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"Medical Marijuana" @ Scout Camp

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Yah, hmmm...


So I'd counsel ScoutFish that tryin' to substitute your own judgment for that of a child or adult's physician has all kinds of potential downside and no upside. If a child has an Rx for any psych agent, yeh don't substitute your own judgment and say, "Well, because your responses may be dulled by your ADHD medication you can't stay in camp.". At best, you're risking a PR disaster. At worst, you're risking the camp's license to operate and a complicated, unnecessary, and hard to defend suit. If it's a unit instead of a camp, most competent COs should remove you as a leader.


It's just foolish. Yeh can't quote a private policy in da face of a public law, and yeh can't substitute amateur judgment for professional judgment. This stuff is complex and full of pitfalls. Do not rely on da generic, amateur statements in G2SS. Do not rely on your own amateur opinion. Turn to genuine, local experts and follow their guidance.




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Yeh can't quote a private policy in da face of a public law, and yeh can't substitute amateur judgment for professional judgment


So I guess I can bring a six pack or case of beer with me while camping and dare BSA to say or do anything about it right? Afterall, it is perfectly legal in all 50 states!


Thing is, I never said I was substituting my judgement for another adults or doctors. I said if it was something that affected their mental state , then there would be circumstances to which they must follow.


And just like most of the nmeds that basement listed, most have warning labels saying that there are restrictions. Do not drive while taking... do not operate heavey equipment or machinery .... And those drugs are 100% perfectly legal, yet I'll bet your entire paycheck that if I take those drugs with a prescription, and drive or operate sosme machinery or even be the cook at a scout camp, and hurt somebopdy...I will be 100% responcible for my actions and the resulting consequences of.


You tell a judge rthat concerning a parent who was taking a medicine with a prescription - that the judge cannot substitute their own opinon over that of another adult.


As far as holding my opinion over that of a child...you bet your butt I will. I do9 it every day, do it at den meetings, at pack meetings, at home, at work and other places too.


If A child is taking any meds, better be mom or dad there to either go over and explain them or be ready to administer them their selves.


And define " substitute amateur judgment for professional judgment"


I have seen parents who won't be at camp decide that maybe the will give the scout a double or triple dose of meds that way he's covered all weekend long.


I have experiences with doctors who will write out meds for kids and adults right after the adults said they were alergic to that med and have bad reactions.


Define amature. In whose opinion? Yours? And what is this judgement based on itself?


Point is, As a CM , if we are at a pack family campout, and one of my parents is walking around half gacked out ona prescription med, and a child gets knocked into the fire or has a pot of stew spilled on them or has an eye poked out after swordfighting with sharpened sticks because prescription adult thought it was a fun idea...............


Guess is the very first person to have to answer to the scot, to mom and dad, the committee the COR, The IH, the CO, the law?


Go ahead and guess?


And gues how many will ask wjy I didn't stop prescription adult form doing what they did?


I guess I am supposed to say : "Sorry Timmy, I know having 3rd degree burns from being knocked into the campfire sucks, but I'm too amateur to think other wise about Mr' Smith staggering around camp like he was drunk or somthing.



NBow, in reality, I do not expect somebody who needs meds trhat bad ...and that has that kind of reaction to actualy show up to go camping. I pretty much figure they will just hang out at home. I don't expect them to go around town much less campinmg in the woods or a park or campground.


But if they do, tehre will be restriction placed based on how they act, how much they are affected and what they are using.


But in the case of Marijuanna...I don't have to make an amateur decison. The great state of North Carolina has done that for me.


Beer now, well since it is entirely legal, I guess I will tell BSA that I cannot use my amateur opinion over the legal and professional ones.



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The amateur statement you refer to in the G2SS was written by competent professionals and run through lawyers that study case law and risk analysis. My prior statements are also professional. BSA is on solid ground with the "Medical Marijuana" ban at scouting events. Any scout leader that allows "Medical Marijuana" to be used at a scouting event places themselves in a very precarious legal situation for personal liability.

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Boy, we are all over the map here.


QUESTION 1: Is there a health care professional here (MD, DO or RN?) who has been on the Council H&S Committee and who has helped write a camp protocol conforming to National Camp Standards?


QUESTION 2: IIRC G2SS is guidance for units. What do the National Camp Standards say about this matter, if anything, even obliquely?


I've been around Scouting long enough now to know that camp standards are regulatory in nature from National for the operation of our LT camps.


As far as the matter of a unit accepting a Scout/Scouter under such a prescription, if it were me as a SM/CC/COR, I'd have my professional put me in touch with the Council Surgeon (there generally is one on the Executive Board, he's a volunteer). I would ask the Council Surgeon consult back to the prescribing doc, and would ask I get reliable guidance on the matter.

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