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  1. Is a McDonald's franchise considered a separate legal entity from the corporation? Maybe it's time for someone with legal expertise to help us understand the relationship between councils and the BSA. Just a hunch, but since the courts haven't thrown out the idea that councils are part of the BSA, it's not simple.
  2. If the scout does a great job as APL then give him credit for it. It's up to the SM. There's nothing that says an apl can't get credit. That said, it's the pl that should give the apl a job to do. The pl might need guidance on how to do that, but that's okay. There's plenty of work to be done as pl. Good leadership is about working oneself out if a job.
  3. What does it take to sew canvas or typical tent fabric? Canvas seems way to thick for a standard sewing machine. Can it be done by hand? I think it would be a great scout project. Make a patrol tent composed of a single pole and segments, one for each patrol member, that zips, ties or snaps together. </wistful thinking about camping>
  4. If you have more than 29 fingers and toes than ... you're a centipede?
  5. I'm on my 3rd anniversary of my 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday.
  6. Hi everyone, it's me, again, a moderator. It seems that the temperature on social media has gone up in the past week. I've seen some really ugly things posted on facebook recently by scouters I know. Bad enough that I'm wondering why I should even be in scouting anymore, much less trying to keep the peace on this forum. But then I remember that scouting is good for the world and I try for another day. While things are not too ugly here, I see people talking past each other. Buried down in the core of this argument is something worth discussing but instead people get hung up on periph
  7. Hey everyone, moderator here. This thread is a bit past Courteous. Comments are getting personal. I'd say the easiest way to fix it is to walk away from it for a day. YIS, MattR
  8. A scout, that used to be in my troop and is now a cop on the city police force, said it's a very complicated mess. As long as people appreciate that fact I think it's possible to talk about it. We talked about a lot of issues and I learned a lot. Let's just say I'm proud of this scout and my town's police force. I think this is one of those areas where there are lots of assumptions on both sides about how easy it is to solve that just make things hard to talk about.
  9. Here's another idea: Make scouting more available to kids in poor neighborhoods. Rather than describe and discuss, do. I read a discussion among some people trying to figure out how to reduce violence in poor neighborhoods. A study was brought up in which three different approaches were tried. The first was increase police. The second was increase social workers. The third was replace dilapidated buildings with parks and playgrounds. The first two did very little but the third made a substantial impact. They also mentioned how important youth programs are. They mentioned Boys and Girls Cl
  10. Wow. The things I never knew about scouter.com. Hey guys, bring your friends.
  11. I copied and pasted the text here, as @SSScout's link didn't work. .
  12. I think scouting is missing a huge opportunity right now. I was reading a discussion about positive ways to reform police departments and there was a really interesting observation. A study was done on ways to reduce crime in poorer sections of cities and they tried 3 things: increase police, increase social aid, and just tearing down abandoned buildings and putting in parks. The most effective was putting in parks. It created community and places for kids to play. They then mentioned that youth programs greatly help police. They mentioned Boys and Girls Clubs but didn't mention scouts. That k
  13. Any chance we can borrow Bear for a few years?
  14. Sometime I wonder if BP's push for scouts was a case of trying to make amends for what happened in his military career. If so, I think his statue should stay up. Plenty of people with problems have turned things around.
  15. I almost went to Philmont. Other than that I've done about 15 trips with my troop, all of which we put on ourselves. I will admit, it does take more work than just writing a check but a wiki full of ideas would cover that.
  16. Well what do you know, that's the perfect description of why I'm not a fan of BSA training. I keep telling scouts if they really knew the material they were trying to teach it would be really easy to both teach it and easier to come up with fun events to use it. I went and read the BPSA Pathfinder manual. In all honesty I really liked it. It stops at First Class. Very little describe, discuss, explain. Lots of practical do. Some MB's, like first aid, require retesting every year, just like the adults. Senior proficiency badges. And the capstone req for First Class is to go on a 14 mile ba
  17. One of our camps is used by a local university's forestry program as a lab on how to thin forests. Is that the type of logging you're talking about? Or is it logging wood to sell? If the latter then not us, as all we have is Ponderosa Pine.
  18. Hey everyone, this thread is not in Issues and Politics, so please keep your issues about politics for another thread Just to be clear, this thread is about Philmont not opening.
  19. I recently drove from Iowa to Colorado. The traffic on I80 is mostly back to normal. Lots of semis. Lots of RV's. Lots of traffic cones. Lots of people without cruise control that can't make up their mind if they want to tailgate, pass, or just slow down in front of you. Lots of extra wide wind turbine blades. It cleared up a bit somewhere around Grand Island and the last part, after the I76 interchange, was just open and crank up the sound system. So, pretty normal.
  20. Isn't the google/apple contact tracing app supposed to be ready real soon? I know the API has been out for a week or so.
  21. So so close! I like the idea of a pod deciding what they want to do together. How about, rather than an adult, pick one scout as the pod leader. Oh! And the scouts could vote on their pod leader. And if the scout struggles there could be a senior pod leader that could help him out. As for adults, maybe just a couple in camp would be needed for guidance. They could be called the pod master and assistant pod master. Sarcasm aside, using the patrol method at summer camp could solve a lot of problems and be a lot of fun. This is exactly the patrol method. I think it's how all summer c
  22. Sounds easy. A sack full of silly toys along with a nice plaque buried down in the toys. A nice mix of fun and serious.
  23. Oh, now I understand. I guess I also read that differently than what you had intended. Thanks for clarifying that.
  24. This sub thread to "major changes announced - councils impacted" sounds like a question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. So, putting on my moderator hat, let's just have our better angels out on the dance floor. There are protests, violence, frustration, fear, a pandemic and a whole lot of anger going on in our nation. If there's ever a time for the Scout Oath and Law it's right now. I seem to have lost my cheerful. Has anyone seen it? It's probably with my glasses.
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