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  1. Hello everyone! I have come up with an update but it's not that good. Unfortunately, I have decided to leave my current troop after some issues arose. This is a drama that has been brewing in the background since our summer camp. I had a meeting with the new scoutmaster (NSM), Chartered organization rep (COR), and old scoutmaster(OSM) which was an intervention under the guise of a leadership meeting. (NOTE before this COR had not been present at troop functions for almost 1 year and OSM had only reappeared back in march) They essentially summed up the meeting into 3 things 1. I need to ba
  2. Most of the parents are also assistant scoutmasters. Even during the chaos, our troop is in the scoutmaster strives to keep it boy-led with adult and assistant scoutmaster assistance as needed. The scoutmaster rarely misses any major events due to our lack of adult help. There was also talk about the scoutmaster sticking to his listed duties, this will also help others stay in their specific positions. Yes, I hoped there wouldn't be a need for something like this but there have been too many incidents that have caused the need to attempt to put a Code of Conduct in place. No matter th
  3. It's the other way around. I came here to come up with ideas and possible solutions to help overcome scouts that are uncomfortable approaching the scoutmaster with the issue. I admit that I shouldn't have brought up the grading policy as it derailed my original question. In the moment I thought it might help to explain other things talked about at the meeting. I agree that the kids should work through their issues with their peers but it crossed that line a long time ago. There isn't any physical bullying but more verbal bullying than anything. There is a lot of putting others
  4. Ok, I understand the problems with the grades but unfortunately, I am a trained assistant scoutmaster so I don't get a vote on anything discussed at committee meetings. I am only trying to provide information that I believe is relevant to the original question I posted. I swing both ways on that issue because I do understand that it should be kept to the parents but when a troop of 12 kids where 50% of them are related by blood sometimes issues like grades do have a major influence on our troop. Our current committee chair, communication manager, Scoutmaster of our girl's troop, and 2 assistan
  5. I understand the fact that the grades should be handled by the parents but as the troop is very small (one family has almost 50% of the scouts in the troop along with their parents) and the idea of reinstating this by the Committee Chair who is a part of that family. Some other reasons the Chair suggested this is because there is a requirement in the Scholarship merit badge that requires proof of a B average over multiple terms, and that it helps teach accountability for their actions. I understand that also putting a Code of Conduct in could cause some unforeseen problems but I feel tha
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! During the committee meeting, we also talked about holding the youth accountable for their actions including bringing an old system back. Back when I first joined my troop we were required to show our 9-week grades to the scoutmaster, if your grades were below a certain point then you were suspended from campouts and similar activities until you showed improvement. @InquisitiveScouter is it ok if I use the Code of Conduct that you shared as a guideline for making one for my troop? I would of course bring this to the committee's attention at ou
  7. I feel like this is something important to note in this conversation. In the Troop Committee Guidebook, it states in chapter 8: "The Scoutmaster (or assistant Scoutmaster) is not a member of the troop committee and has no vote." (Chapter 8, page 35) This book is old but it doesn't have a newer version. Troop Committee Guidebook: http://www.commissioner-bsa.org/kit/Troop Committee Guidebook 34505.pdf or just search 'bsa committee guidebook'
  8. The first thing to state I am NOT the scoutmaster!!!! I am an assistant scoutmaster in a troop that is facing this problem. Earlier this month we held a troop committee meeting. One of the first things brought to the committee's attention is that there are acts that are considered bullying happening at troop meetings and campouts and the victims are not comfortable approaching the scoutmaster to report the bullying. The scoutmaster responded by saying that he can't be everywhere at once and that the assistant scoutmasters are also responsible to watch for bullying. I admit that he does h
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