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  1. It looks like COVID will be shutting the doors on our January Pack Meeting. Any suggestions for fun things to do outdoors in winter? We have no snow and none is forecast, so anything involving natural snow is out. Temperature should be in 30’s during the day, 10’s at night. We just did a hike so I would prefer something else, unless there was something special about it.
  2. Hello all. I am a leader of a Cub Scout Pack and I have been following this for the past few months to try to anticipate the impact to our unit. As things stand now, it appears that short-term impact to our unit will be minor aside from increased dues and maybe one less camp in our area. Long term … well the headwinds associated with Cub Scouts certainly haven’t disappeared but that is a different topic from bankruptcy. But nevertheless we have volunteers who are committed locally to Do Their Best for the scouts regardless of what is happening at higher levels of the organization.
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