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  1. As much as you start with the kids, in this case, I think it starts with the ASM corp in your troop! Those leaders need to be on board. Particularly if you have lots of newer adult leaders/parent volunteers who have new scouts in the troop. Spend serious time on training in the Patrol method (and while you're at it, please, make sure that adults understand the BSa direction on advancement/achievement/ BORs). Say over and over to adults "if a scout can do it, the adults shouldn't!" The boys need to get direction - "check with your patrol leader" and the patrol leaders/PLC/TLC need to h
  2. I can respect that CORs/potential CORs make choices about which kinds of organizations to support, including BSA. What seems unfortunate to me, if there were a clear understanding of principle and practice in units, is that the scout promise & law drive practice, while its the role of the family to make decisions for themselves on principles and values. To me, the brilliance of the scout promise & law is that they ARE supportive of an individual's/their families faith/values. Scouting isn't a place for proselyting or politics -- it's all about the value of the program for the boys!
  3. Our troop has gay adult leaders, gay scouts, and scouts with gay parents. They should all feel equally welcome to participate and be part of our community. We've reiterated child protection policies, particularly in light of the fall 2012 release of documents about BSA's hiding/protection of child molesters. Quite frankly that was far more concerning to parents than gay scouts, men, & women in scouting.
  4. In our state, many school districts not only don't allow Scout troops to meet in school facilities, they would never allow PTAs/HSAs to be sponsoring organizations since there is still discrimination against gay Scout leaders.
  5. Equal marriage is about 2 adults -- not about multiple adults. So honestly, this is a total red herring!
  6. Isn't a scout (and scouter) respectful? (13th point of the scout law). We'll go to whatever religious services are available to the troop. It is usually Christian, but many flavors of that. It has also been Jewish or Muslim. We don't "make" everyone go. But do encourage attendance, as much as learning about other traditions as showing respect for others. Our troop chaplain's aides do a terrific job using materials from many faiths and spiritual traditions (we're not chartered by a religious group).
  7. That's fantastic! Congratulations. Its much to be proud of! My son got his Eagle just a couple of weeks ago. Its great to acknowledge the hard work and effort.
  8. Nothing under this new policy compromises HIS faith or beliefs. And from a very practical standpoint, it doesn't change his relationship to Scouting nor his relationship to others Scouts. SHould there be any gay Scouts whom he meets in his troop, he need interact with them just like any other scout -- and certainly in Scouting neither boys religion or faith or sexuality should impact the Scouting program. If it does for either him, or his fellow gay Scouts, that's not how it should be. Scouting should support his faith life, not define it.
  9. There is a tremendous amount of information at the LA Times -- including the distribution of cases over years and by geography -- http://spreadsheets.latimes.com/boyscouts-cases/ and a profile of the accused http://graphics.latimes.com/towergraphic-boyscouts-snapshot-accused/ absolutely horrendous the many many multiple cases of abuse...
  10. Keep in mind that this isn't anything like a Playboy magazine of decades ago. Porn on these electronic devices are highly explicit videos. Any kid with a smart phone can click and access this stuff. Its not uncommon that boys this age are getting nude & semi nude pics from their "girlfriends" on their phones. This is seriously dangerous stuff that could get them in much trouble. I think its not up to the BSA or troops to do anti-porn education, IMO,that's something for parents to handle. Troops need to be clear to scouts, parents, leaders that this stuff has no place in scout
  11. A follow up To be clear, on the campout the offender had the electronic device confiscated, was moved to a different tent, was spoken to by adult leaders. The parents were contacted, meeting set up that week with parents, scout, leaders. Parents shown the offending material, scout was disciplined & put on probation. Per council, report filed with them & the police. (this is the protocol we were told to follow)
  12. Recently had a situation with a scout (Boy Scout), who had porn videos on his phone at a camp out. Boy was disciplined, talk with parents, etc. However, now, beginning to rethink if this was handled correctly -- as I read the guidelines, exposure to porn appears to be reportable: Mandatory Report of Child Abuse All persons involved in Scouting shall report to local authorities any good faith suspicion or belief that any child is or has been physically or sexually abused, physically or emotionally neglected, exposed to any form of violence or threat, exposed to any form of sexual e
  13. Thanks all -- we are looking to see what we can provision from the local "Costco" type store -- starting work on the menu this week! /p
  14. Our troop has a long history, so no surprise that a former member started a Facebook group "friends of" the troop. I've just joined this troop group when I joined Facebook this week (a bit of a late comer to Facebook though!!). Much of the banter is fun -- talk about the past, campouts, etc. However, the current SPL and previous SPL have had a conversation both about the troop and specifically about a couple of younger scouts (giving their last name). The language is, to be blunt, un scoutlike, profane, and to me its a huge problem that they name names of younger kids. Of cou
  15. Hello All -- Our troop will be camping in the USVI this spring. In the past, its been *relatively* easy to provision, by bringing along our food & supplies on the plane as luggage (with dry ice for perishables). With the latest airline costs and rules -- this begins to get both more difficult & more costly. Anyone provisioned locally on the USVI -- and not spent a fortune? Other ideas for shipping/ etc at least relatively economically? Thanks Pete
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