I went to my SM.
  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Concur 100% You can read about some of the challenges I've encountered with one troop. At first manageable, but with new families coming in, gto to the point I back out. Kids said hey were having fun, but both wife and I noticed changes in personality. Scouting was slowly becoming frustrating, instead of fun for them. Getting away to a new troop that was Scout led helped tremendously,
  11. in 2020, Form 990 Schedule D, Part 5, page 31 of the document states they ended 2020 with an endowment of $56,163.690, 2019 was $54.152,230. 2018 was $50.113.630.
  12. Concur with @InquisitiveScouter. I had a large, 6 man Coleman tent. IT was a P.I.T.A.O. to set up, especially by myself in the rain. Eventually we also went the two tent route, the hoodlums in one tent, the wife and I in another. That tent was used maybe 10 time in a 5 year period.
  13. for the rice of e membership, it is over $600, so worth a membership. How many in your family? They also make a 6man version that is similar ttps://www.rei.com/product/202982/rei-co-op-wonderland-6-tent One thing to remember, the more poles and longer they are, the more people it will take to set up the X looks like it will take two to three folks to set up. In my expereince, it is usually just Dad setting up and Mom is herding kids.
  14. I cannot sat about other districts, but in my old one, the abuse by he professional staff as mentioned above has drastically lowered the FOS funding. combined with lack of unit support and the selling of camps, they are lucky to get any FOS. Back in the day, we were in the $60 to $65K range, and now the goal is $3K.
  15. The volunteers who have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and previous event budgets ten to know more about the events and what is involved, than the pros. Yet the pros are overruling and micromanaging without one iota of what is needed. I've listed examples on other pages. But one not listed was Cub family camp. we asked for 10 bows and 120 arrows. Got 3 bows and about 50 arrows, some of which were not usable. Had to go to Walmart and buy extra bows, and all the arrows in stock to run the event. Oh and this event had over 600 people registered. In my neck of the woods, folks a
  16. If the part about limiting all programs to 18 and under in the Churchill Plan is "revisited" and implemented, Sea Scouts, Exploring, and Venturing will die. Yes there wqs outrage over the move when it was leaked. Yes the National Sea Scout Commodore, the top volunteer for that program was shocked when he read it in the leak. Yes National said that was not going to happen , but they would"revisit" the issue when if needed. And when has national ever listened to their volunteers? I can count on one hand when they have. the Tiger and BB Gun policy that was rescinded when it was public
  17. Some places are like that. I talked to one unit and they said this is how they will be handling it. they will now offer two overnighters: one Friday/Saturday overnighter with one leader in charge, and a Saturday/Sunday overnighter with a different leader in charge. Families will have their choice of one or two overnighters.
  18. I believe the competition with council camps is the reason. As for the other objections, I have not encountered them in 10 years of working with a pack. Cub camping is family camping. In the packs I worked with and been in, families and dens worked together. Costs are not significantly increased, and having things stretched out over two nights is actually more relqxed than stressful. Some of the camp outs my pack went on had a 2+ hour drive one way. As for NCAP, that is for district and council activities, not unit level. An d folks have asked to see the data, and it is not being sh
  19. [sarcasm on] You don't say! [sarcasm off].
  20. Service hour requirement for Life states " While a Star Scout, [emphasis] participate in six hours of service through one or more service projects approved by your Scoutmaster. At least 3 hours of this service must be conservation related."
  21. While never a mission of the OA, it has occurred. I've posted in other threads how local Arrowmen did help preserve Native American Heritage. Especially in the early days of the OA when it was illegal to practice aspects of Native culture.
  22. Regalia was not mine to give away, even though the chapter left it behind when they moved, And yes I know a dancer who would have loved some of the items they had. The supplies went to the lodge instead. do not know what will happen to it. Now the photo album that was in storage, I have that. I donated the album and all the photos in it way back when. Good memories of a better time,
  23. I have used that term myself lately, for both "Hollywood Indian" ceremonies and Scout uniformed ceremonies. But maybe I am spoiled. My lodge growing up had a relationship with the local nation, and had members on our LEC. One of the guys I worked with and did ceremonies with had an uncle on the tribal council. We worked with them to improve our regalia and make it more authentic. Lately it seems as if folks could care less about truly mastering ceremonies. We practiced and memorized ceremonies back in the day. We worked on both chapter and personal regalia. sadly I have seen ceremon
  24. depends upon the lodge and/or chapter. I have seen some extremely hi quality regalia used.
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