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  1. It just seems ironic that scouting, which is primarily about being in the outdoors, which in turn is all about getting away from society, which is just an old fashioned way of saying social distancing, is struggling to figure out what to do. If summer camp doesn't work then go for a hike. I am doing a lot of hiking these days. If I had young children around we'd be camping. The patrol model is ideal. Do things as a patrol. Minimize crossings between patrols. Have faith that scouts have the imagination to make fun from sticks, mud and rope. They don't need a dining hall and a shooting rang
  2. 404 Not Found. Maybe someone changed their mind.
  3. Given the recession we're about to enter depending on community confidence might not work for many councils.
  4. Or maybe your ideas are good, you could keep generating them, gently push them and just accept the few scouts and parents that take you up on your ideas. So, do your best and know that that is a job well done. If only one scout liked what you did then that's one scout you helped. Virus or no, that's a healthier way of looking at this. I'm beginning to think the only way I can continue with scouts, between my frustrations with my council, bankruptcy and the virus, is to find a happy place where I can help and just ignore the rest of it.
  5. I agree with your husband. Also, the stress of this epidemic is hitting people differently. I think many parents are just pushing aside things that they don't see as critical and for some, that's scouts.
  6. I wonder what a healthy percentage is. 39% just seems like a lot these days. Just my opinion but basic costs like staffing and camp upkeep should be covered by the customers - scouts. If it's too high a cost then it's time to cut costs rather than lean on families and the community to bring in more donations.
  7. Welcome to the forum, @Joris. It's always nice to see a scout here. Extra credit for being from outside the US! What I see in that picture is a scout that likely just got back from a backpacking trip, complete with spoon in pocket and plenty of dirt. But that's me, I've been there before so I know what scouts do. At the same time, my father was born in Krefeld and immigrated to the US in 1939. As a child in the 60's I remember the bad feelings my dad had about Germany. In the late 80's there was a push in Germany to reconnect with Jews that had left before the Holocaust and my dad was inv
  8. We can't. Ads are put on your page views based on your viewing history as well as whatever "related content" the search engine finds. The above ad contains a reference to "Boy Scout" and this is a forum related to Boy Scouts. Granted, it's ironic, but there's not much we can do. I suppose you could put your own ads on this forum (contact scouter-terry).
  9. My council doesn't mention the virus on its website. However, if you read the state and county sites it's hard to imagine how they can operate a camp. Well, it would all be fine except for doing any events or eating. My guess is my council is desperate and have been doing a lot of rationalization. Seems to me there's an opportunity here for scouting. Ten people can do something together. That's a patrol and two adults. Think of the possibilities. This could be the most fun summer ever.
  10. Guess when I first learned where one way signs are located.
  11. I read the text. All I can think of is I feel sorry for Roger. He only signed up for bankruptcy and now this. He did mention big changes coming. I really hope he has a great vision.
  12. I hope the SM's with the stereotypical SM gut stay home. That's just one more underlying condition. BTW, what will they do if they find someone with a high temperature? By that point they've already been spreading the virus for 2 days.
  13. @Eagledad, those are some interesting views. Not bad, just different. I always thought the aims were the what and the methods were the how. So, there's no point in having what and how be the same thing. Unfortunately, I think the BSA thinks the aims are what the scouters are told and the methods are what the parents and scouts are told. The result is that there's a lot of not-on-the-same-page syndrome. Namely, the scouts don't understand the goals so there should be no surprise that many don't get it. I absolutely don't think advancement should be a goal of the program. Most problems I se
  14. Just my 2 cents but scouting would be greatly served if these kids were the target audience of the post covruptcy BSA.
  15. Welcome to the forum, @BBQ. My council recently sent out email saying they would only open if allowed. Then they added that if they're allowed the refund policy still stands (i.e., no refund). So, if a scout has a family member that's diabetic, for example, and doesn't want to take a risk bringing home the virus then they take the loss I guess. So yes, money is clouding my council's view just like it always has. But, I seriously doubt scout camps are going to be allowed to open in most states. That's just my 2 cents, but we have plateaued on cases only because we've plateaued on tests.
  16. I don't understand your logic. Camp is not the same as quarantine. Not everyone will get the virus within the first day or so. With 250 people, one infected person and a 33% increase daily, after 14 days only about 50 people will be infected. Roughly 2/3 of those will have been infected within the last 4 days and they will all be going home while infected.
  17. Hi everyone, I just split this off from the chapter 11 thread, per @InquisitiveScouter's suggestion. Maybe we could talk about ways to improve the focus of advancement to support the aims of scouting rather than be the aims of scouting.
  18. Note to all: I split off the discussion about merit badges to
  19. The underlying issue seems, to me at least, that "learning a skill" is ithe end goal. Rather than that, "using the skill" would encourage more participation, less school, and fix all the other things we don't like about merit badges. I suppose this applies to all advancement. Anyway, taking a merit badge should be the first step in doing something scoutish and not a goal in itself. I'd much rather see a patrol say "let's make a giant 8 person bike - let's take welding MB" then the usual "I gotta sign up for something at mbu and cit nation is required so I'll do that one." Making learning skill
  20. Well, that didn't last very long. I just got email announcing the changes. That does suck. However, so does strong wind on a campout. Good scouts can still figure out how to have fun in bad weather. There are two other methods not really mentioned (well, I think they're methods): fun and service. How to make scouting fun or how to give service in a zoom world is a big challenge and, I think, a goal that will create much more growth than simplifying requirements. A bunch of families in my neighborhood put together a game for the kids to play the day before Easter rather than an egg hunt
  21. It seems to me that the new leadership we were hoping for is nowhere to be seen. Disappointing but not surprising.
  22. If we could use hunting style tents with heaters in them during the winter and had some way to poop in the woods without having to dig cat holes, especially when the ground is frozen, then we would not need any council camps and would have a much stronger program. While we do have campouts in below zero weather in normal tents, it gets old after four months in a row. I can see how to solve the pooping problem. Getting a warm shelter is impossible with the tent restrictions.
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