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  1. But think of it. An overnight campout would be like a high adventure trip.
  2. Wow, my council only charges $200. But that was before covruptcy. It looks like the exact same formula we have. They can't require it. National said as much when they said councils can't charge more than national. We heard the same threats. We do the best we can and tell them good luck. Treat it as a recommended donation. I stopped donating all together. I'm not sure about your council but mine is doing unethical accounting at best and likely illegal. When they get their act together I will resume donating.
  3. Just curious, when Ford came out with the Pinto and gas tanks were exploding, did you blame all the workers for that?
  4. JTE is a wishful concept that came out of SMART goals, which gives little guidance on running a non-profit. So scrap JTE and start over. I do not know how to run a non-profit, so talk to someone that does on the requirements for this. But here are my observations. Ensure the board is separate from the staff and does its job. The board is not a fundraising mechanism. It is a way to check the staff and ensure the council is serving the needs of the youth. Budget issues are what pollutes the motivation of the council, so ensure the budget is watched closely and it's transparent to every
  5. While @John-in-KC is likely right that this document is some internal document, this thread also contains the monthly how-to-fix-scouting comments. I'm not trying to berate anyone as it is nice to see people that like scouting. And I'm just about to pile on. Some observations: I look at that original document and I don't see anything about helping units succeed at scouting. I went to the churchill website and on their testimonials page I didn't find the words 'non profit.' Maybe there's another document out there that talks about this but I'm not holding my breath. @Jameson76 ma
  6. I just got back from a hilly bike ride with my kids. Makes everything better.
  7. One handbook per program. One shirt. Nothing is sewn onto the shirt that ever needs to be removed (flag, wosm, aol). No council patch, city and state is fine. In fact, transferring stuff to a larger shirt is something a scout can do in about 10 minutes. As for program features, training, general info, make a wiki and identify volunteer editors, that reflect the program, to make a living document.
  8. The style of ours is mainly to get the adults out of camp. Examples are do a polar plunge, go to an adult shoot, visit the canteen for coffee, do one of the hikes, do some adult meetings, go fishing and, while not getting out of camp, take a nap. I believe there's another patch for that, the Grinch Master. 😀 I enjoyed being childish around the scouts. It's the same reason that I'd kneel down to get at their height when talking to them about something serious.
  9. Assuming the scouts didn't get sick the more important idea is that a bunch of scouts had fun. If they could do this at summit they could do this at any camp. I hope the good news holds.
  10. By less sympathy for the perpetrators do you mean harsher sentencing? And what is an example of more sympathy for the victims?
  11. Nice story but it would seem better to have gotten involved in that kid's life before he became friends with the other two that were arrested. The real story is US incarceration rates are high. We all know that. The fact that the BSA can't get something like Boy Power to work suggests something the BSA should work on rather than put out a new MB.
  12. Pads are more than padding, they're also insulation. Also, the bottom of the sleeping bag doesn't provide any insulation when you smash it flat. IF it's cold out you need a pad with insulation. So, whatever pad you'd use on the ground, put it on put on your cot and you'll be warm.
  13. Let the fight begin. It would have been easier if they had started with the last sentence. I wonder what happens in the scenario where a council property is "hidden" by giving it to a holding company with the intent of getting it back in the future, the council is disolved and a new one replaces it. Where does that leave the property? Legal ring 6, probably.
  14. Of course you can't! My guess is you do indeed have a lot of fun howling at the moon on campouts. I also suspect you enjoy ribbing both scouts and adults, given your penchant for sarcasm I see here. The thing is, I don't think that has anything to do with humility. I do all those things as well because it's fun and the scouts really enjoy seeing an adult that can be silly, make a joke and take ribbing as well. Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. And yep, that's a quote. You can be loud and boisterous and still think of others. At the same time, humili
  15. It's a hundred year old program with hundred year old titles, oath and law. What's more, I first got into it just about 50 years ago. So, that makes me old and I've never really thought about the titles. I honestly don't care whether the titles change or not. If it works for new scouts and parents then we should do that, as it's for them anyway. I'm not sure they would care so who knows. While we're here I would like to add a 13th point to the scout law, however. I think Humble would be a good one. Maybe the assumption is that in order to be all of those other things like courteous and he
  16. Good catch. It's now in Open Discussion. While friends are currently the best way to get new members, @Snowball makes a good point in that there's not a good sell of why scouting is good, primarily aimed at the parents. In other words, just because friends is the current best method doesn't mean that's good enough. As the numbers go down there are fewer friends and hence, fewer new scouts. We ask the scouts in our troop to bring freinds and that's a small number of kids that show up. Of the ones that get in the door, many join, but we don't see many friends. Scouting is a weird mix a
  17. My understanding is indoor crowds (bars and tattoo parlors) are much worse than outdoor crowds. A fair amount of analysis has gone into this. I'm cautiously optimistic those scouts have a fun safe trip. That would be wonderful news. 69roadrunner, keep us informed till a few weeks after they get back.
  18. I don't. But I suspect a critical mass of girls having fun doing scoutish things would really help. Campfire, s'mores, girl scout songs along with cheerful, friendly and kind. All new scouts are looking for the same thing: will I be welcome here? The worst thing I've seen is a program for new scouts that the old scouts don't care for. The new scouts get some lip service about how great the troop is and then the new scouts are mostly ignored for the rest of the night. The new scouts read right through it. But that.doesn't answer the question of how to get them in the door.
  19. Not sure if this is considered legal, given all the lack of clarity, but our take was that scouts had accounts and any money earned could be used to defer expenses that pertained only to scouting. So, paying for summer camp or uniforms was okay but buying gear that could be used outside of scouting was not. After the scout left the troop the remainder of the account went to the general fund. So, the money was used in the context of scouting and the scout gained experience at earning money and managing it, both of which are skills we want them to learn. It didn't bother any of the CPA's in the
  20. Just an FYI, we've been removing media that does not pertain to the topic. I'm tired of being the school marm with the ruler smacking knuckles. Consider your knuckles spared
  21. @mashmaster, I always tell scouts that email is not effective. If the scout wants others to show up he should talk to them. Phone will work but going up and asking them, personally, is the way to do it. Since it's such a cool project, he could also tell them there will be pizza and a chance to use the trail afterwards.
  22. Is a McDonald's franchise considered a separate legal entity from the corporation? Maybe it's time for someone with legal expertise to help us understand the relationship between councils and the BSA. Just a hunch, but since the courts haven't thrown out the idea that councils are part of the BSA, it's not simple.
  23. If the scout does a great job as APL then give him credit for it. It's up to the SM. There's nothing that says an apl can't get credit. That said, it's the pl that should give the apl a job to do. The pl might need guidance on how to do that, but that's okay. There's plenty of work to be done as pl. Good leadership is about working oneself out if a job.
  24. What does it take to sew canvas or typical tent fabric? Canvas seems way to thick for a standard sewing machine. Can it be done by hand? I think it would be a great scout project. Make a patrol tent composed of a single pole and segments, one for each patrol member, that zips, ties or snaps together. </wistful thinking about camping>
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