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All about planning and going to Summer Camp

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    • Having only come back to scouting a year and a half ago, I have definitely seen the popularity of MB fairs (and seen them done both very well and less well also)... but I don’t think the days of scouts being the ones making contact with MB counselors are entirely gone.  I had my daughter start reach out to a Scholarship MB counselor (not associated with our or our linked troop) as an almost new scout, and when I replied to one of the intervening emails about a location to meet, the counselor politely reminded me (in a separate email chain) that it was the scout’s responsibility to do the logistical coordination.  I really respected how he educated me too, and — by her choice, but enthusiastically supported by me — she’s returned to him for another badge he counsels since.  As a copied leader on an email from another parent to an in-troop counselor, I saw a different counselor do essentially the same thing.  So, still some (admittedly anecdotal) signs of life in that element of adult association...
    • Wow, I was the SM for a troop that was also sponsored by FUMC, and what a pleasure that was.  We could also use their van nearly always and we also had access to their bus. Our COR was a former SM and a good friend and Scouter.  Anyone who is with a FUMC unit will never have to worry about their support, and are blessed to have that accociation.  Our Venture Crew is sponsored by an Episcopalian church and they are also wonderful and consider the crew as part of their outreach ministry.        
    • It really looks like our CO / Pack / Troop relationship is a little different. We have been chartered by FUMC for many many years in town.  I am not even sure the duration really. Our current COR (who is looking to get out of the position after a lengthly time) was a Scout and will come to events in uniform.  I do have the COR in my contacts on my phone and I do text or call him directly if I need something, and he does know who I am.  He also will attend committee meetings on occasion. IH- as it is in the Methodist Church they switch out pastors on a fairly consistent interval.  That happened here last year.  I took it upon myself as Cubmaster to invite the new IH to our Pack Thanksgiving "feast".  Think potluck / Pack Meeting.  He did attend and he said a few words to the Pack.  I felt it was important to meet us and see a Pack event like that. Now... Our CO allows the Troop to use their van to transport the Troop to events, as we are allowed to use their gym or sanctuary if we need it.  However our Scout Hut is not connected to the church and is owned by the "Friends Of".. I know.. the CO owns everything.  (I'd like to see that aspect go away for sure)   I am fairly new as a leader.. End of my third year now.  I will be Webelos DL soon and continue as CM.  So, I am not really sure of what should stay and what should go I know the application process is tedious as been mentioned.I have had to fill out new apps 2 or three times for the Pack and once when I became a Troop Committee member.   I have absolutely no use for STEM in Scouts. I think the Lion program is silly and should go away, maybe Tigers.  ( I started as a Wolf in the early 80s, so I think that is a good age to start) Just make Webelos - AOL a 18 month program. I have another thought, but I am reluctant to express my views on many of the volunteers I witness.  
    • Just because something is popular doesn't make it right.  mB factories are popular b/c it makes it too easy. Not necessarily the requirements (although this is true in many cases) but the process being circumvented. The process is as much a part of providing scouts growth opportunities not to mention the loss of adult association as a result of large groups.  How often do we say, "don't do for a scout that which they can do for themselves"; doing all the planning, communicating, logistics of a mB session for a scout is a denial of opportunity.  Yes it may be popular, but so would be cooking for them and hauling all their gear straight to the campsite. Oh wait, sadly these are done all the time as well.
    • Carebear, can't we find another fundraiser to replace popcorn, a product that buyers want?  Volunteers hate popcorn because customers are quite indifferent to it.  MB fairs:  point well taken.  However, if we must have them, they should be more challenging.  Recharter:  I understand your point, but events may overcome this clunky process.  The staff and infrastructure needed to carry the old process along may not exist soon.
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